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Getty’s Free Embed Tool Lets You Post Photos Wherever You WantThe Competition is Irrelevant: Your Summit ExperienceSAT Test To Get Major Overhaul, Reduce “Unproductive Anxiety” In 2016This Mind-Blowing Video Lays Out A Hard-To-Top Theory On Who The Yellow King Is On “True Detective”How To Be Just Naive Enough To Make An Education Startup WorkQuantifying The Art Of Skateboarding With A Trick AlgorithmWhy Venture Capitalists Love Foolish StartupsAn Intimate Look At The Life Of A Sled-Racing DogFollowing Security Breach, Target’s Chief Information Officer ResignsFacebook Announces New Measures To Prevent Illegal Gun SalesScience Suggests We Think Celebrities Are MagicalWhat Impossible Music Looks And Sounds LikeGorgeous Carpets Evoke Images From Google EarthWhat If A Violent Conflict Were Happening Here? This Chilling Ad Shows You, From A Kid’s PerspectivePizza Hut’s Interactive Touch Table Could Be Coming to a Restaurant Near YouFlipboard Purchases Newsreader App Zite From CNNA High-Tech Rickshaw For The 21st-Century CommuterAd Worlds Collide As Geico Gecko Stars In New M&M CommercialDIY Kits To Help Build Your Own Mini-Park Anywhere There Is Space On The StreetThe Toms Shoes Model Taken To The Extreme: One-For-One HomesNow Homeowners Can Turn To Crowdinvestors To Fund Rooftop Solar PanelsWhy Science And Technology Research Needs More Global Diversity7 Weird Things An Ikea Survey Found Out About AmericansSimple Ideas For Creating a Harder-Working WorkspaceSimple Advice For Working Smarter, Not HarderSimple Advice For Optimizing Social MediaHow Saying No Is Key To Productivity4 Simple Lessons For Growing Online Revenue7 Award-Winning Organizations Driving Social Change Throughout The WorldSoon You’ll No Longer Be Able To Sign In To Yahoo With Facebook Or GoogleSee The Famous Oscar Selfie–SimpsonizedThis German Home Improvement Store Used Renovated Ugly Buildings As BillboardsZocDoc Is Expanding To Cover The Majority Of The U.S.The Bible Reduced To Minimalist PostersFreedomPop’s “Snowden Phone” Is Similar To The Blackphone, But Way CheaperA Giant Abandoned Glass Factory In China Is A True Factory FarmMeet The Barbie With An Even More Perfect BodyHow Your Computer Will Read You Like A Book–And Then Sell You StuffWhat Really Happened During Evan Williams’s Worst SXSW Moment?New Sausages Will Make Your Guts Healthier–If You Can Stomach The Secret IngredientMove Over, Bitcoin. CrossCoin’s New Accelerator Bets On The Ripple EcosystemDesign Pirate Cody Foster Tries To Buy Victim’s SilenceThe Insane Opulence Of The Ukrainian Presidential PalacePeek Inside The Homes Of 8 StarchitectsOlive Garden’s New Logo Is The PitsThis 530-Pound “Exosuit” Will Help Find Undiscovered Life 1,000 Feet Under The SeaHow Much Should You Charge For Design Work?“I’m An Alien!”: Pixar Alums’ Pioneering iPad Show Lets Kids Engage In Interactive Make BelieveWaiting Room And OR Tech Aimed At Reducing Patient Frustrations, Surgical ErrorFrom Apprentice To Famous Chef, How One Man Heated Up His CareerHow BitTorrent Rewrote The Rules Of The InternetHow A Sense Of Community Could Transform Selfish WorkersThe Simple Secrets That Make People Fascinating5 Video-Game Tricks For More Loyal CustomersFormer Police Chief On How To Inspire EmployeesHow Can I Learn Skills For A New Field Without Going Back To College?Real-Time Marketing: What We Learned From The Oscars And BeyondSome Theories Float Up About That Hoverboard Hoax VideoChipotle