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Watch: With Cyborg Instruments, Dancers Turn Movement Into MusicYou Could If You Wanted To . . .With 600M Sold, Taco Bell Unveils The Fiery Doritos Locos TacoA Stove That Cooks With Molten SaltPirate Bay’s Browser For Bypassing Censorship Downloaded 100,000 Times In 3 DaysBitTorrent Begins (Legally) Distributing TV ShowsNow You Can Write That Novel-Length Yelp Review On Your SmartphoneBillionaire Investor Carl Icahn Made Apple Shares Surge With A TweetThe Xbox One Controller Almost Emitted Smells?!?Infographic: 4,000 Years Of Human History Captured In One Retro ChartThe Xbox One Controller Almost Emitted Smells?!?Fitbit Raises $43 Million, Says It Will Accelerate HiringResearchers Create Lab-Grown Human Heart Tissue That Can Beat By ItselfThis Is How Three Huge Viral Hits Went Viral, According To TwitterWant To Recruit Better Developers? Give Them Broken CodeComcast Expands Cheap Internet Packages For Low-Income FamiliesUPS Bets Big On Retail 3-D PrintingCan We Build A Real Golem? These Academics Think SoFor $15, This Service Will Deliver A Quick Design FixCould Google Glass Track Your Emotional Response to Ads?Today’s Most Creative People: The Scientists Behind The World’s First Working, 3-D-Printed Kidney“Hacking Hollywood” Contributors On Martin Scorsese’s Courage, Mel Brooks’s Rebellious Creativity, And MoreJell-O Tries To Prove It’s Still Fun With New Ad CampaignHow Evernote Plans To Turn Everyone Into A Premium UserPlay Dizeez, An Online Game, and Help Scientists Crack Genetic CodesNeglecting To Eat An Apple A Day Is Keeping Trillions Of Dollars AwayThis Is A 12-Course Gourmet Meal In A CanMicrosoft Backtracks, Says Xbox One Will Work Without The KinectThis Machine Kills Government SecretsWhile We Await Hyperloop, Take a Virtual Robot Tour of Italy With San PellegrinoGoodbye, Spotify: Is This The Secret To Artist-Friendly Music Distribution?Why The Hyperloop Is A Great Idea That Won’t Ever Be BuiltWhy The Hyperloop Is A Great Idea That Won’t Ever Be BuiltEmoji Major No. 1: The “Breaking Bad” PremiereUber is Coming to ChinaFacebook To Acquire Mobile Technologies For Speech-Recognition Says It Could Do Better, Promises To Make Users SmileCoffee Deprivation, Exhaustion, and Spying: The Inside Tricks Of Peace NegotiationsSketchagram: Travel-Happy Artist Draws Everywhere She’s BeenRebranding A NYC Bookstore To Evoke The Golden Age Of TravelTicketmaster’s President Nathan Hubbard OutYes, Google Play Is Growing, But Apple Is Still WinningWhat Happens Every Single Second On The InternetThe Scary Japanese Museum Where Kids Can Mess With Mona LisaScience Explains What The State Of Your Desk Says About YouWith BlackBerry Up For Sale, Is Microsoft A Serious Buyer?J.C. Penney’s Largest Shareholder Resigns From The Board Amid ConflictCan Elon Musk’s Design Fiction Be Good For Innovation?Can Elon Musk’s Design Fiction Be Good For Innovation?Google Glass Update Hints At What The Final Product Will Be Like5 Ways To Craft A Killer Content Marketing Strategy–Without Creating Any ContentHow To Turn The Job You Have Into The Job You WantVSCO Cam, The Anti-Instagram, Is The Future Of Mobile PhotographyThe 25-Hour Work Week, And Other Radical Ideas For Better Employee ProductivityWhy You Don’t Want A Job That (Only) Makes You HappyIf You Want A Big Exit A La Tumblr, Make People Love Your StoryWhy You Need A Diverse NetworkThink LinkedIn Knows Your Network? Relationship Science Digs DeeperFirst Round Capital Gave 11 Students $500,000, And This Is What They Did With ItThis Monkey Robot Swings Around On Dangerous Power