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Screen And Battery Issues Snag Apple’s iWatch ProductionIs It Okay For Reddit To License Its Logo To This Gunmaker?Why We Fake Our Way To Twitter FameActivity Tracking Comes To Earbuds And Just About Everything ElseKickstarter’s 2013: 3 Million Backers, $480 Million PledgedThe Email Lists We Unsubscribed From In 2013: 1-800 Flowers, Expedia, Party CityGitHub’s New Analytics Show How Popular Your Code IsSo Long, MetroCard: NYC Subway Cards Will Soon See Their Last SwipesIs This The Transcription App Journalists Have Been Waiting For?Google Gets Strict With How Developers Can Refer To GlassWhy You Should Test Your Mobile App With Drunk PeopleLast Night Clorox Won Brand Twitter With This JokeFor Speedier Boarding, Airlines Could Assign Seats Based On Carry-On Bags3-D TV Is Dead Again. Will Ultra HD Thrive Instead?Yahoo Is Betting Big On Digital MagazinesThe Muppets Did Not Fail To Notice That Critics’ Tweets Are Now Fair Game For AdsThis Video Replaces The Cast Of HBO’s “Girls” With Six-Week Old KittensThe Best Of Hieronymus Bosch, History’s Trippiest PainterLouis C.K. One: Your Favorite Comedian And Your Favorite ’90s Fragrance–TogetherChoirstarters: Toronto’s Choir! Choir! Choir! Sings The Praises Of A (Social-Media-Assisted) Real-World ExperienceDid Polaroid Screw Up The Real-Life Instagram Camera?Sony’s PS4 Is Outselling Xbox By This MuchGoogle’s Luxury Commuter Yacht Has Protesters Even More Pissed2013 Gift Guide: For Those Who Love To Gift SustainablyHow One Cheap App Could Totally Change Our NewsroomGrab One Of These Sweet Motorized Old-Timey Bikes For Your Next RideWhy CES Is The Worst Place On Earth To Showcase The FutureBritish Fighter Jets Are Trying Out 3-D Printed Parts For The First TimeA Young Clean-Tech Entrepreneur Learns Even Simple Design Ideas Face ChallengesA Wearable Landmine Detector That Slips Inside A ShoeAmazing App Lets You Try On The Face Of Walter White, Kim Kardashian, Or Barack ObamaWho Needs A Standing Desk? This Smart Sensor Berates You For Terrible Posture10 Countries With The Most Balanced Energy SystemsScrew Android, Here Are Two Huge Companies Betting On Firefox OSSee Famous Luxury Brands Refashioned As Spray Paint CansWhat The New York Times Web Reboot Gets RightOne City Says It Has Proof That Ending Homelessness Is PossibleA Year Of Citizen Journalism Exposing Human Rights Abuses–In One VideoHow The “Tiny WPA” Is Transforming Neighborhoods, With Help From Teenage GirlsInside The Axe Space Bro-gramWatch: A Beautiful Short Movie That Is A Filmic PalindromeInfographic: Where Do People Live The Longest?Birds Killed By Skyscrapers: An Oddly Life-Affirming Photo EssayA Picture Book To Teach Kids TypographyThis Stunning Data Viz Captures 200 Years Of Oceanic Exploration3 Design Lessons From The World’s Fastest Growing Quiz AppA Condom Concept For Women With Nothing To HideMcDonald’s Commits To Sustainable Beef, Doesn’t Yet Know How To Define Sustainable BeefThis Music Video Made Entirely of Emoji Will Make You Feel Things15 Tech Trends That Will Define 2014, Selected By FrogRethinking Immersion: How “Tearaway” Brings A Game Into Your Life, And Vice VersaDisco Ball Traffic Lights And Skyscraper Slides: 50 Brilliant Ideas To Make Cities More FunHow To Sell Yourself And Keep Your DignityThe 7 Secrets To Make Meetings Less AwfulHow Your Boss’s Stress Level Kills Your Best IdeasIt’s Not You: Why Your Emails Go Unanswered And How To Cope7 (Easy) Ways To Use Your Time Better In 2014Why Your Creativity Needs Boundaries to ThriveWould You Sell The Right To Complain About Your Old Job?Want To Eat Like A Google Employee? Sprig Is At Your ServiceHow To Turn Your Toxic Habits Into Better Patterns of BehaviorGoogle+ Invite Lands Man In