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To Prevent Startup Burnout, Airbnb Is Shifting Its StrategyWill This Wearable Device For Dogs Lead To The Most Amazing Google Glass App Of All?Google Glass Team Considered “Pew Pew Pew,” “Glassicus,” And “Go Go Glass” Before “OK Glass”A Yelp For Developing World Workers to Review Bosses, Report ViolationsAnalysts: U.S. Retail Safety Plan For Bangladesh Factories Has No TeethToday’s Most Creative Person: Marissa Mayer, Who Got People Talking About Yahoo AgainHow to Spot a Bot on Social MediaBig Earthquakes Can Cause Tremors At Fracking Sites, Even From Across The GlobeEx-Defense Department Deputy Creates Anti-Snowden Phone!Meow Gusta! Now Lolcats Can Teach You A Foreign LanguageThis Minuscule New Form Of Memory Will Revolutionize Electronics–If We’re Smart EnoughToday’s Most Innovative Company: Food52 Turns Leftover Produce Into Lunch For The Whole OfficeGoogle’s Futuristic Airport Billboards Are Interactive, Allow You To Download ContentForget Credit Cards. In Finland, You Can Pay With Your FaceAward-Winning Tech Prevents Human Rights AbusesSpace: The Final Frontier of 3-D PrintingRahat, Dodger, Meekakitty, And Other YouTube Personalities Get A Taste Of Dorm Living At Bullseye UniversityHow To Save $244,000 On Your EducationThis Gender-Inclusive Picture Book Teaches Kids Where Babies Come FromSee Your Favorite Pop Culture Characters As “Simpsons”These Mini Satellites Will Let Anyone Keep An Eye On EarthRetail Stores Are Tracking You Like CrazyCould This Phone Prevent Violence From Escalating?Meet The Producer of Team Pilot: James SkidmoreMeet The Designer of Team Pilot: Eric KopickiWatch The 15-Second Instagram Trailer For Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs BiopicYou Can Now Trade Guns For Laptops In BaltimoreKickstarted Microspacecraft To Fly Into Deep Space And Land On MoonTo Predict The Future Of Technology, Figure Out How People Will Use It IllegallyAll of Jay-Z’s 99 Problems, IllustratedApple’s Next Television Service Could Allow You To Skip AdsThe NSA Scandal Has Inspired Some Very Creative Works Of ArtThis Bill Gates-Backed Super-Thermos Saves Lives With Cold VaccinesEdward Snowden Applies For Temporary Asylum In Russia, Lawyer ConfirmsThe 10 Best U.S. Cities To Launch Your STEM CareerThe Distraction of Data: How Brand Research Misses The Real Reasons Why People BuyThe Hubble Telescope Just Discovered Neptune’s Smallest MoonSoon You’ll Be Able To Tour Venice On Google Street ViewOn Her One-Year Anniversary At Yahoo, Marissa Mayer Wins Battle With Department Of JusticeIf Apple Buys PrimeSense, Your Apple Gadgets Could Soon Detect Your GesturesIf Mother Teresa HackedWhy The Center Of Innovation Is For SuckersHow This 27-Year-Old Grew A $100-Million Company Around One Principle: CommunityHow To Write A Follow-Up Email That Will Land You The Job11 Distractingly Stinky, Productivity-Killing Lunches You Should Never Bring To The OfficeShow Inbox Mercy With Proper Email EtiquetteWhat Mapping A Pub Crawl Teaches Us About The Future Of AdvertisingDo You Know Where You’ll Be 285 Days From Now At 2 P.M.? These Data-Masters DoMeet The Leader Of Team Pilot: Chris ReardoniOS 7 Design Basics: Making Your App Fit InThe Enormous Body Count From Human-Caused Air PollutionOnly In Japan Would School Girls Need A Powerful Robot SuitTURNING GATEWAYS INTO EXTRAORDINARY DESTINATIONSToday’s Most Innovative Company: Mark43’s Smart Software Helps Police Officers Fight CrimeMasters of Design 2010 Flash IntroToday’s Most Creative People: The Sandy Hook Parents Using Biology To Predict And Prevent ViolenceAn Army Of Citizen Scientists Is Tracking Our Water LevelsThe Chairman Of BuzzFeed Wants To Bring Even More Animals To The InternetFab Gets Personal, Will Email You About Products It Knows You LikeOur Computers Can’t Keep Up WIth All The DNA Research We’re DoingMicrosoft Surface Watch: Dumb Idea, Or The Dumbest Idea Ever?Uber Greenlights Weekend Hackathon Project: