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Tivli Rebrands As Philo. Is It Harvard’s Next Facebook?Why We Need A New Way to Measure ObesityToday’s Most Innovative Company: HandUp Aims To Leverage Text Messaging To Help The HomelessB&N Insists There’s Nothing Wrong With The Nook (Except That It Isn’t Selling)Google Wants Your Location Data To Go Public–Here’s WhyHigh School Students Debunk The Double Stuf OreoEerie Reenactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting Urges Standing Up to “Stand Your Ground”Study: 42% Of Customers Prefer Comparing Items Via MobileThis Is What It’s Like To Almost Drown While In SpaceSix iPad Magazines That Are Changing The Publishing BusinessCondé Nast Cuts Deal With Amazon To Turn Magazine Subscriptions Into An All-Access BusinessStarbucks Could Use Your Social Data To Find New LocationsLocation-Based Shopping Suggestion App Snapette Bought By PriceGrabberBest Buy and JC Penney: A Tale of Two TurnaroundsNo Time for Coffee? Spray Caffeine On Your SkinThe Comic-Con Inauguration of Congressman And Civil Rights Pioneer John LewisA Tale of Two Icons: When John Lewis Met Neil deGrasse Tyson at Comic-ConInside The Minds Of This Year’s College FreshmenGenomic Vending Machines Coming To University CampusesAardman Animates Teaser For BBC Radio’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” Radio DramaMoney Can Buy You Happiness: Experiencing Travel Is One WayIs The Tesla Model S Really The Safest Car On The Road?Have A Home Full Of Gadgets? EBay Wants To Help You Keep Track Of ThemMicrosoft’s Project Spark Lets You Customize Your GamesFeed’s Lauren Bush Lauren On Why She Became A Social EntrepreneurGoogle Maps Will Now Show You Real-Time Accidents, Construction, And Road ClosuresNetflix Releases New Teaser To Remind You That It Is Making Emmy HistoryCan Sustainable Consumerism Work?To Protect Its Sources, Groklaw Closes Amid Fear of Email SnoopingAt Summer Camp, Teaching Kids How To Control Their Tech UsageFinally, Vine’s Magical Killer AppA Quest To Save The Struggling Fish Farm Industry With Algae And IngenuityIs This How You Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions Without Hurting The Economy?How Easy Is It To Hack Your Private Twitter And Make It Public?Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Batteries: These Devices Power Themselves With Radio WavesThis Magical Desalinating Water Bottle Will Make The Ocean DrinkableThe Direct Link Between Unlimited “Smileage” And A Happy, Successful Company“The Purge” Producer Jason Blum Explains Why He’s Following Up The Movie With A Haunted House3 Creative Lessons From The Amateurs, Rebels, And Dreamers Of Outsider SubculturesApple Supplier Confirms Two iPhone Models To Ship In SeptemberThese Apps Vie For The Bartender’s Attention So You Don’t Have ToInside Disney’s Plan To Win The InternetHow Playing Video Games Can Make You a More Effective EmployeeThese Horrifying Photos Show A Destroyed American Landscape That Agriculture Giants Don’t Want You To SeeInstagram Wants To Be The Only App With “Insta” Or “Gram” In Its Name10 Creative Ideas For Thriving Cities Of The FutureU.K. Government Tries To Destroy The Guardian’s Edward Snowden DataDon’t Be Scared If Your Surgeon Is Wearing Google Glass In The Operating RoomThe Fukushima Nuclear Plant Is Leaking Radioactive Water Into The GroundSamsung’s Gear Smartwatch Is A Strange HybridThe Serendipity Economy: How Spontaneity Plus Social Networking Drives InnovationStress, Dogs, And Rock ‘N’ Roll: One Man’s Quest To Achieve Work-At-Home Satisfaction6 Tips For Having Productive ConversationsTaming The Last 10%: Lessons For Finishing Meaningful Work3 Fast Ways To Make Yourself Better At Your JobIs Your Personal Brand Lost in Translation? How To Clearly Communicate Your ValueTiVo Aims To Win Back Your DVR Love With RoamioGarmin’s Action Cam Virb Elite Is Like A GoPro Meets Nike FuelbandInternet Goes Into Panic When Goes DownWatch The Teaser To J.J. Abrams’s New Mystery ProjectFast Company Is Hiring Staff WritersHow This Brain Scientist Used Video Game Tech