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Twitter’s Investor Relations Account Was Apparently Created By A Monty Python FanIs Apple Hiring 1,700 U.S. Workers To Build The Mac Pro?Amazon Partners With HTC To Enter Smartphone MarketReports: Baidu, The “Google Of China,” Is Now Accepting BitcoinThe U.S. Is Now The Biggest Oil Producer In The WorldAmerica’s High Schools Aren’t Encouraging Enough Students To Become CyberspiesWhy Is The Business Of Creativity Such An Oxymoron?How To Spot A Successful Social InnovationThe Future Of Shopping: Shelves That Track The Age And Gender Of Passing CustomersThis James Franco “For Your Consideration” Campaign Wins The Photoshop-OscarsLaw Enforcement Can Summon Unopened Snapchat MessagesOlafur Eliasson’s New View Of The Brazilian RainforestWatson Goes From Jeopardy To Med SchoolThese (Fake) Self-Help Books Diagnose Nearly Every Way People Are Terrible On Social MediaWhat Comes After Silicon In The Race For Faster Chips?Set Your iPad Calendar: Apple Has “A Lot To Cover” On October 22ndDesign In 30 Seconds: Jawbone On Delighting The CustomerDesign In 30 Seconds: Jawbone On Delighting The CustomerGeneral Assembly Launches Dash, A New Tool For Learning Coding OnlineGrand St. Breaks Every E-Commerce Rule–Can It Survive?How Instacart Plans to Win the Same-Day Delivery GameDesigning Software And Hardware At OnceWhat Apple Can Learn From Burberry’s Iconic Trench CoatIndia Is Prepping For Its First Ever Mars MissionA Free And Easy-To-Use Tool, So The Media Can Keep Whistleblowers SecretThis Algorithm Can Predict Your Success At UniversityKickstarting: A Modular Kit To Transform Empty Storefronts Into Pop-Up ShopsKickstarting: Dice That’ll Shake You Out Of Cooking FatigueHow Opera’s New Browser Rethinks The Mobile Interface“Just Boo It” And Other Branded Ghosts From The Master of Pop Culture PoltergeistsIncoming CEO Christopher Bailey On His Vision For BurberryCan You Beat The Realistic Facebook Security Simulator? At Least You’ll Have Fun TryingUnlock Your Bike With Your Phone, With This Smartphone-Controlled U-LockNike’s Next-Gen FuelBand SE Can Tell Whether You’re Running, Sleeping, Or Doing YogaGhost Is A Blogging Platform So Simple It’s Nearly Invisible20 Of Britain’s Top Architects Reimagine The DollhouseThe European Space Agency Wants To 3-D-Print Spacecraft PartsXiaomi’s New Smartphone Sells 100,000 Units In Under 90 SecondsOxford Debuts A Library Chair To Last For CenturiesApple’s New Consumer Experience Chief, Angela Ahrendts, On The Future Of RetailOur Tweets Are Getting ShorterArtist Turns Famous Candy Brands Into Halloween HorrorsThree Ad Agencies Try To Rebrand FeminismMeet The Man Behind The EcoATM–The Machine That’s Revolutionizing Phone RecyclingThis Amazing House Can Be Built Just 5 Hours After A DisasterUse This Urban Design Tool To Prototype A Different Street OutsidePoverty Drains Mental Energy: Part Of Fixing The Problem Is Giving Peace Of MindThe Real Story Of The American SuperheroAn App To Make Your iPhone 5c Case Suck LessHelp Fix Wikipedia’s Glaring Lack Of Articles About Female ScientistsThe Sharing Economy Is Owned By The Same People As The Rest Of The EconomyTansler: Priceline Meets AirbnbFind Out The Secrets Of Your Email’s “Emotional Temperature”An Ode To Pour-Over CoffeeRemote Controlled Cockroaches Are Here. Would You Want Your Kid To Play With One?The NSA Harvested Contacts From Email Address BooksRumor: Google’s Smartwatch Will Have Google Now IntegrationAngus Clark And Song Division Rock The Business WorldFirst 5 