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Candy Crushed? King Ends Its IPO Day On A Low NoteThe Fast-Growing, Profitable Market For Kid “Influencer” Endorsements On Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, And PinterestHow Did This Happen? The Terrifying/Fascinating Dancing “Woman” That’s Giving The Internet The WilliesApple Says It’s Looking Into Making Emoji More DiverseHow I Narrowed Down The Location Of Malaysia Air Using “Monte Carlo” Data ModelsConstruction Workers Use Empowering Cat-Calls In This New Snickers AdThis Music Video Tells a Story Entirely Through GIFs That Aren’t Actually GIFSShipping Stuff Is A Hassle. Shyp Will Do It For YouThis GoPro Captured a Day of High-Fives…From The Hand’s Point of ViewW Hotels Defends $3,000 Social Media Wedding Concierge: “To Some, This May Seem A Bit Over The Top”Viral Quiznos “House Of Thrones” Mashup Is Great, But Can It Sell Bad Sandwiches?Tired Of Managing Different Services For Work? Peak Is The One Dashboard To Rule Them AllWould You, Young Person, Pay $8 For A New York Times News App?King’s Lackluster Trading Debut Reflects Investors’ ConcernsThis Bike Is Made From Wood And Recycled Soda CansThis Handheld Pesticide Test Was Designed For Pot, But Soon It Will Work On DinnerThe Quantified Cattle: Dairy Cows Are Now Tracking Their Monthly CycleWill A Robot Take Your Job? Look At This Graphic To Find OutMillennials Don’t Care About Owning Cars, And Car Makers Can’t Figure Out WhyNew Geoff McFetridge Art Show Mixes Meditation And Hallucination With Beautiful ResultsOculus Rift, Kickstarter, And The Delicate Line Between Growing Fast And Selling OutFind Out How Damaged Your DNA Is With A Home Test KitA Wind Turbine Inside A Floating Blimp Can Bring Power AnywhereGuys, Have You Taken A #CockInASock Selfie Yet? (Maybe NSFW?)A New Foodspotting Book Brings The World’s Most Delicious Dishes, And An App, To The Printed PageAnother Round Of Financing For Bitcoin Startup CircleThis Small City’s Police Department Builds An App, Nabs Big Data To Find And Fight Bad GuysInside The Emerging World Of Insect CuisineRemaking Open Offices So Introverts Don’t Hate ThemReinterpreting The Bible: 50 Contemporary Artists Take On NoahThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In DesignThe Healthiest (And Least Healthy) Places In The U.S.Why “Micro-Engagement” Is Driving The First 3-D Game For Google GlassThe Dos-A-Rita Is Heineken’s Grand Plan To Win Back DrinkersWhy Pinterest Employees Took A Road Trip In This “Pinnebago”Beyond Incredible:<br />Building The Next PixarWhat Happened When A Digital Textbook Company Was Forced To Redefine Its CustomersHow The Post-it Note Could Become The Latest Innovation Technology5 Ways To Keep Email From Taking Over Your Life4 Ways To Never, Ever Use Jargon AgainWhy Apple Is Losing The War For Online IdentityZady’s Cofounders On Keeping It SimpleHow To Stop Feeling Like A FraudWhy Job Offer Negotiations Go Wrong6 Guidelines For Giving Powerful Employee FeedbackHow Warby Parker Became Shorthand For Simple And StylishFacebook Acquires Oculus VR For $2 BillionWatson’s Next Challenge: Smarter Cancer TreatmentsThis Amazing, Endless Supercut Of Every Cultural Reference On “The Office” Also Has A Message About CopyrightBeats By Dre Sparks Some Controversy With Barcelona’s Cesc FabregasThe IRS Says Bitcoin Isn’t A Currency. It’s PropertyBrian Henson On How To Build A Better CreatureWhy Twitter Should Lose Its Special SymbolsBox Files $250 Million IPO, But Aaron Levie Only Gets 4%How To Capitalize On Reddit’s “Window Of Virality”The Counterintuitive Secret To Pandora’s SuccessForget Feature-Bragging, New HTC Campaign Just Says “Ask the Internet”Spotify Cuts Premium Price In Half… For College KidsGoogle Glass, Coming Soon To A Mall Near YouThis Is The New HTC OneCatch Up On All Of “Mad Men” In Less Than Two MinutesSearching For The Soul Of StartupsInstagram Testing Facebook Places Integration To Replace FoursquareThe Force Is Strong With These Thrift Shop Paintings Upgraded By A “Star Wars” EnthusiastUSC Will Offer A Google Glass Journalism Class This FallKlingon Warnog–Beer Of Warriors–Has ArrivedMeet The Latest, Greatest Robo-FishThe Race To Create Knitted Shoes That Cut The Wastefulness Of Our FootwearA Redesigned Food Pyramid That