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Can J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler Turn Warby Parker Into The Next Apple Retail Store?Inspired By The Past, The New Yorker Redesigns Itself For The Future10 Tips For Managing Creative PeopleFast Company is hiring an Associate Manager of Digital Revenue (Advertising) OperationsNokia Announces October 22nd Event, Possibly For A Lumia PhabletMicrosoft Tries To Reassure Investors With Dividend HikeSyrian Rebels Use An App To Aim Their Homemade MortarsOpen Sesame: A Jewelry Replacement For Subway FarecardsAhead of iOS 7’s Release Tomorrow, Apple Offers Legacy Apps To Support Older DevicesWith The Belkin Builder Case, Your iPhone Becomes A Lego Brick“How I Failed” By Tim O’ReillyVolkswagen Revisits The Classic “Take On Me” Video In New CampaignThe Push To Bring Microcontrollers To The Web Yields A New Arduino IDEThe World’s First 3-D Scanner For iPad Is Blowing Up On KickstarterGoogle Change Could Give Consumers More Privacy And Control Over How They’re TrackedGoogle Expands Wallet To Most U.S. Android DevicesMadonna, Vice, BitTorrent Launch PartnershipThe Lost Generation: Portraits Of India’s Vanishing JobsCDC: “We Will Soon Be In A Post-Antibiotic Era”Fiat Brazil Brings The Dealership To Your Home With Live StoreOh, My: George Takei Explains Google Glass to Your MomAnger Spreads Faster On Social Media Than Any Other Emotion6 Cities That Are Great At SharingThis Video Game Headgear Can Be Used For Virtual Reality Art ShowsHumanity’s Bleak, Phantasmagoric Future, Sealed Beneath GlassWhat Happens When You Infuse Philanthropy With Tech Entrepreneurial Spirit?Dennis Rodman’s Ad Mocking His Own North Korean Adventure Is “Nuts”J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler Joins Warby Parker Board Of DirectorsLegendary Mac Designer: The iWatch Isn’t Enough To Save AppleProject Fusion: Anton Willis & Team Refine Oru KayakThis Ad Will Frighten You Into Learning First AidUse Your Words: Rosetta Stone Launches Apps For PreschoolersTurning Urban Infrastructure Into ArtKleenex’s Flu Prediction Tool Will Tell You When You’re Going To Get SickAirbnb Hires Boutique Hotelier Chip Conley To Boost Its HospitalityWhat The U.S. Can Learn From Germany’s Costly Clean Energy PushTrapped? This Device Can Hear Your Heartbeat Under 30 Feet Of RubbleInstead Of Pushing Ads, This App Pushes PoetryWhy Google Should Ditch Consumers And Sell Glass To Enterprise InsteadA Q&A With Anton WillisA Q&A With Anton WillisThe New Spam Tactic: Twitter Lists“Star Trek” Celebrates Streaming Release By Teleporting Mall-GoersPolyvore Eyes E-Commerce Beyond Fashion With Expansion Into Home DesignMatt Oswalt’s “Puddin'” Brings Darkness To Office Comedy And YouTubeNow Uber Lets You Share Your ETA With FriendsInfographic: Where NFL Quarterbacks Throw The Most PassesMIT Researchers Unveil A New, Smarter Way To 3-D PrintMinerva University, a “Startup Ivy,” Will Cost $10,000The Battle Over Airbnb Moves To Los AngelesOn The Modern Farm, Drones And Tractors Work Side By Side4 Persuasion Tricks Facebook Uses To Keep You From QuittingWell That Was Quick: Iran Blocks Facebook And Twitter Again After Brief “Glitch”These Tiny Wooden Houses Are The College Dorm Of The FutureWhy Is Google Working With A Group That Undermines Climate Change Laws?Fracking May Be Making Colorado’s Flood Disaster Even Worse4 Big Trends Shaping The Future Of Design4 Creative Lessons From The Studios Of Famous ArtistsThe Ultimate Breakthrough In Time Management–Physics!Bing Plays Catch Up To Google With A Redesign And New LogoIn The New Age Of PR, Every Company Competes With ContentApple’s New Ad Shows iPhone 5S’s Colors Off To