Fare SplittingWhat Superfans Can Teach Us About Passion In Adam Richman’s “Fandemonium”To Save Water, Los Angeles Is Paying People To Kill Their LawnsHere Comes the Drone: Quadcopter Serves as Ring Bearer in High-Tech WeddingWould You Pay Attention To Mobile Advertisers If They Paid You?Government Eyes Tech That Makes It Harder For You To Become A WhistleblowerI Switched From iPhone To Android And Now I Can’t Get TextsWill Someone Please Design Wearable Devices That Aren’t Fugly?Putin: Snowden Leaving Russia At “Earliest Opportunity”PETA’s Brilliant, Bloody New Ad CampaignThe Twinkie Is Back, And Twitter Is EvangelizingMeet The Tech Lead of Team Pilot: Chris KiefElon Musk Wants to Zip You From L.A. to San Francisco in 30 MinutesDoes Anyone Want To Listen To The News Anymore?They’re Back! Rovio Announces Angry Birds Star Wars IIThe Netherlands Is Building A Country-Wide EV Charging NetworkThe World Needs More Wearable Devices For Dogs, Said No One EverSpotify Swears It Pays Artists A Healthy SumZack Morris’s Smartphone And Other Things To Expect From The NBC Nostalgia Comics LineThese Mind-Blowingly Elaborate Plant Sculptures Are Not CGIMaybe It’s Not Such A Great Idea To Google Your STDsBeneath Surface, Microsoft’s Legs Are Paddling Desperately To Get TractionDexter Reflects On George ZimmermanNot Having It All: What Does The Minimum Wage Mean For Moms?Horror Film Fest Advertises By Invading Members’ HomesFixing Google Search’s Social Services GapBuy A Timeshare In The Ultimate RV Park Doomsday Shelter7 Lessons Creative Teams Can Learn From A Sixth-Grade Metal BandThe Royal Baby Hasn’t Been Born, But It Already Has An AppWhy Hulu Isn’t Selling (Yet)Fresh Rumors Say Apple Is Beefing Up Its IWatch StaffThom Yorke Removes His Songs From Spotify: UpdatedAre You Passionate Or Delusional?Quality Not Quantity: How Advocates Blow Traditional Advertising Out Of The WaterThe Creator Of The Cronut On How Your Business Can Whip Up A Cronut-Like CrazeTo Be More Creative, Study The Great Ricky Gervais Dicking About TheoryWant To Collaborate Better? Work In A CircleWhat Stanford’s Startup Garage Teaches Us About Invention and InnovationHow Radical Transparency Kills StressWhy Dropbox Will Never Fully Replace The Hard DriveHow Instagram Can Become Bigger Than FacebookWhat’s The One App You Can’t Live Without?The Truth About Unplugging And “Vacation”“Twitter Dress” Creators Build Machine To Drink Their Own SweatMeet The Developer From Team Pilot: Charlton Roberts“Glee” Actor Cory Monteith Dead At 31America Reacts To The George Zimmerman Verdict10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Wake Up Early, Free Apple Apps, And MoreAudio Innovator Amar Bose, Founder of Bose Corp., DiesWhy Are We Learning Energy Efficiency Lessons From The Middle East?Timehop Discontinues Daily Email in Hopes You’ll Use Its AppTwitter Quietly Ships Three Execs Overseas to Lead International GrowthToday’s Most Innovative Company: Asylum, The Studio Behind “Sharknado”Lyft Sells Its Zimride Ride-Matching Service To EnterpriseNASA’s 3-D Printed Rocket Component Could Cut Manufacturing Time and CostsIn the Middle of the RevolutionExpect More “Snow Fall”: The New York Times Taps Sam Sifton For Multimedia NarrativesCureCrowd Knows Whether Morning Yoga Or Prozac Will Make You Feel BetterSamsung Debuts Silicon Valley Accelerator, Plans to Open Another in NYCHulu Is Staying HomeCan Apple Heal Hollywood’s Head-In-Ass Disorder?EPA, National Weather Service Issue Official “Sharknado” StatementsYour Gambling Addiction Is Gonna Love This Bitcoin Betting SiteThe Recommender: Comic Book Aficionado J.J. McCorvey Shares A Stunning Testament To GrandparentsAbandoned Chickens Are A Sad Casualty Of Overzealous Urban FarmersCorey Feldman Stages An Unbidden Comeback In Inexplicable Music VideoJanet Napolitano’s Greatest Hits“SoundCloud Without Borders” Re-creates Big Ben And Other London Icons With Sound WavesSee The Most Excellent Animated Answers To The