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Why Subscribers Still Pirate Game of ThronesWhy Subscribers Still Pirate Game of ThronesEminem Answers The Call of Duty With His New Video, “Survival”From E-Commerce To Cyberattacks, An Atlas Of The Digital UniverseFrom E-Commerce To Cyberattacks, An Atlas Of The Digital UniverseTurntable Is Banking On Live Performances To Turn Itself AroundPlay Edward Snowden Pacman And Other Pro-Privacy Games For FreeJony Ive Designed This Leica CameraNASA’s Space Gliders And The DIY Satellite RevolutionBendy Smartphones? Meh, But You’ll Love Next-Gen Bendy ElectronicsThis Mind-Blowing Illusion Sets A New Standard For Mind-Blowing IllusionsYahoo Mail Gets More Gmail-Like With RedesignNo Presidential Veto For Samsung Phone Import BanDollar Shave Club Raises $12 Million To Offer More Grooming ProductsThis 360-Degree Interactive Wingsuit Footage Is Like Your “Falling” Dream, But RealTwitter Defines Itself By What Facebook Isn’tGet Zombified With This Interactive Motion ComicAdjust The Height Of This Mirror With A Handy PulleyUltraHaptics May Be The Next Revolution In Touchscreen PhonesHow Failure Is One Of The Most Important Factors In SuccessCan Wearable Computers Revolutionize How We Learn To Code?Dynamic Duos: Marriott’s Arne Sorenson and Hotelier Ian Schrager On Marrying Business CulturesNow There’s A Smartwatch Made Just For KidsPayPal Now Lets You Shop in Stores With A QR CodeBBC Turns Educator, Streamer, Shopkeeper, And Futurist All In One DayThe Unbelievable Beauty Of Papercraft PlumageNew Google Glass Update Puts Transit Directions In Your Line Of SightMapping The New “Solidarity Economy” Of New York CityHot Properties: The 5 Sexiest Building DesignsHot Properties: The 5 Sexiest Building DesignsThe HTC One Max Will Have A Fingerprint Sensor, TooBanksy’s Latest New York City Masterpiece Is A Garden Inside A Delivery Truck“Carrie” Prank Freaks Out Coffee Shop Patrons With A Frightening Display Of TelekinesisA New App Reveals The Secrets Behind Van Gogh’s MasterpiecesSee Your Favorite Literary Classics Made Over As Pulp FictionGoogle and HP Launch New Chromebook6 Headaches That Nest’s Smoke Detector Finally CuresNest Reinvents The Smoke Detector With Less False-Alarm HassleHow The Makers Of “The Summit” Re-Enacted A Mountain TragedyDesign In 30 Seconds: Nike On Why Design MattersDesign In 30 Seconds: Nike On Why Design MattersFord Unveils A Car That Parks ItselfFirst Look: The 9 Winners Of Fab’s Latest Design CompetitionTanzania’s Modest Proposal: Shoot Elephant Poachers On The SpotPeter Higgs Shares Nobel Prize For Physics, But He Can’t Be FoundDoes Capitalism Work For You? Let The World KnowThe LIZ: A Plan To Get More Art Into Urban Public SpacesSuccessful Malaria Vaccine Trials May Mean A Preventative Cure For The DiseaseCan Flat Design Change An Entire Culture Built On Ornateness?Can Flat Design Change An Entire Culture Built On Ornateness?8 Tips For Creating Great Stories From George R.R. Martin, Junot Diaz, And Other Top StorytellersRanking The Best And Worst Countries For Older People To Live InMeet Looking Glass: The 2-D Tech That Could Crush 3-D PrintingiTunes Radio Is Going GlobalWatch A Compelling Short Film On How Technology Is Changing The Nature Of MoneyAre You A “Ghost Boss”? 4 Bad Boss Bloopers–And How To Fix ThemHow To Develop That Precious Thing Among Employees: LongevityWhy Changing Your Desk Changes The Way You WorkNielsen’s First TV Twitter Ratings Show We Love To Tweet About TVPlatform Aims To Boost Profile Of Minorities In TechYou’re A Survivor! Resiliency Lessons From Beyoncé, Destiny’s ChildA Simple, Science-Backed Way To Solve The Employee-Engagement ProblemAn Artist’s First Solo Show Bends Our Perception Of LightClose Your Eyes In “Gravity” To Hear The Next Frontier Of Cinema SoundDisconnect Tool Makes Your Google, Bing, And Yahoo Searches PrivateTwitter Subtly Tweaks Its Homepage To Attract New UsersAs Young Athletes, Nike’s Top