Supports Homegrown Athletes Through Major League Soccer SponsorshipWatch This Pelican Learn How To Fly–With A GoPro Strapped To Its BeakThis New App Is An Interactive Coffee Table Book That Lets You Explore Wild CanadaDiet Coke “You’re On” Campaign Gets Attention For The Wrong, Drug-Related ReasonsClick Your Tongue Or Wink To Control This Tiny Computer EarclipArt Exhibit Is Like A Bouncy Castle For Aliens On LSDRoku Debuts A New Streaming Stick To Compete With Google’s ChromecastBatman Returns To Your Gaming Console With The First Trailer For “Arkham Knight”Taco Bell Is Testing Its Own Quesarito: A Burrito-Quesadilla HybridPlease Please Please Let This Smiths Interactive Timeline Show You The Band’s HistoryJapan Moves To Regulate And Tax BitcoinSee What Advice Convicts Offer Their Younger Selves In a Striking Photo SeriesWhy Gmail Creator Paul Buchheit Gave JavaScript A Second ChanceThis Environmental Campaign Shows That SnapChat Isn’t Just For SextingThis Is What Apple’s IOS Dashboard, CarPlay, Looks Like In ActionTour A Luxurious 5-Room Apartment That’s Just 650 Square FeetA Teenager Redesigns The Web For The Color BlindThis Eco-Village Is An Environmentalist’s DreamThe Tenuous Science Of Facial RecognitionA New App Helps You Find Those Cool Boots You Saw On The Subway7 Ways To Stop Making Bad DecisionsWhat Makes Art Popular? Science Says It’s Luck, And The Opinion Of OthersA Ring That Lets You Control Pretty Much Anything By Writing In The AirSee Iconic Hollywood Scenes Through an Afro-Centric LensFacebook Is Reportedly Buying A Drone ManufacturerMoss FM: The World’s First Plant-Powered Radio11 Ways To Feed The World Without Destroying The Planet#BLACKandSTEM: The Hashtag As CommunityMarch Madness For Giving: Making Nonprofits Compete For GiftsA Countertop Composter That Zaps Your Food Scraps Into Healthy Soil FertilizerWatch California’s Snowpack Disappear In These NASA ImagesWhy Chinese Punks, Russian Skaters, Vegan Cupcakes, And Authentic Storytelling Are The Future Of VansDude, Check Out This Book Of Gnarly Surfing PhotosThe New Dry Cleaning: This Washing Machine Uses Just A Tiny Bit Of WaterWhy Bill Gates Can’t Solve Problems For The World’s PoorCheck Out This Page-For-Page Digital Companion For Khaled Hosseini’s Latest NovelExplore Seinfeld’s Apartment, With Shockingly Detailed Virtual Reality AppGoogle, Apple, And Facebook’s Biggest Acquisitions Over The Last 15 YearsWhen SXSWi Almost Died–And The Bloggers Who Saved ItOscar Mayer Rebrands Lunchables For AdultsBehind Google Maps’ Intuitive New DesignLook At The Crazy Ways These People Have Found To Reuse Potholes On City StreetsWant More Independent Decisions? Put More Women On The BoardThe Most Dangerous Man In Bitcoin Isn’t A CriminalThe YouTube Of The Future: Simpler, Less Tacky, More BeautifulHow To Take An Email Sabbatical5 Tips To Fix Your Broken Communication And Build TrustWhy Some of the Most Innovative Leaders Have An Open Door PolicyHow To Use Your Intuition To Get Ahead5 Steps To Coping With A Horrible BossThe Surprising First Jobs Of 10 Famous CEOsHow Employers Can Spot Potential Defectors–Before They LeaveA New Campaign Shows How Facebook Makes Life Better Beyond The ScreenWhy Everyone In Your Company Should Be A Product ManagerUser-Led Innovation Can’t Create Breakthroughs; Just Ask Apple and IkeaOver-Innovation Makes U.S. Firms Suck At SustainabilityWhy Standardized Rules About Corporate Responsibility Don’t Make SenseThe Key To Long-Term Dominance? Marketing Fades, But