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First Stop And Frisk, Now Stop And Tweet? Cops Get Their Own Social NetworkFreestyle Rap Platform Goes Beta Tonight With A Record Deal From Tommy BoyAmazon Launches Kindle Reader With Goodreads IntegrationDigitize Your Large-Format Film At A Fraction Of The Price With This DIY ScannerHow Mark Pincus Is Turning Gaming Addiction To Social GoodNow You Can Make Your Tweets Self-DestructNaked Charm: Nudie Playing Cards Get A Contemporary ShuffleMore Than An Office, Teenage Engineering’s Minimalist Garage Is A Tinkerer’s ParadiseGraphene Really May Be The Secret To Post-Silicon ChipsWhat Counting Diamonds And Steve Jobs Taught Guy Kawasaki About How To Enchant CustomersWhen Will Smartwatches Stop Being Dumb And Start Being Actually Smart?Nike Drops First Official Teaser For New Snowboard Film “Never Not”Volvo President Does His Own Stunts In Death-Defying Product DemoWill The Formula For Amazon’s Success Carry Over To The Washington Post?A Split-Personality Mirror Made For Sharing The BathroomHashtags Make Your Facebook Posts Less Likely To Go ViralThe Illustrated Man: Artist Tomi Ungerer Takes On Nazis, Nudes, And Children’s BooksGoogle’s Next Android OS Is Called KitKat… After The CandyBe a Hacker Or Just Look Like One: Programming Education Promises A Ticket To Six-Figure Salaries In Just Three MonthsVimeo Partners With Toronto International Film Fest To Offer Filmmakers $1.5M In SupportThe Tech Industry Is In A Rut As Investors Wait For The Next Big ThingApple Confirms September 10th Event, Colorful New iPhones LikelyEmojify Converts Your Photos Into Smileys, Ghosts, And Poo“Cameron Porn” Brings You Porn With A Focus On PlotsMindstorms EV3 Tips And Tricks From The Creator Of Lego Wall-ECEO Character Study: Nokia’s Steve Versus Microsoft’s SteveCONFRONTING THE TRAVEL BOOKING EXPERIENCEKFC Starts Selling Deep-Fried SoupThese Grisly Meat Sculptures Are Made Out Of Hand-Me-Downs#Payback: Disgruntled Customer Burns @British_Airways With Promoted TweetFailed Icon Of Social Housing Becomes New Home For Former InmatesKindle MatchBook: Re-Purchase your Library from Amazon for $2.99 or lessA New Doc Addresses The Eternal Question: Why Do People Throw Sneakers Onto Power Lines?Privacy App Pinpoints Your Exact Location Using Social MediaThey Really Are Building A Giant Ice Wall To Stop Radioactive Leaks At Fukushima5 Profound Insights On Success From A Wharton Prof Devoted To Understanding ItHow To Recruit And Run A Remote TeamWhy The Next Big Thing In Computing Is ConversationThe Unlikely Return Of Vinyl Records, And How Indie Musicians Are Making Money On ThemThe DEA Is Collecting More Phone Info Than The NSAShould We Teach Literature Students How To Analyze Texts Algorithmically?5 Weird Fabrics That Could Cut Fashion’s FootprintLessons In Extreme Collaboration From Occupy Wall Street And “99%”Volunteering Makes You HappierHow Little “Nudges” In The Supermarket Could Encourage People To Eat BetterWe’re Bad At Recycling Because We Think Most Recyclables Are TrashThe Owlet Is The Newest Wearable Health Tracker–And It’s Just For BabiesHacker Gets $12,500 For Finding A Way To Delete Anyone’s Facebook Photos3 Hidden Killers Of Sustainability ProgramsMark Zuckerberg And Sergey Brin’s Breakthrough Life Science Prize Nominations Now OpenA.1. Steak Sauce Offers World’s First VIP Sauce CardNow There’s A Hospital-Based Treatment Facility for Internet AddictsThese Apocalyptic Dioramas Show Us How The World Could End–In Dollhouse SizesWith “Connect” Feature, Spotify Tries To Move Beyond Smartphones And Into Your Living RoomInside The Magical Patch That Gives You A Powerful Anti-Mosquito Force FieldHaunting Instagram Portraits Of All The Public Schools That Chicago Shut DownElaborate Tapestries Woven From Forgotten Computer ThoughtsMagSafe For Headphones Is Here (And Patents Have Already Killed It)Verizon Buys Back Remaining Shares Of Verizon Wireless From VodafoneThe Best Businesses For Workers, And The Perks They OfferHow To Make A Talking Dog Video That Will Be Seen And Shared By MillionsTop HTC Executives Allegedly Stole Trade Secrets, Hoped To Start A New CompanyMicrosoft Is Buying Nokia’s Phone BusinessAn Oral History Of Apple DesignHiatus Interruptus: Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” Return And The Art Of Reentering WorkWhy Being Awesome At School Can Make You Terrible At WorkCan Everest Make Your Dreams Come True?Quick Fixes