Lines, Checking Them For Damage3 Ways Hackers Will Invade Your Smart HomeBiodegradable Utensils That Let You Eat (With) Your Vegetables10 Modern Wonders That Prove The Hyperloop Could Be BuiltAbandonment IssuesYour Body Parts Are Ripe For Gene HackingWith IFTTT Channel, The New York Times Makes It Easy For You To Customize Your NewsExploring The Precedent, Possible Science Challenge In HyperLoopBret Easton Ellis Narrates Forensic Dissection of a Moment In This Music VideoSoon You’ll Be Able To Make OpenTable Reservations Without Leaving FacebookShould Your App Run On iOS 7 Only?To The NSA, Internet Surveillance Is A GameHonda Wants You To Help Save Drive-in Movie TheatersLooking For A Parking Spot In NYC? There’s An App For ThatHaptic Lab’s New Ship Kite Sails Through The Skies“Game Boy Back” Is A Real Medical Ailment for Gamers With Bad BacksTurning Your Two-Hour Layover Into a Vacation With, SoulCycle, and NatureCheck Out Your New BBQ Setup–Powered Entirely By The SunWaiting For The Hyperloop? Here’s Where You Can Actually Travel The Fastest Right NowMeet A Few Of The 100,000 People Who Have Applied To Go To MarsDead Girl From “The Ring” Movies Wants To Know If You’d Like Fries With ThatTweets (Even Negative Ones) Help Politicians Get ElectedUpCounsel Lets Lawyers (And Clients) Escape Life At The Law FirmKickstarting: A Smart System For Learning Chinese With Minimal Pain And PostersThe Surprising Story Behind The iPhone’s Iconic Text Message SoundLooking For Customers? Be A Hunter, Not A GathererScott Belsky On Treating The Time You Give Like An InvestmentLondon Turns Off Snooping Trash Cans That Tracked Pedestrians’ PhonesMilitary Supermarkets Testing E-Commerce TechLady Gaga Fans Start An Anti-Piracy Campaign To Prevent Leaks Of Pop Star’s New SinglePuppy-Babies: The Ultimate In Cute, Or The Stuff Of Nightmares?An Alabama Town Revives Local Manufacturing With Bamboo BikesA Better Stronger Sunscreen–Powered By Ancient Underwater BacteriaIndiegogo And Kickstarter Are Why Your Neighborhood Bookstore Hasn’t Been Crushed By AmazonIs The New IPhone Coming September 10?Grow Your Own Delicious Pet Bugs, And Then Cook And Eat ThemFab Partners With Itochu Corporation To Launch In Japan By 2014Music Discovery UX Is Broken–Here’s How To Fix It4 Keys To Creating A Mood From Director David Gordon GreenLessons In How To Build A Successful Contest, From The Knight FoundationExplosions in the Sky Sheds Its Musical Skin With “Prince Avalanche” Soundtrack CollaborationTrailer For “The Star Wars” Comics Offers A Look At George Lucas’s Original Vision For The “Star Wars” UniverseInfographic: America’s Strongest And Weakest Coffee MakersInfographic: America’s Strongest And Weakest Coffee MakersCan The White House Really Walk The Line Between Open Data And NSA?How A Video Game Called Infinity United The Disney-Pixar UniverseWhy Your Next Judge (Probably) Won’t Be A RobotThe Next Sea Monkey: A Dino-Shaped Nightlight Powered By Glowing AlgaeBlackBerry Loses Its Final Sweetness, Looks Into Options For SaleA City In The Sea, Built Inside Wind TurbinesWerner Herzog On His Devastating Anti-Texting-And-Driving DocOn A Years-Long Mission To Mars, How’s The Food?Sylvester Stallone Isn’t Ranting, He’s Winning At Twitter With His “E3” Play-By-PlayHow Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Lost The Narrative To Yelp’s Keith RaboisHow Self-Expiring Medicine Packaging Could Change The WorldIndiegogo Is Being Used To Help Sneak News Out Of North KoreaThe Crucial Body Part All Great Leaders Must EnhanceLG Is Building A $300 Million HQ On The Hudson RiverA Real-Life, Risk-Filled