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A Human at the Helm: Authentic Leadership for Full EngagementThis Was One Of PS4’s Biggest Design ChallengesNetflix Adds 2.3 Million Subscribers, Plans To Introduce New Pricing TiersJane Austen, Game Theorist? HaGoDaddy’s New Super Bowl Ad Ditches The Sleaze For Spray Tans And Muscle MenA (Nearly) Complete Online Toolkit For StartupsBeats Music Is The Latest Competitor Clamoring For Your EardrumsFacebook Begins Testing Its Mobile Ad NetworkShopify’s 2013: 82,000 Merchants, 22.7 Million Orders, $1.68 Billion In SalesArnold Schwarzenegger Visits A Gold’s Gym And Gives Workout Tips For CharityIf You Can’t Beat Them, Buy ThemHow Arduino Is Becoming The World’s Social Network For Hackers And MakersShaving Startup Harry’s Buys Razor Factory For $100 MillionRemade “American Psycho” Imagines Patrick Bateman As A Hipster, With Jeans Standing In For Business Cards“Call Of Duty” Kidnaps, Or “CODnaps” Gamers In Campaign Starring Boardwalk Empire’s Stephen GrahamSee CarMax’s Tribute to The Slow Clap–In Both Human and Puppy VersionsA Lost Dog StoryScratch That: This Is The Apple IWatch Of Your DreamsSquarespace Makes Designing A Logo Dead SimpleHow The Noun Project Is Turning Icons Into ProfitLeveraging Mobile Technology To Travel BrilliantlyHow The Main Titles For Pirate Series “Black Sails” Became A Work Of ArtHow Infinite Information Will Warp And Change Human RelationshipsWant To Lead Effectively? Embrace Your Inner NarcissistHere’s How Apple Can Make iOS Developers Happy In 2014Challenge Dalí, Warhol to a Staring Contest with Surreal App for the Dalí MuseumWatch The Amazing Flight Pattern Of BirdsThis Line Of “Mean Girls”-Inspired Jewelry Is So FetchThe Weirdest Job Interview Questions Of The Year Are HereT-Mobile Wants To Do For Bank Accounts What It’s Doing For Phone ContractsKimono Could Be The Gateway Drug To Finally Get You CodingThis Transformable Microapartment Has Secret Trap Doors EverywhereHow The Solution To A Soviet-Era Train Congestion Problem Could Lead To A New Era In NetworkingComic Book Heroes Get A Gorgeous Native American MakeoverHow An iPad App Is Transforming The Way Police Work Crime ScenesWhy Startup Founders Shouldn’t Lose (Too Much) Sleep Over Scaling ProblemsA Glittering Visual History Of EmeraldsUnder The Hood Of The New NYTimes.comClosing Up Heart Defects With Glues Inspired By Slugs And WormsSolar-Powered Fruit Bat Trackers Could Turn Bikeshare Programs Into Data FleetsIs This Virus Causing Bees To Disappear?Where Is Indie Gaming Going?Inside The Robot InternetWhat Happens When The Whole World Is Wired?Yaba Blay Is Opening A New Window Into Black LifeStudy: Facebook Will Lose 80% Of Its Users By 2017These New German Hotel Rooms Are Made Out Of TrashVisualizing The Companies That Have Created The Most Climate ChangeA DIY Platform For Building Devices You Control With Your MindA New Game Demonstrates That Copying Makes Everyone More CreativeInside Plum Organics, The First Benefit Corporation Owned By A Public CompanyWhat Will New York Look Like In 2050?Watch Computers Watch Famous Movies3 Outlandish Ideas To Improve Air Travel, From The Designers Of Beats By DreWant That Olivia Pope Look? Pradux Let’s You Shop Your Favorite ShowsTake Your Next Flight On This Gigantic Solar Whale-Like Plane5 Ways For Purposeful Brands To Stand Out5 Crucial Strategies For Making 2014 Your Most Innovative Year YetThe AOL Of China To Build A Suburban Tech Campus In The SkyWhat You Need To Know To Create An Accountability Group That Works8 Strategies To Improve Your MemoryMastering The Fine Art Of Getting To The PointHow SmartThings CEO Alex Hawkinson Is Growing The Internet Of ThingsYou’ve Got Issues–Fast Company’s Experts Will Solve Them“DayZ” Makes You Feel Every Murder You Commit. Can You Handle This?Automattic’s Unorthodox View On Productivity Tracks Output, Not AppearanceTony Robbins On Hunger, Disappointment, And 