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Lenovo Buys Motorola Mobility From Google For $2.91 BillionHere’s How All That Super Bowl Social Media Sausage Gets MadeNew York Tries To Figure Out How To Regulate BitcoinAt Super Bowl Time, A Spot From Native Americans Calls On The NFL To Make A ChangeThe New Frontier of Customer EngagementWith New CNN Partnership, Twitter Gets More CreditApple Awarded Patent For Solar-Powered MacBookThis Software Teaches Wearable Cameras To Not Livestream Your Bathroom VisitsSodaStream’s “Sexy,” “Banned” Super Bowl Ad Featuring Scarlett JohanssonNeed An Introduction? LinkedIn Now Finds The Best Person In Your Network To TapInside The Ad-Free, Crowdfunded Publication That Is Upending The Newspaper BusinessProductivity in Motion Front Page htmlOn Disappointing Earnings, Nintendo President’s Pay Will Be Slashed In HalfHow Hackers Held This Man’s $50,000 Twitter Name For Ransom10 New Books You Need to Read This YearHow To Create Your Own CryptocurrencyThe Coenfographic: See a Visual Compendium of Data About The Coen Brothers’ MoviesCheerios Brings Back Multiracial Family For First-Ever Super Bowl AdA DIY Electric Car You Can Build Yourself–In Less Than An HourIs 3-D Printing Better For The Environment?Journalists From Where The Internet Doesn’t Reach, Telling Stories No One Else HasAn App For Finding Food That Doesn’t Hurt AnimalsFacing A Homelessness Crisis, New York City Pinpoints Vulnerable Families By Mining Eviction FilingsChipotle Subtly Wraps The Future Of TV In A Warm Tortilla (Hold The Cheese?)Street Art & Showing Up DifferentlyA Flying Lifeguard Robot Could Save You From DrowningCan This Children’s Book Help Make The Internet A Better Place?Most Creative People in BusinessDating Website HowAboutWe Buys Nerve, Aims To Create Sexy Original ContentThis Live-Tweeted Cross-Country Amtrak Journey Shows What’s Wrong With America’s TrainsThis Map Captures The Silent Spaces In People’s LivesThe Cities With The Best Public Transportation In The U.S.5 Visions For The Consumer Products Of 2030The Class Of 2014: The New Mayors Who Are Building The Future Of America’s CitiesThe Link Between Viral Content And Emotional IntelligenceTravel Back To 1981 New York With These Photos Of A Gritty, Graffiti-Covered SubwayIs Chieh Huang Costco’s Worst Nightmare?13 Things You’re Not Outsourcing (But Totally Should)3 Ways To Tell Better Stories And Make People CareHow To Harness The Creative Power Of Introverts At Work6 Ways To Be A Kick-Ass MentorMost Creative People In Business 1000: The Complete ListThe 6 Stumbling Blocks Of The Super-TalentedIntroducing Fast Company’s Most Creative People In Business 1000How To Turn Fetal-Monitoring Data Into Flowers5 Career Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were MakingThe Muppets Take Terry Crews’ Toyota In This Super Bowl SpotA Hungry But Selective Bear Stars In Chobani’s First Super Bowl AdWill Facebook’s News Reader Fail? Here’s What History SaysThe State Of The Union Should Be A Product Demo, Not A Policy SpeechThe New Object-Tracking Craze Ensures You’ll Never Lose Anything AgainTaking Outside Investment For First Time, Medium Raises $25 MillionMorpheus Offers Drivers A Choice: The Luxury Car You Know, Or A KiaWikipedia Is Collecting Recordings of Article Subjects To Help You Pronounce Their NamesRap Genius’s IPhone App Puts Annotations In Your PocketNew Trojan Ads Are More Family Time Than Sexy TimeToday’s Anti-Tech Protests Are Nothing NewFollowing Arrest, BitInstant CEO