Example Of How Unsinkable Optimism Helps You WinHow Adopting A Dog Helped WePay’s Founders Commit Fully To Their Startup’s SuccessWant To be More Productive? Go Somewhere ElseThe Career-Advancing Secrets Of 3 People With Awesome CareersQuit Your “Group Grope” Now: Original Mad Man George Lois On The Dark Side Of CollaborationTimeless Branding Lessons From A Young Steve Jobs10 Simple, Science-Backed Ways To Be Happier TodayNBC Wants You To Report The News, So It Bought A Mobile Video StartupAn All-In-One Digital Clock And iPhone ChargerTapping Mother Nature To Build Better Robotic SensorsHow To Rid The Developing World Of Deadly Bacteria? SteamA Minimalist Periodic Table, Built From DotsObama Wants To Reform NSA Surveillance ProgramsDo You Need An Idea To Start A Company?Hacking Hollywood’s Contributors On The Outsider’s Edge, Mark Cuban’s Ambition, And The Hulu ConundrumKids Win This Videogame By Eating A Plate Of FruitToday’s Most Creative People: The Identical Twins Serving As NASA’s Guinea PigsWhy Uber Channeled The “Seinfeld” Era To Build Its New SiteBjarke Ingels Builds An Undulating Rec Center For His Old High SchoolCan Hans Zimmer Make Reality TV Suck Less?Video Ads Are Coming To Your Android AppsThis Methane-Detecting Robot Will Patrol Our Smelly LandfillsThe Recommender: Skylar Bergl, Who Proves You Can Love Racecars And “The O.C.” At The Same Time10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Amazon’s Secret Plan To Dominate Retail, NFL Uniform Redesigns, And MoreWhat Every Coder Community Can Learn From PythonHow Lake Bell Found Her Voice Writing and Directing An Acclaimed Debut FeatureThe Blurred Lines Of AMC’s Dark Drama, “Low Winter Sun”Building A Network Of 20,000 Cheap Weather Stations For AfricaAn Astrophysically Accurate Space Cake So Real You Can Learn From ItScientists Come A Step Closer To Preventing 219 Million Malaria Deaths A YearWhat If Internet Providers Encrypted Your Emails So The NSA Couldn’t Spy On You?Virgin Atlantic Flights Are Getting Improv Comedians. Really.Expand Your Circle With The Help Of Startup “Black Friend Connect”Hundreds Of Layoffs Expected For AOL’s Patch Next WeekWhat Font Is Your Beard? Use This Chart To Find OutYahoo Will Pay Tumblr’s David Karp $81 Million Over Four YearsMarina Abramovic Wants You to Stop MultitaskingWind-Uh-Ohs: Asus Will Stop Making Windows RT TabletsGet A Little Version Of You, So You Can Play With YourselfFacebook Likes May Be InfectiousStealing Listeners From Pandora? Rdio Has A Secret WeaponIs The Best Way To Kill Bitcoin To Make It Legit?When It Comes To Your Data, It’s Time To Enforce Your Own “Terms And Conditions”The New Second Tallest Building In The World Is An Urban Green Space WonderlandEnd Your Week On A High Note With These 5 Free AppsCities Are Inefficient Because They’re Monopolies10 Quick Productivity Hacks To Make Life At Work BetterThis App Helps You Get Drunk In Any CountryStudents Can Now Get Digital Textbooks Through Google PlayLavabit–Snowden’s Secure Email Service–Is Gone: Here’s WhyYour Complete Creative Guide To “Breaking Bad”The Latest Job Interview Test: Measuring Your Brain WavesThe Tiny Bug That Almost Derailed One Of Facebook’s Hit FeaturesA Tech Incubator To Make Pregnancy And Childbirth SaferSee What Paris Looks Like As A Dark, Empty, Chinese CityObama Meets With Tim Cook And Other Tech Execs To Talk SurveillanceTo Avoid Being Ordered To Snoop On Users, Email Providers Shut Down6 Habits To Help You Ride The (Inevitable) Waves Of Work StressHow To Grow Your Business With The Discipline Of A MarineHere’s How To Kill Employee Turnover Before