Jail10 Autonomous Driving Companies To WatchSelf-Driving Cars: A Crash Course In CommunicationCan Computers Drive Better Than Humans?Self-Driving Cars: Inside The Road RevolutionWhy You Need To Feed Your Brain Different ExperiencesWhat Fly Fishing Does To Your ProductSony’s New Mesh Cams Are Like 5 GoPros In OneInside One Blogger’s Plan To Make Money Without Hideous AdsSix Productivity Tips From Jerry Seinfeld’s Reddit “Ask Me Anything”Sony Intends To Launch An Online Pay-TV ServiceHow Hugh Jackman Became A Fair Trade Coffee EntrepreneurPulseWallet: Pay By Scanning The Veins In Your PalmFast Company Is Hiring A Senior Video ProducerHow To Avoid A Michael Bay Freakout During A Press ConferenceThe Reality-Shattering Puppets Of “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” Are Back To Upset You And Your ChildrenWatch Bone-Chilling Vine Videos From Crazy People Braving The Polar VortexThis Fugly Golf Cart Is Officially The First Autonomous Vehicle To MarketChina Lifts 13-Year Ban On Video Game ConsolesThe Bitcoin Startup Boom May Mean More Bitcoin ATMsThis Hard-Hitting New Zealand Driving PSA Will Make You Think Twice About Speeding, Even A LittleAT&T’s New “Sponsored Data” Service Sucks For Everyone Except AT&TChallenging What’s NextAngela Ahrendts Might Be The Brain Apple’s Been Looking ForTwitter Cofounder Biz Stone Launches Jelly, A Visual Q&A PlatformWhy Startups Need Design StudentsHere’s How Apple’s Board Should Evolve. Why Doesn’t It?Greenpeace Wipes Out All The Animals In “The Lion King” OpeningIf Kickstarter And Medium Had A Baby, It Would Be ContributoriaHow We Got Our First 2,000 Users Doing Things That Don’t ScaleWatch Michael Bay’s Onstage Meltdown, How He Could Have Prevented ItThis Photovoltaic Bracelet Knows When You’ve Had Too Much SunWant A Self-Driving Vehicle? Here’s One You Can Buy TodayAre Entrepreneurs Just Con Men?See Every Futurama Character In One PosterThe No BS Guide To Gestural Interfaces5 Twitter Lessons The New York Times Can Teach Your Social Media TeamWhen And Where Will Atrocities Occur? This Algorithm KnowsThe First Smartwatch That Actually Looks WearableOne of the Stars of “Downton Abbey” Tries Her Hand At a Cop Show, FailsWhat The Code Used In Computer Scenes In Movies Actually MeansAt The Merit Shop, You Pay With Creativity Instead Of MoneyWhy The U.S. Army Is Crowdsourcing Product Ideas From SoldiersThe Dallas Mavericks Have The Cure For “Anchorman” Overdose, And It’s More “Anchorman”America May Be Fat, But The Rest Of The World Is Catching Up FastIf You’re Poor, Climate Change Is Going To Hurt You A Lot MoreYou Can Buy Things Off Superbowl Ads, But Here’s Why You Won’tA Handy Guide To NYC’s Tech SceneSick Of High Health Care Prices? This Site Could Let You Compare Out Of Pocket Costs9 Reasons Why We Listen To Celebrities’ Bad Health AdviceHow Philips’ Digital Accelerator Lab Is Hacking Google Glass For SurgeonsIncredible Photos Of Subways Freeze An Entire Commute In Time4 Smart Designs For New Cities That Can Withstand Any StormMandiant And The Cybersecurity GoldrushThe Aura Alarm Clock Hacks Your Circadian Rhythm To Help You Sleep BetterHow The Business World Will Make Wearables MainstreamThe 9 Biggest Clichés In Movie PostersA Better Way To Store Eggs?How A California Mom Designed The Ultimate Anti-Disney PrincessHow To Create The Most Boring Video Game People Still Want To Play7 Lessons In Celebrity Portraiture, By Rankin4 Tips For Reining In Client ExpectationsHow To Disrupt Yourself: The High Cost And Benefits Of Hiring MisfitsWant To Change Your Habits? You’re Going To Have To Fight Your BrainLeading in the Age of Creativity6 Habits Of Resilient People4 Twitter Resolutions For Better Tweeting In 2014Why Top Startups Are Getting Radically PersonalHow