Product Always LastsShort-Term Thinking Is Our Biggest Problem. Here’s 3 Ways To Fight ItDo Innovation Consultants Kill Innovation?How Do You Wean People Off Cars? By Rebranding Bikes And BusesWhy Designers Need To Stop Feeling Sorry For AfricaWhat Smart Politicians Can Teach You About Crafting A MessageWhy Open Innovation Could Be Marissa Mayer’s Downfall At Yahoo!How A Trash Can Proves The Competitive Advantage Of DesignAn Overlooked Key To Innovation: The Right SacrificesWhy Do B-Schools Still Teach The Famed 4P’s Of Marketing, When Three Are Dead?OpenTable To Introduce Mobile PaymentsWorking Long Hours Could Kill YouWhy Your Stodgy Old Concert Hall Looks The Way It DoesThis Oscar Statue Has One Subtle Difference–It Is Shooting HeroinWas This Man Immortalized Forever As The Model For The Oscar Statuette?This 3-D-Printed Membrane Could Keep Hearts Beating IndefinitelyIs This The HTC One Successor?Arduino Cofounder Has Some Advice For You, HackerThis Motocross Company’s Office Kinda Makes Me Want To Quit My Job And Ride Dirt Bikes All DaySee How People Around The World Are Re-creating That Ellen DeGeneres Oscar SelfieWelcome To The E.G.O.T. Club, “Frozen” Songwriter Robert LopezA Hot Trend? Cutting-Edge Fashion That Changes Color When Lit On FireFor Disney, Adorable Furniture Inspired By Winnie The PoohThis Artist Takes A Scalpel To Pretty DinnerwareAn Abandoned Railway, Transformed Into A Traveling Art MarketKickstarter Hits $1 Billion In PledgesHow Better Design Could Save Pedestrians’ LivesMap: How Much Snow Does It Take To Shut Down Schools Across The U.S.?Here’s What Godzilla Would Be Like If He Was Just One Of The GuysTypography-Themed Desks Will Make You Hate Open Offices LessThis Infographic Details A Year In the Life of One Professional EscortHow Offshore Wind Farms Could Protect The Coast From HurricanesHard-Hitting Samsung Ad Shows Paralympians Have The Same Problems As Every Elite AthleteThis App Makes You Lick Your Screen To Learn Lady-Pleasing TechniquesEven Post-Acquisition, Simple’s CEO Still Isn’t A BankerWith CarPlay, IOS Finally Comes To The Car DashboardVideo: How iBeacons WorkAmerica’s Underground Karaoke Fever Is Powered By These Three AppsLA’s New Mayor Keeps A Low Profile In Trying To Get Business Booming In His CityA Simple Handlebar Bag For Bikers Who Don’t Want To Look Like A Bike MessengerComputer Viruses Go Airborne, Can Now Infect You Over Wi-FiCould This Data-Secure Smartphone Become A Lifestyle Product?How Measures Its Massive ImpactThese Solar Skins Preserve Architectural History–But Add A Modern Power SourceThe Untold Story Behind Mark Zuckerberg’s SXSW Keynote DebacleWatch These Wooden “Ghostcubes” Magically Transform Into Different ShapesHow Spritz Redesigned Reading, Letting You Scan 1,000 Words A Minute16 Of Science’s Best Infographics, From Ancient Greece To TodayFrom Frog, How To Collect Consumers’ Data Without Freaking Them OutL.A. Offers DIY Urban Design KitsIBM’s Next Big Thing: Psychic Twitter BotsThis Giant Floating Farm Uses Melting Icebergs To Bring Local Food To GreenlandNeed Inspiration? Follow An Interesting Person Around For A DayInteractive Graphic: What iPad Donations Reveal About Schools In AmericaThe Collaborative Economy Is Exploding, And Brands That Ignore It Are Out Of LuckSee What Artist Geoff McFetridge Can Do While His Tea Is SteepingThe Unlikely Success Of The Great Discontent’s Long-Form Musings On FailureHow BuzzFeed Made The Online Quiz IrresistibleMaster Networkers Reveal The Only