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BlackBerry Co-Founders Launch New Fund: ReportCan Minuum Kill The QWERTY Keyboard?A Nightclub That Deserves To Be Seen With The Lights OnAdobe Loses CTO, Reports Positive Q1 EarningsCan Micro-Donations For Content Creators And Nonprofits Create A New Online Economy?Infographic: How People Died In The 20th CenturyA Century-Old Cinema Gets A Modern MakeoverStale IPhoneBuzzFeed Launches An Ad Network To Bring Sponsored Content To Thought Catalog, Dealbreaker, MoreRisk Is Like A Horse RaceHow The Impact Of Collaboration Led One Man From Wall Street To The Millenium Development GoalsThe Gigantic Mosquitos Sent To Destroy HumanityEvernote Food Update Brings Open Table Reservations, Recipe SharingMassive Botnet DiscoveredWilhelm Sasnal’s Paintings On FilmOMGIF: Google Images Adds Search Support For Animated GIFsAn App For Sharing Pics With Total StrangersTyler The Creator Creates Mountain Dew Spot Starring His Goat Alter EgoLytro Names New CEOFeds Investigating Microsoft Over Foreign Bribery ClaimsA Kinetic Artist’s Puffy Cotton Cloud Levitates Like Magic“1984”-Style National Security Letters Ruled UnconstitutionalWhy Louisville Will Win The NCAA Tournament3 Rules For Creative Quality Control From Seth Green, Creator Of “Stoopid Monkey”What Will Obama’s Proposed $2 Billion Do For Climate Change?10 Points On The Science Of Spreading The WordA Modular Garden That Floats Across The SeaKeep Your Car Cool And Charged With This Solar-Powered Car BlanketThis Expanding House Builds ItselfWhat Would We Do If The Internet Crashed?PaperPorn: College Humor’s Not-So-Sweet Remake Of Disney’s Oscar-Winning PapermanDouglas Rushkoff On The Real-Time Ethics of “Digital Presentism”Are The Krebs, Ars Technica, Mat Honan Hacks Linked?“Are You An American Citizen?”: Defying The Border Patrol In Viral VideosIf “The Princess Bride” Were R Rated, It Would Be “Game of Thrones”The Robin Hood Of The Debt CrisisWhy Take The Stairs When You Can Take A Slide?Can Babble Unite All Of Google’s Chat Channels?Fab Announces An Open Call To Design Their Next ProductThe Future Of UI Isn’t Invisible, Nor Is It SeamlessGoogle Street View Touches World’s Highest Peaks–Well, AlmostRefresh Your Sock Collection With This Sock Recycling StartupHarvard Develops Micro-Drones Based On OrigamiCome Talk With Futurists About How To Better Plan For The UnexpectedSmartwatch Fever Hits Samsung Too, As It Races AppleIf God.js Existed, What Would It Do?Why Do Companies Keep Making Offensive Pink Products “For Her”?5 Million-Dollar-Winning Projects To Improve Our CitiesThese Classic Music Videos Now Have A Museum ExhibitWhat’s The Difference Between Higher Education And Education For Hire?How The UN’s New Data Lab In Indonesia Uses Twitter To Preempt DisasterFunny Or Die’s Steve Jobs Movie, “iSteve,” Beats Ashton Kutcher And Aaron Sorkin To The PunchlinePope Francis Ordained In St. Peter’s Vatican SquareThe Kanye And Kim Kardashian Lesson In Personal Branding: Combining Audiences For ImpactChew On This Branding Dilemma: Are Controversial Products Worth The Trouble Long Term?E-Commerce Lessons From The Early Days Of “Virtual Shopping Malls”7 Ways To Get More Time To Think TodayTo Jump-start Innovation, Think Side Projects“Fail Fast” Sounds Great–Until It Happens To Your Startup5 Steps To Uncovering Your True Work PassionHow Kings County Distillery Made Its Moonshine A Hit With Substance Over StyleRevamped Rockbot Hacks Miller TimeElon Musk Goes In For A Little Image Softening Courtesy Of Rainn Wilson’s Metaphysical MilkshakeWith Chirpify, You Can Now Buy Products Through Facebook CommentsWhere Young Facebook Refugees Are Going NextGigantic Bottle Of Perfume Mixes Every New Scent From 2012Listen Up: PublicStuff Makes It Easy For Cities And Residents To “Talk”Reddit Debuts Original YouTube SeriesChristo Creates The Largest Indoor Sculpture In HistoryScenes Of Everyday Life, With A Touch Of The SurrealThese Bacteria Eat Electricity And Make FuelFacebook Breaks Down March Madness LoyaltiesArchitectural Drawings That Gleefully Ignore RealityRoadside Memorials Remind Us: Distracted Driving Is No LOL-ing MatterSWATing: A Prank Where Police Storm Your HouseJohn Riccitiello Resigns From Electronic ArtsNorman Foster’s Simple Mirrored Pavilion Reflects The Crowds BelowA Carbon-Cutting Proposal That Might Actually WorkWashington Post To Adopt A PaywallHow Food Porn Is MadeA Man’s Perspective On Working From Home Full-TimeJapanese Company Unveils Remote Controlled ToiletSmirnoff’s “Mixhibit” App is a Heady Cocktail that Mixes Social Utility with BrandingTiger Woods Takes To Facebook To Make A Big AnnouncementReal Life Phasers Invented, Probably To Heal