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How David Koechner Ditched His “Anchorman” Cowboy Hat To Play A Villain In “Cheap Thrills”P&G Salutes Paralympians And The World’s Toughest MomsFacebook Is Buying WhatsApp For $16 BillionCan These Consumer Apps Crack The Education Space?Google Fiber Wants To Expand Into 34 New CitiesResearchers Say Tinder Exposed Users’ Exact Locations For MonthsUniversity Gets $10,000 Donation… In BitcoinsThis One-Take, Pharrell-Daft Punk Triple Mashup Video Puts On a Lilliputian ConcertSamsung Bashes Apple (Again) In Galaxy Note 3 AdThe Cutest Crash Course in Cinema History You’ve Ever SeenBet You Never Thought Shepherd’s Pie Would Tug At Your HeartstringsThis Civil War Survivor From Sierra Leone Is Building Better, Cheaper Prosthetic LimbsThis Rewritable Paper Uses Water Instead Of Ink And Each Piece Of Paper Over And OverCan The King Of Candy Keep Its Throne?Take A Stand With ParticipationWhen Twitter is Not the AnswerThis Digital Health Coaching Startup Gets A Real Coach To Nudge You Into ShapeWhen You’re Most Likely To Be Killed By A Car Crossing The StreetHere’s How a Company Might Market Shoes That Make You EvilIn This Ethical Marketplace, It’s The Customers Who Decide What MattersGoogle Capital Invests $40 Million In Renaissance LearningA Cryptocurrency To Encourage You To Get Solar PowerExpect Labs Releases API To Power Contextual Search And RecommendationsWatch What Happens When You Become Part Of The Movie You’re ViewingHow Detroit’s New Mayor Hopes To Create A Great American RevivalThese Photos Capture The Unnoticed Beauty Of A City’s Ghostly Abandoned BikesChevron Gives Consolation Prize To Neighbors Of A Natural Gas Explosion: Free PizzaThis Horrible Vision Of A Post-Apocalyptic Police State Is Just A Model Railroad–For Now140 Characters Of F*ck, Sh!t, And @ss: How We Swear On Twitter6 Ways To Harness The Power Of DaydreamingHow The Knowledge Economy Is Redefining WorkStop Wasting Your Intern’s Potential And Get Your Own CoffeeCan Creativity Be Taught? 73% Of Creative People Say YesHow Always Being Busy Makes You Dumber5 Essentials To Make Mentoring WorthwhileThe Owners Of Obscura Antiques And Oddities On Attention To DetailLessons From Inside The $800 Million Girl Scout Cookie Selling EmpireHow To Speak The Language Of HiringSee a Steve Jobs Portrait Made Entirely From Computer GutsVW Tells The Story Of One Beetle’s Incredible Journey Around The WorldI Have Something To Tell You: A Photographer Captures His Loved Ones’ Reactions The Moment He Tells Them He Has AIDSDwyane Wade And Gatorade Surprise High School Team With Extreme Locker Room MakeoverHacking House Plants To Make Music When They’re TouchedIcis Aims To Be A More Fashionable Google GlassThe Afghan Whigs Realize Their Cinematic Vision In “Algiers” VideoCan Twitter Predict Major Events? A New Study Says Yes10 Steps To Pulling Off A Killer Hardware HackathonThe Five Secrets To Running A Totally Distributed CompanySeattle And Austin Are Getting Bitcoin ATMsHow This Startup Designed A Printable Bluetooth KeyboardOld Spice Hair Will Play Your Huey Lewis And The News Requests On The PianoA Bridge-Shaped House Recycled From Giant Scraps Of The Old Bay BridgeApple Patents Fitness-Tracking Earbuds That Can Read Your HeartbeatSee Lego Posters For All This Year’s Best Picture NomineesDuolingo Raises $20 Million, Will Offer More Languages And A Certification ProgramUsing Plants As Sensors To Create A Global Monitoring SystemThinking Outside the Box, or Turning the Box Inside Out?This Site For Civic Complaints Dealt With 519,666 Issues Last Year–Here Are Some Of The BestInside The Smart, Sensor-Laden Pill That’s Coming Sooner Than You ThinkSugar Rush: Gaming Giant King Of Candy Crush Fame Files For IPOThis Firefighter Built His Own Google Glass App And It’s Saving LivesWhy Altruism Will Be