Charlie Shrem Resigns From Bitcoin FoundationVW Takes An Angelic Turn for The Super BowlThis Software Flags “Inappropriate” Google Glass PhotosWhen Exactly Will We Lose Our Jobs To Machines?A New Model For Digital Publishing: The Affinity Engagement IndexSilicon Valley’s Next Big Goal: Fixing Our Broken Food SystemKingsley, Strong, And Hiddleston Star In Jaguar’s Villainous Super Bowl SpotWhy Is Facebook’s App Asking To Read Your Text Messages?This Pixelated Chair Is Made From Sugar, Sake, And PlasterThis Six-Second Eye Scan Can Tell You If You’re Going To Get DiabetesIs 2014 The Year You Buy A 3-D Printer?One Big Takeaway From Apple’s Earnings: No One Seems To Want The IPhone 5cWatch 60 Years Of Climate Change In 15 SecondsAnswering Work Emails On Your Phone At Night Makes You Bad At Work The Next DayWith Launch Of Analytics, Imgur Positions Itself As A Social PlatformThe Cities Where People Have The Fewest CarsCompanies Need To Focus Their Corporate Responsibility At HomeThis “Behind The Bricks” Featurette Will Make You Want to See The Lego MovieWhen San Francisco’s Tech Sector Meets Homelessness, It’s Not Always A Huge DisasterThe Awful Awkwardness Of Conference Calls–VisualizedA Revolution In Glass Technology Could Boost Your Mood Inside The OfficeThe Banker\HairdresserThis Enormous Moscow Park Used To Be A Four-Lane Highway7 Rules For Selling In A World That Has Enough Stuff5 Futuristic Trends That Will Shape Business And Culture Today8 Of The Strangest Interview Questions Job Candidates Have AskedWhy People Don’t Buy Products–They Buy Better Versions Of ThemselvesWhat You Learn When Your Office Is The Side Of An Alaskan Mountain10 Ways You Can Multitask Without Feeling GuiltyWhy I Turned Down Apple For A Startup9 Essential Principles to Create, Lead, and SustainLeave Your Sleeping Baby And Grab Dinner Out? This Baby Monitor Hack Will Have You DreamingRelax, Being Anxious Makes You A Good LeaderIndiegogo Raises $40 Million To Expand Globally5 Things Your Brain Needs More Of Every DayThe Google Glass Redesign, And How Isabelle Olsson Made The Face Computer Into A Thing Of BeautyCoke Does The Lambeau Leap Into The Super BowlHow A Crappy User Interface Can Create A Privacy NightmareOikos Reveals that a Full House is Not Always Best in Super Bowl AdHyundai Goes For Goofy Laughs And Sweet Smiles For The Super BowlAOL Wants To Personalize Your Web Surfing–Here’s Its CompetitionSquarespace Promises a Better Web in Super Bowl SpotThe NSA Can Reportedly Gobble Up User Data From Angry BirdsTesla’s Supercharger Network Now Goes Coast To CoastA Urine Detection Device To Catch Sprayers In The ActOld Spice Wants You To Let Your Hair Do The Walking3-D Printing Cells For Drug Testing Could Keep Animals Out Of Harm’s WayBitInstant CEO Arrested On Money-Laundering ChargesThese Tiny Keyboards Could Reinvent The Smartwatch InterfaceAudi Reveals Super Bowl Spot And Snapchat And Twitter Game PlanAre Microsoft’s New Offshore Data Centers Really NSA-Proof?Prince Is Suing Facebook Users And Bloggers For $22 Million For Copyright InfringementInstall This Anti-Upworthy Plug-In. What Happens Next Will Make Your Face Melt And Your Kidneys BurstAllison Jones, The Woman Who Helped Spur The Rise Of The Hollywood GeekWill The Home Automation Revolution Be DIY?Yet Another Report Bemoaning Facebook’s Demise50 Cent Talks About Tech Investing Lessons From The Music IndustryWhy Did Google Purchase Artificial Intelligence-Firm DeepMind?Yale’s David And Goliath Tech Showdown Bodes Well For