Question: What Would You Wish For?Hear The Incredible Rise Of Climate Change Played On The CelloFred Armisen Infomercial Hawks Revolutionary New Music Device: The Flash DriveYour Friendly iPhone Is A Tool for Domestic Abuse In New PSAThe Politics Behind The New Winklevoss Bitcoin FundAn E-Ink License Plate That Tells The World (And The Cops) You’re UninsuredToday Is The National Gay Blood Drive, Even Though Gay Men Can’t Give BloodCan a Bullet Traveling Near the Speed of Sound Find Life on Jupiter’s Moon?Today’s Most Creative Person: Alex Maccaw, Encouraging Idea-Sharing Without The SnarkA Facebook App for Events and Concerts . . . From Citibank?Disney Princesses Turn Deadly In This Killer Interactive Street Art4Chan’s Founder Wants You To Unleash Your Inner ArtistSpotify Poll Discovers Most Misheard Lyrics In Pop: UpdatedThese Dresses Are All Made Out Of Female CondomsGoing Big: Guillermo del Toro Creates Bot Vs. Monster Spectacle For “Pacific Rim”4 Bogus Claims About Why Walmart Can’t Pay A Living WagePsy Reaches Three Billion Views On YouTubeMeet DARPA’s Humanoid Robot That Could Someday Save You From A Crumbling BuildingSteve Vs. Steve: Jobs, Ballmer In A Leadership SmackdownThis May Be The Most Vital Use Of “Big Data” We’ve Ever SeenThere Are More Eyes on Your Facebook Posts Than You Can Even ImagineThe Tin In Your IPhone Might Be Wrecking The EnvironmentNSA Adds Wiretapping Of Skype Video Calls To Its Box Of Tricks3 Ways To Be An Ideal CoworkerUndressing Salad Dressing: How Sex Still Sells5 Tips To Stay Productive All Day Long5 Signs That Your Internship Is Actually A Low-Paid Job To NowhereHow To Become More Unstoppable Every DayPolitical Turmoil Leaves Cofounders of Egypt-based Instabug in LimboNo Filter: How Instagram’s Kevin Systrom Views TwitterTelepsychiatry Aims to Combat Patient Drop-OffDo You Really Understand What Your Business Model Is?Lady Gaga Announces ARTPOP Album Release Date In A Weird, Lengthy Facebook PostEdward Snowden Requests Meeting With Human Rights Representatives At Sheremetyevo AirportA Look Back At The Finalists Of The Co.Labs And Target Retail AcceleratorFIDO Is Far More Than Google Glass For DogsPlug, A Personal Cloud Storage System Designed To Dodge PRISMInside Google’s Infinite Music Intelligence MachineDear Feds: You’re Not Welcome At DEF CONThe Pope Says You Should Drive A More Reasonable CarMicrosoft Handed User Messages To The NSA On A Silver PlatterToday’s Most Creative Person: Mark Goldenson, Improving Mental Health Care Access For MillionsGuard Your Online Identity Or An Ad Firm Might Steal Your FaceGamer Boys Are Mad That Xbox’s New Boss is a WomanNew “Nimble, Collaborative, Decisive” Microsoft So Far None Of Those ThingsThe LED-Powered Dress That’s Disrupting Swedish PoliticsNokia’s Lumia 1020 Is A Pro Camera Disguised As A SmartphoneApple Unearthed A 15th Century Hospital, And Is Building A Store On Top Of ItHow To (Really) Get The Word Out About Your StartupWhy Microsoft Needs A Design CzarNo More Empty Calories: The U.S. Government Gets Tough On School SnacksCan MySpace Pull Off A Digg-Like Revival?A Peek Behind the Big Blue CurtainL’Oreal’s Got A Putrescent Cure for Gray HairThe Key To Automated Manufacturing Is 3-D Printing–With MetalsYour Startup Sold For Hundreds Of Millions–Now Do It AgainWould You Go to Austenland in Search of Your Mr. Darcy?UpTo Reinvented The Calendar By Setting Out To Build Something ElseAfter Leaving SNL, Bill Hader Jumps To T-MobileYou Can Pick Up This $5,000 House And Take It With YouWhy One Young Woman Left Google To Follow Her Passion For Handmade GoodsPhotographer Takes Personal Branding, Product Placement To A New LevelInside The Painstaking Process Of Creating Elaborate Etch A Sketch ArtToday’s Most Innovative Company: Makey Makey, Making Everyone An InventorWhere You Live Says A Lot About Your Driving Habits, Says Hyundai StudySharing Music Is Personal, And SoundTracking Is Using That To Its Advantage“Orange Is The New Black” Author