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Could This Be The First Snoop-proof Phone?The End Of Manual Self-Quantification Is Fast ApproachingFound! Rare Renaissance Illustrations That Depict The End Of The WorldHere’s The Story Behind Macklemore’s NYC Bus PerformancePlummeting Surveillance Costs Make Spying Cheap And EasyWhat Not To Say In Your Kickstarter CampaignMapping How Weather Disasters Have Gotten Progressively Worse Over The Past 33 YearsBlackphone: A Smartphone That Puts Privacy FirstAXE To Make A Bid For World Peace At The Super Bowl4 Simple Charts Visualizing The Beatles’ Major AlbumsWill New Show “Turn” Be AMC’s Next “Mad Men,” Or Its Next “Low Winter Sun”?Facebook’s Teenage Exodus, In One ChartPsychopathic Pimp Sues Nike, Alleging Deadly Air Jordan DesignDouble Fine’s Kickstarter-Funded Game “Broken Age” Finally Released To Early BackersClean Energy Investments Slumped Worldwide Last Year, As Investors Mobilize To Reverse The SlideNet Neutrality Is Down, But Not OutButterfinger Is Sending Peanut Butter And Chocolate To Couples Therapy For Super BowlDon’t Forget That Looks Still Matter In TechThreat Posed By Humans Accurately Assessed In This Interstellar Safety VideoWith YesGraph, Finding Tech Talent Is As Easy As Using TinderWatching These Spice Bags Explode Is The Most Satisfying Thing You’ll Do TodayApple Devices Will Likely Outsell Microsoft PCs In 2014The Tape Roll Gets A RevampUpstart Offers Venture Capital For Humans, Not Just The Companies They’ll Start7 Of The Weirdest, Most Promising New Jobs In 2014Women Need To Brag More At WorkWhy Putting A College Next Door To A Prison Might Be A Good IdeaWatch A Designer Teach Pirates How To Knock Off His Luxury BagsIn Memory Of Colby, The L.A. Print Shop That Made Posters For Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, And Ed RuschaIn The Future, You’ll Be Able To Power Your House With Your CarCrowdsourcing Suggestions From Cities Across The Globe Shows Intense Enthusiasm For Bike LanesA Map Of The Carbon Footprint Of All 31,000 ZIP Codes In The U.S.Watch This Nightmarish Ape-Inspired Robot Practice Saving Your Life7 Brilliant Ideas To Make Health Data More UsefulCaffeine Can Boost MemoryApple’s New Ad Finally Recognizes That iPads Are Less Important Than LifeNaheed Nenshi: Shaking Hands One Tweet at a TimeYes, This Exists: A Toothbrush That Tells You How Fast You’re BrushingAn Incredible Look At Where The World’s Counterfeit Statues Are MadeBehance Pressures Student To Shutter Online Art ProjectWear These Accessories To Protect Yourself From Mind-Reading Surveillance BotsWatch This Photographer Digitally Meet Her Younger Self, Without Inciting A Time ParadoxTo Lure Customers, Appeal To All 5 Of Their SensesIf Google Was A Guy, Your Searches Would Sound Really GoofyThe Gender-Flipped “Him” Has One Not-So-Subtle Difference From Spike Jonze’s “Her”See 16 Of Your Beloved Childhood Icons Reimagined As Psychopaths350 Kinds Of Zombies, ExplainedCan Male Birth Control Save Humanity?6 Personal Philosophies That Shaped Successful EntrepreneursSoulCycle Founders on Learning to Delegate And Becoming LeadersInside Five Businesses That Let Customers Name Their Own PriceHow To Really Hire (and Retain) More Women In TechHow Waking Up Half An Hour Early Can Help You Solve More ProblemsThe Surprising (And Necessary) Similarities Between Entrepreneurs And Con ArtistsCadillac’s Fashion-Driven Play To Attract Young Women5 Reasons to Never Eat Lunch At Your Desk Again5 Steps To Finding Your Focus5 Tips For Shaping Your Startup’s CultureWhat Makes Brands Annoying on Social Media?Photoshop Magic: Artist Time-Travels To Meet Her Past SelfHere’s How People Are Using The Jelly AppWant Your Kickstarter Project To Succeed? Research Says These Phrases Could HelpOyster Raises $14 Million To Scale Its Team And BusinessNest Is Just Part Of Google’s 2,000-Patent IP BingeRumored Health Care Startup Would Be “Like Uber, But With Doctors”A Formula For Waging Perfectly Timed Cyber WarfareTesla Recalls 29,000 Model S Chargers Over Fire