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How Facebook Plans To Make Its News Feed A Little More Like TwitterThis Ingenious Table Demonstrates The Space-Time ContinuumCelebrate Andy Warhol’s Birthday With A Continuous Video Of His GraveChampagne’s Bubbles Were A Happy AccidentEli and Peyton Manning Rap Exactly As Well As You Think They Would In This DirecTV SpotA Friendlier Google Maps? Spotsetter Mines Your Social Networks To Show You Where To GoHow Does Facebook Decide What Shows Up In Your Feed? Facebook ExplainsAn Energy Efficient Stove To Help Rebuild HaitiThis Video Game Helps Kids Deal With Mental Health IssuesNo Wonder Years: Photos From An Awkward AgeSpeak Up, I Can Still Hear The MovieThe Real Reason Jeff Bezos Bought The Washington PostToday’s Most Innovative Company: Replay Technologies Will Make Sports Replays Look Like Scenes From “The Matrix”Putting The Android Army To Good Use, One Crowd-Compute Project At A TimeComcast Plans To Annoy And Shame Content Pirates With Pop-Ups“Distracted Walking” Is Becoming A Big ProblemIs Someone On Capitol Hill Tweaking Edward Snowden’s Wikipedia Page?A Google Designer Visualizes The Beach Boys’ Pop EcstasyA Google Designer Visualizes The Beach Boys’ Pop EcstasyJeff Bezos Bought The Washington Post For One Thing: DistributionNot Many People Are Using Their Smartphones To Hail Taxis In NYCWould Vegans and Vegetarians Actually Eat Test Tube Meat?Netflix-Style Recommendations… From A Cable Provider?An Anti-NSA Encryption Strategy Every Company Should UnderstandProtesting Porn Bans, A Filter That Blocks Any Website That Isn’t Dirty25 Crowdsourced Covers For Literary ClassicsHow Much Do You Owe The IRS For That Airbnb Room? Helps You Figure It OutBlinkLink, A Snapchat For TwitterA Portrait Of Your Face As A Happier PersonThe Difference Between Infographics And Their Simpler CousinsFood52’s New Online Catalog Puts Inspiration Close To The CheckoutThe Difference Between Infographics And Their Simpler CousinsMGMT And Tom Kuntz Are Here To Tell You “Your Life Is A Lie”You Rainbowing Unicorn! Make Mean Comments Pretty With This Plug-inWatch A 4-Year-Old Kenyan Boy Live Out A Premature Bucket ListThis Video Asks People To Share The Last Text They SentHow Hackers Can Infiltrate A 3-D PrinterThree Long-Winded (But Useful) Suggestions From Our ReadersWill A 3-D Printer Destroy Your Lungs?Your 2015 Smartphone Could Have A Battery Charge Of Several WeeksGot A How-To Question? Now You Can Chat Live With EHow ExpertsThe Spectacular Now Director James Ponsoldt On The Eternal Truths Of Coming-of-Age FilmsWhy Energy Companies And The Military Want Underwater DronesCheck Out These Vintage Rock Posters, Remixed With Swiss ModernismApple Wants You To Trade In Your Knockoff IPhone Charger So You Don’t Get ElectrocutedCan This Space-Faring Japanese Robot Have A Soul?Got Bed Bugs? Use This New, Cheaper, More Effective, DIY, Low-Cost Trap To Find OutJason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Will Forte, Mumford, Sons, Earnestness–All In One VideoBestagram: See Photos That Capture The Single Greatest Moment Of People’s LivesThese Sneakers Come With A Built-In Tent, For When You Need A Private MomentHow Disney Made “Planes” FlyVietnam, Thailand Act To Suppress Social Web Activity We Take For GrantedTo Get Users To Make Smarter Choices Now, Show Them Their FutureWill Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get It Right?The List Of Things You Can Get Through Amazon Now Includes Fine ArtHow Much Influence Does Twitter Chatter Have On TV Ratings?Let This Crazy Squirrel Show You How To Tweet Funny–And Why Your Company ShouldMonotasking Is The New MultitaskingHow To Tease Out Great Ideas From Every Person On Your TeamThe Scarcest Resource You Don’t Even Know You’re SpendingHow To Be Totally Persuasive, But Not At All SleazyFinding A Company’s Unique Voice Starts With Listening, Says The Pinterest WhispererFor $60,000, You Can Store Your Stem Cells in This BankCan Innovation Actually Be Measured?Does Your Customer Service Rock Or Suck?Pro