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A Slender Armchair That’s Part Nordic, Part AmericanThe Drinkable Meal Of The Future Just Got A Huge Funding BoostAll Of The Ways Apple’s New Free Mac OS Hurts Microsoft WindowsHow Apple Created The Lightest iPad YetAn iPhone-Controlled Robot To Brew Your BeerHow to design products without being a product designerAirbnb Study Says Airbnb Is Great For New York’s EconomyWant Free Amazon Shipping? Now You’ll Have To Pay $10 MoreVolkswagen’s New Campaign Likens Car Models to Dog BreedsEngineering The Perfect Big-Data BraHow To Create A Culture Of Giving Back At Any CompanyApple Adds Retina Screen To The iPad Mini, And That’s BigMicrosoft Wants Its Own Version Of Google GlassA Scratch-N-Sniff Book For Budding Wine SnobsApple’s Newer, Thinner “iPad Air” Starts At $499These High-Tech Underwear Keep Your Farts From SmellingA Mathematician Finds The Formula For The Perfect Pizza PieA Mathematician Finds The Formula For The Perfect Pizza PieGirl Talk’s Album Sampled Over 350 Copyrighted Songs–Which Then Saw Sales BumpsEbay Acquires Shutl, A Same-Day Delivery StartupApple Pulls HMV’s App After Failing To Realize It Competed With ITunesSee Your Favorite Fashion Logos Remade With The Contorted Bodies of Each Brand’s FounderFood Banksy: Street Artist Re-Creates Logos Out Of CondimentsLess Tweeting, More Drinking: Amstel App Rewards Digital Detoxers With Free BeerTP Your House With Cheetos And Google MapsBeyond Andre The Giant: A Look At Street Sticker Art From Around The WorldThis Smog Vacuum Could Suck Up The World’s PollutionThis Google Browser Extension Will Allow You To Bypass Internet CensorshipScientists Can Eavesdrop On Your ThoughtsWith Cable Viewership Stalling, Connected TVs Are Poised To See More Growth And Ad OpportunitiesThis Is The Most Pretentious Post About Animated GIFs You’ll Ever ReadThis Is The Most Pretentious Post About Animated GIFs You’ll Ever ReadThe World’s Google Searches Reveal Our Secret Horrible Attitude Toward WomenThe Copenhagen Wheel Makes Your Bike Electric, And It’s About To Go On SaleA Guide To “Artisanal Innovation,” For The Hip Small Business Looking To Thrive29 Million People Live As Modern Slaves–And Some Are Closer Than You Might ThinkAn “All You Can Eat” College Degree Could Be The Future Of Higher EducationSpices Of The Future: Now Manufactured By Yeast?Inside Pinterest’s Beautifully Spare New HeadquartersHere’s What Elon Musk’s High-Speed Hyperloop Will Look Like“Tiny Games” Promises A Game For Every Occasion And Every LocationFabulous Photos of Female Farmers Show Agriculture Changing–One Woman At A TimeLay Back And Clean Your House With Swarming Micro Robot Cleaners4 Ways Slow Design Will Make The Super-Fast World We Live In BetterA New Comic Book Confronts Bipolar Disorder, Our Notions Of The “Crazy” ArtistAn Uber For Your Teeth, With A Dentist’s Office On Wheels That Comes To YouEx-Hackers Might Help Prevent British Cybercrime6 Ways Apple Can Stay RelevantBlackBerry’s BBM App Was Downloaded 5 Million Times In 8 HoursHow Screenwriting Guru Robert McKee Teaches Brands To Tell Better StoriesThe Truth About Treadmill Desks, Increasing Productivity, And Decreasing WaistlinesInstagram Is Coming To Windows Phone, Says Kevin SystromAre Real-Life Interruptions The Best Email Hack Ever?With Farmplicity, The Farm-To-Table Movement Meets The 21st CenturyInspiration From Pinterest For Offices That Stir CreativityA Scientific Guide To Writing Popular–And Shareable–Headlines For