ConcernsDonald Glover Makes You Ponder Chicken And Futility With His New Short FilmThe Challenges Of Building A Third-Party iPhone Camera LensThe Value Of Good Old-Fashioned Blue LinksPowerful Story Of Deaf NFLer Derrick Coleman Strikes A Chord For DuracellNot All Traffic is Equal: Federal Court Strikes Down FCC’s Net Neutrality RulesThis Optical Illusion Game Would Make M.C. Escher DroolMeet The Stylish Sapeurs, The Congolese Stars Of Guinness’s New Ad And DocOur Brains Map in a Mental Number LineDogecoin Is Now More Popular Than All Other Cryptocurrencies CombinedThere’s A Marauding Devil Baby Scaring People On The Streets Of New YorkThis Hacker Turned A Raspberry Pi Into Tablet ComputerFormer Salon Editor-In-Chief Will Head This Upscale News Site About Pets$200 T-Shirt Designed To Help You Stop SlouchingInside The World Wide Web For RobotsFashion Has A Dead Girl FetishThe Smart Home And Office Devices From CESMobility in TravelIntroducing Show up DifferentlyThis Amateur Got His Art Accepted Into A Contemporary GalleryA Mega Map Of 2,500 Breweries Across The U.S.Four Things That Make Job Hunting For Developers HellBuilding A Global Health Sensing Network From Star Trek-Inspired DevicesHow To Multiply Philanthropic Dollars With Fundraising ChallengesHear Tywin Lannister Narrate the BBC’s Chilling Sochi Olympics PromoWill The Motor City Replace Its Highway With A Giant Park?Gorgeous, Haunting Images Created By X-RayIs It Time For A War On Cows (And Sheep And Goats)?We’re Looking For More World Changing IdeasHow Cheap It Is To Spy On You, In One InfographicThe Internet’s Most Mysterious Secret Game Has BegunIf 26 Famous Architects Designed An AlphabetCould This App Replace Commenting On Mobile Devices?Your Startup Doesn’t Have Funding? Maybe That’s A Good ThingForget Designing Your Own Major: Now You Can Design Your Own ScholarshipCatch A Glimpse Of Living Mermaids From Around The WorldGoogle Buys Its Way Into Home Automation And Adds Another Hairball To Privacy DebateAn Interactive Map Of Every Refugee In The World47 Behind-The-Scenes Photos Of “Star Wars”Motorola Just Hired One Of The World’s Greatest Interaction DesignersThis Supercut Of Every F-Bomb In “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Is Oddly HypnoticRock and Roll BrandingA Children’s Book That Is “The Little Prince” Of 3-D PrintingLike A Digital Mount Rushmore, This Wall Can Morph Into The Shape Of Your FaceThe Circle Board Is What Happens When You Attach 9 Skateboards TogetherWatch These Drones Guard Endangered Animals In KenyaFreelancers: How Not To Get Screwed By ClientsCheck Out The L.A. Subway Of The Future, As Seen In “Her”6 Desk Tweaks To Change The Way You Work And Maximize Your CreativityWhat Happens When Medical Science Meets Data Science?Your Data Is Yours, But Can You Take It Back?Online Learning Will Transcend Education As We Know ItAre We Getting Closer To Destroying Malaria For Good?We Will Create A Stronger InternetThe Future Of Medicine Is In Devices You SwallowBeyond Killing Machines: The Drones Are Coming To Save UsYour Eyes Will Unlock EverythingShaking Up The Corporate Structure To Go Beyond The Profit MotiveThe Startup Institute Wants To Train You To Work, Thrive At A StartupWhy Successful Habits Are About Structure, Not EffortWhy A Failed Kickstarter Might Be Your Key To SuccessIs Your Great Idea A Terrible Business?The Science Behind Our Self-Defeating Behavior5 Ways To Measure The Emotional Intelligence Of Your Boss5 Of The Most–Um, Uh–Common Speaking MistakesSee America Project, A Revival Of Iconic Posters Celebrating America’s ParksThe Ultimate Guide To Google AnalyticsHow Facebook Makes Inroads In The Developing WorldLowe’s Partners With Porch For Home-Improvement MatchmakingSurvival Of The Happiest: How Optimism Affects Your Chances of SuccessHacking Hack Schools To Make Them WorkIf The Singularity Fails, Civilization Is Basically ScrewedInfographic: Where Do The World’s Refugees Flee?Nobody Reads Anymore, Could Infinite Scroll Be To Blame?This Project Brings Random Bright Red Swings To