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Larry Page Wants To Open Up Anonymous Medical Records For All Researchers To UseThe Trailer For The “Fargo” TV Series Looks Pretty Darn Good, Doncha KnowHow A Stupid Experiment In The Armpit Of NYC Helped Refinery29 BoomThe Bugs In Your Stomach Define You As Much–If Not More–Than Your GenesEat Off A Toilet Plunger With This Awesomely Weird Line Of DinnerwareCasey Neistat Serves Up 17 Tips For Stylish Travel For J.CrewNew Samsung Ad Gleefully Shows Up Apple, Microsoft, And KindlePlugin Visualizes Your Entire Browser HistoryOculus Rift, Sony, And The Coming Virtual Reality RevolutionTiny, 3-D Printed “Strandbeests” Are Like Pets You Never Have To FeedA Modest Idea For Fixing Google Chat’s Awful DesignBill And Melinda Gates On How They Work Together For GoodThis Desk Doubles As A StaircaseThis Glow-In-The-Dark Bike Could Save Your LifeA Sequel To The Incredibles Is On The Way. A Look At What Made The Original So Special9 Things You Didn’t Know About ElevatorsMagnetic Hangers Are Perfect For Neat FreaksHow To Impress Elon Musk With Your Unofficial Tesla CommercialThis 300-Foot Water Slide Is A New Way To Commute To WorkForget Expensive Labs, What If We Made Vaccines In The Places We Needed Them?This Smelly Fork Adds 21 Flavors To Every BiteLab-Grown Organs Are Out In The Wild, And More Are Coming SoonDoes Obesity Make Kids Do Worse In School? Only If They’re GirlsAvoid Red Lights And Drive With The Flow, With Audi’s New TechThis New Vehicle Combines Biking, Running, And Skiing For A Truly Crazy Urban CommuteAros: A Smart Thermostat And An Air Conditioner In OneThe Best Businesses For The World In 2014, According To B LabWear Your Favorite Literary Classics With These Book BroochesTiny Houses Made Of Bamboo, Hiding Inside Abandoned Hong Kong FactoriesGoogle Suspends One Of The World’s Largest Textile Sculptures Above Vancouver For TED11 Amazing Tattoo Designs From 1870 To TodayCan These Eerie, Abandoned Grain Silos Help Save Buffalo?These Gadgets Are Designed To Help You Smash Bad HabitsFive Reasons You Should Go to Fast Company’s Innovation Uncensored ConferenceMap: Which Coffee Chain Dominates In Your City?Warby Parker’s New Store Delivers Your Glasses Via Pneumatic TubeCold Fusion: Welcome To The Liquid Nitrogen-Blasting Old-Timey Ice Cream Shop Of The Future6 Persuasion Tricks To Get What You Want7 Time Management Strategies From Some Brilliant Teenage ProdigiesZady Cofounders On Managing Their Time And Staying SavvySuper Investor Ben Horowitz On Abandoning Your Formulas For SuccessWhat Sex, Food, And Selfies Have To Do With Effective Social MarketingHow Do I Actually Execute On My Ideas?5 Ways To Keep Your Cool In Heated TimesHow To Figure Out What You’re Not Being ToldPixar’s Ed Catmull On How To Balance Art And CommerceIBM’s Watson Tackles The Tumor Genome, On The Way To Personalized Cancer TreatmentsThe $1 Million 2014 TED Prize Wish: Abolishing Corrupt Anonymous CompaniesValue Creation7 Reasons This Guy’s Job Is Worse Than YoursCautious Optimism, Thy Name Is The CGI “Peanuts” Movie TeaserThis Education Startup Will Keep Your Kids From Getting Too Dumb This SummerWatch Superman Go On Patrol With A GoPro CameraThis Mash-Up of “Frozen” and “Watchmen” Is Quite AccurateIn San Francisco, Landlords Are Evicting Some Tenants For Using AirbnbTop Architects Unite To Save Russia’s Eiffel TowerThe Autonomous Vehicle Is The Innovation That Will Reshape The World More Than Any OtherStudy