Data FreedomThis 10-Second Animation Will Lift Your Mood On The Wings Of A GrasshopperYour Next Status Update: Your STDsThese Backpacks For Cow Farts Reduce Climate Change And Generate PowerThis Auto Insurer Is Not Happy About A Future Of Driverless CarsPay Close Attention To This Marijuana Millionaire’s Weed Venture Capital FundA Tech-Focused Guide To Increasing Your Influence On TwitterBBC Radio 1’s “Head Of Visualization” On How To Get To A Million YouTube FollowersSee How A Master Filmmaker Fully Captures A City In “Scorsese’s New York”5 Ways Experienced Social Intrapreneurs Stay Resilient When Change Isn’t EasyFake London Underground Signs Say What Commuters Are Really ThinkingYour New Security System Will Protect You From DronesWatch These Chilling Videos About The Scary Future Of CybersecurityTegan And Sara Team With The Lonely Island For “The Lego Movie” ThemePrepare Yourself For Skies Filled With Flying Robot JellyfishSee American History, Illustrated, In The Works Of Legendary Political Cartoonist HerblockBurning Tires, Riot Gear, And Molotov Cocktails: Photos From Both Sides Of Ukraine’s ProtestsWhy The Super Bowl Is Still Worth The Excitement–And The $4 MillionHow To Make Monday As Productive As TuesdayOne Big Reason Online Conversations Are So, So AwkwardCaffeine: Destroyer And Enhancer Of Memory?Progress Versus Perfection: What Steve Jobs Can Teach Us About Coping With Failure4 Things We Have Wrong About CreativityUnexpected Lessons In The Art Of Failing Gracefully10 Big, Recent Changes To Twitter, Facebook, And Linkedin You Should Know AboutWhen Adventure Sports And Entrepreneurialism CollideJapan. Lost in Translation No More.NeXT Cofounder George Crow Reflects On Engineering The First MacintoshPhotos: The Opportunity Rover’s 10 Years On MarsThe Recommender: Kathleen Davis, Roller Derby JeerleaderUber Admits To Aggressively Trying To Steal Rival’s DriversThe Weird, Hyper-Incentivized World Of “Bug Bounties”How Facebook’s Mobile Ad Network Could (Finally) Upend A Backwards IndustryComputational Fashion Design And How Will It Make Us All Look AwesomeWatch This Empty Room Turn Into A Mini-ForestHow “Her” Would Sound With Philip Seymour Hoffman Instead Of Scarlett JohanssonMicrosoft’s Slightly Better Surface ProblemHow To Rebuild Venice, Using Programmable Water DropletsStephen Colbert Stars In Super Bowl Teaser, Behind-The-Scenes Video, For Wonderful PistachiosIn The Future, Google’s Robo-Cars Might Give You A Free Ride To Your Favorite StoreWatch Morpheus Struggle With His TV As Kia Teases Its Super Bowl Ad5 Free Apps To Help You Get Your Team On Track, Travel Smarter, And MoreWhy A Touchscreen MacBook Probably Isn’t Happening Anytime Soon, According To AppleArtful Adman Graham Fink Makes It Official With First Solo ExhibitChinese Twitter Removed Two Giant, Naked Buddhas From The Top of This BuildingHow To Turn Colleges Into Incubators For Changemaking DesignThe Streets Of Ann Arbor Will Soon Be Filled With Driverless CarsWhy We Need A Market For Human OrgansThis Ad Agency Wants To Help Make Your Kickstarter Campaign A HitFind Out When You’ll Be Sick With The First Online Flu PredictorSaudi Arabia Does Not Like Boy Scout Troops or Therapy Dogs, According To Blocked Website List“This Is Who We Are Now:” Why Aerie Stopped Retouching The Models In Its AdsReal Underwear Models, Psycho Hipsters: The Top 5 Ads of the WeekWatch NASA’s 3-D Pizza Printer Make A (Sort Of) Tasty-Looking PizzaThis Is What 200 Calories Looks LikeFor Your Next Bike Ride, Bring