City StreetsSOS, SMS! Is Texting Nearing Extinction?This iOS App Could Cure Your Writer’s BlockJessica Chastain Wows As Merida In Latest From Disney CampaignGoogle To Purchase Nest For $3.2 Billion As It Goes After The Connected HomeMan Asks Internet To Name His Daughter, The Internet Comes Up With Something Lovely (Really)Literature Reflects Our Lives, With A 10-Year DelayGoogle Says It’s Not Actually Developing A New Flight Price-Comparison ToolBen Kingsley Rallies the Baddies For Jaguar’s Super Bowl DebutHeartwarming Portraits Of Bus DriversSony Celebrates The Joining Of Artistry And EngineeringYelp Reviewers Can’t Be Anonymous AnymoreInside The Creative Mind Of Hans Ulrich ObristHow Ariel Sharon Turned Architecture Into A Political WeaponInsane Toy Gatling Gun Fires 672 Rubber Bands In Less Than A MinuteFor A Glimpse Of Tommorow’s Portable Devices, Look At The Bluetooth Speakers Of TodayThe First 3-D Printed Book Cover Is HereSeahawks’ Marshawn Lynch Generates Second Earthquake Of His Career30 Ways To Leave Google Apps BehindThis Programmer Tracks Whale Songs In 2-DGuys! Did You Know All The Code In Tech Movies Is Fake?This App Quits Job For You, With AplombInfographic: Print Books Are Far From DeadYou Won’t Believe What This Artist Uses To Recreate Dutch Master PortraiturePissed Off Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Riders In ParisAngry Taxi Drivers Attack Uber Cars In ParisAaron Swartz Anniversary Hacks Hit Dropbox, Microsoft, MITSubmerge Yourself In A Habitable Bubble Of SoundLocation-Aware Music Could Make “You Had To Be There” ExperiencesNBC To Stream Olympics On Your DimeA CFL Bulb That Is As Practical As It Is SculpturalCan We All Just Admit Google Is An Evil Empire?Facebook Buys Branch, With Plans To Build A “Conversations Group”Winning Ideas Shouldn’t Need a Freight ElevatorPot Penny Stocks Are BoomingNew York City Will Use Bagel Scraps, Pizza Crusts, And Other Food Waste To Heat HomesIn This “Anti-Cafe” In London, You Pay For Your Time, Not Your TeaThe Monster Hurricanes Of The Future Won’t Be Where You ThinkNBC Partners With NowThis News To Reach Social AudiencesIt’s In Our Genes: A Survivor’s Quest To Unearth Ancient Patterns Of CancerThis New Apple iPad Ad Uses “Dead Poets Society,” Whitman To Ask “What Will Your Verse Be?”Green Chemists Use Rocket Science And Chicken Feathers to Create Cow-Less LeatherFashion Designers Are Finally Getting Serious About Wearable DevicesWill This Vending Machine For Burritos Change The Business Of Fast Food?How Andrew Mayne Uses Magic To Tell Stories–And Screw With People At The Same TimeThis Backpack Rolls Out Into A Homeless ShelterHow The World Will Look In 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 Years TimeMesmerizing Photos From Inside The European Space Agency4 Ways to Make Marriage Funny (And Finish Your Book) From “The Longest Date” Writer Cindy ChupackMoMA’s Redesign Won’t Destroy The MuseumThe Actor Who Played Chewbacca Shared A Ton Of “Star Wars” Set Photos On Twitter And They Are AmazingThe 10 Smartest Cities In EuropeHow To Translate A Brand Into A SmellWhy We Love Top 10 Lists5 Simple Ways To Harness The Power Of Gratitude At WorkHow Seasonal Affective Disorder Twists Our DecisionsHow Amazon Involves Current Employees In The Hiring ProcessWant To Finally Stop Procrastinating? Repair Your Mood FirstHow To Find Happiness In A Job You HateThe Future of ForecastingA Storm Brews Over WeatherHow To Achieve A Stateless Mindset“Walking Dead” Creator Robert Kirkman’s Secret To Juggling Creative ProjectsThe 30-Day Challenge: How Google’s Spam King Tackles Constant ImprovementThe Heart of Hale CountyThe World-Changing Ideas Of 2014Troy Carter: Fired By Lady Gaga And Loving ItStranded: Baratunde Thurston On Why We Need An App Users’ Bill Of RightsLooking Beyond Steve JobsFacebook BacklashSetting a High BarStyle by the ClickMinting Julep: How Former Starbucks Exec Jane Park Is Reimagining The Beauty BusinessThe Year in HackathonsOffice Superstitions, RevealedConference CalendarDo Ratings Equal Sales?Medals