Brass Hacked Their Own ShoesHand-Blown Tumblers, With A Sculptural TwistAs Young Athletes, Nike’s Top Brass Hacked Their Own ShoesYou Cannot Possibly Guess Which Movies Are Quentin Tarantino’s Top Ten for 2013Can Google Solve The Age-Old Problem Of Splitting Checks?Soon, Touchscreens At Malls And Stores Will Touch You BackWhy A 67-Year-Old World Famous Economist Is Collaborating With A YouTube Video MakerWhat Does A Brain Seizure Sound Like?Eat Fresh, Eat Mobile: Subway Is Launching Pay-By-Phone AppHow Foursquare Made Those Insane Data VisualizationsCheck Out The Redesigned $100 Bill That Begins Circulating TomorrowWhen WIll The Government Shutdown End? Place Your Bets NowBanksy Continues New York Takeover With Mobile Garden And “Rocket Attack” VideoRanting About Mobile Safari In iOS 7Finally, The Steampunk Coffee Shop You Always WantedFlying Between Washington And Colorado For Thanksgiving? The TSA Will Likely Let You Keep Your WeedFinally, The Steampunk Coffee Shop You Always WantedHow The YouTube Music Awards Could Change EverythingSurprise: The iPhone 5S Is America’s Top-Selling SmartphoneHow Santiago Merea went from buying lots of plastic bags to becoming CEO of the Orange Chef CompanyDisney’s Paper Generators Create Electricity Without BatteriesDisney’s Paper Generators Create Electricity Without BatteriesRussia Plans To Spy On All Of The Sochi OlympicsScribd Founder Envisions Google Glass-like Wearables For E-ReadingFacebook’s New User Data Partnership With Broadcasters Is Extending WorldwideLearn How Magnets Work By Watching This Short AnimationNew York Attorney General Demands Airbnb Hand Over Data On All NYC HostsSamsung’s Ads For Galaxy Gear Smartwatch Are Real And HereRon Burgundy Returns To Sell You A Dodge DurangoKilled By Digital: Photos Capture The Last Days Of Film ProjectionKilled By Digital: Photos Capture The Last Days Of Film ProjectionWarning: iTunes 11.1 Update Can Reportedly Delete Your Podcast LibraryInside Boulder’s Campaign For A Community-Owned Power SystemRe-Imagining Your Career, ConstantlyAlert: Gun Battle Ahead. A Mapping App To Navigate The Obstacles In LebanonHunt Poachers From Your PhoneHow Movies And TV Could Help You Quit Smoking Or Even Fight IllnessThis Brick Stores More Carbon Than It Takes To Make ItDecade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2004Decade In Design: The Biggest Events Of 2004What A Twitter-Controlled Coffeemaker Teaches Us About Home SecurityWhy Monsanto Just Spent $1 Billion To Buy A Climate Data CompanyWatch This Video Imagining A Future Of Surgeons Wearing Google Glass In The Operating RoomThom Yorke Returns To Beat Spotify With Vivid Flatulence AnalogyThis Is How Much The Government Owes Us In Taxes For The ShutdownHow I Taught Steve Jobs To Put Design FirstHow I Taught Steve Jobs To Put Design FirstWho’s Blocking New York’s Bike Lanes? New York’s Finest“Professor Dumpster” Is Moving Into A Garbage Can, And Bringing His StudentsNielsen Factors Tweets In TV Show RatingsRe-Imagining Iconic U.S. Skylines Based On Wealth InequalityThat Snooze Button Habit Is Putting Your Productivity To Sleep, So Quit Hitting ItFooda, A “Virtual Cafeteria” For Your Office, Expands To NYCArtifact: The Moment Twitter Met TVInside Twitter’s Vision For A TV-Powered, Profitable FutureBuyers Said To Be Circling BlackBerry–Including Google3 Weird Things Breakfast Does To Your BrainThe Science And Psychology Behind What Drives Serial EntrepreneursWhy Reading Tolstoy Will Make You A Better BossIs American Entrepreneurship In Trouble?This Revolutionary Tool Can Help Keep Employees Happy, Engaged, And On Your SideKnow Your Superpower? 