It Kills YouFrom Inside Walled Gardens, Social Networks Are Suffocating The Internet As We Know ItFor Entrepreneurs, Passion Can Become A PitfallHow StyleSaint Went From Online Tearsheets To Its Own Fashion LineGet Inspired By The Best Movie Offices Ever3-D Printing Could Save You $2,000 A YearSounds Safe: Russia To Turn Boats Into Floating Nuclear PlantsGood Story, Bro–Now Here’s How To Make It BetterSources Say J.C. Penney Is Looking For A New CEO… AgainToday’s Most Innovative Company: Datalogix Shows How Promoted Tweets Make Us Buy StuffJohn Gruber And Jeff Atwood Explain Why Markdown Is Still Growing UpTen Companies With Serious Developer CredInfographic: The Greatest Security Breaches In Internet HistoryDoes The NSA Search Every Email Sent Abroad? Probably.Why Spike Jonze’s “Her” Might Be Trolling Us AllSee Classic Book Jackets Brought To Life In 3-DA Recipe To Add The Cancer-Fighting Power Back Into Frozen BroccoliIBM’s Made A Programming Language Like The One Your Brain Would UseGet Closer to Serengeti Lions Than You Should Feel Comfortable GettingWatch: Elon Musk And Sir Richard Branson Talk Business, Space TravelBill Gates Doesn’t Think The Internet Will Save The WorldCops and Bloggers: Why Undercover Police Officers Shouldn’t Tweet About Their JobsPublishers Push Back At DOJ’s Anti-Apple E-Book RulingThe Best Trips Happen Outside of Your Comfort ZoneTo Whom It May Concern: New App Lets Companies Post Jobs And Sort Applicants From AnywhereMapping The Mole To Help Stop Skin CancerLG Turns Up The Volume With G2, Its Latest SmartphoneTweeting For Public Health: Tracking Food Poisoning Via Social MediaWhy We’re So Frustrated About The Massachusetts Software TaxCan This Surf Gear Prevent Shark Attacks?The Return Of Spinlister: How To Revive A Dead Sharing Economy StartupMicrosoft Is Wasting Time With This Web-Based App StudioPRISM Break! How This Developer Created His Own CloudPrint These 20 Things You Don’t Really Need And Your 3-D Printer Pays For For Feelings Lets You Express How You Feel About The Links You ShareOnce Upon A Time At The Office: 10 Storytelling Tips To Help You Be More PersuasiveWith “Marketr” Blog, Tumblr Tells Brands How To Appeal To UsersCelebrate Shark Week With an Interactive Tour Of The Deep In A Shark-Cage VWThe World’s First Lab-Grown Burger Has Already Spawned Ad CampaignsThese Startup-Inspired Motivational Posters Will Motivate You–To HurlDoes Marina Abramovic Need A Kickstart?Glow, A Fertility App Conceived By A Former Slide Exec, Is Powered By Data Instead Of AssumptionsDoes Marina Abramovic Need A Kickstart?MixBit, The New App From YouTube’s Founders, Aims To Turn Everyone Into A FilmmakerTesting Out The First Wearable Fitness Tracker That’s Attractive Enough To Show OffJoaquin Phoenix Falls For An AI Scarlett Johannson In The Trailer For “Her”Anna Gunn On The Art Of Playing Walter White’s Wife On “Breaking Bad”Ubuntu Edge Phone Gets Surprise $80,000 Bump From BloombergThe A-To-Zaha List: 7 Of Hadid’s Best BuildingsGoogle’s Spotify Rival, Music All Access, Expands To EuropeThe Better Alternative To Opting Out: Innovate Your Marriage4 Fast Ways To Increase Your Inbox WizardryYouTube Founders Release Video App To Rival Vine, InstagramFarewell, Dear Snooze Button: The Case For Setting Your Alarm On The WeekendHow Big Data Conceals The Next Big ThingEvery Successful Entrepreneur Needs A Community–Here’s How To Build Yours5 Simple-But-Smart Apps To Make You Happier, Healthier, And More Productive (Really)As MixBit Launches, YouTube Cofounder Chad Hurley Tells Us How Startups SucceedIs Yahoo Burning Tumblr’s Books?Why Your