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Dynamic Duos: Twitter’s Dick Costolo And Doug Bowman On Humanist DesignCan We Ditch The Headphone Jack Already?A Portable Bluetooth Speaker That’d Look At Home On “Mad Men”A Portable Bluetooth Speaker That’d Look At Home On “Mad Men”Leading On The Edge – Fixed, Growth, and Performance MindsetInfographic Of The Day: America’s Strange Attitudes Toward FoodThis Go-Anywhere Arduino Is Powered By The SunWhy Facebook Wouldn’t (Or Shouldn’t) Buy BlackBerryThe One Killer Feature Instagram LacksThe Anti-Google Alliance: Dolphin’s Quest To Be The International Mobile BrowserThis Twitter Account Shames Brands For Lazy, Awkward, And Awful TweetsForbes Just Made It Easier For Tipsters To Remain AnonymousBlackBerry Has Been In Talks With Facebook About A Potential BidAn Analog Art Tool For Making 3-D Objects FlatAn Analog Art Tool For Making 3-D Objects FlatScrew Teaching Your Kids–Get This Robot InsteadMichel Gondry Has An Animated Talk With Noam ChomskyThis Interactive “Mood Map” Reveals Where You’re Supposed to Live, By TemperamentAereo’s Newest Hurdle: Paying Its Electricity BillsCan Cargo Drones Bring E-Commerce To Africa?Blizzident: High Tech Meets Clean TeethThe Suburbs Might Be The Source Of Power For Cities Of The FutureWhat A Boeing 777 Looks Like Under An X-RayYour Kids Shouldn’t Be Consuming More Than 2 Hours Of Media Per DayNokia Sold As Many Lumias In 3 Months As Apple Sold IPhones In One WeekendWhat “Game Of Thrones” Characters Would Look Like In A Very Familiar Kids BookIncoming Deadly Asteroid? United Nations To The Rescue!The Weirdest Musical Instruments You’ll Ever SeeA Google Smartwatch Could Be On Your Wrist Within MonthsLike Lego For Smartphones, Motorola’s Ara Will Have Interchangeable PartsCan We Use Smells To Design Better Cities?Can We Use Smells To Design Better Cities?The Man Turning The Privacy Tables On Mark ZuckerbergUh Oh: New Software Cracks 90% of CAPTCHAsVerbally Abusive Master Chef Hosts Cooking Show “For Dumb [Expletive]s”Artists Aim To Rebrand The Slums Of Rio, With A Wave Of Audacious ColorArtists Aim To Rebrand The Slums Of Rio, With A Wave Of Audacious ColorToday, Uber Will Deliver A Kitten To Your OfficeApple’s Q3 2013 Earnings Call: Future OS X Versions Will Be FreeSee The Analog Creations Of The “Low Tech Print” RevivalYour Ancestors’ Thoughtless Pesticide Use Is Why You’re FatRumors: LG To Supply Flexible Material For Apple’s IWatch ScreenThis Brilliant Kid Invented A Sandless Sandbag For The Next Hurricane SandyTick: A To-Do App To Replace Those Tired Post-It NotesMunchery Wants To Take a Bite Out Of The Food Delivery BusinessTick: A To-Do App To Replace Those Tired Post-It NotesA Simple Shower Warning Device That Turns Red When You’re In There Too LongCreating A “Regenerative Economy” To Transform Global Finance Into A Force For GoodShould Obama Open Source To Fix The Fiasco?Infographic: Where In Afghanistan Billions Of Dollars Are Being Invisibly SpentInfographic: Where In Afghanistan Billions Of Dollars Are Being Invisibly SpentNew York’s Love Affair With Citi Bike, VisualizedInside BlueLine, The Social Network For Police5 Ways Intrapreneurs Can Make The Business Case For Change At Their CompanyThis Gorgeous Campus Is The World’s Largest Women’s University–And It’s In Saudi ArabiaThe Science Of A Great Subway MapHey, Four Eyes! Google Glass 2 Is Focusing On YouThe Science Of A Great Subway MapIs Saving Time A Total Myth?The Compelling Case For Being More AccessibleWhy “Deliberate Practice” Is The Only Way To Keep Getting BetterSee The Lamest Startup Office In AmericaUbiome Wants To Harvest Your Gut–And Unlock The Health Secrets Of The Human Microbiome7 Big, Recent Twitter Changes You Should Know About Before The IPOTo