On Going From Prison To NetflixInside The Company Making Sure Your Pot Is Strong (And Safe)Alex McDowell On Creating Krypton And The Future Of Production DesignHow Sprint and IBM Are Putting Your Car on the CloudGreenpeace Protesters Are Climbing The Shard To Get Signatures On Arctic Drilling PolicyNokia’s Pro Camera-Like Lumia 1020 Smartphone LeaksWith Promotion Costs Of $500 Million, Google Really Needs You To Buy Its New Moto X PhonePlayStation 4 Users Can Now Play Their Own Games On Anyone’s ConsoleFacebook’s iOS App Makes It Easier To Verify That Celebs Are Saying Dumb Things On FacebookYahoo Wants Everyone To Know It “Objected Strenuously” To The NSA’s PRISM Requests6 Simple Steps To Master Productivity On The RoadThe Unspoken Key To Finding Meaningful WorkHow To Find Your Perfect Business Partner, Even If They’re 6,472 Miles AwayYou’re Not A CEO; You’re A “Synthesis Point”How Your iPhone Weakens Your Will18 Reasons The American Dream Is Still AliveTop Execs On The Power Of Good MistakesHow Science Supercharges CreativityYou (Yes, You) Can Help Shape The Future Of Social EntrepreneurshipWhat’s Your Email Personality?Foodspotting Founder Alexa Andrzejewski: Designing The Experience Is The First Step In Designing The AppBy 2017, India Will Have More Developers than the U.S.France Ends Three-Strikes Law, Stops Threatening To Take The Web From PiratesNavy Drone Completes First Unmanned Carrier Landing, Heads for RetirementYou Can Now Upgrade Your Phone Twice a Year on T-Mobile–For a FeeYelp Pilots Food Delivery in San Francisco and NYC5 Tips For Successfully Building A Business With Crowdfunding, From Kiva’s CofounderReport: Massive Microsoft Restructuring to be Unveiled TomorrowJay-Z Is Performing “Picasso Baby” And Dancing With Strangers For Six Hours Because, ArtSomeday, Your Dry Cleaning Might Be Delivered To Your House By A Quadrocopter DroneFollow the Money: Twitter Fundraising Is Now LegalDogTV, iPad Apps For Cats, And Other Ridiculously Tricked-Out Tech For PetsThink Differently About Banner Ads In Your App: No One Clicks ‘EmInstagram Catches Up To Twitter With Embeddable PhotosThis Super-Secure Messaging System Is The NSA’s Worst NightmareWhat Can Zombies Teach Us About Crowd Behavior?Twitter Maps America’s Favorite BurgersUse Actual Surveillance In This Promotion For a Video Game About SurveillanceThe Memory Hack That Got Me Through Med School–And Inspired A StartupToday’s Most Creative People: The Students Who Worked On NASA’s GroverUnderstanding and Marketing to the First Global GenerationBraff-Sourcing: A Marriage Proposal–And Kickstarter–PivotThe Mental Health Benefits Of Recalling Better DaysLive-TV Startup Tivli Raises $6.3M To Disrupt Television OnlineGirls (Who Code) Rule The World10 Hidden Gems In iOS 7Body of Work: See Classic Paintings Re-created On A Human CanvasWe Can Now 3-D Print Liquid MetalApple Loses E-Book Price Lawsuit, Faces DamagesHackers Attack Microsoft After Google Revealed Security WeaknessA Better Climate Change Model, Built By YouAn Animator Creates An Alien A DayToday’s Most Innovative Company: NASA, Planning To Send A New Rover To MarsThis Is Your Brain On Viral IdeasGoogle Cleans Up Android Maps App, Ditches Latitude Location-TrackerNew App SpeedSpot Guides You To Fastest Wi-Fi In Your AreaNew Optical Lattice Clock Could Redefine The Length Of The SecondThe 10 Things High Engagement Does For You11 Little-Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live WithoutThe 5 Cornerstones Of A Beautiful BusinessFor Don Mattrick To Save Zynga, It Must Stop Making GamesTo Make Better Decisions, Map Them OutWhat Could Your Company Do To Increase Happiness Among Employees?Don’t Listen To Your Customers–Watch ThemEric Schmidt: Do What Computers Aren’t Good AtBuried iOS 7 Code Gives Rise To Slow-Motion iPhone Camera RumorMakey Makey Will Make You Love The “Internet Of Things”BlackBerry Succumbs, Lets India Snoop On Its ServersHello? Google Brings Phone Calls Back to Gmail