Twitter, Facebook, And Your BlogNokia Unveils Its Largest Windows Devices YetA Simple Trick For Finding Your Next Great IdeaHow “Minority Report” Designer Helped Create The Toy Car Of The Future“Don’t Avoid Eye Contact,” And More Advice For Entrepreneurs From Jack DorseyA Modern Update Of The Ancient Egyptian PyramidWikipedia Bans 250 Users For Promotional EditsIs Bribery The Future Of Digital Dating?This Just Might Be The Apple IWatch Of Your DreamsLaser Pointers: The New Terrorist Weapon?The Future of Pop-Up Hackspaces Is… Dumpsters?Dynamic Duos: Kering’s François-Henri Pinault And Balenciaga’s Alexander Wang On HousekeepingWhat Makes the $100 Bill a Crime-Fighting Superhero?This Map Shows What Every Country Leads The World In And It’s Not Entirely FlatteringFinally, A Multifunction Robot That’s (Kind Of) AffordableWatch: The Future Of DJing, Beatboxing, And InstrumentationNetflix Is Expected To Surpass HBO In U.S. Subscribers: UpdatedEnstitute, A College Alternative, Is ExpandingDecade in Design: The Biggest Events Of 2010The Biggest IPO Of 2014 Is One Step CloserDecade in Design: The Biggest Events Of 2010Rumor: Apple Is Planning A Smart IPad Keyboard CoverExtreme Sports: Insane or Invaluable?The New York Times’ Gadget Geek David Pogue Will Head Up Yahoo’s New Tech SiteFab Brings New South African Designs To MarketFinally, An Ostrich Pillow That Doesn’t Make You Look Like A Raging DorkFinally, An Ostrich Pillow That Doesn’t Make You Look Like A Raging DorkStarbucks Is Too Damn Expensive, Says Chinese MediaWatchup Is A Newscast For Google GlassGoogle Autocompletes The World’s Opinion Of Women–And It’s Not PrettyMark Zuckerberg Just Helped Give Millions To This Education StartupDesign Fractal Art On The Supercomputer In Your PocketAmerican Express Brings Pay-With Points To NYC’s VeriFone TaxicabsApple’s Product Placement Guru Heads For JawboneCould These Mouthwatering Photos Help You Lose Weight?Analysis Finds L.A.’s Tech Scene Outgrowing HollywoodCould These Little Tubes Be The Secret To Capturing The Ocean’s Energy?New York City Will Zap Your Electric Car With Power From Manhole CoversA Drone On A Leash, So You Know Who Is Watching You From The SkyColleges Are Using Big Data To Predict Which Students Will Do Well–Before They Accept ThemCars Are Deadly, But Not How You Think: Pollution Causes More Death Than CrashesThe Best Illustrations From All Your Favorite Children’s BooksThe 10 Cheapest States To Drive An Electric VehicleWear Your City: High-Fashion Dresses Featuring Gorgeous MapsFreaky-Friday Your Twitter Feed With an App That Mixes Up Who Says WhatKiip Announces Targeted Rewards For Brands And A ComScore PartnershipKids’ Drawings Of The Future Brought To Life By Peter Blake And Other Top ArtistsSad Shark Coffins To Shame People Into Skipping Their Gruesome DelicacyGovernment Officially Apologizes For The WebsiteYour Future Energy Drink Will Blow Your Hair Back With Stronger Caffeine That Lasts LongerHow Everyday Ergonomics Shape Your BehaviorHow Everyday Ergonomics Shape Your BehaviorWhat To Expect From Apple’s October 22 EventHow American Giant Changed The Apparel Paradigm And Built “Almost Irrational Loyalty”5 Surprising, Science-Backed Ways To Get Smarter TodayNokia’s Lumia Phablet Leaks Ahead Of Tomorrow’s EventHow Jezebel’s Anna Holmes Made Feminism Fun Again6 Quick Lessons From The School Lunch Line For Pleasing Picky CustomersWhy Data Artisans Are The New Data ScientistsIf Your Glass Is Half Empty, Rejoice: How Pessimism Can Make You More