Crucial To The Rise Of A Driverless CityInfographic: This U.S. Map Reveals the Top-Selling Musician From Each StateToggle Between Versions of This Music Video On One ScreenA Creepy New Startup Wants To Create Living Avatars For Dead PeopleSee How Many People Were Killed By Guns Last Year, And The Lives They Might Have LedHip Gadgets For The Developing World Won’t Solve Global Poverty: Stop Making Them5 Visions To Make Unused Subway Stations Fun, Useful, And BeautifulThe 10 Best New Complete Streets Policies In The U.S.This 4,400-Square-Foot Desk Creates Hiding Holes For An Escape Within The OfficeThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In FitnessDo You Have The “Good” Kind Of Perfectionism?The First Computers, Lasers, Robots, And More: Ancient Innovations From Our Distant Ancestors5 Painless Ways To Make Office Communication Less FrustratingShopify’s Harley Finkelstein On Asking For Forgiveness Instead of PermissionSupportPay Aims To Take Headaches Out Of Child Support And Family FinancesWhat Your Teen Is Really Doing All Day On Twitter And InstagramThe Real Thing Holding You Back From InnovationDonorsChoose Founder Charles Best On The Art Of Asking For Money5 Ways To Finally Stop Wasting Your Time5 Failure Survivor Archetypes From The Founder Of FailConThe Neuroscience Of ImaginationThis Gun Safety Ad Revisits The Founding Fathers And The Second Amendment’s Little-Known Dumbass ClauseAction-Movie Hero, Sitcom Star, Former NFL Player, Old Spice Pitchman, and Author Terry Crews on Trying EverythingFierce FemalesThe Office Of The Future Is A Self-Driving CarCadillac Salutes Core American Values Like Short Vacations And Buying Stuff In New CampaignThe Recommender: Erin Schulte, Fast Company’s Senior Editor For Features And ProfilesHip-Hop Trio De La Soul Is Giving Away Its Entire Catalog Right NowThis App Lets You Crowdsource Dating Advice… While You’re On DatesMatt Damon and Ben Affleck Pitch Themselves For CharityMcDonald’s New Campaign Distracts Londoners With A Giant Big MacOn The Heels Of California, Senate Introduces “Kill-Switch” Bill For Mobile PhonesFind Out Your Giving Footprint And Measure How Charitable You AreThe NBA’s Development League Straps A Sensor Disc To Every PlayerHow to Make Your Smartphone as Appealing as Scarlett JohanssonSee Sony’s Amazing POV Of The World’s Largest Model RailroadLet An MIT Hurricane Expert Explain What All This Extreme Weather Means For The PlanetAn Incredibly Detailed Wood Replica Of A Fast Food Joint To Make You Question Fast FoodUse Your Phone To Find Out If You’re Getting Poisoned By MercuryThe Privacy Worm Turns: Now You Can Spy On The NSAThe Fridges Of The Future Will Use Far Less Energy–And Way More MagnetsSwarms Of These Adorable Robots Can Build Massive Houses Without A BlueprintFinally: Taco Bell Plans To Let You Order With An AppRelive The Sochi Winter Olympics Via These Gold Medal MemesDo Nice Neighborhoods Manufacture Materialism?Can A Sprawling Southern City Remake Its Transit Networks?The League Of Creative Interventionists Wants To Know Who Your First Love WasThis Crazy Electric Bicycle Looks Like Something A Superhero Would RideAn Illustrated Guide To The Imaginary Words Only Your Family KnowsTwo Female VCs Launch Silicon Valley Firm To Show Diversity Equals Profit4 Ways To Create Meaningful Content5 (Relatively Simple) Steps To B2B Social Media Marketing SuccessWhy You Should Never Put Your Address On Your ResumeWhy You Should Care About Your Company’s Emotional Culture6 Ways To Fall In Love With Your Job All Over AgainForget Five-Blade Razors: Bevel Is A Better Shave For Black Men5 Free Apps For Making Valentine’s Day More SweetYen Weakens Driven by Record Current Account DeficitsA Matchmaker’s Advice For Finding Your Dream JobHow to Avoid a “Strategy Fail”The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In SportsA