PerfectionThe Simple Way To Leave Your Stress At WorkHow To Solve Onboarding’s Awkward Alienation ProblemHow PopVox Helps People Scream Less, Think Smarter About Politics8 Unobvious Ways To Have Way More Energy At Work5 Startup Mistakes I’ll Never Make AgainHow To Manage A Flexible Workforce, And Make Sure Work-At-Home Employees Keep InnovatingA Groovy Wall Poster That Doubles As A Giant Night Light3 New Ways Brands Can Reach Today’s ConsumerHow You Can Help With The Devastating Floods In ColoradoSoma, The World’s Most Beautiful Water Filter, Is Now For SaleCan Angry Birds Teach Children Math, Science, Music, Language, and More?Now You Can Take An Eye Exam On Google GlassSprint Offers iPhone 5C Free for New CustomersReddit’s /findnavyyardshooters Mocks Online VigilantismInfographic: What Amazon Users Are Buying On VinylA Social Media Summit Grows In AfghanistanA Twitter Redesign To Attract Non-Techies Is On The WayPurrfectly Odd: Iran Wants To Launch A Persian Cat Into SpaceEarly Analysis: Apple’s Colorful iPhone Gamble Is Paying OffWhich Vodka Brand Has The Best Bottle?Which Vodka Brand Has The Best Bottle?How Does Netflix Determine What Shows To Buy? By Looking At What’s Being PiratedVirgin Mobile Lets You Control Its Ad By Blinking Your EyesThe Bump App Now Belongs To GoogleCanon’s “Inspired” Wins Emmy For Best CommercialChili’s Is Installing Touchscreen Tablets At Tables To Get You To Buy More FoodFootwear Origami That Could Save Millions Of LivesFootwear Origami That Could Save Millions Of Lives“Funfair In Your Mouth” Is The Japanese Answer To Getting Kids To Eat Their VeggiesTokyo Apple Store Gives Fans Shelter From The TyphoonThese Tiny, Personal Submarines Take The Next Step Toward Making Everyone An ExplorerCould This Smarter Syringe Prevent The Spread Of HIV?Disney’s Software Could Let You 3-D Print Your Own Mechanical ToysButt Wipes Are Getting Major Face Time In Dollar Shave Club’s New Ads Featuring NFL CentersHow Many Facebook Messages, Tweets, And Phone Calls Does It Take To Fall In Love?The First 3-D-Printed Gun Is Already A Museum PieceUsing Artificial Intelligence, Japan Just Launched A Rocket On The CheapHigh-Flying Visions Of The Golden Age Of Air TravelSkype With Whales On Your Computer For A Relaxing AfternoonWhat’s Killing Poor White Women: Smoking And A MysteryUse This Rubber Ducky To Track Out Where Our Ocean Plastic Is GoingDo Bike Lanes Actually Speed Up Car Traffic?NSA Spies on Credit Card Transactions With “Follow The Money” DivisionDstillery Is Picasso In The Dark Art Of Digital AdvertisingThese Are America’s Best Public BathroomsBrazil’s Growing Startup Scene Works Inside A Real-Life Metaphor: Abandoned MansionsSocial Advertising: How Twitter Can Compete With FacebookThe 50 Dirtiest Power Plants In The U.S. Generate More Pollution Than Most CountriesGeo-Tag Your Most Important Places In This Map Of MemoriesWhy Your Boss Cares If You’re HappyBuy This Gorgeous Better-Than-Brita Water Filter That Began On KickstarterWatch A Girl Age Into An Old Woman Before Your EyesWatch A Girl Age Into An Old Woman Before Your EyesUpworthy Is Doubling Its Staff After $8 Million Series A Funding RoundPhotoshopping The Future: Take A Look At The World That Awaits Us In 2050Leatherface From “Chainsaw Massacre” Takes Us Back To That Sweltering, Smelly House Of HorrorStreaming Music App Rdio Partners With Traditional Radio StationMicrosoft Pulls Its Terrible Anti-IPhone Parody VideosWhat Jonathan Trappe And 370 Helium-Filled Balloons Teach Us About Following Our Dreams, Physics Be DamnedIs There Life After Email? Yes, And It’s Amazing“I Didn’t Know” Is Not A Valid Excuse“House Of Cards” Producer Dana Brunetti On What Hollywood