Hires: How GitHub’s Happy Hive Started With A “Badass” TeamUsing The Lure Of Movies To Crack New Markets In Rural AsiaHow To Master Your Morning For Peak ProductivityThink You Can Live Offline Without Being Tracked? Here’s What It TakesTwitter Removes Follow-Back Requirement For Direct MessagesWhat Are Success Stories Really Good For?The 5 Blind Men And Other Myths Of InnovationThe Huge, Hidden Benefits Of An Extra Hour Of Sleep8 Subconscious Mistakes Our Brains Make Every Day–And How To Avoid ThemApple Hires Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts To Rejuvenate Retail StoresGates, Zuckerberg Back Code.Org’s Mission To Bring Computer Science To Every SchoolWant To Pay For Just The TV Channels You Watch? Move To CanadaSensor’s Revenge: Your Smartphone Has A Unique Signature… Of FlawsThis Is What Kinect For Windows Could Do To Your Shopping ExperienceConfronting Kenyan Food Insecurity With Comics JournalismOh Snap! SnapHack Can Save Your Once-Disappearing Snapchats ForeverInfographic: What’s The Nearest Pizza Chain To You?Infographic: What’s The Nearest Pizza Chain To You?“Ambient Backscatter” Brings Us Closer To An Internet Of ThingsA Mike Kelley Retrospective Opens At MoMA PS1College Textbooks, Now Delivered Via DroneNetflix Could Be Integrating With Cable TV Set-Top BoxesWhat Client? An Architect Couple Design Their Own Dream HomeWill Twitter Use Its MoPub Acquisition To Sell Ads On Other Sites?You Can Only See This Street Art From Way Above The StreetDesign In 30 Seconds: Airbnb On Brains Vs. BeautyDesign In 30 Seconds: Airbnb On Brains Vs. BeautyData-Driven Lending Could Help African Farmers Feed The WorldThe Billion-Year Hard DriveThe Neighbors Are Cranky About Apple’s Coming Spaceship CampusWould You Pay $3 For A Live Concert In Your Living Room?What Real-Time Wi-Fi Feels LikeMore About D-Language, And Why Facebook Is Experimenting With It5 Ways A Tiny Political Party Is Creating Political Innovation In An Age Of GridlockWhat Do Dreams Mean? This Big Data Project Could Crack ThemLet Christopher Walken Be Your Fashion Guru5 Quick Questions To Ask To Improve Your Content Marketing StrategyMore Than You Ever Wanted to Know About the SelfieThese Futuristic Popsicles Belong In A Museum, Not A FreezerThe Marketing Challenge of $99 DNA Testing Company 23andMeUsing Your Facebook Friends, This Site Makes Domestic Violence Very PersonalTerrafugia Reveals Its Idea For Your Next Flying CarWhoops: Government Shutdown Cripples American ScienceDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2007If You Live In A City, You’re Full Of PesticidesWarby Parker’s Retail Stores Are Pacing 75% Ahead Of ScheduleWhat A Portable Speaker Can Teach Us About Designing HeirloomsWhat A Portable Speaker Can Teach Us About Designing HeirloomsBeer Funding: If You’re Tired Of Bud, There Are Plenty Of Craft Beers You Can Fund OnlineDisrupting The Pharmaceutical Industry To Save The World From DiarrheaA Collar For Dogs That Tracks When Something Is Wrong With Their HumansFoursquare Opens Ad Platform To 1.5 Million MerchantsYou Can Help Defend The Earth Against The Thousands Of Asteroids That Could Flatten Our CitiesEcstatic Gamers Are Psyched “It’s Call of Duty Time” In a New CampaignThe 15 Countries Where The Most Young People Are OnlineNike CEO Hints At Collaborative Future For FuelBandDesigned By Friendship: Jony Ive And Marc Newson’s 1.5-Ton DeskVisualizing A Global Population Explosion With Bacteria CitiesThree U.S. Economists Share Nobel Prize For EconomicsVenmo’s Social, Increasingly Hilarious