Along This Friendly DroneThe Choreography Of Design, Treasure Hunts, And Hot Dogs That Have Made Costco So SuccessfulCEO of Grindr on The Power of Simplicity and Becoming an Unintentional ActivistThe Disappointing Effect Entrepreneurship Has On Your Sex LifeThe Secrets of The Best Public SpeakersNew Broadli App Will Help You Actually Use Your Sprawling LinkedIn NetworkWhy Even Geniuses Need HustleUtilitarianism Marketing–Being Useful While Getting Your Message Across4 Soft Skills That You Need To LearnMeet The Corporate Fixers: 5 Business Leaders Tasked With Tackling Big ProblemsThe Beats Music App Is Generating Some Awesomely Strange SentencesIt’s Up To You Whether You See Beckham Naked Or Clothed In H&M’s Super Bowl AdHow Bluetooth Credit Card Skimmers Became The New CrowbarsWith a $1.75 Billion Valuation Under Its Belt, What’s Next For Stripe?Pushing Back Against The NSA, Microsoft Will Store Foreign Users’ Data AbroadSarah McLachlan Urges You To Please Think of the Doberhuahua In This Super Bowl TeaserTwo Startup Veterans To Launch A Cat Café In San FranciscoHow A Former Oil Silo Turned Into One Of Helsinki’s LandmarksCleaning Bank Notes Could Save Millions Of Dollars (But Not As Much As Doing Away With Cash Completely)Kickstarter Loves This Children’s Book That Gets Kids Excited About CodingApple Wants To Measure Your Mood, Then Send You Targeted AdsWatch Newcastle’s Mega Huge S**** B*** Ad That Could’ve BeenThis Hotel Chain Put Its Bed On Top Of A Mountain To Prove How Comfy It IsAre You Faking When It Comes To Football? This Animated Guide Explains The Game For The UninitiatedLet’s Build A New Mesh Network To Replace The InternetAstronomers Pinpoint The Exact Moment Claude Monet Saw This Famous SunsetFitmob Rethinks The Neighborhood WorkoutSenior Cinephiles Recreate Classic Film Scenes For Retirement Home CalendarHow Companies Harvest Data To Target The Most Financially And Emotionally VulnerableStartup Post-Mortems Offer All Sorts Of Surprising LessonsThis Man Claims He “Hacked” Kayak To Save Money On A Plane TicketHow “Guest Blog” Scammers Abuse Your Content Site With SEO ScamsIf The Immunity Project Crowdfunds This Synthetic AIDS Vaccine, They’ll Offer It Free To EveryoneAs Drug Resistance Grows, Should It Cost More To Feed Antibiotics To Animals?What If Your Phone Knew What You Wanted Before You Asked?A People-Powered Bike-Share Program Blooms In What Was Once The Worst Bike CityHow Ingredient Lists Would Look For All-Natural FoodsOvercoming “Us vs. Them” ChallengesCheck Out The Art From Two “Sandman”-Themed ExhibitsThese Disturbing Dioramas Capture The Fight Over Google Buses In San Francisco7 Tools That Let You Control Your Own DataHow Nintendo’s Crappy Developer Relationships Are Killing Its ConsolesThe 24/7 Living BrandIt Doesn’t Matter Whether Or Not You Like Your Open OfficeThe Two Emotions That Can Save Your Brain From BurnoutMaking “MItt:” A New Doc Takes A Candid Look At Candidate RomneySee Classic Artworks Come To Life In Spellbinding “Beauty” VideoThe 3 Crucial Digital Retail Trends of 20144 Lessons In Building A BrandThe Biggest Mistake You’re Making On Twitter5 Common Mistakes You’re Making With Your Email SignatureHow HarperCollins’s Chief Digital Officer Uses Big Data To Make Publishing More ProfitableHow Misplaced Anxiety Affects Your Decision MakingHow To Combat A Ridiculous Work Schedule And Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed5 Productive Ways To Respond To CriticismThe Neuroscience Of Effective Leadership