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Get Funded! Northeastern Offers The Nation’s Only Student-Run Venture Accelerator, IDEAJony Ive Redesigns Apple’s UI For iOS 7, Sources Describe It As “Very, Very Flat”Zut alors! French Government Says “Non Merci” To Yahoo’s Dailymotion DealThe Weather Channel Subjects Interns To Twitter-Powered Tornado6 Ways Governments Can Actually Deliver Help To Their CitizensJason Collins Comes OutJason Collins Comes OutKodak sells its dying camera-film business to U.K. retireesSlow, Steady Climate Change Defeating Color-Changing BunnyMicrosoft Makes Sport Of Android-Apple Battles With New Windows Phone SpotSpielberg Trades In “Lincoln” For “Obama”This Majestic Lighthouse Cools Itself In The Hot Saudi SunGoogle Now Now Available To Disrupt Siri On iPhones And iPadsReport: CIA Wanted To Hack Drug CartelsCongress Studying Geolocation PrivacyWolf Blitzer SwattedAnother Standout Submission For The Co.Labs & Target Retail AcceleratorHow Mr. Money Moustache Retired At 30–And You Can, TooHow To Get Around The Peak Car ConundrumFirst Time Test Flight For Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo EngineSamsung Promotes Galaxy S4 With Peek At Its Design ProcessShazam Hires Former Yahoo EVP As CEO To Push Into Second Screen FutureWhy Polluters Should Pay You To Fix Climate ChangeHorrific Reflections In Comedy Movie Posters Say: “You’re Next”Are Millennials The Greenest Generation? Maybe Not5 Things You Should Be Doing With Mobile And Data Right NowThis Swedish Company Reverse Engineers Chinese Food Recipes From Instagram PicturesPandora For Beer? Beer Mapper App Allows For Beer Discovery Across the Beer SpaceFacebook’s Dominance Of Social Media Is Being Challenged By Other SitesLG First Firm To Sell Curved OLED TV, But Only In South KoreaBlackBerry Q10 Sells Out In The U.K. In Just HoursA Better Cancer-Killing Nanoparticle Bullet, Created By A 16-Year-OldWhy I Made My Payments Startup An Open CompanyHyundai’s Suicide Play And 9 Other Amazing Lapses Of Creative JudgementStatus Update: Facebook’s Social Media Dominance Is Being Challenged By NewcomersGoodbye Typing, Hello Recording: Rev Finally Makes Transcription PainlessNew Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Aimed At iPad Mini, Nexus 7Is Microsoft Breaking The Promise Of Windows 8?Messages From Chat Apps Overtook SMS In 2012Google Buys News Service Wavii For An Estimated $30 MillionMessaging Via Chat Apps Overtook Daily SMS Rate In 2012Too Much Bureaucracy Is Bad In Offices, Worse When You Handle Nukes10 Little-Known Apps That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live WithoutDo Psychopaths Get Promoted Faster?What The Creators Of IVF Can Teach Us About InnovationOne Company’s Secret To Thriving In A Crumbling IndustryHow 37Signals’ David H. Hansson Found The “Epicenter Of Happiness”When Surprising Problems Threaten Business, Get Creative To Protect Your (Tiny, Delicious) Product4 Ways Your Company Can Deal With Disaster In A Social, Mobile WorldAOL Shutters Several Music Properties, Including Spinner And The BoomboxLivingSocial Hack Reveals More Than 50 Million Customers’ Private DataEpcot’s Iconic Globe Has Been Possessed By Pixar MonstersTwitter To Bring In-Tweet Surveys To P&G, Coca-Cola, WalmartThe White House Now Has Its Own TumblrPresident Obama Praises Israel…In New McDonald’s SpotDzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Twitter FriendsAmazon Clashes With Brazil And Peru Over .Amazon Domain NameGE Tells The Stories Of The World’s Innovators With “Focus Forward”Google Wants A Dotless DomainAnthony Jeselnik on How to Be Funny By Being MeanDzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Social Circles Mapped10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Ship-My-Pants, Camera Evolution, And MoreGoogle Wants Dotless DomainsSmartphones