Payments Community10 Ways Today’s Purpose-Driven Brands Can Bring Their Core Values To LifeYou Will Devour These Dessert Versions of the World’s Most Famous ArtShould Good Interaction Design Be Legally Defensible?Should Good Interaction Design Be Legally Defensible?The Drones Of Burning ManDuolingo Users Are Going To Translate Posts For BuzzFeedThis Is What LG’s Curved Smartphone Looks LikeThe Most Daring CEOsHow To Build A Brand That People Don’t Buy, They JoinHow Google Alerts Can Make You A Friendlier, Lazier, More Productive PersonAnxiety-Decreasing Tips For Selling To First-Time CustomersBanksy Set Up Shop In Central Park This WeekendThe Time Is Ripe For Energy Industry Disruption–Who’s Going To Do It?Kickstarter Cofounder Yancey Strickler: “Nobody’s Project Is Getting Lost.”YouTube’s Offer to Aspiring Viral Stars: Studios, Shout-Outs, and Matt DamonYouTube Ranter Zack James on the Site’s Biggest Problem: The NetworksTo Know You Is To Really Know YouA River Runs Through ItA New New Amsterdam?Secrets Of The FundedThe Secret Of My ObsessionSean Parker’s Unfinished BusinessLet A Billion Streams BloomAgainst The TideBehind The Scenes Of The Ad Campaign For 23andMe’s $99 DNA TestLessons From The Anti-ZyngaThey Are Huge On YouTube. How Do They Grow Off-Site, Too?Go Your Own WayThe Right To Be Heard (And Paid)Minding the GapArab Women’s Tech AdvantageWho Needs The Entertainment Biz?What’s Next For Car DashboardsA Better Way To Settle UpFacebook’s App StrategyVenture Capital’s American IdolConference Calendar November 2013The RecommenderInside 23andMe founder Anne Wojcicki’s $99 DNA RevolutionNew Research Says That Women Will Like Either Your Brand or Themselves–Not BothThe New Mercedes CLA Tests the Idea of LuxuryOne Small Step for an Ad, One Giant Leap for AdvertisingPop Quiz: Which of These Isn’t Adjustable?Once a Wolf, Always a Wolf: Hollywood’s Past and Present ‘Wolves of Wall Street’Want to Be the Next Zuck? Step Right Up for Your Free IdeaServe Yourself and Bars SaveThe No-Discount Club: Four Companies Doubling Down on Mark-DownsFour Quack-erjack New Marketing Schemes for the New Orleans PelicansWho Thought of That?: “Anchorman” at the NewseumIndustrial Research Looks Into the Future, and You Can Too!What’s the Future of Gaming Like? Kind of ‘Meh’Smartphone Keyboards Suck–Who Will Fix Them?A Code to Live ByThe Greatest Productivity Tool You Never Thought Of: Email AutoresponderWhy Everyone Is Talking About “Scaling”Facebook Buys Israeli Startup Onavo To Help Expand Its Reach, And The Internet’s, TooSpaceX Is Bringing About The Future Today, And This Video Proves ItWatch The Skies For A Taco-Delivering Drone, Brought To You By Taco Bell10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Brains On Breakfast, The Man Who Dances With Light, And MoreThe Recommender: Tyler Gray, Editorial Director, Sound Obsessive, Former Doom Metal Band Bassist, And Shark Attack SurvivorDynamic Duos: Herman Miller’s Brian Walker And Don Goeman On Unplanning IdeasDynamic Duos: Herman Miller’s Brian Walker And Don Goeman On Unplanning IdeasInflatable Architecture Airs In The Streets of CopenhagenGrand Theft Auto Apologizes For Glitches By Handing Out $500K In Virtual CurrencyGoogle Just Made Another Huge Investment In Solar EnergyA Camera That Turns Real Scenes Into Toy-Like DioramasAfter Hulu’s Tumultuous Year, Andy Forssell Is Out, Fox Networks’ Mike Hopkins Is InBehind The Scenes With The Judges: ProductsInstagram Videos Will Now Play Automatically. At Least Advertisers Will Be HappyBehind The