Says Robots Can Pressure Humans To Do Things Against Their WillChevy Gets Adorable Little Kids To Reenact The “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” Trailer“Urban Jungle Street View” Adds A Dose Of Wilderness To Your Big-City AddressFacebook’s Facial Recognition Software Is Almost As Accurate As A Human EyeLyft Introduces “Happy-Hour Pricing”: Cheaper Fares During Low DemandThis Has Got To Be The Weirdest Bike On KickstarterAn Artist Will Slice This Norwegian Peninsula In Half As A Memorial For Terrorist AttacksGoogle Just Revealed The First Decent Smartwatch InterfaceHow David Rockwell Reinvented The Theater For The TED EraWhy Wolfram|Alpha’s Algorithm Still Relies On Human SmartsEveryone’s Favorite Astronaut Chris Hadfield On Why He Is Pro SpaceX, Anti “Gravity”Stanford’s News About The Big Bang Takes A Turn For The Warm And Fuzzy In This VideoPopulation Density, Mapped As Dripping OozeUh, Wanted? A 3-D Printed Spoon That Can’t Possibly SpoonA New App That Lets You Take Apart Websites and Rebuild Them At WillRoman Mars’s Secret To Irresistible StorytellingDesign Pirate Cody Foster Sues Urban Outfitters For Breach Of ContractIs Your Daily Communication Entirely Lacking In Karl Lagerfeld? Sorted!A New App For Sharing And Remixing GIFsDon’t Trust Climate Forecasts? They’re Some Of The Most Accurate Predictions AroundA Grassroots Environmental Sensor Network, So You Don’t Need The Government To Say The Air Is OkayPSA: Don’t Click This Fake Grand Theft Auto V EmailCo.Design Is Looking For An EditorThe Turning Point: Perfecting The Look of “The Grand Budapest Hotel”4 Things We Learned From This Rare Interview With Apple Design God Jonathan IveThe Fantastical World Of A Legendary Disney Art DirectorCustom Armor For Barbie Prepares Her To Fight You (And Dragons) To The DeathThis New Hyundai Car Runs On The Poop Of California Residents, And The Fuel Is FreeRedesigning A Less Wasteful New York City, With Giant Trash-Composting ParksThese Airlines Have The Worst Track Records For Bumping PassengersSpeaker Maker Sonos Refreshes Its Audio Controller AppHow MentorNet Plans to Bring Diversity to Tech and Science–With LinkedIn’s HelpInfographic: A Concise Compendium of Don Draper’s Creative AdviceWatch This Mesmerizing Video Of All The Flights Over Europe In One DayMap: 84 Planes That’ve VanishedTwo Things You Must Do To Achieve Work-Life BalanceThese Sideways Skyscrapers Reimagine A City That’s About Livability, Not Height RecordsCo.Design Bracket Madness: Who Is The World’s Greatest Living Designer? Launches A Positively Addictive App For Aspiring WordsmithsSnapsheet, The App That’s Taking The Pain Out Of Fender BendersPixel & Dimed On (Not) Getting By in the Gig EconomyVital Lessons Threadflip Learned From Other Marketplace StartupsGoldieBlox’s Debbie Sterling On Changing Gender Stereotypes And Taking Big Risks5 Ways To Prepare Your Employees For 360-Degree Feedback5 (Relatively Painless) Ways To Make Friends With Your Email InboxEric Harris On The Secrets Behind BuzzFeed’s Winning Content Formula3 Ways To Keep Your Startup Fresh As It MaturesHow To Level The Promotion Playing FieldHow To Make Yourself More Marketable From Your CouchPixar’s Ed Catmull On How to Cherish Your Defining Moment–And Then Find A New OneCareer Rocket Fuel: Whether You’re A Millennial Or Eyeing Retirement, Here’s What You Really Need To Get Right About WorkNow You Can Make Your Own Internet-Connected Gadgets, No Engineering Skills RequiredThe Secret To