To Break New GroundBarnes & Noble Debuts Puzzling Nook Video Apps#SpoilerAlert: Twitter Really Wants To Watch TV With YouWikipedia Needs More Female ContributorsThe Cofounder Of WordPress On Using Publishing To Push ChangeTwitter Closes The Loop Between Popular Tweets And The News Stories They InspireApple’s iPhone Fingerprint Sensor May Use This Unconventional TechnologyKids Battle Sword-Warriors In a Video From “Harlem Shake” Creator and Jay ZWill Police And Firefighters Soon Be Wearing Google Glass?Yahoo Shutters Email Service In ChinaFive Successful Startups That Started As BlogsFinally, A Hackathon That Doesn’t Destroy Your Brain And BodyGoogle Took Its 20% Back, But Other Companies Are Making Employee Side Projects Work For ThemWhy Ambient Noise Makes You More Productive (And Three Apps That Do It Right)Will This Interactive Device Finally Kill The Mouse?The Cover Art For Prince’s New Single Is Just Dave Chappelle As Prince And It’s PerfectYour “Maker” Hobby Can Now Help Get You Into MITSee Your Facebook History Take Flight With FacehawkThe Six Google Tech Talks Every Developer Should Gets Online Safety Updates After Teenage SuicidesOne Low-Tech Reason To Be Optimistic About Nuclear Arms ControlsIn Germany, You Can Now Make Private Transactions In BitcoinsToday’s Most Creative Person: The Doctor Measuring The Complexity Of ConsciousnessJ.Crew Brings A Sneak Peek Of Its September Style Guide To PinterestSouthern Comfort Highlights A Karate Master In Its Latest Portrait Of The ComfortableAn Oil Spill Clean Up Device Inspired By A CactusSlurpees, Slim Jims, And Smartphones: 7-Eleven Is Selling ElectronicsIs A Climate Time Bomb Made Of Methane About To Explode?Are Instagram “Likes” More Valuable Than Credit Card Numbers?A Salt Thermometer To Check Your Food’s Salt Level40 Maps That Show How The World WorksThe Sheer Breadth of This Timeline of Genital Nicknames Will Knock You On Your GibletsHacker Group Re-creates Martin Manley’s Suicide Site After Yahoo Pulls ItCan You Design A Liveable Street?Centralized Cloud Companies Are Betting Against HistoryDriving To Work Is Why You’re FatIt’s Not Just Bad Food That’s Giving Us Diabetes, It’s Our Food PackagingConfessions Of A Speed-Networking VirginiWatch Rumors Tick Louder As Apple Hires Nike FuelBand ExpertA Brief Google Outage Made Total Internet Traffic Drop By 40%Top Show Runners Explain What Made “Breaking Bad” So GoodLinkedIn Targets High School Students With New College Search ToolYour New Favorite Action Figure Makes You The SuperheroThe Future Of War Has Fewer Guns, But It’s Just As Dangerous6 Ways To Make Brand Sustainability Resonate With ConsumersDr. Dre’s Beats To HTC: It’s Not Working OutWhite-Hat Hacker Posts On Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Wall To Point Out Security BugTop Investors On How To Turn A Cold Call Into A Hot ContactSmart Is The New Sexy: 3 Lessons From The Ashton Kutcher School Of AwesomeEasyJet Not So Easy After All: Scenes (And Tweets) From A Customer Service FailDo Your Employees Really Love You?Why Treating Life Like An Experiment Helps You Make Faster DecisionsThe Truth About Sleep, Science, And ProductivityCan The Quantified Self Go Too Far?Hacking Hollywood’s Contributors On Homelandville And Westwingistan, Matthew Weiner’s Resilience, And HBO’s Leap Off The CliffHow Big Data Could Replace Your Credit ScorePick Your Own Food At This Vertical Farm Built From Shipping ContainersThe Grey Zone Of Gluten-Free RegulationSteve Wozniak Isn’t A Fan Of Ashton Kutcher’s “Jobs”Anti-Social Apps Will Help Us Avoid Our FriendsThe Recommender: Margaret Rhodes, Fast Company’s Associate EditorThis Bitcoin ATM Would Let You Exchange Cash For Bitcoin IRLCoke’s New Ads Claim It’s Part of a Healthy LifestyleWhy Google Axed Its “20% Time” PolicyThink Most TV GIFs Seem Random? These, From “The Wire,” Were Made By A RobotMeet “Pirate Joe’s,” The Trader Joe’s BootleggersTake An Early Peek At Images From The 2014 Pirelli CalendarApple Goes On A Hiring Spree In ChinaThe FCC Isn’t A Fan Of Verizon’s Plan To Discontinue Landline Phone ServiceHPV