5 Steps To Reaching Your Creative DestinySamsung Looks To “Star Trek,” “Knight Rider” In New Campaign For The Gear Smart Watch10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Robot Jellyfish Slaughter, Social Media Mastery, And MoreThis Is What Pharrell’s Casio Keyboard Would Look Like, If Discovered In 3013This Is What Pharrell’s Casio Keyboard Would Look Like, If Discovered In 3013Who Will Live In Facebook’s New Company Apartments?Google Patents A Digital Photo Frame With Visual Caller IDThe Recommender: Natalia Rodriguez, Exploiter Of Exclamation Points!These Self-Assembling Blocks Will Make Real-Life Transformers PossibleThese Self-Assembling Blocks Will Make Real-Life Transformers PossibleA Handmade Handbag, From A New Matchmaking Site For MakersTrick Or Treat: Rumors Say Google’s Smartwatch Is Set For HalloweenThe TipTop App Gives You The Best Of Everything In NYCWhich Huge Movie Star Is Most Hilariously Coiffed In These “American Hustle” Posters?Bill Gates Invests In Twitter Founder-Backed Vegan Meat StartupRap Genius Shows You How “Crunk,” “Twerk,” And “Shizzle” Have Been Used In Rap Lyrics Over TimeMakers: NYC Has Your BackRent Sick Snowboarding Gear Peer-to-Peer From The Spinlister AppScreaming Abe Lincoln Wants You to Visit IllinoisHey, Instagram Users: Science Confirms You’re Ruining Your MealSee The Stunning Robot Army Trailer That’s Got Hollywood’s AttentionAn Alien’s Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Washington, D.C., Looks Eerily Like TodayDesign In 30 Seconds: Master Advice From Wolff OlinsDesign In 30 Seconds: Master Advice From Wolff OlinsHow The Shutdown Puts NASA, The NIH, And Scientific Research At Long-Term RiskAn All-Star Delegation Of Dutch Designers Revamp The UN LoungeBankrupt Electronics Retailer TWTRQ’s Stock Skyrockets 1500% As Buyers Mistake It For TWTRThese Self-Assembling Cube Robots Are The Coolest Thing You’ll See TodayAll These Exploding Cars Will Make You Feel Different About Burning Teslas“L” Is For Formaldehyde Lamb: Damien Hirst Releases His First ABC BookCan The IPhone 5S Fingerprint Sensor Lead To Identity Theft?This Is The Robot That Will Hunt You When The Machines Make Us Their SlavesGuillermo Del Toro’s Couch Gag For “The Simpsons” Is a Monster (It’s All The Monsters)Hello Siri. Mind If I Call You Susan Bennett?The Amazing History Of London’s Most Enduring LogoThe Amazing History Of London’s Most Enduring LogoBest Buy Is Selling The IPhone 5C For $50 This WeekendCropMobster: An Early Warning System For Food That’s About To Be WastedIf You Build A House In Palo Alto, You’ll Now Need To Be Ready For An EVA Kickstarter To Teach Kickstarter Wannabes How To Launch A Successful KickstarterHow The Lego Foundation Is Saving Creativity By Getting Our Kids Playing In SchoolFuture Cities Of Floating Villas And Parks, Made From Ocean PlasticA Site For Borrowing Power Drills, Kitchen Equipment, And Anything Else You Can Think OfDynamic Duos: Samsung On Global Design InfluencesThese Beautiful Bracelets Were Made From Guns Taken From City StreetsApple Said To Buy Smart Calendar App Cue, Hints At A Future Beyond Siri3 Essential Tips For Redesigning An App For iOS 73 Essential Tips For Redesigning An App For iOS 7You Have To Stop Meeting Like This: How To Un-Process Your Counterproductive, Soul-Crushing ProcessesThis Incredibly Boring Company (Wait, Don’t Snooze Yet!) Is Crushing The Competition (Awake Now?)Meet WildCat, The Galloping Robot Animal And Future Soldier’s CompanionTime To Reboot Your Brand? Here’s HowEv Williams’ Formula For Creating Billion-Dollar CompaniesWhat Every Executive Can Learn From A Real CowboyA Top Nike Shoe Designer Walks Away From His Dream Job To Mentor Next-Gen Sneakerheads3 Million Users’ Credentials Leaked In Adobe HackHow To Quit Your Job With An Interpretative Dance Video And 11 Million Views5 Free Apps That Will Record Your Life, Read You The News, Make Flying Less Sucky, And Much MoreWhy Everybody’s Meetings Are Distracted, Egotistical, And PointlessHow The “Made In NY” Media Center Is Shaking Up The Incubator ModelHere’s How Kevin Systrom Plans To Make Instagram Ads Work23andMe’s Genetic “Calculator” Patent Lands On A Sensitive MarketBauhaus Meets Bacchanalia: The 2013 Innovation By Design Awards After-PartyBauhaus Meets