Make Your Lists More Productive, Make Them Way WeirderWith Warmest Regards: The 12 Most Annoying Email Habits You See Every DayOne Beloved Boss On What Makes A Great LeaderGuillermo del Toro Shares 14 Creative Insights From His Spectacular Cabinet Of Curiosities Sketch BookNeil Gaiman on The Sandman’s ReturnThe Kabubble: Scenes From Afghanistan’s Stalled Housing BoomThe Afghan Weddings Surge4 Rules For Managing Risk From A Decorated Force Recon MarineHow To Deal With Workplace Threats, From Marines In AfghanistanRedesigning your ViewpointsJ.C. Penney Is Still Reeling From Ron Johnson’s ReignThe Syrian Electronic Army Claims It Hacked Obama’s Social AccountsDisney’s New TV Show Will Debut On Tablets, Because Toddlers Love ThemToday’s Google Doodle Pays Homage to Edith HeadToday’s Google Doodle Pays Homage to Edith HeadLead Or Die#Thinspiration And #Underboob Are Now Approved Instagram HashtagsStudy: 75% Of Kids Under Age 8 Use Mobile DevicesLouis CK Is Better At Self-Promotion Than YouWhat To Expect From Apple’s Earnings Call TodayHow Much Is Your Yelp Review Worth?A Screen Cover That Turns Your IPhone Into A 3-D DisplayFrom Berg, A DIY Kit That Connects Your Gadget To The Internet Of ThingsLou Reed On How To Be As Creative, Dynamic, And Difficult As Lou ReedBlue Ink Makes Quantum Computing A Bit More LikelyFurther Ways In Which Working At An Ad Agency Is Like Being In a “Human Centipede”Jean Paul Gaultier Takes New YorkThe “Lego Moment”: One Company’s Simple Solution To A $600,000 ProblemGoogle Street View Travels Down The River Thames“Tweeting Bra” Reminds You to Do Regular Breast ExamsDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2013Decade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2013Infographic: How The Brand Creativity Process Is Like a Human Centipede7 Architects On How To Design For Disaster7 Architects On How To Design For DisasterWhen It Comes To Advertising, What’s Good For Facebook Is Good For All Of Social MediaCritical Data Center CrashesCan This Barbershop Become The Warby Parker Of Shaving?Can This Barbershop Become The Warby Parker Of Shaving?7 Inspiring Videos Of Saudi Arabian Women Defying The Country’s Ban On Female DriversMaybe Don’t Follow the Party Advice For Introverts In These VideosSee New Versions Of All 50 State FlagsThis Bird Drone Gets Its Power From The Sun As It FliesYes, People (Especially Millennials) Are Sharing More Photos And VideosWhat’s The Next Snuggie Or ShamWow? This New Crowdfunding Platform Lets You DecideLG’s Curved Smartphone Has A “Self-Healing” CoatingMore NSA Revelations Damage America’s Relationship With EuropeHow Margaret Atwood Creates Scary-Plausible Future WorldsStarbucks, Twitter Launch Gifting Platform Via TweetsThe Top 12 Art Cities Of The FutureTake The Kutsuplus, A New Kind Of Transportation That Mixes Taxis And BusesThis Plush Toy Looks Goofy, But He Could Be Your Kid’s New Best FriendInside The Mind Of Tweemo Cinema King Wes AndersonBikes Are Officially More Popular Than Cars in EuropeAre Oil Companies Wasting Billions On Energy They’ll Never Use?Like Walmart, Target Is Cracking Down On Toxic Chemicals In The Products It SellsTurning An Entire Rio Favela Into A Giant Work Of Brightly Painted ArtNew York’s Newest Skyscraper Is 32 Floors Of Prefab Apartments That Click TogetherNielsen TV Ratings Will Now Include Mobile Web ViewersShould Your Product Connect To The Internet Of Things?Should Your Product Connect To The Internet Of Things?You Are Connected To Everyone On Earth By Just 4 Degrees NowSamsung Is Now The NBA’s Official Tablet And TV ProviderWhy Intuit Founder Scott Cook Wants You To Stop Listening To Your BossSnapchat, Rdio, And Other Unlikely Workplace Engagement-Boosting ToolsThe Host Of “99% Invisible” On Reinventing