to Deal With A Boss With Zero Emotional IntelligenceDoes Ikea Hold The Secret To The Future Of College?Shake Shack’s CEO On The Hardest Decision He’s Ever Had To Make (Hint: It Has To Do With French Fries)How To Turn Your Mindless Doodles Into Productivity EnhancersA Look Inside The Last New York Times Site Redesign EverA Plan To Tackle Florida’s Python Problem, One Luxury Handbag At A TimeWillCall’s Improved Live-Music App Promises Faster Bar Lines At Shows7 Ways You Should Improve Your Communication This YearIt’s Not TV: It’s the Fight to Be the New HBONetflix: The Red MenaceThe Case For Ditching Traditional Job Interviews6 Must-Read Book Recommendations From Our Favorite LeadersStarting Now, All Intel Microprocessors Are Conflict-Free: Here’s How The Company Did ItShould I Work For This Guy? A Secret That Will Help You DecideBuilding A Flexible Manufacturing Supply ChainSasheer Zamata Is The Latest Addition To “Saturday Night Live.” Here Are Her Best SketchesSnapchat Hires Some LobbyistsToyota’s Hydrogen-Powered Car Of The Future Is Rolling Out Next YearRedditors Give You Prudent Advice On Early Seed InvestorsPreventing Your Own Burnout Is Part Of Your JobWatch A Teenager Lip-Sync His Way Through Puberty To Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now”Watch It: “Symmetry” Is a Palindromic FilmMeet Your New Friends, Same As Your Old Friends: Your Social Habits Never ChangePinterest Acquires VisualGraph To Ramp Up Its Visual-Discovery EngineiBeacons Are Coming To A Grocery Store Near YouFive Sweet Robots Announced During Pre-CES 2014LG Wanted WebOS For Its TVs Because Of These Three FeaturesGarmin Releases Vivofit Fitness Band To Take on Fitbit, Nike, and JawboneAutomakers Are Choosing Sides Between iOS And Android, But Who’s Winning?Pandora Unveils Targeted In-Car AdsBen Horowitz Is Sick Of You People Picking On Rap GeniusMeet The Alan Greenspan Of Virtual Currency In “EVE Online”Why Curved Glass Will Change Gadget Design ForeverAT&T’s “Smartphone On Four Wheels”11 Delightfully Absurd Architectural DrawingsP&G Thanks Olympic Moms Again And It’ll Probably Give You GoosebumpsSiri Knows About The Movie “Her” And She Does Not Like ItWhy Meetings Should Cost Employees MoneyMoms Blame Old Spice For Their Son’s Manhood, Get Super Weird, In New CampaignClean Water For The Philippines, From Car Batteries And Kentucky College StudentsWith This Wearable Drum Kit, Your Body Becomes A Backing BandA Dose Of Nature Helps City Dwellers Fight Their Need For Instant GratificationA Stunning Visualization Of Every Popular Protest Since 1979Google Wants To Bring Android To Cars This YearFrom Sound To Light: Audio Leader Dolby Promises A Leap Forward In ImagingAdvice On Getting Vine Famous From BatDadWhat You Need To Know About Engineers To Do A Mobile StartupWhy Do I Suck So Badly At Technology?Do Time Travelers Exist Among Us–And Are They Posting About It On Facebook?An Atlas Of The Human Body That Maps Where We Feel EmotionsAdults Should be Curious TooHow to Build a Connected Company Beyond Branded ContentThe Need to Address Chinese Social Media DifferentlyThe Farm-to-Table Movement: Where Showing Up Differently Means Connecting To Your RootsHow Chief Communications Officers Have ChangedNO ONE WILL EVER “LIKE” ME: Thoughts on Disembodied TelepresenceThe Revolution Will be TextedEveryday CreativeThe Dubious Reality of “Paid” Media in RussiaAt CES, The Internet Of Everything Will Speak AllJoynGood Behavior Is Just As Contagious As Bad HabitsThis Artist Has Added The Missing Truth To Gorgeous Ads For Luxury ProductsThis Furniture Has A FacePhotographer Makes American Apparel’s Silly Ads Look Even SillierHaha, Whut? This Scarf Doubles As A TieChopsticks Get A MakeoverMarvel Comics Released The Best Wall Calendar