Golfer Rickie Fowler Trick-Shots His Way Through A Trippy Sci-fi LandscapeNow That Climate Change Cleared The Way For Arctic Shipping, We Just Need A Better IcebreakerThis Middle School Production of Breaking Bad Is Over 99% PureWe Need To Treat Antibiotics As A Natural ResourceThe One Thing We All Thought Un-Hackable Has Just Been HackedAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos Agrees To Buy The Washington Post For $250 MillionStylish Shoes Made Without Glue Or StitchingWhy Aren’t People Buying Tablets Right Now? Because Apple Didn’t Release OneTime Matters To Your Startup–But Not The Way You ThinkEmotion-Sniffing Is The Next Bizarre Trick Your Phone Is LearningAiming To Bring DNA Sequencing To The Masses, 23andMe Launches TV Ad CampaignThe Contest For Social Entrepreneurs With No New Ideas Comes Up With New Ideas After AllWatch: A Painting Robot Teaches Us About The Creative ProcessFor The First Time, Americans Are Consuming More Digital Media Than TVFeedly Frustrates Users By Making Them Pay To SearchDon’t Apologize To Him: Have This App Do It For You!Secretive DEA Surveillance Unit Makes NSA Look Like Happy HourThe World’s First Lab-Grown Burger Just Entered The First Human Mouth And It Tastes … Okay.JetBlue Unveils First-Ever Business Class “Suite Seat” With Sliding DoorIt’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s…An Uber Boat That Will Take You To WorkMaking Friends With YouTube Superstar iJustine At VidConWines for Dummies: A Book-Inspired Brand Whose Time Has ComeDesigners Challenge Bucky Fuller’s Geo WorldviewFilmmakers Release Interactive “Shaun of the Dead” ScreenplayPenelope Cruz Is Now Designing Sexy Underwear And Directing Videos About ItNBC Sports Wants You To Love The “Other” Football, Enlists Jason Sudeikis To Make It HappenCreating An Alternative Economy For Underpaid Artists With A Brand New CurrencySee The White House Listed On ZillowPew Internet: Nearly One In Five Internet Users Are Now On TwitterUpgraded 3-D-Printed Rifle Shoots 14 Times Before BreakingWatch A Beatboxer Go Nuts With A Leap MotionSpinlister, The “Airbnb For Bikes,” Gets An IPhone AppThis Concrete Can Charge Your PhoneArt That Shows Abe Lincoln and Chewbacca As You’ve Never Seen Them–PinkStartups Don’t Run On Halibut: Domino’s Backs Innovation With “Powered By Pizza” CampaignLock Your Doors: As Climate Change Increases, So Does ViolenceJapan Has Put A Tiny Humanoid Robot In SpaceAdding This Kind Of Skeuomorphism To Your App Could Make You More MoneyIt’s Time For Apple To Start Manufacturing Bluetooth Headsets AgainCasting Decisions That Changed History (Or Could Have)Corporate Activism Doesn’t Require Lots Of Cash, Only CreativityRange: An iPhone Thermometer From The Maker Of TwinePatent Images Show Potential Samsung Smartwatch DesignWhy You Should Be Your Own PlatformWhat To Think About When You Choose A Blog ToolPredictions About Our Google Glass Future From The Old Generation Of LifebloggersThe World’s First Test-Tube Burger Tastes Like “A Cross Between A Boca Burger And McDonald’s”Inside The Meatpacking Plant Being Turned Into An Enormous Vertical FarmStories That Jump Off The Page: See Stunning Art Made From BooksCan Computers Write Music That Has A Soul?Going For A Run? Now, There’s A Spotify Playlist For ThatDamage Control: Microsoft Slashes Surface Pro Tablet Price By $100The Heart Of The Deal: Why Jay Z Really Hooked Up With SamsungThe Ultimate Guide To Pinterest For Every BrandPasswords Won’t Die. Should They?Solving Brainstorming’s Loudmouth ProblemThe Rise Of Storydoing: Inside The Staggering Success Of Toms ShoesWhy Productive People Stick To Their Strike ZoneLegendary Designer George Lois’s Surefire, NSFW Secret For SuccessHow Funny Tweets Win You New CustomersConference Calendar September 2013The History of Edible TablewareFour Entrepreneurs on Overcoming FearSNL Has Made Lorne Michaels (And Many Others) Very RichSpin Of The Month: PayPalWhat Makes a Great Tumblr a Great Book?The Limits of 3D Printing: What’s Been Done and What’s Still Out of ReachAre Specialized