Graphic (And Bloody) Valentine’s Day History Of The HeartTop 5 Ads Of The Week: The Medal-Winning Olympics CommercialsThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In TravelThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Health CareThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In GamingThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In LocalThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in AdvertisingThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In EducationThe Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in IsraelThe Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in the U.K.The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Social MediaThe Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in South AmericaThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Dedicated To Social GoodThe Ewings Are Opening A Real Gas Station Somewhere In AmericaThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Robotics500 Startups Launches AngelList Syndicate To Back Female-Led StartupsWhy “This Is My Jam” Stopped Overthinking Music DiscoveryCable And Tech Companies Are Creating A Group To Push For Expanding Wi-Fi AccessHow The Cofounder Of WeTransfer Went From Blog To StartupFacebook Adds 50 New Gender Options Beyond Male And FemaleWhen Street Art Goes Wrong: This Philip Seymour Hoffman Tribute Is Way OffAspiring Helicopter Parents, Meet Your Quantified FetusMeet BlackBerry’s Social Network: BBM 2.0A Heartwarming Valentine’s Ad With A Surprise Ending, And ProductThis Chinese Online Dating Ad Tells Women To Marry Or Risk Upsetting GrandmaJawbone Is Reportedly Getting $250 Million In FundingThis Driving App Lets Mad Ones Recreate Kerouac’s “On The Road” Journey ExactlyThis Video Game Knows When You’re Scared–And Gets ScarierHow “House Of Cards” Producer Dana Brunetti Knew The Netflix Model Would WinThese Giant Pinwheels Spin Transform A Building–Powered Just By Your BreathHow A Gentle Nudge Could Help Save Us From The SuperbugHow Would You Feel About Your Government Texting You To Tell You To Exercise?A New Documentary Takes Aim at the Men-Only Culture Of Comics4 Ways To Renew The Dwindling Global Fish SupplyThese 3-D Printed Covers Make Prosthetics StylishThese Are The States That Won’t Be Ready For Future Climate Disasters9 Keys to Winning in a Borderless, Digital EconomyWith New Driver Background Checks, Uber Wants To Show It’s Serious About SafetyWill Workplace Wellness Actually Make Workers Healthy?Satisfy Your “Game Of Thrones” Lust With Art From The “Winter Is Coming ” ExhibitCaribou Coffee Launches New Blend With A Five-Story Pinterest BoardThe Fall Of Perl, The Web’s Most Promising LanguageThis Report Shows Why Brands Should Embrace Instagram (If They Haven’t Already)This Tumbleweed Robot Blows Around To Help Fight DesertificationComcast To Buy Time Warner Cable In Blockbuster $45 Billion DealBuy This $50 Block Of Wood To Remind You To Stop Buying So Much StuffThese Zero-Impact Tree-Inspired Houses Will Blend Right Into The ForestThese Are The Best Tech Companies To Intern With In 2014, According To InternsWatch These Tabloids Get Transformed By A Healthy Dose Of Real-World ProblemsOK Valentines, The Romantic Bar Has Just Been Set In This Utopian Hair Color AdEnter Another Radiohead Reality With Radiohead’s Immersive New AppThe Only Three Questions An Investor Asks Before InvestingThe World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in StyleWhy Mary Barra Should Be the Norm, Not the Exception7 Predictions For The Future Of Work14 Tools To Help You Add Images For Your Social Media Posts7 Deadly Sins Of Startup StorytellingHow To Really Transform Loyal Customers Into Brand AdvocatesHomejoy, The Startup That Makes All New Hires Scrub ToiletsWhy The Office Is The Worst Place For Work5 Books To Help You Build Better Habits