For Flowing Purposefully Through Your WorkdayHand Over Your Inbox, And Other Ways To Let A Great Assistant Maximize Your Productivity19 Of The Smartest People On Twitter This WeekCan The “GitHub For Science” Convince Researchers To Open-Source Their Data?Another Desktop Factory Promises To Print And Mill Its Way Into Your HeartJay Z, Run DMC, And Skrillex Bring The Noise In The Trailer For Ron Howard’s “Made In America” Concert DocumentaryThe Replicants Are Coming: An Artist Creates Creepy 3-D Printed FacesA Man Documents His Life, One 3D Object At A TimeDoes Nasdaq’s CEO Understand Computers At All?E-Books Could Be The Future Of Social MediaU.S. Intelligence Agencies Will Begin Publishing The Number Of Surveillance Orders They Request Each YearWhat If Wes Anderson Made A Surf Movie?Kickstarters Want To Murder The MouseApple, We Deserve To Know If We’ve Agreed To %*$& SomeoneApple, We Deserve To Know If We’ve Agreed To %*$& SomeoneYes, FOMO Is Now A Word In The DictionarySee The Leaked Screenshots Of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear Smartwatch AppHit The Streets of Tokyo Without Leaving InstagramWith Dog-E-Glow Accessories, Your Pet Is The King Of CoolMcDonald’s Serves Happy Meals On NFC-Enabled Interactive Happy TablesThe Best Camera For A Child May Be One They Have To BuildThis Crazy Farm Tool Of The Future Carries People, Ploughs Soil, And Generates ElectricityHawaiian Airlines Says “Aloha” To iPad Minis For In-Flight EntertainmentA Biased Map Of Every Global Protest In The Last 40+ YearsAn Unexpected Charter School Effect: Fewer Experienced TeachersIf Medical Research Isn’t Doing What You Want, Fund Your OwnThe Surprising Top 5 States Where Installing Solar Panels Will Get You Serious CashNike Heads List Of Most Popular Firms For Creative AgenciesWhy Aren’t There More Pro-Environment Sports Stars?The 5 Best Free Apps To Get The Most Out Of Your Labor Day WeekendWhy An Indie Dance Band Made An Anti-NSA Protest SongWatch Greenpeace Try To Stop Oil Drilling In The Arctic With A Daring ProtestTurn Your Slow Bicycle Into A Turbo-Charged Electric Speed DemonWhich Architect Will Win The 2017 World Expo?Visualizing How New York City Heats Up In The SummertimeWho’s The Best Person To Fast-Track Your Career?Facebook To Add Profile Pictures to Its Facial Recognition TechnologyOn The Other Side Of The Kickstarter Economy, Projects Are The CustomersNavy SEAL Lessons For Operating Successfully As A TeamMeet The Team That Picked Group Lunches Over $3,000 BonusesHow To Design A Better Office For Both Introverts And ExtrovertsFrom A Journalist Who Turned To Selling Airplanes, A Lesson On How To Adapt Your CareerWhy Yahoo’s “30 Logos In 30 Days” Campaign Is Actually Brilliant RebrandingOkkervil River’s Will Sheff On How To Market Yourself As An Indie Rock Band In 2013Facebook, Pandora, Flickr, Autodesk Go Head To Head In Lego’s Robot Building CompetitionFinally, An Affordable 3-D Printer Big Enough To Print More Than TrinketsCyberskin Will Give You Real-Life Spidey SenseWhy Not Put Green Roofs On Buses?Will Google Glass Ever Look Good?Spies, Cyberwar, And Secret Prisons: America’s Secret $52 Billion Intelligence Budget RevealedWatch A 170-Year-Old Sofa Balance On One LegWho Needs A 3-D Printer? This Dining Set Was Manufactured By Home AppliancesWatch A 170-Year-Old Sofa Balance On One LegYouTube, And The Trouble With View CountsWhy Kobo Thinks Customers Will Buy Fancy E-Book ReadersA Student-Built Autonomous Drone Boat Is Crossing The Atlantic Right Now, And You Can Track It OnlineFormer Tumblr Media Evangelist Mark Coatney Becomes Al Jazeera America’s First Senior VP Of Digital MediaNike Unveils A High-Tech Sweatshirt, Inspired By Surfing GearWere The Syrian Electronic Army’s Leaders Exposed By Sloppy Registration Data?A Photog Peeks Into Examples Of Ethical Factory LaborCondé Nast’s Cult Design Magazine Domino Is Coming Back As An E-Commerce StoreFoursquare Now Knows Where You Are, What To Do There, Even If You Don’tWith Samsung Boost, Peel Blossoms To 25M UsersCancer Charity Finds Unlikely Inspiration Among Prisoners In New Campaign From PeruMillennials Are Actually Optimistic About The Prospect Of CareersTaco Bell Forces Formerly Frustrated Fans To Literally Eat Their WordsA Wall-Crawling Robot For Tagging The Sci-Fi Skylines Of TomorrowIt Will Now Be Illegal To Toss A Cigarette Butt In ChicagoA Line Of Cleaning Products Pretty Enough For Your iPadBarcelona Builds