Bacchanalia: The 2013 Innovation By Design Awards After-PartyTwitter IPO Filing: What You Need To KnowSilk Road’s Dread Pirate Roberts Charged With Murder, AgainHow Surgeons Might Use Google GlassThis Audio-Only Video Game Has Nothing “Video” About ItGoogle Acquires Flutter, A Motion-Control Startup That’s Like Kinect For Your ComputerA Web Dev Tool For Pro Designers Who Want Everything WYSIWYGFacebook Introduces Ads To InstagramCapitol Shooting Tests Twitter’s New Alert SystemCan You Find Zen In This 3-D Geometric Puzzle?Can You Find Zen In This 3-D Geometric Puzzle?Meet Walter Blanco And The Rest Of The Cast Of The Spanish Language “Breaking Bad” Remake50_Jenna WhitneyUpward Mobility: These Colorful Canes Have ClassCreepy Halloween-Style Masks Show The Terrifying Effects Of SmokingThe Case Against Drones That Deliver FoodSamsung, Did You Have To Spy On Apple And Nokia’s Licensing Deal?Let’s Talk About These Firey Amazon Phone RumorsCan You Hear The Train Coming Before It Mows You Down In This Rail Safety Campaign?This Artist Learned To Code By Building A Website Every Day For 180 DaysAn Architectural Bolt Of Inspiration, Or Lightning Struck Down?Fab Lays Off 101 Employees, Sets Eyes On Profitability In 2014Muzik’s Smart Heaphones Are Coming To Best BuyJawbone Explains How Wearables Will Go MainstreamWould You Want To Hear This New Circa News Sound Whenever News Breaks?See How Beautiful Video Game Worlds Are, Minus The Game PartBox Wants To Be Your Doctor’s Cloud ServiceFacebook Is Building A $120 Million Town For Its EmployeesFind A Security Glitch, And Yahoo Will Now Reward You With Cash, Not T-ShirtsWanted? The World’s Goofiest Sleeping Device Is Now For Kids, TooIntel Goes Hobbyist“Enough Said” Director Nicole Holofcener On Creating (Uncomfortably) Realistic CharactersBehind The Astor Place “Man In A Cube” Stunt That’s Promoting … MeditationThis Is A Tesla Model S, And It’s On FireTom Clancy’s 5 Big Rules For Writing And LifeDead Animal Magnetism: Taxidermy, As Told By Its Biggest Fan EverCooking And Cleaning Robots To Make Your Housework A Little LighterUnsealed Court Documents Show What Really Happened To Snowden’s Secret Email ServiceAnother Curved Smartphone? LG Preps The “G Flex”Canada Opens A $1 Billion Market For MarijuanaA Mobile Device That Uses Your Blood Or Spit To Quickly Detect DiseaseTo See The Future, Just Combine Random BuzzwordsThis Team of Veterans Took Vacation To Fix Colorado’s Flood Ravaged HomesHow To Grow A Monster Map Of Every Single Tree In BritainCan Colored Text Turn You Into an Online Speed-Reader?Climbers-Turned-Models Walk Tightrope Over Swiss Alps In Only Underwear For Paul SmithCan Colored Text Turn You Into an Online Speed-Reader?In The Wake Of Obamacare, A Tsunami of Health Care MarketingRedesigning New York’s Hidden Public Spaces To Create A More Resilient CityAdvice From VCs For Startups Navigating the Government ShutdownThese Robots Hunt Jellyfish–And Then Liquify Them With Rotating Blades Of DeathApple Wins Another Architectural Patent For Its Glass Cylinder StaircaseShirtless Americans Next To People From Skinnier Countries Show How Fat We AreNow More Than Ever, You Need This Illustrated Guide To Bad Arguments, Faulty Logic, And Silly RhetoricKleiner Perkins Launches Fellows Program to Attract Young Product ManagersRdio Now Offers Free, Customizable Radio ChannelsRadioactive Water Tank At Fukushima Plant Overflows Into The Pacific OceanCan Business Solve Poverty?What I Learned From Leaning Into The Boys Club10 Ways To Lose Your Best EmployeesWhy Bosses Think They’re Stressed When They’re NotAgileBits Ramps Up Security with Release of 1Password 4 for MacThe Crowdsourced Network: MTVAn Entrepreneur Opens Up About How She Fights Loneliness At WorkHow HootSuite CEO Ryan Holmes Is Building A Yoga-Loving Maple-Syrup MafiaSnapchat Attempts To Move On From Its Sexting Reputation With StoriesSimple, Direct, Honest, Personal, And Blunt: How The 5-Word Performance