Airbnb’s Freakishly Rapid Orgy Response: “Scenario Planning”Proposed Building Looks Like A Giant ZipperWes Anderson Is Obsessed With Symmetry [Supercut]Twitter Tests “Fave People” Feature To Track Accounts In Separate TimelineTwitter CEO Dick Costolo Travels To China To Meet With Government OfficialsWhy Are Videogame Designers So Obsessed With Ruins?Study: Social Media Isn’t Replacing Traditional News Outlets At AllWes Anderson’s Immaculate Composition, Illustrated, In This Short VideoIs The Startup Prize The New Startup Accelerator?Surreal Miniatures That Depict The Dark Side Of SuburbiaThe Best Of Ezra Stoller, Modern Architecture’s Master PhotographerYour 5-Minute Guide To UX From Squarespace and MailChimpListen to Christopher Lee’s Pep Talk For Old AgeOld Spice Shaves Terry Crews Right Off His Own FaceThe Creator Of This Amazing Beyonce Emoji Video Did It For LoveScientists Say They’ve Discovered Echoes Of The Big BangHow To Extract Sheet Music From YouTube Videos11 Classic Car Ads From The Heydey Of MotoringTechstars And Sprint Aim To Expand The Definition Of Mobile HealthwareDear Future Mom: Some Truths About Raising A Down Syndrome Child, From People With Down SyndromeHave A Digital Life, But Love Writing By Hand? This Notebook Is For YouGreat News For Kids With Fake IDs! People Are Terrible At Matching Faces To PhotosRicky Gervais And David Chang Have Paid Their Dues, Star In New Audi CampaignAlleged Bitcoin Inventor Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto: “My Prospects Harmed Because Of Newsweek’s Article”These Giant Glowing Balls Are Designed To Bring Light To The PhilippinesA New Transparency Program For Garment Factories Could Give You Nutrition Info For Your ClothesMaps Of Countries Made From Their Regional FoodsHow The Creator Of NYC’s Hated Subway Map Redesigned Our Nation’s ParksTwitch Dives Headfirst Into Mobile With First Live Stream-Enabled IPhone GameRecommend A New Employee For And Get $1,000 For Yourself, $1,000 For CharityIn Making Hiring Decisions, Men and Women Still Assume Women Are Bad At MathGoogle Glass Diaries Record Life From The Point Of View Of People Whose Stories Don’t Get ToldIn The New York Times’ New Summary App, A Glimpse At The Future Of ReadingM&Ms, Chips Ahoy, And The Secret to Making Spokesmen We Want To MurderThese Former Prisoners Have A Cooler Apartment Than YouA Solar-Powered Parasol To Protect Pedestrians From Smokers And Bad WeatherPack These Gadgets For Your Next Trip To SpaceIncredible Images Of A Namibian Ghost Town, Taken Over By The DesertTurner Sports Reinvents How Fans Watch March Madness5 Tips On Branding For Good From Successful Social EntrepreneursThe Art Of Self-Promotion: 6 Tips For Getting Your Work DiscoveredBoobs, Bongs, And Cannibals: 45 Foul Icons You Can Download For FreeInside Airbnb’s Grand Hotel PlansGo Native, Ad ManWhy Messaging App Wickr Is A Safer Way To ChatSamsung Is Even Bigger Than You ThinkHot on the Paper TrailConfessions of a Reformed MicromanagerConference CalendarHow We Name Our Personal BotsMinor League Baseball, Meet Major League AdvertisingMake Your Own Plush Game ControllerFree Idea: Will the Next Big Thing Be Cash for Kindness?How to Franchise to InfinityCan You Hawk on Facebook?The RecommenderThese 3 Startups Are Ready To Take On Google MapsManagement Tips From A Boss Who Actually Gives A DamnHow Our Brains Decide What We Share OnlineWhy Are Women Entrepreneurs Paying Themselves Less Than They Deserve?If You Can Solve This