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Dude, Where’s My Stuff? How Tile App Could Create A National Lost-And-Found#CarlosDanger Just Took Over Anthony Weiner’s CampaignRecord-Setting iPhone Sales, But Declining iPad Numbers Reported In Apple’s Third-Quarter EarningsYou Can Now Find Out What Your Doctor Is Writing Down In That FileHi, Mom! Locations and Facebook IDs of Tinder Users Exposed for HoursUbuntu Edge Promises A Future Of Convergent DevicesControversial “Blurred Lines” Video Gets A Gender-Swapped Parody MakeoverIn China, The Geese Are PoliceWould You Hand Your Data Over To The TSA To Get Through Airport Security Faster?Neil DeGrasse Tyson Looks Like An action Hero In The Trailer To “Cosmos”Today’s Most Innovative Company: NatureBox Leverages Big Data to Build A Snack-Recommendation EngineOK, Google: Does Voice Control Really Make Sense On A Smartphone?Today’s Most Creative Person: Musician Aimee Mann, Standing Up To Online Streaming ServicesWith Mirrors Perched Atop Mountains, Norwegian Town Says Let There Be LightThe Tumblr Community Reacts To The Ban On Gay And Lesbian Search Queries [Video]Moto X’s Camera Features, Interactions Leaked in Alleged Screenshots3-D Printing Just Got Faster, Cheaper And… SquishierWhy Your Software Should Act Like PeopleThis Google Glass Porno Flick Foreshadows Your Future Sex LifeSorry, Royal Baby: 5 Reasons It’s Not So Great to Be KingShopkick Adds In-App Purchases That Reward You For Shopping On Your PhoneNetrobe, A Management App For Fashionistas, Goes To The Web… But Not AndroidBuild Your Own Personal Submarine And Explore The OceanCopyright Done Right? Finland To Vote On Crowdsourced RegulationsFood Travel: Maker StyleSee The Best Nike Sneakers Ever, Organized By DecadeLego And Cartoon Network Partner On Mixels, A New Cross-Platform Franchise About “Unlimited Combinations”MIT Is Making A Road Frustration Index To Measure Stresses Of DrivingMore Doing, Less Promoting: The Key To Creating Great WorkIs Siri Paving The Way For Immersive Audio Gaming?Counting Calories Is Why You’re FatA Dozen Apps For The Connected, Smartphone-Wielding MusicianWhat Nate Silver Can Teach Us About Creativity–And Account PlanningDelaware Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier For Socially Responsible Companies To ExistUbuntu Is Crowdfunding $32 Million For Dual-Boot Smartphone. Wait, What?!4 More Ways To Monetize Your Music–Without SpotifyStream Nation Is Like a Dropbox for Storing and Sharing Videos PrivatelySee Your Favorite Brands’ Logos Redesigned With Added RealityVisualizing The Future Of Open-World Games–And Our Surveillance State–With “Watch Dogs”How Two Bowls And A Handful Of Pebbles Could Help Solve Communication OverloadHow To Find Out Whether You’re A Good Cultural Fit At Any CompanyGoogle Now Accounts For A Quarter Of Internet Traffic In The U.S.A Huge Patent Firm Just Lost In Court, Freeing Up The Entire WebPower Company Admits Radioactive Water Is Leaking From Fukushima Nuclear Power PlantWhy Productive People Take Better NotesThis Is The View From Mount Fuji, Courtesy Of Google Street ViewWithout Influence, Knowledge And Skill Are Not Enough To Build Your BrandThe Simple Secret That Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy4 Reasons Handshakes Go Horribly Wrong10 Ways To Make Your Office More FunDance Dance Revelation: Viral Star Karen X. Cheng On How To Have More DisciplineMeet The 17-Year-Old Who Created A Brain-Powered Prosthetic ArmHow The CIA Can Send A Drone After Any Mobile PhoneWatch Robots Put Together A TeslaToday’s Most Creative People: The Team Behind The All-In-One Security System You Control From Your PhoneWeird “Hologram Concerts” Allow K-Pop Artists To Transcend Space, TimeWith the Royal Baby, Oreo Shows it Has Perfect Timing on TwitterGreen Coke? In Argentina, Coca-Cola Life Features Green Label, Bottle, and IngredientsSpike Lee Is The Latest Celebrity Filmmaker To Ask Fans To Fund His Movie On KickstarterThis Wonder System Turns Any Surface Into A TouchscreenThese Citizens Want To Take Over Berlin’s Electric GridFox