Review Works WondersThe Winners Of Our 2013 Innovation By Design AwardsThe Winners Of Our 2013 Innovation By Design AwardsIt’s Official: Music Gets Louder Every YearIt’s Official: Music Gets Louder Every YearYour Future Code May Run On Imperfect Circuitry, And That’s A Good ThingToy Stories: Model Planes And Ships That Speak For NorwayHave A Store? Facebook Wants You To Use “Facebook Wi-Fi”Toy Stories: Model Planes And Ships That Speak For NorwayUpdated: Idaho Prisoners Use Khan Academy Offline to Study for GEDsSee Real Animals Turned Into Eerie Statues By A Chemically Charged LakeFans Make Their Own Race Course In Real-Time Lexus GameDirector Liza Johnson on the Challenges of Adapting Alice Munro For “Hateship Loveship”An App That Uses Geometry To Help You Break Creative BlocksAn App That Uses Geometry To Help You Break Creative BlocksThe Invisible Future Of Wearables, According To JawboneThe Invisible Future Of Wearables, According To Jawbone63% Of Americans, 70% Of Millennials Are Cybercrime VictimsDynamic Duos: Flipboard’s Mike McCue and Marcos Weskamp On Spiraling Toward SolutionsDynamic Duos: Flipboard’s Mike McCue and Marcos Weskamp On Spiraling Toward SolutionsNike’s 5 Lessons On Innovation By DesignNike’s 5 Lessons On Innovation By DesignPantech’s Fingerprint-Enabled Mobile Payment Points Down The Road To Apple’s FutureWhet Your Appetite (Ew) For The New Season Of “The Walking Dead” With “The Oath” WebisodesThe Black Market Drug Site Silk Road Is Shuttered–And Its Owner Is ArrestedIs There Really Some Guy Living In The Astor Place Cube?Honda Puts Snack Brands On Notice With Twitter-Based Vacuum CampaignFitbit’s New Quantified Self Gizmo Tracks Your Sleep And AltitudeEyeSpy Gamifies The Vision TestEmoji Major No. 8: An Emoji Upgrade For Katy PerryAuthor Tom Clancy Has DiedBitTorrent Experiments With Secure ChatThis Is What Everyday Dudes Look Like Posed As Underwear Sex GodsYou Can Now Pre-Order Windows 8.1A Little Bribery To Increase Hygiene–Toys Hiding In SoapBanksy Launches “Artist Residency” On The Streets Of New YorkNASA Discovers Tupperware Ingredient In Other Parts Of The Solar SystemBe A Mini Le Corbusier With This United Nations Lego SetBe A Mini Le Corbusier With This United Nations Lego SetCoding Is An Art–Software People Should Learn “Art Thinking”Over 100 Indian Monuments Coming To Google’s Street ViewApple TV Rumors Get Some Buzz With A New HireCreating A Salesforce For Products In Africa By Turning Young People Into SalespeopleCan Good Design Help You Get Laid?High School Hacking Lessons To Create “Google-Ready” StudentsA Sucker Is Born Every Minute. FeeX Wants To Make Sure Your Bank Doesn’t Treat You Like OneDriving A More Fuel-Efficient Car Will Get Guys More LadiesWill GMO Labeling Raise Your Grocery Store Bill?Of Mice, Meth, And Memories: Scientists Pull A “Spotless Mind” On RodentsHow Hackers And Violent Soccer Fans Helped Fuel The Arab SpringPressure On Bill Gates To Finally Let His Grip On Microsoft GoCan You Tell Which of These Upworthy Headlines Is Fake? The Results Will Change Your LifeThe Ultimate Beer Infographic Just Got Even More UltimateCan Playing With Lego Make You More Creative?The Most Extraordinary Lego Creations You’ve Ever SeenApple’s iPad Mini With Retina Display Rumored To Come Later Rather Than SoonerTwitter’s Jack Dorsey Tweets With President Hassan Rouhani About A Freer IranWith Its Latest Acquisition, Staples Bets On Shopping PersonalizationHow To Work 50 Hours A Week And Still Have Plenty Of Time For YourselfThe Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every Brand: Engage And FlourishThe Tinkering Secret To Greater ProductivityConquer Your Fear Of Missing Out By Focusing On The PresentSale Of Washington Post To Jeff Bezos Finalized6 Ways To Create More Harmonious Work And Love RelationshipsTo Find Better Ideas, Become A MatchmakerWhy We Need Health-Care Business Innovation More Than EverWith Spin, Your Once-Awkward Video Chats Come Alive