Kids Can Actually UnderstandWant Some Space For A Creative Project? Stay On A Private Island–For FreeHow These Simple Chalk Infographics On The Sidewalk Created A NeighborhoodThis Edible Blob Is A Water Bottle Without The PlasticThe Candy Crush Trademark Saga ContinuesSir Ian McKellen Says Stop The Cycle Of Bullying In This Epithet-Strewn PSASee 38 Dark, Twisted Artworks Inspired By The Stories Of Stephen KingThis Generic Brand Video Is The Greatest Thing About The Absolute Worst In AdvertisingNASA Designs The Spacesuit Of The FutureThrees: A Smartphone Game As Beautiful As It Is Addictive5 Secrets To Finding Time For Work, Love, And Play From “Overwhelmed” Author Brigid SchulteThe Secrets Of A Nasty GalHow To Turn A Bad Review Into A Great OpportunityFacebook’s Head of Tech Communications Shares The Best PR Advice You’ve Never HeardY Combinator’s Battle To Redefine The Startup ProcessThis Map Will Tell You How Big The Gender Pay Gap Is In Your State (Infographic)How Paying Attention Can Change Your CareerWhy You Should Listen To The Office Debbie DownerWhat Successful Leaders’ To-Do Lists Look Like“Poetry Is Like Pooping” And Other Writing Tips From A TED Superstar4 Strategies To Make Your Office A Place Where People Can FocusGoogle Analytics Workshop: 5 Crucial Customizations To Boost Your E-Commerce SalesThe Internet Archive Wants To Digitize 40,000 VHS And Betamax TapesWatch This Video Of Dudes Illegally Parachuting Off One World Trade CenterClimate Change Is Going To Make Us All Very Hungry, And We’re Not Doing Anything To Stop ItThe Disconnect Tool Protects You From Spying Search EnginesMall Advertising Gets InteractiveThis Instagrandma Single-Handedly Justifies The Existence Of Social MediaWatch This Time-Lapse Video Of A Musician Singing To His Child As It Grows In The WombSquare Enix’s 16-Bit Interpretation Of “Final Fantasty XIV” Shows That Games Haven’t Changed That MuchAt 80, Gloria Steinem Proves Once Again That Ageism Is Really StupidBasecamp Networks Brought Down By DDoS AttackWhat’s The Perfect Shade Of Red? Inside Square’s Detail-Obsessed Creation Of A New ReaderElectrical Brainstorm! Can This Electrico-Stimulation “Thinking Cap” Help You Learn Faster?Gwar Frontman Dave Brockie Dead At 50LG’s “Smart Lamp” Looks To Take On Philips’s HueNeil deGrasse Tyson And Friends Debate The Commercialization Of SpaceIcons For The Near Future, From Printable Meat To Autonomous Car WarningsInfographic: These Maps Reveal Which Cities Have Suffered The Most (Movie-Related) DestructionHow Far Do You Live From A Nuclear Power Plant?When Americans Think About Energy, The Environment Matters As Much As AffordabilityCyborg Baby Spinach Could One Day Detect Chemical WeaponsNeed Advil Or A Condom? Call Up A DroneThe Quest To Design The Perfect Urban BicycleThis Rock Sculpture Will Charge Your Laptop And Give You Free Wi-FiCan’t Handle The Steep Hill? Take A Ride On This Bike ElevatorSee How Your Favorite Brands’ Logos Have Evolved Over The DecadesThe Happiest Countries In The World (On Instagram)This Touching Web Series Shows You Why You Should Adopt A Sidekick From A Shelter5 Insights From Social Entrepreneurs On How Business Can Lift People Out Of PovertySilicon Valley’s Avenging AngelAmazing Ad Concepts Created By Convicted FelonsAt Flatiron Labs, Sara Chipps Is On A Mission To Demystify Coding And Diversify TechWhy Your Long-Term Goals Are Going Nowhere5 Ways To Have Great ConversationsBeyond Your Paycheck: 5 Things To Negotiate At WorkHow Quick Growth Brought Distractions For Tapjoy5 Ways To Be Inspired By Your Everyday LifeWhy Being Hands On Was Critical To Fitbit’s SuccessIs It Time To Move On Or Should I Continue To Try For A Promotion?How Women Entrepreneurs Can Never Take No For An Answer AgainOne Of America’s Largest Hospitals Brings Google Glass Into The ERNSA Spying Is Costing U.S. Tech Companies BusinessMedium’s Read-Only IPhone App Focuses On SimplicityRobbie The Robot Will Be Hands And Legs For Limbless WomanJohn Oliver Has His Own Version Of Those Clumsy Ads Targeting Republican MillennialsEvery Minute This “Machine Of Death” Prints A Woman’s Name Who Died From Pregnancy-Related ComplicationsOne-Man-Show Maestro John “Ghetto Klown” Leguizamo On How Tell Your Life Story In Two Fascinating HoursWe’re All Celebrities