Scenes With The Judges: ProductsNo, The IPhone 5C Is Not UnderperformingIt Just Got Harder To Sell Fake Louis Vuitton Goods OnlineYour Face Could Soon Show Up In Google’s AdsArtist Turns Garden Hoses, Toilet Plungers, Rain Spouts Into “Suburban Angst” ArtA Twirling Monitor Creates Incredible 3-D SculpturesA Twirling Monitor Creates Incredible 3-D SculpturesFacebook Adds 5,000 Lines of D-Language Code–What’s That Mean?Pick Your Favorite Orgasm In These New Posters for Lars von Trier’s “Nymphomaniac”Yves Béhar And Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman On Why Air Travel Needs A RedesignStarbucks Launches A Petition To End The Government ShutdownApps Crash More On The iPhone 5SThis African Inventor Created A $100 3-D Printer From E-WasteBed And Breakfast And Breuer: Stay At The Bauhaus For $47 A NightMark Zuckerberg Bought Four Houses Near His Home. You Know, For PrivacyDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2006Decade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2006Why Silicon Valley Needs To Do More To Help The Economic RecoveryHow Many Brands’ Distinct Shades of Blue Can You Correctly Identify?Watch The ABCs And 123s Come To Life In These Stunning Pop-Up BooksSkype Under Investigation In Luxembourg For Handing Over User Data To The NSAMapping Financial Tools, Street By Street Around The GlobeCan You Tell The Difference Between Ikea Products And Death Metal Band Names?What’s In A Chicken Nugget? Because It’s Not Just Chicken MeatThese Goofy Photos Show That No Matter Where You Go, You’ll Find Chairs On The StreetIf Silicon Valley Syndrome Is Killing Us, What’s The Cure?Power-Ups, Virtual Balls, And Quantum Engines: Watch The Future Of SportsOn International Day Of The Girl, Watch This Inspiring Film About Extraordinary GirlsNative Americans Give Other Groups A Taste Of Casual Sports Team RacismGoodbye, Google TV. Hello, Android TVScareMail Gets The NSA’s Attention By Mixing Some Terrorism Into Your Mundane EmailsBack To The (Sustainable) Future: The Year 2050 In Words And PicturesWhen The Internet Isn’t Awful: What You Can Learn From The Heartbreaking, Inspiring Messages From CaringBridge100 Ideas For Cities, From A Department Of Listening To Pay-Per-Honk CarsCould An Apple iWatch Also Control Your Home?5 Ways To Become The World’s Happiest CommuterWhy I Fell In Love During My Rocky Romance With Google GlassHow Pop-Up Books Inspired The Spectacular “Short History Of The Highrise” SeriesDon’t Look Backward With Your Branding: How Coca-Cola Is Going Flat5 Free Apps That Make You More Fit, More Interesting, More Loyal, and Much MoreWhy Productive People Work Well With Their OppositesThe Biggest Idea Bill Gates Ever HadOrganization That Destroys Chemical Weapons Gets 2013 Nobel Peace PrizeAn Automatic Beer Brewing Machine That Anyone Can Use, Created By Former Microsoft ExecsThis Data-Encrypting SIM Card Expires Days After ActivationBeing Near Plants Will Make Your Life BetterBlackBerry Founders May Try To Buy The CompanyTwitter Launches An Android Tablet App (Finally)Hip, Geometric Beach Towels That Magically Repel WaterThis Virtual Assistant Is Like Siri For Doctors And PatientsFacebook Users Can No Longer Hide From SearchBig Shot Artists Decorate Stormtrooper Helmets For CharityHow Much Cash Is In Your Wallet? Probably Less Than $20Latest Crazy Volvo Stunt Involves A Truck Running With Bulls In SpainYelp Just Got Its First D.C. LobbyistNative Americans Counter Racist Iconography With Racist Baseball CapsScrew Algorithms! The New Music Service From Beats