ProductiveLooks Can Be Convincing: To Get Promoted, Just Appear CompetentTwitter May Be Killing Its #Music ExperimentWhy An Arts Nonprofit Is Developing Web DashboardsInfecting An Audience: Why Great Stories SpreadCosplay of Thrones: See the George R.R. Martin-Approved Costume That Won Comic-ConComposer Henry Jackman On Scoring The Morally Complex Story Of “Captain Phillips”This Huggable Monkey Robot Will Make You Feel Better About The WorldThe “Yelp Of Weed”: Leafly And Other Marijuana Startups Hope To Gain As Feds Ease Up On Pot10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: The $99 DNA Test, Happiness-Killing Lunches, And MoreBuilding A Console From the Ground Up, PlayStation’s Top Priority Was To Make Gaming More SocialThe Ai Weiwei Cycle: The Artist Installs 3,000+ BikesFab Yanks Items Made By Alleged Design Pirate Cody FosterSpecs To Your Specs: Custom 3-D Printed Glasses For $299Decade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2009I Didn’t Know Dog Beds Could Be This BadassI Didn’t Know Dog Beds Could Be This BadassHow A Company Gets Away With Stealing Independent Designers’ WorkInfographic: See Which Luxury Brands Jay Z Shouted Out the Most Per AlbumHow Popcorn Took Over Movie TheatersIf You Want Your Next Trip To Be Frightful, Has Some Hotels For YouLenovo Confirms Its First Android-Based LaptopInside GitHub’s Super-Lean Management Strategy–And How It Drives InnovationA Colorful Alternative To Dreary University DiningThe Secret Formula That Can Help You Design Killer Kickstarter ProjectsWhy WordPress Gobbled Up This Scrappy iCloud AlternativeLaying Your Boobs on Stuff Is A New Meme–And Could Save Your LifeLet There Be Li-Fi!Transforming Milwaukee’s Vacant Lots Into A New Agricultural EconomyFinally, A Better Way For “Quantified Self” Products To Collect Personal DataFinally Get Some Damn Peace And Quiet With This Window-Mounted Noise SilencerBuild Your Own Emergency Meals For The Next Disaster–With Free Discarded FoodCompanies Will Start Reading Your Mind To Figure Out How Much You’re Willing To PayFacial Recognition In The Classroom Tells Teachers When Students Are SpacingInfographic: Just How Dangerous Is The Dye In Your Food?This Is The World’s Lightest Wood TableInfographic: Just How Dangerous Is The Dye In Your Food?Brobesity? 3-D Avatars Of The Average Joe Are A Hefty Dose Of RealityA History Of Cooties: Mapping The Men And Women Of New York As They AgeGovernment Shutdown Good For TaskRabbit, Which Saw 13,000 Applications In One DayAdventures In Teledildonics: Sleek New Toys For Futuristic Computer SexThere Are Three Americas Hiding Inside Our Country–Which Do You Live In?See Giant Japanese Sculptures Made Of HayFederal Officials Prevented Lengthy Testing Process Of Obamacare Website3 Ways Burberry’s CEO Will Impact Apple’s New Spaceship-Style HeadquartersDirector Kimberly Peirce On Creating Blood Bath 2.0 In “Carrie”This Is What Happens When Top Architects Design Doll HousesData-Driven Insights On Landing Your Dream JobWhat Surviving Congo River Rapids Teaches Us About Always Being Tenacious5 Free Apps That Will Help You Master 3-D, Save Money, Go Hiking, And Much MoreGoogle’s Q3 Results Look Good. The Reason? YouTube On MobileHow To Give Feedback That Actually Inspires ImprovementThe Hub L.A. Reveals Lessons About Nurturing A Happier Work LifeHukkster: A Fix For Cost-Conscious ShopaholicsThe Next Evolution In E-booksHigh Design: Pentagram Rebrands Pot-Growing AidsHigh Design: Pentagram Rebrands Pot-Growing Aids5 Ways