for the CEOsFree Idea: Zipcar, Meet Quik ParkBe The Best, Not The FirstMission: Design DefenseCorvette’s Innovation SeedlingLet It Snow?How Kleenex Chases the FluThe RecommenderPreposterous New PlasticsHow Stars Like Jay Z And Martha Stewart End Up With Samsung Devices4 Compelling Reasons To Quit FacebookFacebook Bullies Artist Into Shuttering Satire Of FB Privacy PolicySee Who Will Win Golden Globes, According To This Social Media AppA First Look At How Beats Music Plans to Take on Spotify, Google, and AppleLunch Away From Your Desk: Office Heresy?Watch The Teasers For The Trailer For The Next Season Of “Game Of Thrones,” Then Question Your ChoicesThis Ad Will Show You What Taste Sounds Like.This Kinetic Touchscreen Keyboard Is Blowing Our MindsAre These The Reasons You Bought A PS4 Instead Of Xbox?How To Guard Against New DDoS Attacks That Hit EA SportsAereo Case Heads To The Supreme CourtPeople Are Getting Buzzed On These New Haptic Feedback DevicesIn One Day, Brings In $126,000 From Bitcoin SalesNew Boathouse Looks Like A Time-Lapse Of RowingObama Administration Ends Contract With Firm Behind Healthcare.govNifty Device Can Turn Broom Handles Into LampsLivingSocial’s CEO Is Stepping Down After A Tumultuous Few YearsThe Globalization Of Clean TechnologyCould BlackBerry’s New Plan Make Us All Look Like Fools?Bullsh*t! Journalists Prohibited From Shooting Video With Drones, Says FAAAussie Ad Warns Young Australians About Life Without Eating LambFacebook Being Sued For Allegedly Saying Users “Like” Pages They Never Actually DidSynesthetic Artist Suspends 20 Miles Of Ribbon Inside Grace CathedralThe Most Popular Ways To Get Things Done With IFTTTWhat Is Facebook Airlock And What’s It Doing On My Phone?I Sure Can’t Wait To Eat 3-D Printed Pizza!Design’s Next Big Frontier? Shaping Behavior In Real TimeNo, Coffee Does Not Actually Dehydrate You“The Simpsons'” Tribute To Animation Legend Miyazaki Will Ruin You With WhimsyDeath To The Open Office Floor Plan!“Christians Make Better Lovers,” According To New Dating Site CampaignTarget’s Security Breach Is Much Bigger Than Originally BelievedLG’s WebOS TV Has Way Too Many Sound EffectsA Whisky-Inspired Solution For Clean Drinking WaterStopping The Sea From Drowning Us, With Artificial EcosystemsAn Icelandic Brewery Is Selling Beer Made From Dead WhalesUnhappy? Move Near A ParkThe Wild World Of Iceberg Harvesting: Scams, Schemes, And StartupsWhich Countries’ Nuclear Weapons Are Going To Get Stolen?Fashion Maven Betsey Johnson Just Designed A Football HelmetDirector Cary Fukunaga On Conjuring The Louisiana Noir Of “True Detective”See The Stunningly Detailed Balloon Creations This Artist Made Every Day For A YearThis Horrifying Fitness Game For Google Glass Makes You Run For Your LifeGot A Flat With No Bike Shop In Sight? Now You Can Buy Parts From This Vending MachineHow Electronic Star Pretty Lights Conquered Music The Free-Download WayRedesigning Crosswalks Into A Network Of Mini-Parks To Save Pedestrian Lives4 Ways That IBM’s Watson Could Transform How Humans Think And Make DecisionsHow Memes Spread On FacebookFacebook Is Testing A News Feed That Looks More Like A NewspaperThe Airbnb Of Wedding Venues Could Make You ElopeWhat Sugar Does To Your Brain [Animation]8 Mind-Blowing Images Of The Brain At Work125 Years of Awesome National Geographic Photos In One BookThis Headset Prevents Plane Crashes, And 5 Other Ideas For Surprising Wearable TechWatch This Insanely Slippery Non-Stick Coating Get Every Last Bit Out Of Bottles Of Lotion, Mayo, And Even GlueBefore You Abandon Those Resolutions, Read ThisDreamWorks’ New Tablet Entertains–And Trains–The Next Generation Of Animators“Pitch Perfect” And How Analytics Are Transforming Movie Marketing5 Of The Best And Worst Social Networking Trends For 2014Why Weird People Are Often More CreativeThe Best Ways To Spend A Free 20 Minutes6 Simple Habits To Keep You Consistently Happy Every DayThe Subscription Economy’s Secret WeaponCan The Avon Lady Model Evolve? Through Science And Social, Bona Clara Says YesWhy