3-D PrintingHow Blush Coaches Young Women To Get Past Their Problems For $50 To $100 Per Session6 Ways to Hear What Consumers Are Really Saying4 Ways To Find Inspiration EverywhereOld Spice and Isaiah Mustafa Stage An Internetervention For Men Making Bad Online DecisionsIs HP Really Shunning Windows 8, Or Is This Just A Cheap Marketing Ploy?Oikos Greek Yogurt Reunites The Men of “Full House” For Super BowlSouth Korea’s “Robot Land” Will Open In 2015What You Can Learn About Business From Betting On HorsesWhat Is Polymorphic Code?Warren Buffett Will Give You $1 Billion If You Make A Perfect March Madness BracketA Gorgeous Time-Lapse Of Chile’s Night SkyMicrosoft Reveals Secret Ability To Remotely Uninstall Programs From Your Windows PCThese Are The Worst Passwords On The InternetHow This Team Built Their Own Secure Version Of Google ChromeUpdated: Pentagon Orders 80,000 BlackBerry HandsetsThis Valentine’s Day You Can Send Your Sweetheart A TweetheartChina Requires Video Uploaders To Use Their Real NamesWhy Everydisk Might Make You Ditch Dropbox For GoodXbox One Will Stream Sports At Mind-Blowing 60 Frames Per SecondBehold, The SnapChat Clone Wars Have BegunAs Streaming Services Rise, HBO and Showtime See Decline In SubscribersWatch A Singer Get An Extreme Photoshop Makeover Over The Course Of Her Music VideoMan Reportedly Removed From Movie Theater For Wearing Google GlassAn Ingenious Solution To Transferring Data Between Your Mac And iPhoneWill Starchitect Norman Foster Curse Philly Sports Teams?The Parking Lots Of The Future Look Super FunA Kit To Transform Your Lomocam Into A PolaroidThe CCO As Athlete, Choir Director And Air Traffic ControllerVW Teases Its Super Bowl Spot With Every Online Gag In The Book–LiterallyThere’s An App For ThatNarcissists Are Good At Getting To The Top, But Dangerous When They Get ThereA Shoe-Based Sensor Network To Help Firefighters “See” Inside A Burning BuildingWith Meditation, Coaching, And Actor Forest Whitaker, A Program Trains Young Leaders To Stave Off ViolenceAnalyzing Baby Cries For Signs Of Serious DiseaseHow To Translate Your Wearable Fitness Data Into Food Aid DonationsBikes Lanes Aren’t Just Safer For Cyclists. They’re Good For Business, TooReality And Advertising Converge For Seahawks’ Richard ShermanBill Gates Says The World Is Getting Vastly Better, While Crushing Myths About Foreign AidCan’t Afford Tiffany? Get Your Wedding Ring From A 3-D Printed MoldThis iPhone App Wants To Kill Badly Framed YouTube Videos ForeverU.S. Products Made In China Cause An Extra Full Day Of Smog A Year In Los AngelesLiving Street Signals That Make People Feel Better About Their NeighborhoodsAt An FAA Drone Test Site, Excitement And A Lot Of QuestionsWatch Mumbai Explode Into A Shiny City Of SkyscrapersCool Runnings Redux: Help Fund The Jamaica’s Bobsled Team’s Olympic Dream100 Famous Movie Quotes, VisualizedWith Glittering New Set Design, CCTV News Takes Aim At The WorldA Visual History Of Yoga3 Ways Brands Can Survive The Sharing Economy In 2014An Interactive Story Unfolds In This Amazing Origami BookWhy Wearable Devices Will Never Be As Disruptive As SmartphonesAn Evolutionary Theory For Why You Love Glossy ThingsThese Grotesque, “Real-Life” Emoji Have A Message For Your KidsHear The Strange Things Going On In Music Videos Without The MusicThe Art And Science Of Building Confidence Under PressureWhy Positive Encouragement Works Better Than CriticismHow To Turn Your Insomnia Into A Productivity ToolHow To Overcome Self-Doubt And A Lack of MotivationWhy Your Company Needs A CynicHow Curiosity Cultivates Creativity4 Habits Of Punctual PeopleGoogle’s Nest Is Great, But Is Your Kitchen Now The Smartest Room In The House?5 Steps To Follow Through On EverythingMaking A Super Bowl Spot: Audi Burns Vampire Culture, Demonstrates Headlights In Super Bowl Ad“Sleepy Hollow” Creator Roberto Orci Explains How To Pull Off An Improbable