Uses Celebrity Curators To Show You New MusicMeet The Streaming TV Product That’s Taking On AereoDynamic Duos: Howard Schultz And Arthur Rubinfeld On Sharing A Starbucks OrderSee a Map of the World Revealing Each Country’s Most Visited WebsiteInfographic: See How Much Water You’re Actually Consuming (It’s More Than You Think)BlackBerry Mulls Selling The Company In PiecesT-Mobile USA Beats Europe In Killing Data-Roaming FeesA Robot Train That Lets You Write Music With Magic MarkersFoxconn Accused Of Exploiting Student Labor To Make PS4sDo You Have A Crappy Plane Seat? Then You’re Eligible For A Chocolate Upgrade“Login And Pay With Amazon” Isn’t Really New. So What’s Different About It?Our 3-D Interactive Map Shows Fast Company Traffic In Real TimeWhy Startups Should Use Instagram For MarketingSee All 43 U.S. Presidents As Surreal WoodcutsA Poop Pill Could Change Your Life By Changing Your GutAirbnb Stands Up For Hosts’ Data Against New York Attorney General: UpdatedDesigning Great APIs Means Valuing LazinessWatch A Man Dance And Slow Down Time With An Orb Of LightWhy The Military Is Pushing To Green The GovernmentA Dead-Simple Intro To Programming For JournalistsIs Peer Review A Big Bad Joke?China Is Getting A Huge Online Education PlatformThis Map Shows What It Was Like To Fly In The Roaring ’20sBritish Researcher Gets $100,000 For Discovering Windows BugF*ck You Congress! This Website Lets You Vent Your Government Shutdown Frustrations“Type:Rider” Is The Ultimate Video Game About TypographyOne Of The Most Requested Google Maps Features Is Now Live: Directions For Multiple DestinationsDropcam Eyes the Connected Home with the Launch of A Bluetooth-Enabled CameraMcDonald’s Offers Original Kids’ Books With Happy MealsDogVacay Looks To Take A Bigger Bite Of The $11 Billion Pet Care IndustryA New Programming Language That Can Shape Our DNAJoin Our New Discussions About Social EntrepreneurshipA Beat Box Collector Chronicles The Rise and Fall of Drum MachinesOyin Handmade: Natural Hair And Body Products for the UnderservedLevel Money Wants To Be Mint For MillennialsLevel Money Wants To Be Mint For MillennialsFor Twitter, A Hit To Innovation Could Just Be Part Of Growing UpWhat Will It Take To Actually Build The Hyperloop?The Pin-Ups In This Calendar Are Wearing Only Spilled Milk But Nobody’s Crying About ItTweet At This Plant And Try To Coax It To GrowThe Disgusting Plastic Trash We Throw In The Ocean Looks A Lot Better When It’s ArtSee What Your Favorite Brands Really Would Look Like Under A Socialist RegimeKickstarting: A Digital Death Watch That Will Make You Feel More AliveKickstarting: A Digital Death Watch That Will Make You Feel More AliveA New Way To Measure Happiness Finds The True Happiest Countries In The WorldHave Us Save Your Messy Desk!Google Extends Its Vulnerability Reward Program To Open-Source SoftwareHow To Become As Interesting As Malcolm GladwellThe 20-Minute Exercise For Driving New GrowthTwitter’s @Eventparrot Will Message You News HeadlinesBut I Have An HR Department! 