MBA Programs the Cure for Sickly Enrollment?London Bridge Is Getting a New SloganQuiz! Which Future Thinker Had Which Future Thought?Tune In, Turn On, Tweet: NBC’s Million Second Quiz Show And the Race to Capture Viewers’ Online AttentionWant To Design The Perfect Watch? Kickstarter Has The AnswersCircle Media Connects Fans With Sponsors By Listening To The DataThe RecommenderCurated Packages That Anticipate Your Next Purchase3 Products That Stoke Demand For Global ArtisansFloDesign’s Jet-Engine Turbine Will Change The Way You Think About Wind PowerEvery Child Is An ArtistRetail’s Game Of ThronesAmazonFresh Is Jeff Bezos’ Last Mile Quest For Total Retail DominationSites like Hipmunk and Routehappy let you be your own travel agent. Is this really a good thing?Jamba Juice Tweaks Its Formula To Get Into Your School LunchroomAdapt Your Business To Social Change, Or DieHow Ben Rattray’s Became A Viral Consumer WatchdogSmart Talk: Lisa Gans, Fuse Corps; Jay Nath, San Francisco Chief Innovation OfficerLessons From A Civic-Minded Startup: Lily Liu Founder and CEO, Is Making Donations More EfficientHow South Bend, Indiana Saved $100 Million By Tracking Its SewersRachel Sterne Haot’s User-Centric Approach To New York CityCatching The WavePanelCon 2014 Is Almost Sold Out!Foursquare Cofounder Naveen Selvadurai Opens Up About His Exit: “I Wanted To Stay”In A Blow To Samsung, Obama Vetoes Ban On Apple Products11 Desk Objects That Will Make Your Co-Workers Think You’re A Total LunaticFrom Xbox To ZyngaBenjamin Hubert’s Container Lamp Is A Case Study In Minimalist AssemblyInfographic: A Map That Compares Global Birth And Death Rates At A GlanceCould Drinking Solve The Postal Service’s Financial Woes?A Bible Of Color Theory Is Now An AppHomegrown Solutions Are Changing How Seattle Gets Its WaterIs Microsoft Building A Headset To Take On The Oculus Rift?LEED Lies: Bank Of America’s “Green” Skyscraper Is Actually An Energy GuzzlerCaffeine Quantified: Your Favorite Coffee Chains Ranked, Weakest to StrongestMoto X Ads Try for Sexy, Achieve CornyChinese Government Launches Anti-Internet Rumor WebsiteNASA Visualizes 130 Years of Climate Change in 30 SecondsHistory Timeline Visualizes Your Chrome Surfing History (And It’s Privacy-Friendly)Dude, Where’s My Phone? Google Rolls Out Android Tracking ToolSetting Sail: A Giant Orb Made Of NYC’s Snapped UmbrellasWearable Tech, Payments, Watches…Why Apple Bought PassifLouisiana Is Suing The Oil Companies Destroying Its WetlandsThe Recommender: Joe Berkowitz, Who Was Recently Kidnapped By HeinekenWorld’s Thinnest Circuits Bring Us One Step Closer To Real-Life CyborgsBig Guns: The Weapons Of Hollywood’s Greatest Heroes And VillainsTravel Websites Are A Phisher’s ParadiseWhat Counts As Natural In Food And Drink? More Stuff Than You Might ThinkComputing’s 11 Smartest Super-Viruses–And The Damage They WroughtWhere Skeptics Fear To Tread10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Grow Your Own Edible Bugs, The Perfect Email Length, And MoreIkea’s New Catalog Magically Transforms Into FurnitureIndoor Air Pollution Is One Of The Deadliest Things On Earth8 Master Apple Developers–And They’re All WomenHacking Hollywood: A Fast Company Digital EditionThe Importance Of An API (Or Why Nobody Cares About Rhapsody)iPhone 5 Malware Can Infect Your Phone From A Source You’d Never ExpectGraffiti Removal Guy Faces Existential Graffiti-Removing DilemmaThis Tooth Sensor Puts Wearable Computing In Your MouthBMW’s New Electric Car Was Inspired By iPads And MacbooksThis Ship Uses Underwater Robots To Livestream Mysteries Of The Deep To Your iPhone3-D Printing Helped Grow An Artificial Human EarThe Day I Was a CommercialThese Deadly Diseases Turn Into Art When You Zoom InHow Game Phenomenon “Plants vs. Zombies” Brings Joy To Kids, Movie Directors, And YouTubeUniformly OutrageousToday’s Most Innovative Company: Shoutabl Helps Musicians Focus on Chords, Not CodeThis New Coffee Shop Is Staffed By RobotsCapturing The Inconsiderate Drivers Who Make It Dangerous To Bike In The CityAfter NSA’s