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Now That’s Getting Them Early: Mitsubishi Gives Newborns Their First Ride HomeAfter Sketches, Dove’s Newest Experiment Is “The Beauty Patch”Watch These Cute Puppies For One Minute And Raise Money For Other Cute PuppiesHow To Build A Bike For SF’s Weird Cycling CultureBrutal New Gun Safety Ad Warns Parents About The Real Monster In The HouseShould A Company’s Belief System Be “Open Allocation,” Too?Dropbox Launches Mailbox For Android, Standalone Photo App Carousel, And MoreYou Might Be Better At Being Rob Ford Than Rob Ford Is–Here’s Your ChanceThis Origami Toothpaste Tube Squeezes Out Every Last DropAll Your Most Pressing Heartbleed Questions AnsweredThis Tearjerker Thai Insurance Ad Shows The Value Of A Generous LifeCan Coding Bootcamps Integrate With Colleges?What Happens When A Drone Crashes?This “A-Z Of Dance” Video Showcases The World’s Most Spectacular MovesTesting Facebook’s Oculus Rift Headset In An Elementary School, Here’s What Teachers SaySmith & Forge Cider Tests Drinkers’ Toughness With An Arm Wrestling MachineIt’s Cheaper To Save Electricity Than To Make It, Say Scientists Who Prove The ObviousNever Bike In The Dark Again With These Fender-Mounted LightsThis Robot Can Print A Bridge Out Of SandHired, A Marketplace For Job Searchers, Launches in New YorkMeet Bossy, A Cute Desktop Assistant That Wants You To Be A Better WorkerKraft’s New Campaign Wants You To Believe That Kraft Singles Come From FarmsKaplan Enters The Fast-Growing Market For Digital Skills TrainingHow Steven Kydd Is Taking On The Food Network One Web Video At A TimeOmada Health Raises $23 Million To Help People Kick Bad HabitsThis Atlas Maps Prejudice, Not PlacesHow Awesome Was Last Week? The New Nostalgia Is The Most MicroUsing The Power Of Narrative To Rally SupportThese Apps Free You Up From Life’s DrudgeryA Year After The Boston Marathon Bombing, One Victim’s Inspiring Startup-Business StoryHow Google Humanizes Technology In The Workplace And You Can, TooIn Defense Of A Liberal Arts DegreeHow To Really Listen To Your Customers5 Ways To Avoid Blind Spots In Your Decision Making5 Better Ideas Than Happy Hour For Coworker Bonding9 Resume Mistakes That Might Cost You A JobThe Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg On Being Foolish And HumbleThe Five Personality Types You Have To Work WithHow Kat Cole Operates Cinnabon Like A Tech StartupWhat The Happiest People Know About WorkThis Is Why You’re Not Funny: A Professor’s Scientific Approach To Dissecting HumorYou’ve Seen The Barbarian Group’s “Superdesk”–Now See This Shop’s Amazing “Superfloor” (And Windows And Pillars)A Musical Poster Activated By Touch Lets You “Feel Flavor”This Satisfying Browser Game Lets You Slap Joffrey From “Game Of Thrones” Over And Over AgainTake An Interactive Nighttime Tour Of Marseille With An Expert Guide, Courtesy GoogleDesign Legend John Maeda On Creativity, Youth, And Audacity Vs. CourageHow Yelp Can Get Its Groove BackThe Manager’s One-Minute Guide To Brainstorming AppsWhy Can’t E-Books Disrupt The Lucrative College Textbook Business?GoldieBlox Is Back, With An Ad That Shows The Difference Between Being A Princess And Being An EngineerWith New Information, Our Data Models Point To Foul Play On Malaysia Air Flight 370Comcast On Time Warner Cable Merger: “Sometimes Big Is Good”This “Silly Walk” Sign At A Crosswalk In Norway Is The Future Of Traffic ManagementFountain Of Youth? Scientists Regenerate Damaged Organ In A Mammal For First Time EverAre Extroverts Really Happier Than Introverts?F*ck The Poor. Do We Have Your Attention?Mapping Trees To Figure Out Just How Good For Us They AreCatch Up On Your Shakespeare In The Quickest, Cutest Way Possible–3-Panel PlaysThe Quest To Eliminate Debts From Medical BillsThe Food Porn Index Is Making Vegetables Look A Little SexierThis Interactive Space Lets You Know What It’s Like To Walk Through A MinefieldSay Hello To The New Twitter“Justified” Creator Graham Yost On How To Create A Faithful Adaption That Transcends The Source MaterialThis Woman’s Online Heartbeat Will Make You Think About Big Data And The Quantified SelfSchool Fires Substitute Teacher For Being Facebook Friends With StudentsVisualizing How Much U.S. And European Cities Conform To A Street GridInfographic: See 31 Of The Most Popular Coffee Concoctions From Around the WorldWhere Does The Internet Get Its Energy? Tech Companies’ Power