Brings Back Carl Sagan’s Cosmos–And It Looks TerrificInside The Tech Stack Digg Used To Replace Google ReaderMeet The First Generation Of NFC-Enabled JewelryToday’s Most Innovative Company: BookVibe Finds Your Next Book Recommendation On TwitterGuardian’s “Non-Royalist” Mode Lets You Opt Out of Baby NewsWhy Britain’s New Porn Filter Is Doomed To FailWhat Facebook Learned From Building 3,000 Apps For “Dumb” PhonesAfter Being Purchased By Apple, Navigation App HopStop No Longer Works On Windows PhoneeBay Launches eBay Now For Desktop, Expands New York & Bay Area DeliveriesPhotos Showcase The Hidden Beauty Of Dread DiseasesWould Experiencing Life As A Factory Farm Cow Stop You From Eating So Much Meat?A Tarp That Makes It Simple To Become A GardenerForget Food Trucks: Here’s A Mobile Butcher ShopYahoo Buys Back $1.16 Billion In Shares From Hedge FundHow To Make Room For Experts In Your AppNo Animals Were Harmed In The Making Of These Majestic Taxidermy HeadsSprouting From Appalachia’s Coal Country, A Mini-Sustainable RevolutionWhy New York Startups Should Be Media MastersWhy You’ll See Many More 3-D Printers Next YearSee Your Portrait, Painted With The CosmosThe College Classroom Behind Oregon’s Bold Plan For Tuition-Free CollegeFacebook For Every Phone? Not Quite, But Getting ThereShortage Of Developers In Your City? One Startup’s Clever SolutionMeet The Account Director of Team Pilot: Steve WhiteApple Is Reportedly Testing IPads And IPhones With Larger ScreensReal-Time Web Basics: What You Need To KnowTake A Look At Idris Elba As Nelson Mandela In The Trailer For “Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom”7 Ways To Boost Your CreativityWhy Social Sustainability Should Be Part Of Every BusinessLeap Motion Ships Today: It’s Magic, But You Still Need Your MouseHow Your Cellphone Could Be Hacked “In About Two Minutes” Via Text MessageApple Developer Center Shutdown Triggered By Security ResearcherIs Data Porn Good For Anything?How To Stay Awesomely Creative Well Into Your 80sThe Long-Term Intuition That Helped Gary Vaynerchuck Conquer The World5 Non-Network-Y Ways To Network With The Best Of ThemHow To Find The Right Headhunter For Your CompanyWhy Startups Have Such Stupid NamesI Suffer From Panic Attacks, But Won’t Let Them Destroy My Life Or WorkThe Case Against Demo DaysHow This Ad Agency Is Measuring the Value of AwesomeNate Silver, 2013’s Most Creative Person, Is Leaving The New York Times for ESPNBiz Stone: Facebook Should Go Premium With Paid Ad-Free VersionHopStop and Locationary Acquisitions Could Mean a Better Apple MapsTo Avoid Obsolescence, GM Keeps an Eye on TeslaScientists Say Giant “Pandoraviruses” Could Have Come From MarsMoto X Set to be Revealed Aug. 1 in New York CityIn a Bid to Cut Fuel Costs, Air Force Takes Flying Lessons From BirdsWho Moved My Cheesecake? How Tumblr is Making it Harder to Find Erotic ContentHouse Says No to Asteroid Mission, Wants NASA to Shoot for the Moon InsteadThe Recommender: Sarah Kessler, Associate EditorDetroit’s Bankruptcy Filing Isn’t A Fiasco, It’s A PivotLEAP MOTIONInstagram Goes To Washington10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Maddening Apple Ad, Hyperloop, And MoreDirector David Cage On Playing A Life In Full In “Beyond: Two Souls”Sources Say Asiana Flight Victim Died After Being Run Over By VehicleDrones Tracking Highway Speeders? Not QuiteThe CEO Of Amazon Found The Engines Used In Apollo 11NASA Creating Blackest Materials Ever MeasuredLessons In Creative Productivity From 24-Hour PlaysTumblr’s Porn Filter Backfires In LGBTQ CommunityDubai Is Paying Its Residents In Gold To Lose WeightThe Most Incredible 3-D Printed Things We’ve Ever SeenBehind The Dual-Screen Russian Phone That’s Looking To Reinvent The Mobile User ExperienceThe Plan To Put A Telescope On The South Pole Of The MoonWhat To Consider Before Starting Up In CollegeWhat Happens When You Let Artists Play With San Francisco’s TrashThe Rise Of The Niche Social NetworkCan The Callisto Engine Change Real-Life Gaming?How To Float On A Wave Of SoundUsing Comics To Educate