XKeyscore, Wikipedia Switches To Secure HTTPSKeep Your Eye On RebelMouse, It Just Got $10 Million In FundingTell Us What You Think Of Co.Design4 Business Leaders Changing The World Through Their Passion Projects“Europa Report” Earns Raves As A Space Story Grounded In Hard ScienceThese Are, Indeed, Your Granny’s Porcelain Dolls–Only Weird And AmazingA Dashboard That Protects Against Twitter Hack Attacks in Real TimeFoursquare’s Tips Growing Faster Than Yelp’s ReviewsPixar’s John Lasseter on Steve Jobs, Creativity, and Disney InfinityCan Hiring Scientists Help Save Yahoo?Apple Buys Mobile Chip Maker Passif Semiconductor. Are Mobile Payments On The Way?A Tiny Printer For Every Choose-Your-Own-Adventure LoverThe FBI Is Using Hacker Tactics To Follow SuspectsWhat A Punk Sensibility Can Teach You About Embracing ChaosHow To Manage Like Pope FrancisDo Your Employees Have A Sense of Purpose?Direct Your Team With Hollywood-Style VisionWhat To Do When Email Is Sucking Away Your SoulThe Entrepreneur’s “Not Enough” Trap–And How To Avoid it6 Secrets Of Super Productive To-Do ListsJoin Fast Company Connection: Tell Us What You Think Of Us, Get StuffA Clever, Shape-Shifting Bag Inspired By OrigamiSaudi Arabia Is Fracking Worried About U.S. Energy IndependenceThis Plate Lets You Eat And Glad-Hand At The Same TimeAmazon And Overstock Are In A Race For Lower Book PricesPerfume To Evoke Memories Of Younger Days For People Who Have Forgotten The PastToday’s Most Creative Person: Andrew Briggs Shows Us The New York Times’s Gender GapCuriosity Has Been On Mars For Almost A Year. Here’s What It’s Been DoingHootsuite Raises $165 MillionThe Disintegration Of Android, VisualizedWith Moto X’s Custom Exterior, Motorola Learns To Speak HumanHow Do Audio Maestros Engineer Video Game Music?Screw Chromecast and AirPlay, We Need An Open Standard For Device-To-TVThe Top 11 Hottest GitHub Projects Right NowThis Hand-Coded Algorithm Makes A Camera App Four Times Faster Than Apple’s OwnRolling Stone’s Controversial Boston Bomber Issue Doubled SalesFoursquare Sells Location Data to Help Advertisers Target Users Outside Its AppThis Quirky Health Clinic Is Designed To Break Down Sexual TaboosRdio Pairs Unreleased Music With Wild New Visuals For Its New Music Weekly seriesIf You Google “Pressure Cookers” And “Backpacks,” The Police May Visit Your HomeFuturist Forum HTML PostAndrew Sullivan Claims His Blog Is Now More Profitable Than The Daily BeastThis Tiny Alaskan Village Will Be Underwater In Just 10 YearsWatch: The Most Beautiful Video Of Soap You’ll Ever SeeSkinny iPad 5 Back Appears Online, Looks Like A Big iPad MiniA New Magazine Of Objects (In A Cooler, No Less)Pinterest Now Lets You Know When Pinned Items Drop In PriceWould You Eat These Plates Of Living, Breathing Food?See How The Sun Never Sets On Facebook’s EmpireFriends Of The 26-Year-Old Creator Of The “Ryan Gosling Cereal’ Vine Help Him Fight CancerAutomate Your House Like A Boss With This Smart-Thing PlatformA Cheap 3-D Scanner Attempts To Bring 3-D Printing To The MassesThe 8 Audio Apps That Will Slowly Destroy FM RadioThis New Credit Card For The Elderly Will Prevent Your Grandma From Getting ScammedThis Fun Tool Teaches Kids To Program With PicturesNow You Can Have Multiple User Profiles On One Netflix AccountIn Transit: Snowden Gets Asylum Documents, Leaves Sheremetyevo AirportInside The Greenest Office Building In The WorldNSA Says Its Internet Spying Is Okay Because It’s Within The Law“1984 Day”: Anti-NSA Rallies Are Coming To A City Near YouOur Devices Have Revived The Living RoomMountain Dew Commercials Create Fantastical Living Portraits Of The Brand’s Team Of All-StarsBehind DogTV–And The Question Of Whether Dogs Actually Watch TVThis Futuristic Pool Cleans New York’s Polluted Water, Then You Swim In ItHow Hyundai Became Your Apocalypse Survival Partner With Walking Dead Chop ShopFeast Your Eyes On Snoop Loops, Frosted Drakes, and Other Rapper Cereals“Tonight Only” Is Hipmunk’s Answer to Hotel TonightHere’s What Brick-And-Mortar Stores See When They Track