RadioThe Extreme Measures One Man Took To Learn About Online TrackingHow To Nail Your Next Phone InterviewYou’re A Meme. Now What? 6 Ways To Turn Sudden Internet Fame Into Professional GoldWant To Ditch The Job You Have And Work For A Startup? Here’s HowCould Livescribe’s New Smartpen Send Tweets Via Paper?How Vocativ Mines The “Deep Web” For StorytellingStory 2.0: The Surprising Thing About The Next Wave Of NarrativeLou Reed, Dead at 71“SNL” Imagines How a Wes Anderson Horror Movie Might Go In This Parody Trailer10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: The Best Design Duos, Fart Repellent Underwear, And Much MoreWhat Happens When A Gun Acessories Company Makes Bleeding Ex-Girlfriend Shooting TargetNew Xbox One Commercial Highlights Gaming And TV-Watching ExperiencesThese Insanely Detailed “Porcelain” Vases Are Actually Made Of SoapThese Insanely Detailed “Porcelain” Vases Are Actually Made Of SoapThe New York Times Fights “Snow Fall” Fatigue With More Snow Falls–And It’s WorkingMeet The Safest Man In America To Have Sex With“Truth Is Truth:” Steve McQueen On Making “12 Years A Slave”Watch Twitter’s Video Pitch To InvestorsA Wireless Electric Bus That Charges Instantly At Every StopThe Recommender: Nicole LaPorte Just Found Your Next Internet Time-WasterEw, A Chair 3-D Printed Out Of FungusEw, A Chair 3-D Printed Out Of FungusWant To See Who Watches You Online? This Browser Add-On Lets YouHow We’ll Eat After The Ecopocalypse, When Sushi And Chocolate Are No MoreHow We’ll Eat After The Ecopocalypse, When Sushi And Chocolate Are No MoreMeet The Inspiring 18-Year-Old Who Built A Simple Water Purifier That Could Save LivesArtists Pay Tribute To The Endangered Gray Wolf, With Robot Arms And Hacked BlueberriesArtists Pay Tribute To The Endangered Gray Wolf, With Robot Arms And Hacked BlueberriesCo.Design Is Looking For An Information Design EditorCo.Design Is Looking For An Information Design EditorHow Algae Could One Day Cure Parkinson’s DiseaseAmazon Now Has More Employees Than MicrosoftDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2012The Rise Of Nostalgia TechThis Killer New Service Lets You Connect To Any Popular API–Without WrappersWikipedia Will Start Texting Info To Users In Kenya Who Lack InternetThese Mind-Blowing Animated Garments Go On Sale Next MonthEvernote’s Guide To Making Startup SchwagHow Do I (Really) Know If My Startup Is Infringing On Trademarks?Map Your Favorite Scary Movies with “The Geography of Horror”One Year Later, The Most Promising iPad Magazine Looks Back (And Forward)Touching Sounds, Missing Limbs, And Other Weird Haptic SurfacesHow To Build A Low-Cost “Wi-Fi Mesh Network” For Emergency CommunicationYour Fat Is Making You 10 Years OlderThe Last Interview Al Hirschfeld Ever Gave Was To My 10-Year-Old BrotherThe Last Interview Al Hirschfeld Ever Gave Was To My 10-Year-Old BrotherThis Drone Gives Google Earth Tech To PublicThis 3-D Printed Prosthetic Hand Costs Just $5An Alarm Clock Sex Toy To Gently Buzz Your Genitals Awake In The MorningThe Art Of Slippage: How Eno, Bowie, Byrne, and Kraftwerk Are Tearing Down The White Walls Of The Art GalleryEllen Page Is Naked In The Uncanny ValleyEllen Page Is Naked In The Uncanny ValleyRemembering What Happened When New York’s Subways Filled With WaterJames Franco On Telling The Story Of A Tragic Hollywood Rebel In “Sal”7 Brilliantly Simple Technology Ideas To Improve Cities–Time To Get HackingTesla Grabs An Ex-Apple VP To Develop Next-Gen CarsThe Super Mario Of Resumes Unlocks A New High Score In Job SeekingGermany Ponders Own Internet As NSA Spies On World LeadersPerspective: How My Firm Saved Brooklyn Bridge Park From Sandy’s FurySee The Amazing, Absurd Phenomenon Of The Wet Dog Shake, Captured In Stunning