About The Holocaust“Only God Forgives” Director Nicolas Winding Refn On The Creative Freedom That Comes With Making Divisive ArtAre Knockoff IPhone Chargers Electrocuting People?What Coders Should Know About Copyright LicensingThe Book That Inspired GitHub’s New “Coder Caves”Why The New Photos Of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Might Do More Harm Than GoodApple Just Bought Locationary In A Move To Improve Its Maps’ AccuracyEverything Wrong With Every Movie You’ve Seen In The Last Decade (And The Art Of Going Negative)Will Steven Spielberg Stick with “Halo” Now That Don Mattrick Left Xbox?The Four Things People Can Still Do Better Than ComputersNew York City Now Has An Anti-Ice-Cream TruckYour Career Won’t Be Predictable, And That’s A Good ThingWhat’s In Secret Aaron Swartz Files That MIT Doesn’t Want Us To See?Jay Z Changes His Name From Jay-Z To Jay Z. Got That?How To Score Investments In Your Enterprise StartupLet Taylor Swift Help You Break Up With Your Strategic PlanThe Self-Mastery Secrets Of CEOsWhy We’re All UX Designers NowMarketing, With A Side Of Truth: The Secret McDonald’s Recipe For Canadian SuccessHow Delusion Makes You More ProductiveDetroit Is Going Bankrupt–But Its Tech Community Is Going StrongA TurboTax For Government RecordsA Watch That Tells You The Time Just By FeelingDetroit Just Became The Largest City Ever To File For Bankruptcy In The U.S.Surface Flop: Microsoft’s $900M Charge On Its Struggling TabletGoogle Second-Quarter Earnings Fall Short of Analyst EstimatesToday’s Most Innovative Company: Rap Genius Wants To Demystify Your IllnessesMapping The Impact Of Extreme Weather On Energy InfrastructureLenovo CMO: Windows 8 Not Yet MainstreamLivingSocial Fires Employees, Backtracks and Asks Them to Stay a Week LongerPharma-Basketball-And-Energy Data Firm Ayasdi Gets $30MEnd Of An Era: Lonely Planet Slashes Content JobsThe Smartphone Market Is Growing Up–But Don’t PanicHire My Friend Makes Sure Your Boss Doesn’t Find Out You’re Job HuntingA Clever App To Help Immigrants Become CitizensToday’s Most Creative People: The Team Behind A Cancer-Sniffing Surgeon’s KnifeVirgin Mobile Takes Vine Videos To TVTrying To Quit? This E-Cigarette Tweets Your ShameForget Spotify–Here Are Four Services To Make Your Band Some CashGesture Through News Minority Report-Style With New York Times’ Leap Motion AppPostmates And Uber Are Dishing Out Ice Cream To Beat The Hottest Week Of SummerA Concept-Through-Production Crowdsourcing Effort Yields Coca-Cola’s “Smile Back”Do Netflix’s Emmy Nominations “Blur the Line Forever About What Is Television”?Are You A Pinterest Man?A Portable Car Charger Shaped Like An Amazing Futuristic FlowerPredictably, More And More People Are Accessing Facebook Via MobileWhat The Anytime, Anywhere Workplace Really Means For Your Work, Life BalanceHeineken is Offering Exciting Free Vacations . . . But Only To The Truly SpontaneousGlaring Lack of Irony In Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic” Fixed Via FansourcingWhile You’re Cutting Calories, Health Apps Are Giving Away Your Personal DataLong Island Landscapers, Tanners, And Clam Kings Are Among New PBS (Fake) Reality ShowsThe Business Side Of Building Your API PlatformThis Teddy Bear Has Sensors That Measure Your Kid’s HealthA Collapsible Bike Helmet That Cyclists Might Actually Want To WearHow We Watch TV Is Changing, And The Emmys Just Recognized ThatWith “Computer Chess,” A Loving Look Back at 1980s Nerd CultureFrom Mushrooms To Aquaponics, How Back To The Roots Is Taking Over Home GrowingMeet The Strategist Of Team Pilot: Juuso MyllyrinneFrom Comic-Con: A New Transmedia App That Blurs RealityCompetitive Relaxation: A Turbo-Nerd’s Way To De-StressOuya Games Kickstarter Again, This Time For GamesThe Hardest Word: Why Saying No Is Key To Your Long-Term SuccessThe Kids Are Alright: Millennials Want Meaningful Jobs That Fix Social ProblemsIFTTT Puts the Internet of Things in Your PocketRetailers Refuse To Carry Rolling Stone’s Boston Bomber IssueThe .Amazon Domain Might Go To The River, Not The