YouHow Do You Convince Your Customers To Fall In Love With Something New?Create Your Own Hipster Logo In 6 StepsiPad Mini With Retina Screen Reportedly On The Way6 Steps For Successfully Bringing Change To Your CompanyGoogle’s Next Project: Bringing You Hyperlocal NewsHow To Keep Your CMO Out Of The CEO Shark TankPriority: Productivity Czar David Allen’s Secret To Getting Things DoneOrange Is The New CultureWhy Productive Teams Have 3 Kinds Of DiversityThe Trayvon Martin Effect And Managing Race Issues In The WorkplaceThe Delicious Case For Replacing Family Dinners With Family BreakfastsDidja Hear The One About Spotify’s Comedy App?Kepler’s Rwandan University Costs Only $1,000Now You Can Have Your Own “Playful Tiff” With Charles SaatchiHealthier Employees Are Happier Employees (And Also Cheaper Employees)Why This Photog Sets His Negatives AblazeCheck Please: OpenTable Tests Mobile Payments In San FranciscoYou Tell Me If This Word Processing App Is Worth $15 MillionYou Are Probably Underestimating The Value Of At-Home 3-D PrintingWhy Google and Amazon Employees Are Out The Door In Barely A YearThe U.K. Is Considering A Ban On Google Glass For DriversKickstarting: A Handy Bluetooth Keyboard For Your iPhoneThe Great Gatsby, Redesigned To Reflect The Jazz AgeMan Who Created A Drone From His Dead Cat Concocts The OstrichCopterFacebook Announces Embeddable Posts, Freeing Its Content… Sort OfPresent-Day Marketing Teases Future Film, “X-Men: Days Of Future Past”How To Save Your Startup From The “Spotlight Effect”IPanda: China Is Creating A 24-Hour Live Panda StreamHow Vice Hacked Google Glass To Tell Crisis StoriesCurb Appeal: How Google Street View Shapes Our PerceptionsToday’s Most Creative Person: Abraham Verghese And His Google GlassCondoms Don’t Just Protect Against Bad Bugs, They Help Good OnesMoney Turns People Into Jerks, Says Science“Uncarriable Carrier Bags” Remind Us, Cheekily, Not To Carry BagsWatch This Guy Hack His MacBook Air Into A Gaming BeastYes, You Can Monetize Your Own Social Data–Here’s HowBusted: Google Caught Fibbing About Nexus 7 PopularityIn Case You Were Confused, “Bang With Friends” Is Not Related To “Words With Friends”Documenting San Diego’s Disturbing Lack Of Street LightsInfographic: Porn Vs. Real Sex, Explained In FoodInfographic: Porn Vs. Real Sex, Explained In FoodMeet XKeyscore: The NSA’s Secret Real-Time Internet Snooping System That May Have Already Met YouFacebook Shows You What You Were Up To A Year Ago With “On This Day”Here Are 8 Killer Single-Purpose Design UtilitiesFacebook Doubled The Number Of Advertisers Who Purchased App Install Ads Last QuarterCan Trace Become The Fitbit For the X Games Set?The Perfect Tech Storm: 3-D-Printed, Self-Assembling Drone Swarms10 Things We Learned About Marina Abramovic From Her Reddit “Ask Me Anything”As Sharknado Hits Theaters, What We Can Learn From A Schlock Social PhenomenonThe Russian Vodka Boycott For Gay Rights Is A Meaningless GestureNYC Launches Massive, Artful Recycling CampaignThe First Company That TED Ever Invested In Is Changing The Way We Make PresentationsHow The Publicis-Omnicom Megamerger Will Impact Clients, Creativity (And Some Advice For The New Co-CEOs)FAA Approves Commercial Drones For Aerial SurveillanceNo Warrant? No Problem: Court Okays Warrantless Cellphone TrackingDisney’s Magical Flashlight Brings Kids’ Books To LifeGalaxy S4 Reportedly Burns Down HomeHigh-Tech Pirates: Researchers Hack A Yacht Via GPS7 Ways To Score Big With The MediaSyrian Hackers Compromise White House Staffers’ Personal Email AccountsHow To Complete Your Creative Masterpiece Without Quitting Your Day JobIs Your Boss Reading Your Texts?The Incredibly Healthy Tip To Make Your TV Habit Work For YouIgnoring Your IP? Prepare To SufferWant To Conquer A New Skill? Do It Every Day5 Rules For Crowdfunding Success From The Queen Of Multitasking Underwear (You Read That Right)Kleiner Perkins Partner Bing Gordon: LinkedIn Is A Game, And Your Job Will Be GamifiedMajor Beats: Beats Electronics May Be On Track To Hit $1.4B In 2013 Revenue