PhotosComcast’s HBO Package May Be A Tiny Nod Towards UnbundlingWhat’s The Biggest Lesson Your Career Change Taught You?How Experience Helps Get You Through The Toughest ChallengesThe Kleenex Connection: 5 Mental Tricks To Jumpstart Creativity While Waiting In LineNail Your Next Pitch In 60 SecondsHow A Darling Of The New York Tech Scene Gives BackWhy Did Apple Lose Its Humanities?Where McKinsey–And Almost All Management Consulting–Came FromPolice Discover 3-D Printed Gun Factory In Manchester: Updated5 Free Apps That WIll Make Your Childhood Dreams Come True, Help You Chat With Friends, And Much MoreA Leak of Their Own: Arcade Fire Respond To Leak, Putting Entire New Album On This Lyric VideoNo Country On Earth Has Closed The Gender Gap, But A Few Are Coming CloseTell Us How You Ward Off Bad Luck At WorkInstagram Unveils Sample Ads From Adidas, Burberry, GETwitter Plans To Sell Shares For $17 To $20 EachPresident Obama Is Visiting Brooklyn’s Model Tech SchoolHackers Have Their Eyes On Energy CompaniesStage A Thunderstorm In Your Living Room With This Weird LampTwitter Hires NBC News’s Vivian Schiller As Head Of NewsJapan’s Space Cannon Will Land On An Asteroid To Hunt For The Universe’s OriginsAfter Promising To Never Run Banner Ads In Search Results, Google Does Just ThatFloppy House: Abandoned Building Reinvented With A Slouchy FacadeNotice A Familiar Voice Narrating The iPad Air Commercial?The Google Glass of Motorcycle Helmets?NYC Is Swapping Out 250,000 Streetlight Bulbs With LEDsSome Florida Police Are Using Data To Predict CrimeSee More Fake Beers From Movies and TV Shows Than You Could Possibly DrinkHey, Cyclists: This LED-Powered Backpack Could Save Your LifeThis Spray Makes Streets Glow In The DarkHow Do You Reverse Engineer A Song?Anthropologie Severs Ties With Design Pirate Cody FosterApple’s OS X Mavericks Surges Toward 6% Adoption: ReportA Watch To Sync You With A Long Distance LoveHow Celebrity Guests–And Some Fans–Took Inspiration From Photos to Direct Ron Howard’s “Project Imaginat10n”Do You Have A Minute?Baby Born With HIV Is Still Virus-FreeSuper Streetview: How Paul Trillo Made A 2-Mile Uber Zoom Down New York’s 5th Ave.Super Streetview: How Paul Trillo Made A 2-Mile Uber Zoom Down New York’s 5th Ave.What Kind Of Office Menace Are You? Find Out With WorkwankersThis Startup Wants To Make GIFs You Can Hold In Your Hands18 Of Al Hirschfeld’s Greatest DrawingsSamsung Fakes Bad Online Reviews Of HTC, Gets Fined $340,000Beyond Belief: Profound Productivity Insights From Elvis Costello’s Creative MasterpieceCould This Reusable Takeout Box Change The Way Cities Eat?An Angry Artist Gives The Government The Finger–A Giant Purple FingerCombining The Built And Natural Environments To Create Generous Cities Of The FutureThis Man Can Tell You If A Kickstarter Campaign Will Succeed After Just 4 HoursApple’s Ex-CEO Is Said To Be Interested In BlackBerryYes, Samsung Has Patented A Google Glass CloneThe Selfie Sexts You Wanted Nobody Else To See, Now Woven Into TapestriesHow Flat Design Is Preparing iOS For The Gadgets Of TomorrowHow Flat Design Is Preparing iOS For The Gadgets Of TomorrowLexus Uses Driving Data to Create Real-Time PortraitsRecreating New York City’s Beachfronts With Swedish Design And A “Sand Motor”Feeding Future Megacities With Floating Hydroponic FarmsGâteau Fabulous: What You Can Learn About Pushing Boundaries From The Cake World’s Edgiest CreatorThis Is One Of The Most Beautiful Set Top Boxes I’ve Ever SeenVisualizing Bitcoin’s Amazingly Fast Spread Around The WorldWould You Live In This 182-Square-Foot Micro-Micro Apartment?Use Shazam To Vote For Your Favorite X Factor ContestantsA Year Later, Has The East Coast Learned Anything From Hurricane Sandy?How To Go From CMO To CEO In 