Five People You Really Need In Your NetworkWhy Boundaries Are The Best Thing For Your CreativityWhy Your Willpower Can’t Stop You From Putting Things OffHow To Train Your Clients So You Can Have A LifeI Procrastinated For A Week And Accomplished An Astonishing Amount Of WorkHabits 101: Essential Things You Should Know About Your Everyday BehaviorCount The Movie References In The Oscar Spot For New Pepsi MiniYou Need To See This: Samsung Plays Up Its Multi-Screen Portfolio In “One Samsung” CampaignUniqlo’s Parent Company Is Reportedly In Early Talks to Buy J. CrewA Mini-Museum Full Of Crazy Artifacts, Available For Your DeskWhat’s More Important To Startup Success–The Idea Or The Execution?Why Uber Driving Is For Introverts, And Other Ridesharing TalesHow The Creator Of QuizUp Turned A String Of Foolish Moves Into A 10 Million-User AppLego Is The Biggest Toy Company In The WorldThe Top 5 Leadership Stories, Feb. 24-28Track The Popularity Of Your Name Over The Past CenturyWhy There’s No “P” Train In The New York City SubwayRaindrops Are Actually Shaped Like Hamburgers And Other Problems With Scientific IllustrationsWhat’s A Group Of Creatives Called? Here Are Some Collective Nouns For Creative ProfessionalsStudy: You Like That Picasso Because Your BFF DoesAn Awesome Art Museum Built Out Of Grain SilosOscar Nominees Break Down The Art of the Live Action ShortFive Phrases That Kill InnovationCybercriminals Are Coming For Your “Medical Identity”No Joke: Comedians Really Are Crazier Than You AreHow Clever Companies Are Using Circular Thinking To Get AheadHow Technology Has Changed The Lives Of Undocumented ImmigrantsNew Walmart Ad Uses Rush To Salute The American Working ManThere’s a New Way To Ride Share: In The AirCate Blanchett In A Cookie Commercial? See The Formative Roles Of This Year’s Oscar NomineesThis Giant Space Dust Buster Just Launched To Help Clean Up Space JunkThis Small Box Collects Power From Almost Any Source, From A Bike To The WindFrom Climate Change To Minimum Wage, Seattle’s New Mayor Is Pushing ForwardWhat Leading Designers Think Of The FDA’s New Nutrition LabelCalifornia Tourism Dreams Big With Google, Releasing 24 Videos In 24 HoursBehind The Breakout Role: How Spirit Award Nominee Keith Stanfield Dug Deep For His “Short Term 12” PerformanceWhy Restricting Tesla Sales In New York Is Bad For InnovationTurned Upside Down, Images Of New York City Streets Reveal A Hidden SkylineOnce Part Of The Nazi War Machine, This Huge Bunker Now Supplies Renewable EnergyWhy The Oscars Logo Got A MakeoverAll The Dresses Of Best Actress Oscar Winners Since 1929At These Companies, Interns Make More Than The U.S. Median Household Income5 Great Ideas From 2014’s Mobile World CongressInstagram Videos That Explain Brain-Tickling Ideas In 15 SecondsTake A Stroll On New York’s New High Line, Coming Soon To QueensThe Surprising History Of The Warner Bros. LogoHow Oscar-Nominated Sound Sounds, From The Sound Editor of “Lone Survivor”How “Frozen” Director Jennifer Lee Reinvented The Story Of The Snow QueenReputation Matters: The Top 10 Best And Worst CEOsThe Surprising Productivity Secrets Hidden in Your ClothesWhat Maps Can Teach You About How Your Mind WorksHow Patagonia’s New CEO Is Increasing Profits While Trying To Save The WorldWhy You Should Put Yourself Out of Business If You Want To Save Your CompanyWhy App Creators Need To Rethink Their Approach To Designing “For Women”Feeling Burned Out? The One Change That Could Fix Everything5 Free Apps To