IdeaHow VCs Are Coping With The Startup BoomShow Up Somewhere Different4 Little-Known Reasons Martin Luther King Was An Amazing Leader, HumanExplore The Man/Beast Bond With Elizabeth McGrath’s Freakish, Fantastic Animal ArtSubaru Campaign Hits Hard With A Horrific Car Wreck–And DogsSee Your Favorite Album Covers, As Pixelated Lego ArtSee The Teasers For Bud Light’s New “Whatever Happens” Super Bowl CampaignVolcker Rules!The Recommender: Morgan Clendaniel, Who Once Dug Up An Ancient GraveConnected Fridge Hacked To Send Malicious EmailsBeats Can’t Save The Music Industry, But This New Business Model CouldConfirmed: Your Web-Savvy Kids Are Outsmarting Your Parental ControlsTwitter Gets Serious About Social Shopping“Selfie Police” Site Tells You To Pay $1 Per SelfieHow This Tone-Deaf Startup Redeemed Itself After Founder’s Comments About Bay Area HomelessA Public Service That Aims To End Crappy Tourist PhotosOn Mars, A Rock Appears Where There Wasn’t One BeforeSquarespace Brings The Dark Side Of The Web To Life In Super Bowl TeaserCould The Hyperloop Make It Onto California’s November Ballot?An Open-Source, Nest-Like Thermostat, Built In One DayTepid China Mobile iPhone Launch Isn’t Necessarily A Bad SignThe State Of The “Smart Grid” Today, And Google’s Future Role In ItFab’s Ex-Design Chief To Start A Consulting Firm (And A Rock Band)Major League Baseball Is Outsourcing Their Reviewed Calls, Will There Be Riots?If Movie Posters For Oscar Nominees Were More AccurateObama Announces Overhaul Of NSA’s Data CollectionThe TR-808 Drum Machine Is Back, With New Features And A New NameThis Is What A Robot Brain Looks LikeModCloth Wraps Up A Very Social YearWant To Hack On The Internet Of Things? Meet WunderBarThis Marriage Has Been Removed By The User: Divorce Lawyers Get Creative With YouTube NoticeCan Bitcoin Save The NBA’s Most Beleaguered Team?This Wearable Plant Cleans The Air For You When Pollution Is BadWhy Scientists Are Shaving BeesThis New Typeface Is Free, If You’re A Climate ActivistThe Tasty Meat Replacement Product That Wasn’t Created In A LabGoogle Is Making A Smart Contact LensHelp Put Ice Cube On The Goodyear Blimp For CharityHoefler & Frere-Jones, The Beatles Of The Type World, Are Breaking UpHow Much Do Data Scientists Get Paid?Forget Your Poop-Filled Nightmares–Princess’s New Campaign Shifts Focus To Transformative Powers Of CruisingWatch This Film About Human Enhancement And What It Really Means To Be DisabledCheck Out Photos Of BART’s New Fleet Of The FutureGoogle Is Working On Glucose-Sensing Contact Lenses For DiabeticsAnatomy of a Collaboration: Ice Cube and Director Tim Story Talk Reteaming For “Ride Along”Artist Embroiders His Loved Ones Into His Own FleshHow San Francisco Used Poop Jokes To Save Its Sewer SystemThe Secret To Healthy Eating: Cook MoreAjax Says It Can Clean Up All Your Social Clutter In One WipeThis Hypnotic Video Reveals Unexpected Beauty In The Daily CommuteThe Weirdest Interview Questions Hiring Managers Ask14-Year-Old’s Anonymous Messaging App Has Nothing To Do With AnonymityInfographic: How Dogs EvolvedShareaholic’s Data Viz Of Declining Reddit Traffic MisleadsMagical Portraits Of Modern-Day WitchesIt Is Now Possible To 3-D Print Your Unborn Fetus3-D Printed Candy Makes Me Love The FutureSlide Show: The Tech Industry Loves White-People HandsThis Weird-Looking Playground Could Make Your Kids More CreativeHow Two Graphic Designers Created One Of Baltimore’s Hardest Hardcore Bands10 Powerful Activist Posters From California’s Latino CultureKill Those Winter Blues With This Light That Mimics The Sun In Any Timezone5 Visions of What Transportation Will Look Like In 2030How To Win Over Customers: Lessons From 8 Rock-Star BrandsAxe Wants To Make Love, Devil Baby Attacks: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week5 Free Apps To Help You Quit Your Job, Find Time To Cook, And More7 Ways To Keep Employees HappyHow Your