Sources, VisualizedA Visual Tour Of America’s Most Fascinating Public LibrariesThese Legos Are A “Game Of Thrones” You Can Share With Your KidsHow A New Technology Is Helping Paralyzed Patients Regain Use Of Their LegsGame Of Bones: This Infographic Traces All The Sexual Activity In WesterosSee The Many Faces Of The Beautiful Game In LA’s New “Fútbol” ExhibitLearning To Ask For The Pay You DeserveHow Archie Comics’ New Chief Creative Officer Is Reimagining RiverdaleWhat Happens When You Turn Artists Loose On Autodesk’s 3-D PrintersInfographic: How Much A Bad Hire Will Actually Cost YouAn Ex-BP Employee On How To Change The System From WithinFormer Cosmo Editor Kate White On Being A Tough BossHow Participant Media Gets You To Care About Making The World A Better Place6 Things Radio Can Teach Us About Online Meetings10 Important Tips For Finding VC FundingHow To Fix Your Lame Company CultureHow CEOs Can Actually Take Maternity Leave7 Habits of Highly Emotionally Intelligent PeopleHow A Director Turned A Creative Sabbatical In China Into A Secret Sci-Fi Film Starring Ai WeiweiUber To Launch UberRush, Its NYC Courier ServiceWhat Is Cover And Why Did Twitter Just Buy It?Lurpak’s Back With An Epic Food Porn AdventureWhy Facebook Invented A New PHP-Derived Language Called “Hack”This Device Fully Charges Smartphones In 30 SecondsLive Chat!Watch the Trippy Magic Of A 360° Bike RideWhat Makes A Bike Perfect For A City?When The Sun Comes Out, This Synthetic Cloud Self-InflatesLaunching This June: Original Shows For The Xbox OneMcDonald’s Puts Londoners Up In Lights In Picadilly CircusAmazonDash Aims To Make Shopping From Home Even EasierIs Your Beer A Craft Beer, Or Just Pretending? Use This App To Find OutMapping A Year Of New York Taxi Rides Shows It’s Time To Start Sharing CabsHow Do You Create A New Economy Based On Purpose And Meaningful Relationships?The Late D’oh: David Letterman Gets Animated In A New “Simpsons” Couch GigWhat “Game Of Thrones” Would Look Like If Twitter And Google Were KingdomsShopify Cuts Credit Card Processing Fees To Take On SquareBoston Doctors Can Now Prescribe Bike-Share Membership To PatientsNow You Can Work Out Like A Lannister (Or A Jedi, Or Thor) With These Pop Culture Exercise Plans5 Insane Geoengineering Ideas That Won’t Save The Planet–Just Make Things WorseIntroducing Burlingame, A Safer Font For Your DashboardWhat’s Going To Make A Company Grow? Being A Purpose-Driven Business23 Clever Urban Hacks Made From Trash On New York City StreetsPiano Hero: How JoyTunes Makes Young Musicians Actually Like PracticingA Broken Place: The Spectacular Failure Of The Startup That Was Going To Change The WorldThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In MusicHow Curalate Turned A Dud Into A DynamoAre You Ready For An Intern This Summer?How To Make Working From Home More Productive4 Ways To Avoid Getting Blindsided By An Unhappy EmployeeThe Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline OnlineA Millennial’s Version of “The American Dream”How Do I Stop People From Interrupting at Meetings?5 Ways To Hack Your Weekly Schedule To Get More Done5 Ways To Save Your Middle Managers From BurnoutWelcome to’s Leadership SectionSee Kanye, Nirvana, and Aretha Invade Vintage Ads They Would Never Appear InErrol Morris On The Value Of Just ListeningFrom “Freaks and Geeks” To HBO’s “Silicon Valley”: How Martin Starr Became A Geek GodThis Is What It’s Like To Watch A Holographic MusicianWatch Pixar’s New Animation System Make Monsters In Real TimeDominique Ansel’s Cronut Bakery Shut Down Due to Mouse ProblemPES Delivers A Stop-Motion Swan Song For NYC HotelThe Recommender: Jason F*#%ing FeiferNick Kroll Steals The Stanley Cup To Promote NHL Playoffs on NBCFTC Subpoena Revelations, Thousands Of Complaints Send Yelp’s Stock Price TumblingIvan Reitman On Collaborating With The NFL For “Draft Day”How Breather Lets You Into Its NYC Buildings Without Keys (Or An Internet Connection)This Mini-Chemistry Kit Will Let You Know If Your Drink Has Been DruggedThe Top 5 Leadership Stories, March 31-April 4Watch Honey Maid’s Amazing Response To Homophobic BacklashRock Out With Your Dragon Eggs Out With “Game Of Thrones” Playlists On RdioThe Next Addition To Our Robotic Animal Kingdom Is … The RoboClam?How To Inspire Everyday CyclingMeet The Entrepreneurs Behind Nigeria’s Startup RevolutionNow You Can Use Emoji To Search YelpSee A Classic “Painting” That’s Actually A Spellbinding