Can Teach Startups About CollaborationThe Science Behind What Naps Do For Your Brain–And Why You Should Have One TodayHow The PC Industry Failed To Best Apple (Again)What To Do When Leaving An Awful Company3 Ways To Lend Decisiveness To Your DecisionsHey, Startup Founders: You’re Networking WrongAre You And Your Company Ready For The Voice-Recognition Revolution?10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Email Faux Pas, Japan’s Startup Culture, And More12 Of The Smartest People On Twitter This WeekFor Yom Kippur, Synagogue Invites Congregation To Tweet Their SinsCurious About Image Quality On The IPhone 5S? Burberry Can Show YouA New Exhibition Pays Tribute To Fashion’s Queer HistoryArchitect Modernizes A German Museum, With Lots And Lots Of ScaffoldingAirbnb Releases First Short Film Made Entirely of VinesJudging By Availability (Or Lack Thereof), Yellow Is the Most Popular iPhone 5C ColorKeep Your Social Networking Out Of My BookWe’re Making A Dangerous Gamble With Our Backward Looking Energy PolicyInside The Hammerhead, An Urban Cyclist’s Dream DeviceAn Adorable Travel Humidifier, Shaped Like A HouseMan Fails In His Attempt To Float Across The Atlantic With BalloonsWoman Calls Suicide Hotline To Help A Friend, Gets Told To “Google It”Preserving Tweets the Prehistoric Way: On PaperEnrollment In Harvard’s Intro To Computer Science Jumped 590% In 10 YearsDynamic Duos: J. Crew’s Libby Wadle And Jenna Lyons On TensionDynamic Duos: J. Crew’s Libby Wadle And Jenna Lyons On TensionTwitter Is Handing Out Stock To Keep Employees HappyNourish Your Inner Darwin With An App That Lets You Visit the GalapagosHow To Make A Cannes Contender: Chipotle’s “Back to the Start”Somehow, This Ad About Pooping In Public Is RealWhat It Really Takes To Succeed In Silicon Valley: Money And StatusWhy Lego Design Principles Don’t Work On SmartphonesWhy Lego Design Principles Don’t Work On SmartphonesThese Pics Of Candy Will Give You A Serious Sugar BuzzChipotle Mows Down Big Agriculture With New Film and Interactive Game3 Productivity Tips From Ever-Busy Director Shane SalernoKickstarting: A Revolutionary Shovel Design That Won’t Break Your BackA Mobile Wallet For The UnderbankedWalmart Is Making Its Suppliers Reveal And Phase Out Toxic ChemicalsNSA Allegedly Pretended To Be Google To Pull Off Some SpyingIt Just Got A Little Bit Harder To Get A Celebrity’s Attention On TwitterGoogle’s Deal With The Pentagon For Cheap Jet Fuel Is OverStop Staring At The Gym Wall And Start Running Through The Grand Canyon (At The Gym)This Drone Defibrillator Can Fix Your Heart In The Middle Of NowhereAll 80 Original “Star Trek” Episodes Rendered As Movie PostersHow Buildings That Imitate Earth’s Creatures Could Save Us From OurselvesStay Safe: Use A “USB Condom”Ray Dolby, The Man Who Took The Hiss Out Of Sound, Is DeadGoogle’s Coder Tool Turns A Raspberry Pi Into A Web Server For…CodingFingerprints Are Passé. Use Your Heartbeat To Unlock Your PhoneWhat Old Family Photo Albums Teach Us About CreativityThree Productivity Tips from the Ever-Busy Shane SalernoGrowing Bricks To Reduce Construction’s Nasty Carbon ImpactHow to Write A “Simpsons” Episode, According to Original Show Writer Al Jean10 Of The Weirdest Questions Scientists Asked (And Answered) This YearChipotle’s Brilliant New Anti-Factory Farm Ad, With Fiona Apple Singing Willy Wonka’s “Pure Imagination”This Pop-Up Repair Shop Shows That Not Everything Has To Be Thrown Away5 Things Twitter Needs To Do Before Its IPOSee Your Life Story Told In Pop-Hued ChartsMake Your Own High-Fructose Corn Syrup With This DIY RecipeThe Companies That Are Doing The Most (And Least) About The ClimateTake It From TV Networks: Brand Ownership Is Never A Sure Thing6 Ways To Be A Hemingway-Level Productive BadassWhy You Should Build A Fortress Around Your BusinessFacebook Really Wants You To Watch Videos In The News FeedAre Star Performers The Only Employees Who Matter?5 Free Apps That Will Kill Spam, Help You Get Fit, Make You A Wine Expert, And Much MoreRun, Run, Run, Then Unplug On Sunday Morning: Productivity Tips From The UndergroundExchange Your Old IPad… For A Microsoft Surface Tablet?Are Robots Going To Kill Your Next Job Or Create It?Twitter Has Filed For An IPOMeet “Cortana,” Microsoft’s Answer To SiriIs The iPhone’s M7 Chip The Key To Making Apple Maps Not Suck?How Twitter Can Help Gamblers Beat The SpreadNASA Confirms: Yes, Voyager Has Exited The Solar SystemMeineke Gets a Major Brand Overhaul–And a Visit From Kid PresidentThe Biomorphic Reason Why Dismembered Fingers Can’t Unlock Your iPhone 5SOf Course Nick Offerman Carved His New Book Out Of WoodAdvertising On Porn Sites Works, Just Ask Eat24Huddle Is Stepping On Dropbox’s TurfJawbone Raises $93 Million To Meet Red-Hot Consumer DemandCanal+ Sends In The ClownsFour Lessons In Resilience From DetroitPatent Suggests Google Is Designing A More Normal-Looking Google GlassInteractive Mosaic of Canada Is Also a Heat Map of Happiness And Other EmotionsCrazy Thin: See 6 Insane Ways To Lose WeightThis Unstealable And Indestructible Bike Light Is The Last One You’ll Ever Need To BuyVolvo Hires A Hamster to Drive a Very Large Truck Up a Very Dangerous RoadIs Fab More MoMA Or Spencer’s Gifts?Is Fab More MoMA Or Spencer’s Gifts?This Is Perhaps The Best Use Of Drones YetHow Fiction Influences Science, According to Google Creative Lab’s Robert WongNASA Has Already Spotted Three Asteroids It Could Catch And Bring To The MoonDogfish Head Brings Beer And Food Pairings To The SupermarketWalmart Will Sell iPhone 5C For $79, The iPhone 5S For $189Meet Your Future Memory, The InternetLucky’s Editor Eva Chen Wants To Build A Magazine You Can Talk ToA New Underclass: The People Who Big Data Leaves BehindFallen And Can’t Get Up? These New Sensors Have Already Sounded The AlarmWhat The Frack? This Great Video Explains Everything You Need To Know About FrackingMcDonald’s Is Testing An App That Lets You Order And Pay Via SmartphoneKids Are Getting So Obese, We Need A New Weight Category For ThemWalmart’s Platform For Female-Owned Businesses Is Surprisingly ExcitingMarissa Mayer Says Turning Yahoo Around Begins With Hiring The Right PeopleRicky Gervais Tells A Story About How He Learned To WriteSamsung: Our Smartphones Will Have 64-Bit Chips, TooWhy Yves Béhar Redesigned His SodaStream BottleLovely Lampshades That Double As StorybooksA Better Kind Of School Building To Replace Classes In TrailersTaste The London Underground With This Synesthesia Subway MapTaste The London Underground With This Synesthesia Subway MapIs The Economy Better? Ask The Top 1%: They Ate The Whole RecoveryYou Can Buy This Underground Las Vegas Bomb Shelter Shaped Like A House With A YardThese Photos Reveal The Hidden Beauty In Abandoned America“The government blew it.” Mark Zuckerberg And Marissa Mayer Talk NSA Surveillance5 Ways To Avoid Failure, From Social Enterprises That Didn’tDon’t Send Yet! 9 Email Mistakes You’re Probably Making–And How To Fix ThemThe Myths Of Creativity: Building A Better MousetrapCould A $1,000 Fund For First Graders Make College A Reality?Why Everybody’s Going FreelanceFor Real Workplace Engagement, Empower Every Employee To Be An Entrepreneur3 Strategies For Managing Life’s Many Big (And Small) TransitionsYour Brain Still Sucks At Using ComputersRocky Start? Colorado Adopts A New State Logo, With A Few BumpsRocky