Is Linked To Throat Cancer–So Be Safe Out There, KidsYour Google Glass Will Integrate With Your Next Mercedes-BenzFallen Disney Princesses Bring A Dose Of Reality To Disney’s Feel-Good AttitudeFirefox OS Could Find Low-End Relevance Alongside iOS And AndroidSlack, The “Email Killer,” Already Has 8,000 Companies On BoardFilmmaker Casey Neistat’s Simple Trick For Getting Your Lost Stuff BackPeople Are Changing Their Internet Habits Now That They Know The NSA Is WatchingNokia’s Hottest Rumor Yet: A 10-Inch Windows TabletWhat Is The Deal With These Posters of Fake Movies Mentioned On “Seinfeld”?Ashton Kutcher On Preparing To Play Steve Jobs The Way Steve Jobs Prepared For PresentationsHow To Succeed At A Startup While Still Passing Middle School5 Keys To Making Beautiful Websites For Non-DesignersSweat Equity: Discipline Lessons From Inside The Ring To Use Outside The BoxYour First Personal Jetpack Could Actually Go On Sale Next YearCreate A Police Sketch Of Your Favorite Face With This Excellent Time Waster“The Butler” Director Lee Daniels On Unknowing OprahWith Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Unveiled, A Greyhound Exec Looks Over His ShoulderRe-envisioning The Manhattan Skyline To Reflect The City’s Jarring Income InequalityAttacking Outbrain, Hackers Aim To Control Your Reading RecommendationsUbuntu’s Edge Smartphone Just Out-Crowdfunded Pebble’s SmartwatchHere’s What Business Travel Will Look Like In 2014What We Should Be Talking About When We Talk About Innovation7 Sweet Ways To Relish The Last Days Of SummerWhen To “Lean In” To An Unpaid Internship–And When Not ToFree Your Mind And Your Apps Will Follow: This Week’s Best (Free!) iPhone And Android AppsThe Sticky Connection Between Smoking Pot And Being A Super Successful EntrepreneurThe Quiet Power Of Silencing Your Phone6 Signs Your Company’s Culture Stinks10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Happiness Tips, Jobs Of The Future, And MoreWhy 28% Of Recent J-School Grads Would Do Things DifferentlyCleverly Designed Bracelets To Help Mothers Remember Their Kids’ VaccinesTweets And Twangs: Duck Dynasty Dominates Twitter, RatingsCan Humanitarian Gamers Really Save The World?Pay For Your Cab Ride From Your Phone With The Way2Ride AppNeed To Take Carbon From The Atmosphere? How About Planting Trees In The DesertIs Your Urban Beehive Actually Bad For Bees?NBA Star James Harden Reveals That His Beard-growing Talents Outstrip His Singing In This Foot Locker Ad/Music VideoHow The Weather Channel Predicts What You’ll BuyWhy Americans, Especially Men, Continue to Pay So Much for ESPNThe Man Behind The Black-Market Drug Site Silk RoadGoogle’s New Cloud Encryption Is Nice, But Not NSA-ProofAereo Claims It Needs Fewer Than 1 Million Users To Turn a ProfitNorth Korea’s Home-Grown Android Phone Is Incredibly UnderwhelmingLenovo Sells More Tablets And Phones Than PCs, And That’s Important102-Year-Old Artist’s Stunning Work Paints Disney In A Whole New LightHow To Find The One Metric That Really MattersWant To Woo Venture Capitalists? It’ll Take More Than A New Social Media ToolThis Wind Power Thing Is Really HappeningNot Science Fiction: A Brain In A Box To Let People Live On After DeathThe 10 Places You Should Live In The U.S To Avoid Natural DisastersDo We Need An Error Message For Banned Websites?Don’t Love Your Job? Teach Yourself A New OneCatfishers, Take Note–This Is The Easy Way To Fake Having a Girlfriend On InstagramWatch: App Turns Any Surface Into A TouchscreenInfographic: Analyze Hitchcock With This Statistical Breakdown of His MoviesTXTL8R App Would Prevent You From Texting While DrivingApple Gears Up For The Video Discovery WarsWill Equipping Police With Cameras Create Nicer Cops Or A Surveillance State?Facebook Is Testing A New Mobile Payments System [Update]Your Instagram Followers Are Good For More Than Just Likes: Now They Get You DealsThis “Hyperlapse Postcard” Makes You Want to Go to GeorgiaScubaTone Powers Underwater Communication Using Landline Tech From 1963This Is Iraq’s First National ParkThe Right Way For Brands To