Crowdsource Your Commute6 Mobile Trends To Watch For In 20145 Social Technology Game Changers That Touch Every Aspect of BusinesThe Real Indians of New Jersey: “Prisoners” Movie Writer Takes “Red Road” To TelevisionThis Is The First Public Art Installation To Use Google GlassBio-Based Solar Panels That Could Run On Dirt And PlantsScience Says Open Offices Might Make Us SickThis Cambridge Researcher Just Embarrassed SiriY Combinator’s New Nonprofit Helps Tech Companies Teach Kids To CodeInside The Weird, Profitable Study Of “Social Physics”Heineken Invites Fans To #ShareTheSofa With Football Legends During The UEFA Champions LeagueAndroid Cofounder Tells Us About The Precarious Art of Over-ReachingLos Angeles Is A Sleeping Software Titan That’s About To Wake UpThis Swedish Subway Ad Understands How Hard It Is To Keep Your Hair Nice When The Train Blows PastLook Ma! No Hands: Tilt Control Brings Touchless Navigation To Google GlassBeats by Dre And Rudimental Let You Play Producer With Interactive YouTube VideoMoov: A Fitness Tracker And Personal Trainer In OneStunning Quilts Made Entirely From Used EnvelopesOscar Is A Health Insurance Startup For Digital NativesInside A Tornado-Destroyed Town And Its Plans To Rebuild For A More Sustainable FutureBritain’s Spy Agency Reportedly Collected Millions Of Webcam Images From Yahoo UsersFujitsu’s Amazing Touch Screen Can Change How It FeelsNokia’s Treasure Tag Ensures You’ll Never Lose Your Phone AgainEvery Oscar Best Picture Winner Ever, In Icon Form. Can You Guess Them All?Breather, Like Zipcar For Workspaces, Launches In NYCFDA Proposes New Nutritional LabelTesla’s Gigafactory Could Drive Down Electric Vehicle Battery CostsCan This Alternative Smartphone Deliver Real Privacy to the Masses?Here Are The New Nutrition Labels That Actually Tell You What You’re EatingThis Thai Lingerie Ad Goes For The Heart Instead Of The LoinsInteractive Virtual Reality In 3-D, The Newest Learning ToolAmtrak Is Giving Writers Free Rides Across The CountryBroApp Sends Texts To Your GF, So You Can Spend More Time With Your BrosThis Orchestra’s Instruments Consist Entirely Of People Licking Ice Cream ConesIs Moby The Leader Of A Post-Apocalyptic Cult?Every Frame Of Your Favorite Movie On A Single CanvasA Bank Transforms Its ATMS Into GAYTMS In Honor Of Gay PrideThese $5 Alien-Like Plastic Bag Tents Are Actually Heating Systems For The HomelessMike Parker, Godfather Of Helvetica, DiesGaze At Adorable Polar Bears In The Wild, From The Comfort Of Google Street ViewCan This Smelly Necklace Keep You From Getting Mugged?What Eating A Burger A Week Reveals About Good DesignMeet Merel Bekking, A Designer Who’s Secretly A ScientistCan Gadgets Really Tell The Future?25 Years Later, The Verdict Is In: The World Wide Web Is A Good ThingThe Oscar Walk-Through: Dissecting A Scene From “American Hustle”4 Insane Urban Designs That Might Shape The Skylines Of The Future19 Hipster Logos Rebranded As Evil Corporate DoppelgängersEssential Tips For Creating Apps People Will Actually Use4 Secrets Behind Successful Crowdfunding Campaigns10 Lessons Every Presenter Can Learn From America’s Most Iconic SpeechHow Busy People Make Time To Read–And You Can TooHow To Stand In Front Of A Room Full Of People And Tell A Stellar Story5 Ways To Reframe Your FailuresHow Airbnb Solved The Mystery Of Predictive Pricing“Yes! No. Yes?” How To Turn Someone Down Without Ruining Your RelationshipChipotle’s First-Ever New Menu Item, The Vegan Tofu Burrito, Goes National