Equation, You’re Ready To Build Your BrandEmbrace The Chaos: How To Reduce Stress In 5 Easy StepsTrying To Achieve Happiness? Turns Out, How You Attain It Depends On Your AgePixar’s Ed Catmull On Why Creatives Need To Be ProtectedThis Art Series Chronicles Every Beautiful Death In “Game of Thrones”Doing Laundry In NYC Sucks–Can FlyCleaners Make It More Seamless?Samsung’s Ultrasonic Smartphone Case Helps The Visually Impaired Sense Their SurroundingsStephen Hawking Gives His Voice To The Children Of SyriaWarren Buffett On Bitcoin: “Stay Away From It”AT&T And Vice Tell the Stories Of Young, Connected America With The Mobile MovementUC Davis Will Offer Classes Dedicated To The Science Of CoffeeHow Smart Engines, New Data Strips, And A $40 Billion GPS System Are Making Air Travel SaferNo Schmuck Bait: “The Good Wife” Creators On Adult Storytelling On Network TVDoes Coke Taste Better Out Of A Fancy-Shmancy Glass?A Printer That Develops Your iPhone Pics Into Lasting PolaroidsHow Spotify And Echo Nest Did Their Cultural Due DiligenceDear America, Please Fix Your Crappy InfrastructureApple Added A “Selfie” Section To The App StoreAnnals Of Super Weird Ideas: This Attachment Turns Your Bike Into A Potter’s WheelThese Massive Mirrored Dishes Could Make Solar Cheaper For AllA DIY Laptop Design, So Hackers Can Play Without Getting Spied OnThe World’s First Crowdsourced Thermostat Lets You Adjust The Temperature At WorkArtist Wants To Map Every Single Human Skin Tone On EarthA Clever Hack Makes Any Receipt Printer Spit Out The U.S. ConstitutionThe Price Of Ignoring Climate Change Is Far Higher Than We Think4 Business Opportunities That Are Driving Innovation In Social EnterpriseEven When Drivers Don’t Have Passengers, Lyft’s New Insurance Policy Has Them Covered“Veronica Mars” Creator Rob Thomas On How To Give Fans What They Want, But Not What They ExpectHow A Game Design Rookie Accidentally Built A $200 Million HitHow Creative Can Computers Be?This Origami Microscope Costs Just $3, But It Can Diagnose MalariaLook At These Spectacular Views Of Cities From SpaceAn Illustrated Guide To What’s Really Happening In San Francisco, Outside The Tech BoomHow Google’s Redesigned Search Results Augur A More Beautiful WebA Key That Opens Everything (Except Doors)The One Extraordinary Skill All Prodigies ShareThe Real Star Of Wes Anderson’s “The Grand Budapest Hotel”? Graphic DesignHow To Make A Beer-Flavored Jelly Belly People Actually Want To EatSearching The World For The Perfect Pizza Box DesignHow Foursquare’s Wacky Friday-Afternoon Art Hour Helps Employees Think CreativelyLessons From Pixar President Ed Catmull: Your Ideas Are “Ugly Babies,” You Are Their ChampionNeed A Little Serenity In The Workplace? Try These 7 Simple StepsMeeting Etiquette 101: Fist Bumps, Going Topless, And Picking Up Tabs5 DIY Apps To Help Spruce Up Your WorkspaceThink You’re Being Socially Responsible? Think Again5 Quick Tips For Lasting Customer ServiceHow To Keep A Better Pulse On Your BusinessHow Chipotle Changed American Fast Food ForeverIs Incubating The Right Move For Your Startup?Ads Worth Spreading: These Are The 10 Most World-Changing Ads, According To TEDTaco Innovator Roy Choi Explores A Culinary Mashup With Google GlassInside Neil Young’s Crowdfunded Quest To Fix Your Disastrous MP3 SituationMassive Music Mourns Loss Of Colleague In Fatal SXSW CrashMark Zuckerburg To Obama: I’m Frustrated Over Government SurveillanceWhat “Seinfeld” Would Look Like If Nothing Really