To Create A Culture Of Sustainability In Any CompanyAwesome, Imaginary Cities Carved Out Of WoodFind Out Just How Wes Anderson-y the Trailer For His Next Film Is (Hint: Very)Plastic Party Cups With Looks And ClassPlastic Party Cups With Looks And ClassA Venture Lab For Big Data StartupsisoHunt Will Shut Down Operations Worldwide, Fined $110 MillionThe Internet’s Next Frontier Is The Deep SeaEyetracking And The Neuroscience Of Good Web DesignSorry Stoners: Hemp Isn’t A Miracle Material After AllSorry Stoners: Hemp Isn’t A Miracle Material After AllResearchers Say iMessage’s Unbreakable Encryption is “Basically Lies”This Company Wants To “Breed” The Perfect Chair, Using EugenicsSo It Turns Out The Nike Logo Was a New York Logo All AlongAOL Just Knocked Google Out of First Place In The Video Ad RaceEmployees Sue Amazon Over Unpaid Security SearcheseBay Snags Apple’s Worldwide E-Commerce Head R.J. PittmanWhy We Dress The Way We DoWhy We Dress The Way We DoEmail Killer? Twitter Has Secret Plans For More Direct MessagingNewsCred Turns Brands And Marketers Into Publishers With NewsRoomNokia Is Patenting Some Smartwatch Ideas, TooTo Find Success, First Write Your Failure Resume15 Poignant Portraits Of New Yorkers15 Poignant Portraits Of New YorkersShara Senderoff’s Plan To Do Away With The ResumeSee Some Next-Level Creativitea In Coffee Shop Sidewalk SignageInfographic: Should You Take That Job?Watch The Rise And Fall Of A Millennial Relationship Compressed Into Five MinutesWhy Too Many Snack Food Ads Are Not Helping Anyone, Even The AdvertiserCan E-Books Save The Neighborhood Bookstore?A Lojack For Bikes Lets You Track Down Thieves With Your PhoneThis Is What The First Apple Computer Production Line Looked LikeIn Europe, Samsung Says It Won’t Play Dirty With Patent Suits–For Five YearsWhy Our Brains Love Curvy ArchitectureOne Little App Trying To Reinvent Music VideosHow Former EPA Chief Lisa Jackson Can Change Apple’s Culture Of SustainabilityCan $100,000 Create The Next Climate Hero?Take A Stroll Through Ai Weiwei’s Maze Of 3,144 BikesSquare Cash Beams Friends Money Via EmailThis Gorgeous Wood House Designed By Students Is The Winner Of The Solar DecathlonSee Posters For “Soda Ban,” “Weinergate” And Other Totally Unnecessary Ripped-From-The-Headlines MoviesThe Most Fascinating Humans In New York, Collected In One PlaceThe Best CEO-Designer Duos, Part I Of IIThink Your Meetings Are Bad? Wait Until You See Your New Conference RoomHow Einstein’s Brain Was Probably Different Than Yours, And Why He Was So Creative“Bridesmaids” and “The Heat” Director Paul Feig On How To Make <strike>Female-Driven</strike> Comedies Everybody Wants To SeeFacebook Fiddles With Public Posts In An Attempt To Make Itself Attractive To TeenagersTwitter Grabs A Chief Googler As Its Retail BossHow A “Scumbag” Meme–And Massive Marketing Opportunity–Was BornDeath Of The Sales People?How Group Emails Become Distracting, Question-Answering MachinesJeff Bezos To Social Cohesion: Drop DeadWhy Who You Sit With Changes The Way You WorkBlood, Beer, And Bourbon: How To Turn Negative Word Of Mouth Into Positive Promotion4 Steps To Truly Making Strategy Part Of Your Strategic PlanAnki Drive Is Racing Google, Not Other Toy MakersDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2008Decade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2008Banksy Creates A Lordly Ronald McDonald Sculpture, Sends It Around To McDonald’s RestaurantsDid You Notice The Government Was Closed? The Environment Probably