For 2014 Way Back In 1975This Is The Prima Ballerina Of RobotsHide From Bots By Masking Tweets In CAPTCHAA Brief History Of Bike SuperhighwaysAttention, Amazon! Students Have Designed The Perfect Cardboard BoxThink You Don’t Need Health Insurance? This Demonstration Of Amateur Parkour Will Convince You OtherwiseHow Robbie Robertson Put the Blues Howl In “The Wolf Of Wall Street” SoundtrackInfographics Lie. Here’s How To Spot The B.S.London’s Car-Free Highway Could Transport Bikes, Boxes, And EnergyHow Marketing Will Change In 2014: The Creative ForecastNo Managers Required: How Zappos Ditched The Old Corporate Structure For Something New6 Pieces of Advice From Successful Writers4 Ways To Shed Your Slump And Get Back to AwesomeThe Secret Ingredients to a Stellar 2014 Marketing Plan10 Time-Tracking Apps That Will Make You More Productive In 2014What’s Next For Burberry?Apple Retail at a GlanceInstagram’s Founder On Why A Small Team Isn’t Always A Good ThingNYC’s First Biotech Incubator Is Less Sterile Box, More Edison’s WorkshopA Glimpse Into The Future Of NPR, From Its First-Ever Creative DirectorInspiring Stories From Dreamfuel, A Platform For Cash-Poor Olympic AthletesFord Taps Oculus Rift For Future Automobile DesignsCan Apple’s Angela Ahrendts Spark A Retail Revolution?How to Transform Daily Achievements Into Lasting ContributionsThe Biases That Make Bosses Hate CreativityThe Neuroscience Of How Sleep Deprivation Can Kill YouRoku, The Streaming Media Innovator, Introduces Branded Smart TV Sets For CESRap Genius In Google’s Good Graces, Don’t Call It A ComebackThe IPO Wasn’t The Only Big Thing Twitter Did Last YearArmchair Astronomers Help Discover Why Galaxies Stop Producing StarsDoritos Unveils Its Five Super Bowl Ad FinalistsWhat You Need To Learn To Code In 2014Where I Think Gaming Will Go In 2014A Former Mars Rover Scientist Says The Boomer Generation Could Be Independent For A Long, Long TimeTurboTax Says 2013 Was The Year Of The YouHere’s All Your Favorite Monty Python Bits In One RemixBig Brands Are Counting On Startups To Guide Them Through What’s Cool At CESIs Ford’s Solar Car The Holy Grail For Renewable Energy-Powered Transportation?This Levitating Tree Illusion Is Very ConvincingThis Unreal-Looking New Sony Commercial Captures the Look and Feel of WeightlessnessThis Mobile Foundry Roams The Streets, Creating Furniture From Garbage And Vegetable OilSherlock Holmes And The Case of the Rightful Copyright OwnerHow Uber Conquered The World In 2013A Solar Panel Or Two Makes Your Home More ValuableThe NSA Is Building A Quantum Computer To Crack All Encryption CodesCreate A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In SecondsInfographic: This Is How Your Relationship Will Likely EndThis Machine Can 3-D Scan Your Insides In A Single HeartbeatIf You Can Crack These Image Puzzles, The British Government Might Like A WordSnapchat Tweaks Its “Find Friends” Feature Following Security Hack$60 Billion A Year: All It Would Take To Fix The Global Health By 2035Dell’s First Ad Since Going Private Celebrates Humble BeginningsTo Nobody’s Surprise, The Canadians Built a Drivable Truck Made From IceFacebook Faces Class Action Lawsuit For Allegedly Scanning Private MessagesCould This Odd-Looking French Invention Solve The Electric Car’s Biggest Problem?Just Like James Bond, The NSA Has A Q BranchA Reggae Song That Explains The 2013 Stock MarketA Watch That Teaches The Value Of TimeThis Crazy App Turns A Magazine Into An Interior Design ToolHow To Make The Future Of Dating Less CreepyCompletely Adorable Posters About Manners From The Tokyo MetroA Rare Glimpse At New York’s Subway ConductorsIt’s A Shelf, It’s A Lampshade, It’s A…What Is It?Taking On Trash By Converting Plastic To CurrencyThe Internet