6 (Not Entirely) Easy StepsWould Steve Jobs Have Become Steve Jobs Using A Computer Designed By Steve Jobs?Pinterest Gets A Quarter Of A Billion In Funding, Now Valued At $3.8 BillionFour New Foreign-Script Web Domain Names AddedThe Success Secrets Of A Professional Air WalkerHow One Lucky Education Startup Got Mark Zuckerberg’s MoneyYouTube Ready To Launch Subscription Music Video ServiceWhy Women Collaborate, Men Work Alone, And Everybody’s AngryHow Canned Responses Give You An Extra 30 Minutes Every Day8 Big Lessons From 30 Years Of Breakthrough Consumer InnovationMay These 4 Digital Marketing Forces Be With YouThis Futuristic Indoor Garden Is Also A Groovy Fish TankThe Allure Of An Empty Page: New York Times Ad Campaign Causes Double TakesLook At All These Guns People Are Selling On InstagramA Shimmering Forest Of Ice, Made From Hot Glue And UreaStarbucks Wants To Make Tea The New Coffee By Opening A “Tea Bar”LinkedIn Unleashes Trio Of Apps To Connect The Modern WorkerA Bamboo House That Weathers Storms“The Book Thief” Wants You To Imagine A World Without Words, Starting With The New York TimesDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2011The BBC Will Run Video Clips In Paid TweetsBaseball Games Beautifully Visualized Like Transit MapsAd Campaign Reveals Rampant Sexism Through Google AutocompleteU.K. Charity Encourages Empathy for Ex-Cons in Interactive AdKnow What To Do With A Swarming Aerial Robot? Tell Samsung And Cash InThe Rave Reviews For BlackBerry’s BBM App Might Be FakeThe Most Popular YouTube Creators Might Start Charging You To WatchEmoji Major No. 11: “Carrie,” Then And Now (In Emoji)Hear From The IT Blogger Whose Review Apple CEO Tim Cook BlastedInfographic: How NASA Visualized Alien Worlds Before PhotoshopA Jacket That Prevents Miners From Getting Lung Disease–Built By Genius StudentsA Camera That Students Build And Use To Document Their Lives Teaches Tech And ArtFor $75,000, You Can Take A Balloon To The Edge Of SpaceMeet The Third Man: The Producer Who Orchestrated A Roots/Elvis Costello CollaborationWant Your Kickstarter To Work? You Better Have A Good StoryLooking For An Internship? Intern Sushi Will Now Connect You To Business MogulsA Brief History Of Coffeemakers, 1600-PresentCan The Campaign To Stop Killer Robots Save Us From Weapons That Kill On Their Own?Take An Eerie, Photoshopped Look At How Leonardo DiCaprio And Other Celebrities Will AgeBattery In Your EV Too Heavy? Store Energy In The Doors (Or Trunk)A New Map Of The U.S., Created From Where We Get Our WaterThe Best CEO-Designer Duos, Part IICan Walmart Shake Up The Renewable Energy Sector?An Inflatable Space That Grows Out Of A Dumpster, To Catalyze Urban InnovationActual Gathering Is The Magic Behind “Magic: The Gathering”Starbucks Joins The Internet Of Things With Smart Fridges That Know When Milk Has Gone BadDon’t Be Fooled By The Rush To Download BlackBerry’s BBM AppInside SimCity’s Vision Of Tomorrow, Where You Can Build A Clean Tech Heaven Or A Drone-Filled HellHow One Group Of Producers Is Looking To Solve Hollywood’s Female ProblemUsing Lasers, NASA Set A New Speed Record For Sending Data To The MoonSamsung Buys Share Of Gorilla Glass Maker CorningThe 10 Questions Every Brand Should Ask To Ensure It’s Simple EnoughWhat The Year 1963, A Miraculous Meringue, And Dishwashers Teach Us About Saving TimeThe Neuroscience Behind How Sleep Cleans Your BrainThe Essential Guide To Writing Amazing, Quite Clickable Email Subject LinesGrowth Hack Your Way To Success, Like Facebook, Twitter, And LinkedIn DidTo Bring Power To 1.5 Billion Living Off The Grid, A Cell Phone-Enabled Mini Solar Panel4 Important Things About Mindfulness You Didn’t RealizeNavigate The Brutal Rapids Of The Business World With Calculated Risk