Start? Colorado Adopts A New State Logo, With A Few BumpsFashionable Press-On Nails That Banish The Boring ManicureExperience TravelPandora Appoints Former Microsoft Exec Brian McAndrews As New CEO, Chairman, And PresidentUnauthorized Movie Filmed Guerrilla-Style At Disney World Apparently Heading For a Theater Near YouProject Fusion Front PageProject Fusion Front PagePlaying Defense, Nest Enters Patent-Licensing Agreement With Intellectual VenturesWhat If You Could Pluck The Strings Of The Brooklyn Bridge?You Can Now Print Any Food You Want, As Long As It’s AlgaeResearchers Have Converted DNA Into A Programmable, Sticky GlueHow Three Non-Designers Made The Most Beautiful Weather App We’ve Ever SeenWhy Apple’s iBeacon Is Better Than NFCThis Digitally Rendered Time-Lapse Video Condenses a Lifetime Into 5 MinutesWhat Not To Do On 9/11, Starring AT&T, The $9.11 Newspaper Deal, OthersAmnesty International’s Burning Paper Figures Mimic Actual Abuse Inflicted On PeopleThe iPhone 5C Reminds Us Of…Best Buy CEO Sells $17 Million In Stock To Pay For DivorceTeenagers Are Mapping Brazil’s Slums… With KitesVirgin Media Is Giving TiVo Users Access To NetflixEmoji Major No. 5: “Friday Night Lights”-FNL for NFL SeasonNike Football Splits the Difference Between Calvin Johnson and DiddyHow To Capture And Curate Colors You See Every DayZipcar’s Co-Founder On How Transportation Is The Ultimate SolutionDisney Created A Microphone That Turns Your Body Into A Walkie-TalkieGoogle Glass Will Change The Way You Watch BaseballA Kickstarter Crusade To Get Men To Stop Telling Women To SmileThe Best Wedding Party Ever, Captured At 160 Frames Per SecondBlackbar: An Ingenious Puzzle Game That Critiques CensorshipCan Nokia Really Survive For Another 150 Years?In-Flight Wi-Fi Is Getting Six Times Faster And Easier To FindDynamic Duos: Michael Bloomberg And Janette Sadik-Khan On The Future Of Walking, Biking, And DrivingDynamic Duos: Michael Bloomberg And Janette Sadik-Khan On The Future Of Walking, Biking, And DrivingThe Loneliness Of The Female CoderDirector Brad Morrison Reveals How He and Jimmy Kimmel Made The Best Twerk Fail Video. Ever.How Wearable Computers Force Tech To Think FashionApple Experimented With Colored iPhones Years AgoCan The Lowly Oyster Protect New York City From Floods?Is It Time For Apple To Update App Store Pricing Rules?This Sex Worker Flash-Mob Dance Video Has An Extra TwistThe Most Realistic Fake Eggs In Existence Are Now On SaleWhat Countries Are Most Anxious About Around The WorldMeet The Inspiring Woman Breaking News About Syria As She Reinvents Digital JournalismGet A Glimpse Inside The Motorola Moto X Factory With Google Street ViewAn Immersive, Cinematic Approach To Showcasing Architecture OnlineEver Been Twitter/Email/Facebook-Hacked? You’re Not AloneA Marketplace Where No Good Code Goes To WasteDirector Nabil Elderkin On How To Direct A Music VideoA Mobile Community Space In A Box, To Create A More Resilient DetroitAutonomous Vehicles, Big Data, And 3-D Printing Are All Nearing The Top Of The Hype CycleThe 10 Most Livable Cities In The WorldAnnouncing The 54 Finalists In Our Innovation By Design AwardsApple Gets Regulator’s Approval To Sell iPhones Through China MobileInternet Of Things Project “Hello Lamp Post” Was A Huge SuccessMy Life In Wearable TechnologyUncovering Talent: A New Model For Inclusion And Diversity7 Ways To Cut Stress For More Success In Just 15 MinutesTrumaker is Part Lyft, Part Avon, and All About Fit5 Things That Will Make Your Desk (And Job) More AwesomeThat Precious “Me Time” Is Hiding In Plain SightIs Slow Service The Way To Win Customers’ Hearts And Wallets?How Awkward People Can Start Non-Awkward Conversations