Respond To PR Disasters They Didn’t CauseCan You Tell How Dangerous A Neighborhood Is From Just A Picture?Help Judge This Amazing Art–Created By ChimpsFeeling Sad? Study Says Facebook Is To Blame8 New Jobs People Will Have In 2025September: The Month Apple And Samsung Play A Big-Stakes GameIn Apps For Mobile Advertising, Brands Pay You To ListenHow To Get The Most Out Of 5, 15, 30, And 60 Minutes Of Downtime At Work4 Tips To Master Thinking With Both Sides Of Your Brain, And Boost CreativityCan Amazon Monetize Anything?Borrow These 5 Smart Startup Habits To Maximize Your ProductivityWay Beyond A Company BBQ: How To Truly Improve Employee MoraleWhat Entrepreneurs Can Learn From The Bustle BacklashVoices in Your Head: How Google Glass Lets a Half-Deaf Person HearGoing Barefoot At Work Cuts Stress And Feels Great. Going Barefoot At Work Is Gross. DiscussThese Musical Cubes Remix The Way We Play With One AnotherHere’s What Viewers Of “Duck Dynasty” And “Pretty Little Liars” Have In CommonSkip the Store: Grocery-Delivery Service Blue Apron Expands To The WestWhat People Hate About The Most Popular Fitness TrackersStartup People Have Tons Of Stickers On Their LaptopsBill Gates’s New Text-To-Video Patent Smells Like Troll FoodBecause You’re SpecialSorry Apple TV, Roku Is America’s Most Popular Streaming BoxWho Needs Batteries? These Sensors Run On Cellular SignalsPeople Really Love The Canary Smart Home Security DeviceA Self-Contained Bike Share To Make College (Or Your Office Park) More FunThe Underground Market For Spam Twitter AccountsChegg, The “Netflix For Textbooks,” Looks To Raise $150 Million In IPOHome Depot’s Bee-Friendly Plants Are Actually Killing The Bees“The Shazam for Wine” Lets You Buy Vino By Snapping Its LabelRobert Downey Jr. Anchors $1 Billion, Acronym-Based HTC CampaignYour Old Yahoo Email Address Is Up for Grabs TomorrowSpaceX’s Grasshopper Just Blew Our Minds With Its Latest LaunchWant To Sell Your Stuff? Advertise On The IPadNow Congress is Concerned About BitcoinLouisiana’s Giant, Terrifying Swamp Rats Set To Invade Rest of America, Thanks To Climate ChangeCreep Hacks Baby Monitor, Yells At ToddlerTwitter Is Testing A TV Feature That Highlights Trending Shows In Your TimelineWould You Eat A Stranger’s Leftover Lasagna?Inside The School That Teaches Code Like PoetryThis Form-Fitting Cast Will Heal Your Broken Bones Without The HasslesFlickr Cofounders Launch Slack, An Email KillerAt Pandora, Every Listener Is A Test SubjectJapan Wants to Build An Underground Ice Wall To Stop Radioactive LeaksNPR Radically Changes Its ViewsGoogle Is Offering Grants For Women To Attend Tech ConferencesA Fake Mountain On Top Of A Chinese Skyscaper–Why Not?“I’m With Phil” Trailer Shows How A Quirky Internet Stunt Became MeaningfulReddit Cofounder Alexis Ohanian On The Power Of The Internet To Level The Playing FieldThe Facebook App You’re Not Allowed To Use Unless You’re A CelebHow The Makers Of “Americans In Bed” Captured Intimacy On CameraMan With OCD Performs Love Poem About OCD While Exhibiting OCD SymptomsWhat Fear-Based Business Models Teach Us About User MotivationThis 11-Year-Old Documentary Filmmaker Took On Disgusting School LunchesApple’s Newest Purchase Could Help It Reinvent TVA Sustainable Factory Farm That Spits Out CricketsHow Much Did This Hyperloop Lookalike Inspire Elon Musk?See The Worst Videos From BoooTube, A Showcase Of Everything Wrong With The Internet, Life In GeneralAn Easy Exploit Could Leave Philips Hue “Smart Light” Owners In The DarkSamsung Accused Of Abusing Workers In BrazilWhy 80 Percent Of Your Emails Are A Total WasteThe Key To Getting Meetings With Insanely Busy PeopleHeartwarming Leadership Lessons From The Beautiful GameHow Using 15 Minutes Of Downtime At Work Can Realign Your Work-Life Balance5 Ways Marketing Can Turbocharge Sales6 Simple Mindfulness Practices To Reframe Your PerspectiveDaniel Kahneman’s Advice For Strengthening Your Decision-Making SkillsThe Shocking Stats About Who’s Really Starting Companies In AmericaNew School: Two Apps That Let Teachers Remix Lessons Like DJs