5 Reasons To Work With An Outside RecruiterInstagram’s $720 Million Print ButtonIf You Talk About Yourself All The Time, You Might Need More ConfidenceNative Ads, The Future, And YouSlaying The Dragon And Other Ways To Create Killer Content NarrativesThe Beth Comstock Way To Make Strange, Serendipitous ConnectionsA Gorgeous Map Of San Francisco, Stripped Of All The UrbanismA Gorgeous Map Of San Francisco, Stripped Of All The UrbanismBuildings, Production Values, Run High In New York Times’ Interactive Doc On High-RisesOne-Click Ordering For Passbook, Samsung Wallet LaunchesDid Twitter Prompt Uber To Offer Free Rides For Boston Students?No More Awkward Small Talk: The Refresh App Briefs You On Whoever You’re MeetingA Floating Home Reflects The Story Of The Many Who Lost TheirsPinterest Rolls Out Promoted Pins (And They Look A Lot Like Normal Pins)It’s Official: HopStop Drops Android SupportCabins In The WoodsFlickr’s Newest Feature: IOS Auto UploadsIs This The Future Of NYC Coworking?How Twitter Can Shatter Its Own Glass CeilingApple Rumor: Updated IPads Are Coming October 22BitTorrent On The Mysterious NSA-Related Billboards That Got N.Y. And Silicon Valley TalkingWith Comcast Partnership, Twitter Becomes A Social TV RemoteI Hear This Gallery of Oil Paintings Inside a Woman’s Ear Is Gross Yet FascinatingThe Next Step For U.S. Special Forces: Cybernetic ExoskeletonsSlowly But Surely, The IPhone 5S And 5C Are Coming To New CountriesEmoji Major No. 9: “Gravity” Opens (Emoji In Space)Design In 30 Seconds: Burberry On The Future Of RetailEmoji Major No. 9: “Gravity” Opens (Emoji In Space)Design In 30 Seconds: Burberry On The Future Of RetailElectronic Dance Music Meets Wall Street: SFX Entertainment Is Going PublicLook Out Melville! Burt’s Bees Vines the ClassicsStylish Bags That Charge Your Dead iPhone BatteryStylish Bags That Charge Your Dead iPhone BatteryWhich Tablet Screen Responds To Your Touch The Fastest?Watch Disney Transmit Sound Through Human TouchHow Domino Magazine Resurrected Itself As An E-Commerce StartupThese Chubby Fast Food Logos Will Make You Think Twice About Chowing DownCould A New “Privacy Generation” Change Our Surveillance Politics?Warning: Health Warnings On Cigarettes Might Make You Smoke MoreJack Dorsey: The Steve Jobs Of Twitter?This Anti-Distracted Driving Car Automatically Slows Down When The Driver Isn’t FocusedThe Phenomenon of “Phubbing” Revealed As A Marketing Campaign For A DictionaryStarbucks Trademarks “Duffin” For Its New Pastry, Gets A BatteringThis Secretive Studio Codes Its Google Calendar In LegoThis Secretive Studio Codes Its Google Calendar In LegoExperience Melbourne From Your Couch Through These Remote Control TouristsLiving Together Works For Startups. Can It Work For Facebook?9 Rules For Running A Productive Design CritiqueThese Graphic Redesigns Of Horror Classics Are Scarily GoodEvery Eighth Person Still Doesn’t Get Enough To EatTake A Trip To New York City’s Working Sawmill3 Top Hollywood Show Runners Explain Why They Love TwitterU.S. Adults Flunk Reading And Math And Being Smart At Stuff28 Ingenious Solutions To Our Climate WoesThe Computer Of The Future Will Be An Electronic Human BrainThese Eye-Popping Photos Show How They Get The Minerals That Power Your GadgetsDecade in Design: The Biggest Events Of 2005Decade in Design: The Biggest Events Of 2005Your Halloween Is Sorted With These Gory, iPhone-Enabled Costumes From An Ex-NASA EngineerGoogle Play Music All Access: Vamos A MexicoSamsung’s Galaxy Round Smartphone Comes Around The CurveThe Skill That Made Jesus A Great LeaderGoogle’s Creativity Secret: No Experience Required6 Of The Best, Boldest Uses Of Vine In MarketingWhy TV Execs Are Still Skeptical Of Twitter’s Power To Attract EyeballsWhat Multitasking Does To Your BrainFeedback Without The Fireworks: How Not To Be A Negative CreepShould Your Company Use “Zmail”? The Case For Inbox CurfewsThe Workday Secrets Of The World’s Most Productive PhilosophersMapping Creative Spaces Around The WorldMapping Creative Spaces Around The World