iPhone Is Ruining Your SleepCracking The Code On Brands We Love (Infographic)You Are Only As Busy As You Think You AreWant To Get Promoted? Be A NarcissistBusinesses Are Tracking Your Habits–But How Much Information Is Too Much?One Therapist’s Diagnosis–And Prescription–For The Overworked Masses Of Silicon ValleyHow Etsy’s Creative Director Uses Intricate To-Do Lists To Free Up Big-Idea Brain Space4 Strategies of America’s Best Places to WorkHow To Do Less: A Short GuideThis Pop Art Explosion Is Actually An Abandoned Gas StationThis Bell Labs Campus Was The Googleplex Of Its Day, And Now It’s DeadDo Barcodes Work Better If They’re Beautiful?This New Ad Makes The Ordinary Sound EpicFounding Team Member Of Ouya Muffi Ghadiali Is Leaving The ProjectThe NSA Is Collecting 200 Million Text Messages A DayReturning To Its Roots, Jawbone Unveils A Smaller Bluetooth HeadsetDo Remote Workers Actually… Work?What’s Powering These Giant Morphing Faces At The Sochi Olympics?Hershey’s Wants To 3-D-Print ChocolatePrint Magazines Can Survive If They Prioritize, Says StudyTroy Carter Thinks Mindie Is Beautiful MusicTwitch’s 2013: 45 Million Viewers, 600 Million Videos, 12 Billion Minutes Viewed Per MonthThis Celebrity News Parody Replaces Hollywood Stars with Single MomsBusiness Simplified Front Page HtmlBorrowing From Twitter, Facebook Rolls Out Personalized Trending TopicsWhy Are Millions Of Teens Fleeing Facebook?Could A Hashtag Bring Digital Justice To Sudan?Why Encouraging Employees To Be Entrepreneurs Can Create An Incredible Place To WorkCan You Tell These Rothkos Were Made On An iPhone?See The Eerie Beauty Of Clothing Frozen In IceYour Favorite NFL Logos, As HipstersHow Your Oscar Sausage Is Made: Behind “Her,” “Nebraska,” and 9 Other Academy Award ContendersA Handheld 3-D Printer Lets Surgeons Draw New CellsAmazing Slo-Mo Film Turns Straphangers Into Living SculpturesThe Best Of Hannah Hoch, Art’s First PunkThe Sacramento Kings Now Accept BitcoinRobots Can Now Teach Other Robots, Thanks To The Robo InternetBlack + Decker Gets A Logo UpdateThis 3-D Printer Will Make Clothes You’d Actually WearThis App Aids Your Decision-Making By Mimicking Its Creator’s SynesthesiaFeel Better About Eating At Restaurants With An App That Donates Meals To The HungryWhat Your Favorite Disney Characters Look Like As Real PeopleApple Alum Reimagines Storytelling On The iPadCan The Sharing Economy Bring Back Bartering?Stop, Breathe & Think: A New Meditation App To Boost Compassion And CreativityTwice, The Consignment Shop Of The Internet, Raises $18.5 MillionEnormous Kinetic Pinboard Turns Your Face Into The Mount Rushmore of SochiWe Label Cigarettes And Food For Harmful Side Effects, So Why Not Fossil Fuels?Design Pirate Cody Foster Threatens WhistleblowerA Map Of (Almost) Every Job in AmericaStore Your Complete Medical History In This Handy iPad AppA Portrait Of The Guy On Your Dollar Bill, Made Out Of Dollar BillsThese Stunning Photos Of A Port From Above Show The Massive Footprint Of GlobalizationWe Took The Laser Scanner That Tells You What’s In Your Food Out For A SpinThe NFL Goes High-Fashion As Top Designers Reimagine The HelmetThe Scientifically Proven Way To Get Your Kickstarter Project FundedWhat San Francisco Looked Like Before The Dot-Coms Invaded8 Unexpected Ways Technology Will Change The World By 2020Four Lessons In Innovation From The Inventor Of The LaserHow A Quiet Walk Saves Your Creativity (And Sanity)How Dabbling Can Actually Help Your CareerThe 5 Best Calendar Apps For 2014Why Data-Driven Policies Ruin WorkMapMyFitness, The App That May Know More About Your Health Than Your DoctorModel View Culture, A New Tech Publication The Internet Actually NeedsShake Shack CEO: The Bigger Your Business Grows, The Smaller You Need To ActUnderstanding How Habits Rule Our Lives3 Destructive Behaviors We Fall Back On When Arguing And How To Fix ThemThe Link Between Innovation and Diversity