The World’s First City Scooter Sharing SchemeHugo Barra Leaves Android For China’s XiaomiThe Mµseum Is A Truly Puny Contribution To The ArtsThe Mµseum Is A Truly Puny Contribution To The ArtsHow To Turn Your Data Into Beautiful 3-D MapsIntroducing Freeosk, The Redbox of Free SamplesAn App To Help The Government Stop Street HarassmentWhen You’re Stuck In Traffic, This App Will Make Your Voice HeardStreet Art For Codebreakers Offers Puzzles Painted On City WallsThis Giant Wall Made From Plants Isn’t Just Pretty: It Can Stop A FloodThe 59 Countries That Are Most Prepared To Handle An Uncertain FutureThe Lessons That Detroit Automakers Can Learn From TeslaBritish Man Turns Tables On Cold Callers And Makes Money To BootThe Secret Power Behind Why We Pick Crowded Restaurants Over Empty OnesSkype Fleshing Out 3-D Video CallsOutbox Hacks Your Mailbox To Deliver Digital Letters InsteadWhy The Most Productive People Are Under SurveillanceAn Andreessen Horowitz Partner On The 4 Must-Have Qualities Of Every Board MemberDear Marissa Mayer Critics: It’s Time To Rally Around Great Leaders EverywhereAre Business Schools Failing To Prep Students For Today’s Global, Digital Economy?The Ultimate Sign Of Success: An Open CalendarEx-Ticketmaster Chief Nathan Hubbard Was Better Suited For Twitter All Along [Updated]Destination Design 2.0This Microcontroller Will Let Non-Coders Hack AnythingUpdate Makes Conversations Easier to Follow on TwitterTwitter’s New Sound-Alike Acquisition Is Analytics Firm TrendrrThis Paris Building Has A Fluttering Origami FacadeThis Interactive Infographic Shows The Depth Of The Syrian ResistanceMad Props: Hands-On With The Guy Who Made Thor’s Hammer And Iron Man’s HeartCelebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The March On Washington With This Stunning WebsiteTwitter Is Hiring An Editor To Surface Vine’s Best Content And CreatorsHow Computers Can Predict The Next Leader Of HezbollahWatch Greenpeace Ruin Shell’s Day With Humorously Low-Budget PrankListen To An Unearthed Martin Luther King Jr. Recording You’ve Never HeardWieden + Kennedy Displays Workers In A Pop Art CageCan These Blocks Unblock Brainstorming?How To Write ShortThe Brave (And Profitable) New World Of Curation-As-Business“I Declare War” Uses Foul-Mouthed Kids In Combat To Reveal The Truth About Growing UpE-Cigarettes Have Surpassed $1 Billion In Sales For The First Time3 Reasons You Want Your Mind To WanderInfographic: What Does Your Handwriting Say About You?Why The Japanese Love Twitter But Not Facebook“Twerk,” “Selfie,” and “Emoji” Are Now In The Oxford Dictionaries OnlineZite’s Personalized News App Comes To Google GlassShopify Bridges Online And Offline Shopping With Point-of-Sale ServiceThe Top Nine Consumer 3-D Printers For Every BudgetNo-Fly Zone: The Last Days Of A Once Soaring AirlineWith $6M Raised, Ex-Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky Joins Car-Sharing StartupUnunpentium, New Synthetic Element Confirmed By Swedish ScientistsA New App Tells A Neverending Bedtime Story, Of A Kid’s Own DesignFoursquare’s New App Bring Search To Forefront, Nixes Social FeedHow Video Games Revived The Dying Art Of Japanese WoodprintingHere’s A Reminder Of Just How Bad An Idea Texting And Driving Is, In Game FormHow The Most Convenient Feature Of Smartphones Is Bad For Our BrainsThe Future Of Social Transportation: Bandwagon Is Helping You Share Cab RidesChina’s Online Shopping Boom May Surpass U.S. Internet SalesCan These Ridiculous Hats Stop Students From Cheating?Making News More LIke “Grand Theft Auto”Jairek Robbins Is On A Quest To Make Your Life Less OrdinaryThe Future Of NASA’s Lunar Electric Rover Is Actually Here On EarthHow The “Made In NY” Media Center Will Connect Filmmakers And EntrepreneursThe Obesity Epidemic Is Worse Than We ThoughtThis Design Firm Built A Physical Model Of The Hyperloop In Just 24 HoursThese Mobile Showers To Offer The Homeless The Dignity Of Cleanliness3-D Printing On Demand Is Now Available From Your Friendly Neighborhood GeekHow Selfies Are Re-Energizing The New York Public LibraryThe CEO Succession Playbook For Long-Term SuccessWhy You Should Learn To Give Up A Goal Without GuiltRead This, Then Follow Me: How To Make Your Byline A Marketing GoldmineSyrian Electronic Army Hacked Domain Name Servers Of Twitter And New York TimesHyped “Google Glass Competitor” Telepathy Barely ExistsBelly Raises $12.1 Million To Replace Loyalty Cards With Its App