Of Sharks Warns Beach Goers Of Approaching Great WhitesThese Scientists Studied Why Internet Stories Go Viral. You Won’t Believe What They FoundThe Hidden Ecosystem Of The Walmart Parking LotHipsters Who Won’t Admit To Being A Hipster: This Software Could Call You OutVisualizing The New Year’s Resolutions We’re All Trying Not To BreakCan Performance Be Quantified? Wearable Tech In The OfficeA Business Model With No GoalsMoney Is The By-Product Of A Business Driven By Passion5 Free Apps To Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions, Find Your Friends, And MoreWant To Learn A Skill? Practice In Your SleepHow To Build A Community Of Brand AdvocatesDeliverLean, The Startup Automating Willpower For Lazy Dieters And Productivity ChasersPope Francis Will Be The Most Awesome Leader Of 20147 Secrets From People Who Kept Their New Year’s ResolutionsWhy Mister Rogers, “Jaws,” And Doomed Teens Are Coming Soon To A Theater Near YouAbout the Fast 5023andMe’s Anne Wojcicki On Accuracy Of Direct-To-Consumer DNA TestsBlackBerry Parts With Global Creative Director Alicia Keys50 Most Influential Designers in AmericaNow, You Can Put Your Money Where Your New Year’s Resolutions AreEquinox Equates Toned Muscles With Mischief In New CampaignYouTube’s New Year Resolution: Kill The Spinning Wheel of Death, And The H.264 CodecGoPro Built Shaun White His Own Private HalfpipeHappy 75th Birthday To The Wizard Of Oz11 Amazing Vintage Herman Miller OfficesThese Dishes Clean ThemselvesA Small, Round Indian Dessert With Hidden Malnutrition-Fighting PowersKids’ Stomping Feet Generate The Energy For This SchoolHow To Build A Local Food System, To Make Local Food Actually WorkHow To Discourage Unhealthy Eating: Make It Expensive And Make People Feel Bad About ItWith New Funding, Nest Is Reportedly Valued At More Than $2 BillionNext Time A Company Tells You Its Carbon Footprint, Ask For Some Planetary ContextFuture Tiny Robots Will Communicate Using Only MoleculesHumans Could Become Hulking Racing Machines Inside These Giant ExoskeletonsWalt Mossberg And Kara Swisher’s New Abode Is Re/CodeFast Company Is Looking For A Facebook And Twitter InternFast Company Is Looking For A Pinterest And Instagram InternSyrian Electronic Army Hacks Skype’s Social Media AccountsThis Interactive Map Shows How Far You Could Travel In 24 HoursHackers Attack Snapchat To “Raise Awareness” About SecurityHow The Homegrown National Park Project Is Greening TorontoPut This Headset On Your Dog And You Can Read Its MindWhy Philips Flattened The Light BulbHow NASA Tests A Spacecraft’s Resistance To Extreme Heat And ColdWhy You Should Read More NovelsA Photo Tour Of U.S. Military Bases Around The WorldWhat Should Designers Do With A Tablet So Cheap It’s Disposable?Apple Engineer Creates Elaborate Drawing Machine, Using Legos4 Tips On Staying Creative From Noma Star Chef Rene RedzepiA Kid-Friendly Circuit Board Turns Everything Into A Musical InstrumentBill Gates Says These Are The Best Things That Happened In 2013An Animated Tribute To The Party-Going Introvert In All Of UsHow Design Thinking Could Make Your New Year’s Resolutions StickEverything That Happened in 2013–Animated and Remixed–In One MinuteHigh Art: A Beautiful, Microscopic Look At Cocaine, MDMA, And Other Drugs3 Ways To Create A Magnetic Brand11 Expert Tips To Help You Be More Productive In 2014Shake Shack CEO: Communicate What’s Important To You Every DayWhy Collaboration Is Crucial To SuccessHow Laughter Affects Your Mood And Health (And It’s Not All Good)Need a Favor? Apologize For The WeatherHow To Talk To People Who Don’t Want To Talk To YouA VC’s Office Designed To Put Nervous Entrepreneurs At EaseA Crash Course In Leadership For 20-Something CEOsHow Creative Can You Get With $25,000?