Outship Dumbphones For First TimeShakeup At The A.V. ClubWhat’s In Your Gut? Ask Citizen ScienceA Few Highlights From Innovation Uncensored New York 2013Fixing South Africa’s Water System, With Citizen InspectorsThis Woman Wants To Be Your Networking WingmanSee Your Favorite Movies–In Miniature–In This Seattle International Film Fest TrailerPositive Brand Tweets Are Four Times More Effective Than Non-Tweet AdsStunning Photos Of The Solar-Powered Plane Flying Over The Golden Gate BridgeDeveloping World Comedians Turn Poverty Into A JokeFind A Profitable App Store Niche–Fast12 Beautiful Photos Of Ridiculous Cell Phone Towers Disguised As TreesThe Bilingual Adventure Of Making “Kon-Tiki”Joining The Conversation: Lessons In Real-Time MarketingMarissa Mayer Joins Jawbone As Non-Executive DirectorApple Entering The Streaming Music Game Because It’s Losing Ground?Amazon’s Q1 2013 Results Show A Fall In Profits, Despite A Rise In SalesGoogle Tweaks App Store Policy To Maintain Control Over UpdatesWhy Nike Killed “Magneto,” Its Futuristic Eyewear ProductAmazon’s Q1 2013 Results: Revenue Is Down But Sales Are UpGitHub’s Code For Workplace HappinessSnowball-Proofing Your Next ProjectKnowing When Your Groundbreaking Idea Needs A Softer TouchHow Kindness Makes Or Breaks CareersFinding The Spike Lee Of Video GamesDo Your Employees Trust You?Why Channeling Your Inner Weirdo Helps You Get Ahead At WorkThe Dark Side Of Being A Charismatic Boss7 Questions Every Head Of Marketing Better Be Able To AnswerIs Education Killing Creativity In The New Economy?Why Nara Bans Inter-Office Email In Favor Of Intimate, Real-Life Face TimeNew York Times Releases Its Google Glass AppMailbox’s Gentry Underwood: What Hackers Should Know About Design ThinkingBetaworks Acquires Majority Stake In InstapaperYahoo Chairman Fred Amoroso ResignsFacebook Acquires Makers Of Backend Tools For Mobile Developers10 Ideas Driving The Future Of Social Entrepreneurshiptechnology Leap Motion Delays Controller Ship DateThat Aerobic Workout Video For Cats You’ve Always Wanted Is HereNYC Adds Wi-Fi And Cell Service To 30 More Subway StationsLeap Motion Delays Controller Ship DateElsa Walsh On Balancing Work And ParentingTo Become A Better Marketer, Bury Your (Big) EgoA Blind Man Hikes The Appalachian Trail Using Just A Five-Year-Old PhoneU.S. News: CISPA “Dead”Where’s My Private, Free, Open-Source Personal Web?Apple’s WWDC Tickets Sell Out In Two MinutesCan Tracking Facebook Likes Help Us Beat Obesity?Nathan Fielder Encourages Twitterers to Troll Their Parents With Drug Texts“Community” Finally Makes Full Use of the Oscar-Winning Screenwriter In Its CastThe Health Care App That’s Saving Lives In The Developing WorldPath Is Now Adding 1 Million Users A WeekFacebook And Google Love Each Other So Much It Almost Seems Like They Don’tYour Startup Is A Runt: Pivot Hard Or Keep Pushing?Put This Pot On The Fire And Charge Your Phone While Cooking DinnerA Redesign Of The Stretcher, To Protect The InjuredShock And AwwFAQs About The Co.Labs And Target Retail AcceleratorHuman Liver Tissue Produced On A 3-D PrinterNine Connections Promises To Tell You What Twitterers Will ShareParenting Startup Moonfrye Raises $2.5 MillionSoleil Moon Frye’s Parenting Site Raises $2.5MJailbreak Your iPhone, For RealCoca Cola Hires A New Design Chief, James SommervilleThe Rise of Pre-CommerceThe Power of One: An Anti-Malaria Campaign With Some Powerful PartnersColdplay Tastefully Rocks Comic Book Fans’ Faces Off With “Mylo Xyloto”A Beautiful Photo Series Sends A Disabled Kid On The Adventures Of A LifetimeWith Its New Contact App, LinkedIn Updates Its Job Title To “Relationship Manager”This Amazingly Powerful Gun Control Advocacy Pairs Senators With Slain ChildrenTime Warner Cable Misses Revenue ExpectationsMarc Maron on How to Write When You Are Your Own SubjectTwitter Can