Exercise Is The Key To Work-Life BalanceIf Winston Churchill TweetedIt’s Not All About You: How To Interview Your Potential BossSurprisingly, YouTube’s Music Service Could Threaten Rap GeniusUnder The Hood Of The All-Emoji Programming LanguageGmail’s Update Lets Any Google+ User Email YouWhat’s Going To Replace New York’s MetroCards?Louis C.K. Is Putting Out The Movie He Directed In 1998 And The Trailer Is So WeirdFacebook Will Retire Sponsored Stories In AprilThis Fitness Tracker Puts Everything Else To ShameThese Self-Charging Electric Buses Are What Google Should Buy For San FranciscoWatch: Jerry Seinfeld, Patton Oswalt Shill For UberIntel Says It Thinks This Is The Future Of Wearable TechnologyFacing Growing Backlash, Uber Lowers Prices For UberX In 16 CitiesHow Your Brain Activity Changes When You’re “In The Zone”Advice On How To Stay Relevant From St. VincentHow To Be Prolific: Guidelines For Getting It Done From Joss WhedonThis New App Wants To Be Snapchat For Grown-up ProfessionalsNeed a Moment? Grab a Twix. Need an Eternity? Grab This Twix Double-CoffinWhy Freelancing Isn’t For The Faint Of HeartYour Social Media Activity Could Prevent You From Getting A LoanThe Guardian Says It’s Too Much For One Human Being To HandleHardcore Dads, Rock Out With Your Stokke Out With “Dad Metal”These Smart Streetlights Only Get Bright When They’re NeededVictoria’s Secret Model Develops An App, For ModelsIs This What The iPhone 6 Will Look Like?This Map Illustrates Every Zombie That You Can Expect To Encounter In The Coming ApocalypseThis $200 Robo-Mom Watches Over YouA Silicon Valley Military Contractor Is Making A Battery That Vanishes on CommandConservatives Share More On Facebook When You Mention BoozeA Video History Of New York City’s Bike Lanes: From Deadly Days To TodaySnapchat Apologizes For Security Breach… FinallyHere’s What Will Happen To Earth 100 Quintillion Years From NowForget Resumes And Hire By Audition To Find The Best EmployeesNew Hubble Telescope Images Go Back To The FutureA Verbal Internet Lets Unconnected People Call In Their Emails And SearchesStartling Shots Of Michael Jackson Impersonators Will Make You Look TwiceWhy Chinese Internet Companies Are Raising Pigs and Growing Organic GrapesPolaroid’s Tiny Little Camera Cube Is Cute As CandyHere’s A Novel Way To Bring Products To MarketWhat Happens When Professional Product Designers Critique Crowdfunded ProjectsTake Some Trash Pictures For This Instagram-Based Litter Location PlatformHow Reverse Engineering Nature Can Spur Design InnovationConfide: A Snapchat For Professionals, Not Sext-Obsessed TeensWhy Is A Blogger Getting Sued Over Street Art?A Trip To Colonize The Red Planet Needs A Little Cash From YouThese Are The Cities Where People Walk The MostAn App To Tell Your Boss To Go To HellEx-Googler Invents A Robotic Butler For Home EntertainmentIs Emotion Really The Enemy Of Reason?The iPad Is A Solved Design ProblemThese Hobo Nickel Sculptures Are The Most Creative Currency You’ve Ever SeenThe Creators of Miniseries Spoof “The Spoils of Babylon” Are Almost Not Kidding12 Of The Best Ideas From CES 2014At This Coworking Space In A Climbing Gym, You Can Do Pull-Ups At Your Standing DeskRemarkable Sochi Photos Reveal The Hidden Side Of The Olympic DreamHow To Lighten Your Mental LoadFAST COMPANY IS HIRING AN EDITORIAL ASSISTANTThe Stressful, And Addictive, Nature Of TransformationDeath To PowerPoint: How To Speak Like A Pro Without The SlidesYes, And… Improv Techniques To Make You A Better BossHow To Train Your Brain To Master Uncharted TerrainHow To Overcome Networking BurnoutWhy This Startup Made Their Salaries Radically TransparentSoloShot, The Robot Cameraman That Records Your Most Epic Video Selfies5 Tips For Receiving Great Ideas From EmployeesWhy Logic Alone Won’t Lead to Good DecisionsThe Mona Lisa: Now Streaming On A TV Screen Near YouHow NASA, Cisco, And A Tricked-Out Planetary Skin Could Make The World A Safer PlaceHow Would You Fix Betabrand’s Hideous Website?IBM’s Watson For Business: The $1 Billion Siri Slayer