Career Should Be A Grand ExperimentInside Nike’s Redesign Of NFL UniformsIs Childhood Obesity Going Away?Five Amazing Hacks That Make Us Giddy For The New KinectKiefer Sutherland and Jose Cuervo Urge You To “Have A Story”Why Is Google Highlighting Long-Form Articles?Why High-Profile Tech CEOs Get Into TroubleInception-Style Memory Experiment Performed On Mice Was Inspired By The Movie “Total Recall”Say Goodbye To This Scourge Of The Great Lakes: MicrobeadsCollage Makes A Cool Comeback At MoMAApp Builders Need To Remember That Obligation Isn’t A Real Use CaseToday’s Most Innovative Company: Nuance, Turning Smartphones Into Grammar SnobsHow Facebook Fixed The Biggest Design Flaw In Graph SearchSee The Surprisingly Human Process Of Making Action Figures In “The Secret Story of TOYS”“The Counselor” Trailer Promises An Avengers-Like Collision of Distinct TalentsSaying Goodbye To The HTML Blink TagEvery Building In Brooklyn, Mapped Out By AgeThe Twitterization Of Facebook Continues With Trending TopicsA Sinking Village Trying To Escape Climate Change Is Stuck In A QuagmireYahoo Ditches Its Hokey ’90s-Era LogoYahoo Ditches Its Hokey ’90s-Era LogoHard Questions For Email’s “Lost Generation”Indiegogo Or Kickstarter? Where Does Your Project Have The Best Shot At Success?To Encourage Fitness, An Attempt to Reach the MoonHow Jeff Bezos Can Make the Kindle Work for The Washington Post (And Vice Versa)Samsung Channels Apple And Google With Its First-Ever Developers ConferenceA Microsoft Mini-Store Is Coming To A Best Buy Near YouNow There’s A Google Glass App To Remind You To Drink WaterComing Later This Month: A Chevy Volt With A Big DiscountSeven Rare Steve Jobs Videos That Show How To “Think Different”An $85 Hack That Could Hide Your Smartphone From Prying EyesHaagen-Dazs Presents a Mini Augmented Reality Concert Atop Your PintJapan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant is Still LeakingAfghanistan: The World’s Most Complicated Consulting GigComputers Can Write Jokes Now, TooFacebook’s Graph Search Open To All U.S. English UsersThese Data Science Mercenaries Will Make The World A Better PlaceYahoo Is Redesigning Its Logo, But Keeping The Three Worst Things About ItWomen Leaders Cause Drama?AOL Just Spent $405 Million On Adap.tvThis Solar-Powered Home Built By Millennials Will Make You Feel Better About The FutureDebate: Is The World’s Greenest Skyscraper Green At All?Debate: Is The World’s Greenest Skyscraper Green At All?See The “Mini Lisa,” A Famous Painting At A Molecular ScaleSocial Music Soundwave Gets Personal With New Discovery TricksThe Art of the Cliffhanger: “Broadchurch” Creator Breaks Down Britain’s Most Tweeted ThrillerHow To Create Meaningful Work Relationships While Working From HomeThinking Short Term and Long: Lisa Gans’ Two-Generation Approach to Urban Issues250 Pastas You Should Eat Before You DieChina Cracks Down On Flipboard, Making It Even Harder To Get Outside NewsWhatsApp’s New Voice Messaging Challenges Phone Networks6 Surprising Tips To Cut Household Chores In HalfHow Keeping Your Options Open Undermines Good Habits3 Ways To Create Value That LastsSuccessful Founders Share 4 Must-Have Skills To Bolster Any CareerWhy Companies Are (Finally) Falling All Over Each Other To Become Best Places To WorkAs MLB Scandal Unfolds, An Unlikely Leader Emerges On And Off The FieldWhat Your Brand Can Learn From Today’s Biggest CelebritiesHacking Hollywood’s Contributors On Martin Scorsese’s Courage, Mel Brooks’s Rebellious Creativity, And MoreTumblr Tumbles: Did Yahoo Cool Tumblr’s Hot Streak?About 9% Of You Would Have Sex With A Robot