Now: Can Micro-Endorsements Become The New Klout Perk?Four Robots That Talk Trash To Your FaceIs Citi Bike In Trouble?The Top 5 Leadership Stories, March 17-21The Recommender: Robbie Jones Wants Your SelfiesThis Man Will Give 10% Of His Salary To Fund Another Minority Developer If His Indiegogo Campaign SucceedsOutrageous Jem And The Holograms Movie Will Be Entirely CrowdsourcedThis Children’s Hospital Turned Old Pipes Into A Giant Musical InstrumentWhat Internet Inventor Tim Berners-Lee Hopes The Internet Will BecomeHow The Internet Made The Radio StarThe U.S. Has Passed “Peak Meat,” The Rest Of The World Is Just Getting StartedSooner Than You Think, We Will Connect To The Cloud Directly From Our BrainsAfter A Government-Imposed Twitter Ban, Turkey Sets Tweet RecordCan These Eerie, Abandoned Grain Silos Help Save Buffalo?beIN Sports Blasts Its Way Into The U.S. With A High-Tech, Channel-Changing VuvuzelaHow Brands Can Harness The People To Achieve Real Impact“I Was Getting Death Stares”: The Story Of Travefy’s First SaleThis Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Makes You Extra Visible To DriversHow Planet Labs Could Have Found The Missing Malaysia Air FlightHow Much Will A Pack Of Joints Cost? The Future Of Mass Market MarijuanaFrom “Big Love” To “Veep”: How Maurice Marable Directed His Way To SuccessLook At These Horrifying Monster Frogs!Mind Reading Comes One Step Closer To Reality With The Glass BrainHow A Quest For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee Led Two Tinkerers To A Business BreakthroughCan Better Memories Be Captured?How Becoming A Mom Can Actually Help Your CareerSocial Media’s Next Act: Disappearing, Private, Secret-Filled NetworksHow Sony Learned That Product Features Don’t MatterWhat Happened When AgLocal Derailed From Its VisionNever Underestimate Your Audience’s Will To Avoid Reading5 Free Apps For Cashing In On Your HabitsAn Alternative To Holacracy: Unlocking Ideas For The Best ResultsWhy Your Office Needs More TransparencyAre Brain Training Games A Valid Way To Become Better At Your Job?LinkedIn Employees Love Their CEO For Fostering Transparency80 Million Americans Have Never Heard of HummusThe Power of Constraints: How “Missing Picture” Used Clay Figures To Reenact Cambodia’s NightmarePETA Spells Out The Animal Cruelty In Your Life With EmojiA High Percentage Of White Dudes Who Wear Oculus Rift Are Also Mouth BreathersOne In Six Americans Already Own Wearable TechThis App Turns Your Smartphone Into A Medical Diagnostic DeviceWhat Hotel Operators Really Think Of AirbnbThis Dutch Commercial Shows A Different Side To Guide DogsWatch The Most Amazing “Wheel Of Fortune” Wins Throughout HistoryWhat Engineers At Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, Airbnb, And Spotify Listen To While CodingThe NSA Vs. Edward Snowden Onstage At TEDRemember Your First Tweet? No? This Tool DoesTwitter May Phase Out @ Replies And Hashtags In the FutureThis Innovative, On-Demand Radio App Could Change NewsHow Can We Build Ethics Into Big Data?Instagram Photos Of Abandoned Bikes Create A Map To Clean Them UpUse This Racial Justice Calculator To See How Often Someone Is Arrested For Pot In Your StateNo Time To Garden At Home? At This Train Station, You Can Garden On Your CommuteThe End Of Eye Charts? A Startup Can Now Give Eyeglass Exams OnlineFind A Spare Desk In An Office That Fits Your VibeThese Mini Satellites Have An Unexpected Addition: Beautiful ArtDelta Wants To Put You On A Flight With An Inspirational Business LeaderWhy Teens Are Innovators Of A New Public Form Of PrivacyThese Stunning Pictures Of Chernobyl Today Show Nuclear Energy’s Potential For DestructionRust Cohle-Inspired Pumps? Yes, PleaseTips On Making The Most Of A Big Career Break From Reigning Indie Band Future IslandsHow To Make What You’re Really WorthRecruiters’ Five Biggest MistakesHow’s CEO Plants Seeds Of Social ConsciousnessIs It Time To Dramatically Quit Your Day Job?The Future Of Business: 4 Ways Companies Will ChangeDon’t Let Your Business Get Squeezed Out By Social MediaPortlandia’s Fred Armisen And Carrie Brownstein On Managing Anxiety And Staying Quirky10 Ways To Reward Yourself For Working So HardPayPal’s CTO On The Bumpy Road To A ComebackPixar’s Ed Catmull On Why Real Risk Means Real Failures