DidBehind The Scenes With The Judges: 2-D DesignBehind The Scenes With The Judges: 2-D DesignAirbnb Just Hired Gowalla Cofounder To Focus On MobileThese Maps Visualize America’s Secret Drone War In YemenDynamic Duos: Don Thompson and Melody Roberts Of McDonald’s On Serving BillionsIndonesia Rising: China Is No Longer #1 For CybercrimeThis Makeup Lets You Launch Drones With Just A Blink Of An EyeAdidas Previews Its Smartwatch That Will Challenge The Nike FuelBand SEInfographic: Which U.S. Departments Were REALLY Under Furlough?When It Comes To Facebook Ads, iOS Wins Over Android In ROIThis Freeformer 3-D Printer Could Change ManufacturingHappy Ada Lovelace DayNo–You Don’t Need To Learn To CodeFork Your Government: Github Opens A Portal For WonksHow A Lost Boy Used Google Earth To Find His Home 25 Years LaterUnderwater Wi-Fi Could Help Detect TsunamisWatch Horror Movie Characters Actually Make Good Decisions In “Hell No” Trailer7-11 Rebrands To Target Health-Conscious MillennialsNanodiamonds–What Makes Ultrafast Optical Processors PossibleEmoji Major No. 10: The Government ShutdownElectric Car Chargers That Look Like Manholes Are Coming To NYC In 2014Walmart’s Grocery Delivery Program Is ExpandingApple’s Spaceship Campus Is A GoUsing Wi-Fi, Scratch Wireless Makes Smartphone Service FreeA Crystal “Church” That Could Make You Find God16 Mind-Blowing Designs That Digital Fabrication Made PossibleOrder Your Verizon Phone Online And Have It Delivered To Your Door That Same DayWant To Fund Your Kickstarter? You’re Not Steve Jobs–Ask People What They WantDoes Oral Hygiene Need A Design Revolution?MapBox, A Google Maps Rival, Gets $10 Million In FundingThis New Smart Wheel Will Instantly Make Your Bike ElectricOyster, The “Spotify For Books,” Comes To The IPadA Miniature Mobile Clinic For The Developing World (And Quantified Selfers, Too)Everything’s For Sale These Days–Here’s Why That Is A ProblemA Miracle New Plastic, Made From Anything But Nasty StuffIngenious Zipper Lets You Zip With One HandNike’s Updated FuelBand: Better Algorithm, Worse UXSignifyd Connecting Online and Offline Data to Detect FraudPolish Your Resume And Apply For That Dream Job Directly From Your PhoneIngenious Zipper Lets You Zip With One HandA Browser Extension For Hipster HatersThe Most Absorbing Celebrity Portraits You’ve Ever SeenThe Secret Lives Of City ParksSee A Sofa Made From Brain Waves And 17 Other Amazing Products Of Digital FabricationThis Real-Life Ghost Is Made Of A Dead Man’s BodyDivers Recover Presumed Superchunk Of Russian Meteor From Lake ChebarkulLet’s Stop Assuming The IPhone 5C Is A FailureThe Science Of Storytelling: How Narrative Cuts Through Distraction Like Nothing ElseFrom Huge, 3 Rules For Making Obamacare Exchange Sites Suck LessSouth Korea’s New Sustainable City Inside An AirportRebranding The Redskins With These New Team LogosGuess Who Loves The Quantified Car?SecureDrop Aims To Make Whistle-blowing Safe AgainWatch Us Save Your Messy Desk On HuffPost LiveAlbert Einstein, Warren Buffet, And Bill Gates Have All Loved Downtime–Do You?What’s The Biggest Career Mistake You’ve Ever Made?Zynga and NewSchools Kick Off Ed-Tech Co.Lab Accelerator7 Tips For Battling–And Even Embracing–Procrastination4 Fast Ways To Make Your Weeknights Better, More ProductiveSquare Cash Lets Debit Card Users Send Money Via EmailHate Happiness? Then Keep Eating Lunch At Your DeskHow To Make The Most Of Unexpected Time OffWatch This Video Explaining Everything Wrong With NSA Surveillance