Predict The Stock Market, If You’re Reading The Right TweetsJared Cohen, Google’s Director Of Ideas, Is Doing A Live Q&A On The Guardian Right NowWindows 8 Snags Microsoft 7.4% Of Tablet Sales In Early 2013Google Tries To End EU Antitrust Case By Advertising Its RivalsGalaxy S4 Launch Postponed On Two U.S. Networks Due To Supply IssuesBiz Stone’s Jelly Startup Now Has A Trio Of Twitter Talent In Key RolesBiz Stone’s Jelly Startup Now Has A Trio Of Twitter Talent In Key RolesBiz Stone Using Twitter Talent To Feather Jelly’s NestThumbs Up For The KALQ, A Mobile Device-Friendly Keyboard SystemFancy A Coffee and Chat With Apple’s Tim Cook, All In The Name Of Charity? It’ll Cost You.Everything You Thought About Communicating With Your Employees Is WrongWorkplace Culture Hacks From America’s Politest CitySoundCloud’s Take On The Competition: There Isn’t AnyInnovation Starts With Sensing Future PossibilitiesFour Totally Insane Marketing Campaigns That Actually WorkedThe Truth About How Much Workaholics Actually WorkThumbs Up As Researchers Develop New Tablet-Friendly Keyboard, The KALQThe Invaluable $1.80 Beer Lesson On Selling Products And Buying HabitsWhy Your Product Needs To Be Massively Simple–And How To Do ItBill Clinton Joins Twitter For Real As @BillClintonYahoo Announces Partnership With Saturday Night LiveWhy Digital Clothing Won’t Need BatteriesShoppers, Look Up: The Store Is Winking At Your PhoneJena McGregor On The Art Of The ComebackCooper Union Is No Longer Free; Who’s To Blame?How That Beer You’re Drinking Is Helping Cure MalariaNow You Can Listen To Alexander Graham Bell’s Voice For The First TimeTate Modern Launches Twitter ToursFacebook Testing New PromptsMapping Your Brain To Predict Your DreamsSplitsider Presents: A New Distrbution Alternative For Comedy ContentWalmart And Ebay Execs Peer Into Shopping’s Crystal Ball, See… No-Click Buying?Talking Yoga Mat Knows What You Need in WTF Hotel AdWitness The Loneliness Of The Last DodoAmazon Rumored To Launch An Apple TV CompetitorMark Ruffalo’s Plan To Take New York State All-RenewableMetroPCS Shareholders Okay Merger With T-Mobile USA“Our Nixon”: Home Movies From The Original Over-SharersContent and Pervasive CreativityCloud Insurance Policy LaunchesInsuring Companies Against Cloud Computing OutagesSOPA Oral History ReleasedFacebook Removes Gun Sweepstakes5 Business Models That Are Driving The Circular EconomyShopify’s Build-A-Business Winners Want To Cover You In Glitter, Enhance Mobile Gaming, Make Your Daughters Engineers, Detoxify AllHow Rush Limbaugh Inspired Pharrell’s Bionic YarnInfographic: See How Barbie Stacks Up Against An Average (Real) WomanAmazing Macro Photos of Bugs With An Unsual AccessoryApple Reveals June 10th Date For Worldwide Developer’s ConferenceFeedly Announces Upgrade To Provide Automatic Migration Of Google Reader Tags And ArticlesAre Women Our Most Undervalued Resource?Why Every Ad Agency Should Have A Customer Experience UnitShould Apple Start Creating Original TV Content?EU Prepares For Majority Of TVs To Be ‘Connected’ By 2016BBC iPlayer Radio App Now Available On AndroidTwitter Tests Two-Step Authorisation To Beef Up Security Against HackersTwitter Testing Two-Step Authorization To Foil Hacking AttemptsApple’s Q2 Results: Profits Down, But Performance Beats Analysts’ ExpectationsApple’s Q2 Results: Profits Fall, But Performance Beats Analysts’ ExpectationsTips For Getting Your Product Into Walmart, From People Whose Products Are In WalmartIs Your Business Working On Purpose?Augusten Burroughs On The Creative Advantages Of LimitsGreat Moments In Company Culture: How Happier Avoids The Midweek SlumpThe Secret To Finding Meaningful WorkHave An Unhealthily Close Relationship With Google? Diversify Your DataNokia Brings A WhatsApp Button To New Budget QWERTY PhoneDid You Know Afghanistan Has An Apple Store?