HappenedWatch A Life-Size Elephant Sculpture Take Shape Out Of A Single Sheet Of PaperAfter Raising $40 Million From Google Capital, Renaissance Learning Is Sold For $1.1 BillionArtists, VSCO Wants To Help Fund Your Creative ProjectsMakeSpace: When Venture Capitalists Go StartupNow You Can Paddle Down The Colorado River On Google Street ViewWill Ferrell And Robert Redford Fight Over The Colorado River DeltaBecome A Stop-Motion Animation Auteur With The NFB’s New StopMo Studio AppThe Failures Of Google Flu Trends Show What’s Wrong With Big DataHere Come The “First Kiss” Parodies (Featuring Dogs, Brands, Minecraft, and Handys)These Dali-Esque GIFs Will Make Your Brain Hurt In All The Right Ways“Eat Your Heart Out Ellen!”: Colin Powell And A Brief History Of The Vintage Selfie12 Of The Best New Typefaces15 Photos Of Tokyo’s Outrageous Street Style24 Hours Of Flight Paths Over Europe Visualized In A Gorgeous VideoBecause Anonymous Apps Aren’t Private Enough, There’s Sneeky2014 Innovation By Design Awards Official RulesBanksy And Idris Elba Stand With Victims Of Syrian Civil War In This Animated VideoDid You Know We Kill Sharks So We Can Put Their Livers In Moisturizer?Watch How Awkward And Sweet It Is When Adorable Dogs Are Asked To Sniff Each Other On CameraThe NSA Can Learn All Your Secrets From Your Phone MetadataTrack The International Space Station And Say Hello To Astronauts, Via National GeographicHow Researchers Built An Invisibility Cloak For SoundDesigning A Sexy, Safe Touch Screen For Cars Is Harder Than It LooksUnder The Hood Of Mozilla’s New Multi-Core Browser And The Open Source Language That Powers ItFlat Maps Don’t Tell The Whole Story: View The World’s Cities In 3-DThis 17-Year-Old Science Fair King Has Invented A New Way To Find Anti-Flu DrugsAmazon Is Raising The Cost Of Prime MembershipDespite What Seems Like A Lot Of Violence, The World Is Actually Getting Safer Every DayAll About Google Loon’s Low-Cost Space-Based Competitor, OuternetThe Mood Of Every NYC Neighborhood, Based On Their 311 ComplaintsIkea Unveils New PS 2014 Collection, With Urban Cool Kids In MindAlleged Drunk Driver Plows Into SXSW Crowd, Killing Two PeopleThe First Things First Manifesto Pledges The Tech Industry To Create Meaningful WorkThese Huge Glass Biodomes Will Bring Back Endangered WildlifeWhy The Next iPhone Should Have A Bigger ScreenHow Reebok Became The Brand For Crossfit JunkiesThese Are Some Of The Dirty Tactics Telemarketers Use To Reach YouEd Catmull On Why Things Will Always Go Wrong–Even At PixarJust A Few Days Left To Enter The 2014 Innovation By Design Awards!This Cheap, Strong Cardboard Standing Desk Will Let You Ditch Your Deadly Office Sitting“Tastes Like Happiness”: Why Chocolate Fried Chicken Might Be The Future Of Fast FoodThe Best of TED: 5 Public Speaking Lessons From 30 Years Of Spreading IdeasHow One Of Google’s Finest Fosters The Big IdeasHow To Reboot A Bad Day In 10 Minutes Or LessWhat Happens When A Company Bans Email And Starts Mining Data About Its Employees?5 Questions To Ask Before You Choose A Startup AdvisorNetflix’s Major HR Innovation: Treating Humans Like PeopleWhy All Your Little White Lies Aren’t As Harmless As You Think5 Things Your Favorite High School Teacher Taught You About Leading A Great MeetingAmerican Express Spotlights The Issue of Financial Exclusion In Davis Guggenheim Doc “Spent”Bacardi Uses Austin’s Bats To Make Beautiful Music At SXSWH&R Block Taps YouTube Talent For New Social Media Record Label