RetailerBjork Brings Biophilia App to Android, Despite Failed Kickstarter CampaignNokia’s Smartphone Plan Isn’t WorkingThese Wetsuits Make You Invisible To SharksWant The Job? Learn To Tell Great Stories, Starting With Your InterviewWhy Being An Eternal Newbie Leads To Awesome WorkSuccessful Collaboration Relies On Trust, No Matter How Far Away Your Colleague WorksSay Goodbye To Spinning? How Fitwall Pumps Data, Preps To Be The Next Great Exercise CrazeHow Inspired Employees Turn Your Message Into A MovementThe Marketing Philosophy That Works From The Bottom Up–And Has The Results To Prove It10 Things Not To Wear To Work In The SummerStartup Culture’s Lack Of Diversity Stifles InnovationApple, Facebook, Google, Twitter And Others Ask NSA For More Surveillance TransparencyToday’s Most Innovative Company: Hot Pockets Shows It’s Still Hip at 30Today’s Most Creative People: The Researchers Who Silenced Down Syndrome’s Extra ChromosomePayPal Temporarily Bans Book for Having “Iranian” in the TitleMastering DesignColorado Town Proposes Drone-Hunting LicenseHere’s What The Sounds Of Fear And Desire Look LikeMemphis BBQ In Montana? Goldbely Mails Your Favorite Regional Foods To Your DoorHave Spare Office Space? Why Not Host A Startup For A Month Or Two?Funny Or Die Corrects Rolling Stone’s Controversial CoverThe NSA Can Analyze Data From Way More People Than We ThoughtCan Cooper Union Find A Way To Continue Free Tuition And Its Social Mission?Don’t Be Evil: Why It’s Time To Do Something About Online ProstitutionHacking On Your Face: Google Glass Exploits Made RealWatch The Trailer For The Julian Assange Biopic “The Fifth Estate”The New York Times Quotes Three Times As Many Men As WomenFinally, Someone Built A Budget Version Of Google GlassThose Miles Per Gallon Claims May Not Be What They SeemToday’s Most Creative People: The Makers Of A Pen That Vibrates When You Make A MistakeThink You Know What’s Going To Happen In “Breaking Bad?” Prove It With Betting BadDoes World History Repeat? One CIA-Backed Startup Plans To Find OutMaybe Marissa Mayer Can’t Save Yahoo, After AllWhy We Can’t Use Social Media To Predict Riots6 Tips For How Businesses Can Make Themselves More GenerousTechstars-backed Pickie Unveils Redesign, Targets Women With Flipboard-Style Shopping ExperienceDisney Turns Your Desk Into An Interactive 3-D PlaygroundChrome Extensions Developers Can’t Live WithoutJapan Wants To Restart Its Nuclear PlantsThis Rocket Engine Could Change Space Exploration, And It Just Got A Huge InvestmentA Camera For Capturing Smells For You To Sniff LaterInfographic: Surname Map of America Shows You Where The Smiths, Johnsons, And Garcias Live“Shit Girls Say” Guy Is Now Talking DogsThe Surprisingly Beautiful Insides Of Deadly BulletsHow Can We Get Gun Owners To Love Smart Guns?Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Twitter Stunt Actually Boosted SalesSure, We Like Spotify–But Thom Yorke Has A Good PointMicrosoft And Polar Almost Built A Killer Smart TVNew iPhone Rumors, Images Suggest Big Changes: Fingerprint Reader, NFC, iPhone Lite, And MoreHacking The World’s Dictionaries To Change The Definition Of MarriageNational League MVP Buster Posey On His New Mobile Game Buster Bash PROEating Too Much Is Still Why You’re Fat, Despite All That JoggingAstronaut’s Spacesuit Malfunctions During SpacewalkShould Apple Finally Open Up To Journalists?Google Street View Users Get An EiffelEat It, Apple! Google Maps 2.0 Heats The iOS Mapping BattleSpotify Gets A Record Hit With Jay-Z’s New AlbumDo You Know Why Rhetorical Questions Are For Jerks?5 Lessons Dropbox CEO Drew Houston Learned When His Business BoomedThe 30-Minute Strategy For Creating A Successful Path To Your GoalsUnlock Your Creative Genius: 4 Steps To Being Provocative With A PurposeA Former Google Exec On How Startups Can Compete With Google To Score Great TalentIs A Cluttered Inbox Bad For You?6 Ways To Go From Anonymous Hermit To Thought LeaderHow Brands Can Market More Effectively To Women–And Why They ShouldTumblr Fixes Security Bug In iOS, Asks Users To Change Passwords