CGI MasterpieceTaxing Soda Is The Best Way To Encourage Healthier DrinkingHoney Maid Turns Hate Mail Into a Lovely New AdWatch Out, AT&T? Google Might Launch Its Own Wireless NetworkUndercover Houston Cops On Bikes Are Nabbing Drivers Dangerous To CyclistsDirect Democracy In Action: Voting On How The Government Spends Your MoneySee George W. Bush’s Portraits Of World Leaders, And Cats, Revealed TodayThis Elevator Might Make You Forget You’re Stuck In A Metal Death Trap With StrangersNest Halts Sale Of Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detector ProtectHere’s What One Day Of All The Planes Taking Off From LAX Looks LikeHow To Bring An Episode Of “Game Of Thrones” To LifeThis Crazy Liquid Blob Is Actually The House Of The FutureThe Creative Case For StuffLearn About Beating The Odds From This New Hillary Clinton BiographyOur Ultimate Driverless Car Report CardHow IBM Is Using Nanotechnology To Tackle MRSA And HIVJulia Louis-Dreyfus On How To Create An Unforgettable CharacterHow Three Dudes Turned Poker Winnings Into A Startup That Could Fix The Flower Business5 Free Apps For A Better Night’s SleepThe 3 Stages Of MentorshipHow To Move The Women In Technology Conversation To The Mainstream3 Best Practices For Effective Business Networking5 Myths About Working With Big Brands7 Ways To Master Your Fear Of Sales CallsA Look Inside The Future Of Global LeadershipFostering Greater Creativity By Celebrating Failure10 Policies To Build A Mindful CompanySix Things Experienced Hackathon Planners Know (That You Don’t)Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down Following Controversy Over Support Of Gay Marriage BanAfter The Baby: E-Trade Trades Its Long-Running Campaign For “Type-E” Personalities, Kevin SpaceyLGBT Programmers Speak Out On Mozilla’s Anti-Gay-Marriage CEODid An Ad Agency Just Create “The World’s Most Beautiful Sustainable Font?”Despite Knowing Risks, People Are Banking and Filing Taxes Over Public Wi-Fi NetworksSee “Expendables 3” Stars Just Goofin’ In These Posters, Despite Movie’s Enormous Body CountFollowing Court Ruling, Turkey Unblocks TwitterGet Ready For Virtual Reality MoviesBusted iPhone? iCracked’s New App is Like Uber For Desperate Apple LoversWatch It: This Charming Stop-Motion Short Was Made With Office SuppliesThat Time Toyota Helped Build A Paper SnowboardIFTTT Arrives On The iPadThe U.S. Allegedly Created A “Cuban Twitter” To Stir DissentThis Surreal Photo Series Critiques Society’s Pressure On Women, And It’s TerrifyingThis Giant “Soap Bubble” That Never Pops Will Make You Feel Like A Kid AgainPutting Beer On Your Meat Is Good For Your Health3 Out Of 4 Food Shoppers Care About Sustainability In Their Supermarket DecisionsA Google Glass App For Doctors To Stream Video Of Patients To Consult Other DoctorsThe Cofounder Of 23andMe’s Next Project: Mining Your Quantified SelfStop Accumulating Stuff And Start Accumulating ExperiencesDo Coding Bootcamps Produce Inferior Engineers?USAID Is Getting Its Own DARPA-Like Innovation Lab To Solve Global Development ChallengesThese Brilliant Disaster Shelters Were Inspired By Teepees And A Coffee CupAmerican Express and Tina Fey Shine A Spotlight On Everyday MomentsCan A First-Person Shooter Game Be Successful Without All The Shooting?Suze Yalof Schwartz Is Launching A Soul Cycle For MeditationMeet The USC Journalism Professor Leading A Course On Google GlassThe 10 Countries With The Highest “National Well-Being” (See The U.S. Anywhere?)If You’re Reading This, There’s Still Time: Morley Cuts Through Clutter With Kinder, Gentler Street ArtImgur Raises $40 Million To Grow Its Team And ServiceOnline Dating Tricks, Gamification, And Cold Hard Cash: Is This The Future Of Funding Good Causes?How Converse Supports Musicians Without The Brand-Sponsor Ick FactorForget Yelp. GemShare Gives Recommendations From People You TrustHow To Organize Your Entire Life With Topo BagsDeciphering The Hidden Messages In “Game Of Thrones” CostumesBuzz Aldrin On Tinkering With The Bounds Of What’s PossibleHow To Build An Autism-Friendly WorkplaceIs It Ever Okay To Lie About Your Age On Your Resume?Why You Should Google Yourself And Not Feel Guilty About It5 Unexpected Ways To Get More DoneHow A Chocolate Company In Madagascar Overcame The Odds3 Ways To Make Your Company Relevant4 Questions About Consumer TrustWhat Casual Learning Can Do For Your Career5 Bits Of Career Advice From Charles Murray and Sheryl Sandberg