Not StunCoke Vending Machine Fosters International CooperationWatch: A Micro 3-D Printer Builds A Spaceship Thinner Than HairMoonshots And Creating Innovations That MatterOreo Launches A Super Important Test Asking The Super Important Question: Cookie Or Cream?This Talking Shoe Tells You To Get Off Your DerriereBiting Elbows’ New Video Is the Most Ultraviolent Gangster Movie Tarantino Never MadeSpotted: A Google-Grown Note-Taking App To Rival Evernote, PocketNude Pic Swapping, “X-Files,” And More High Strangeness In The Matthew Keys CaseHow Digital Agent Sarah Penna Makes Hollywood And YouTube ClickWhy Leaders Aren’t RecognizedKetchup Brand Felix Immortalizes Its Facebook Fans In…Ketchup4 Tips For Creating A Sal Khan-Style Instruction Video…From Sal Khan3 Smart Details From Pinterest’s New DesignCan New York Stop Its Rats By Sterilizing Them?The Ultimate Air Purifier Uses NASA TechnologyNike, TechStars Unveil Startup Accelerator WinnersMahindra & Mahindra’s e20 Is A New, Tiny, All-Electric, Four-Seater Car That Can Be Charged By The SunThe Weather Channel Is Changing The Climate Change ConversationBehind One Of Fashion’s Biggest Ideas–The Chanel JacketBuzzness? Bizzness? BuzzFeed Officially Launches New Business VerticalPew’s State Of The News Media Report: Print Ads Down $1.5 Billion; Digital Up 3%Japan Intercepts Nuclear Materials On Ship Bound For North KoreaWhy A Major Cleantech Accelerator Program Is Shutting Its DoorsThis 17-Year-Old Built An Algae Biofuel Lab Under Her BedSee The Fantastic Four As The Beatles, and Other Comic Book-Album Cover MashupsThe First FuelBand Prototype Nike CEO Mark Parker Ever SawLook Closely At These Chinese Landscapes, Which Are Really Photos Of LandfillsChinese Celebrities Accused Of Apple-Smearing CampaignGoogle Reader’s Loss Is Feedly’s Gain–To The Tune Of 500K New UsersApple MapKit Actually Hiding Something Insanely GreatHacking the Planet: The Craziest Solutions To Weather DisastersRob Thomas Talks “Veronica Mars” And Why Big Movie Projects Aren’t Breaking Kickstarter9 Crazy Skyscrapers That Will Shape The Skylines Of The FutureMoney Markets Shaken By Decision To Levy Bank Tax On Cyprus SaversComing Soon: A Monotype Exhibit Tracing The Roots Of Modern TypographyNew €150 Million Venture Effort From Samwer BrothersWhy Your Car Is Now A Giant Smartphone On WheelsFrom The Editor: The Answer Is YesJack Dorsey’s Dream Job Is Mayor Of New YorkHow You Sabotage Your Own CreativityFacebook Is The Perfect Place To Job Hunt, Says FacebookNeed A Tech-Savvy Focus Group? Try Your ToddlerHow One Company Reaffirmed Its Commitment To Make Flexibility WorkBlue-Chip Entrepreneurs Share Their Best Empire-Building TipsHow The Most Successful Brands Take A Peek Into The FutureThe Best Meetings Happen Around The BlockAfter Tolls, Who Gets Stuck With the Bill?Conference Calendar April 2013The FCC Sends Signals To Cell Companies: Better Customer Service NeededCNN Premieres Inside Man, We Explore The Politics Of ProgrammingVisa And MasterCard Add Encryption For RFID FearsClinixon, Cubox, And Inetsat Help Mold Montevideo Into Tech HubThe Digital Public Library Of America Launches, But Doesn’t Google Already Do That?Mapping The Similarities Between Jobs and “jOBS” Star Ashton KutcherWould You Want To Wake You Up?What It Takes To Build A Bionic ManWhen It Comes To Powering Electric Cars Plug-free, It’s Convenience Versus ConservationFrom Guy Fieri To Waterfalls: What’s On Carnival’s $155 Million Ship?Is $50,000 Enough To Buy Happiness? What About $161,810?The Recommender: Yuli Ziv, Clara Shih, Robert Gaal, And More On What They’re Loving This MonthGiro’s New Road Line Brings Racing Tech To Commuter ClothesHow NewDealDesign Helped Plair Pair Your iPhone With Your TVNike, New Balance, And More Bring Barefoot Running To Their SolesOYO’s Ballo Brings Big Beats In A Small SpeakerWhen It Comes To Tech Investing, VCs Are Venturing Forth CautiouslyCan Justin Timberlake Help The Vanderhooks Remix Myspace?How A Microsoft Engineer In India Is Fixing Attachment Embarrassment On OutlookIroko’s Jason Njoku Is Creating The Next Netflix In NigeriaTrue To Its Roots: Why Kickstarter Won’t Sell“Fifty Percent Of ‘The Tipping Point’ Is Wrong.” Jonah Berger Shows You Which HalfSarah Silverman, Ben Stiller, Michael Cera, And The Rebels Saving HollywoodExposing Yahoo’s Strategy Through Flickr And Startup AcquisitionsRemembering The Naming Genius Of Michael CronanMatt Damon Promotes Potty Humor For A CauseFrom Tom Hanks To Madonna, The Innovators Of HollywoodThe Secret (Tech) Life Of Ben StillerWME’s Agent Provocateurs Ari Emanuel And Patrick WhitesellGannett, Airbnb, Pixable Weigh In On The Value Of VisualFoap Helps Sell Photos to Companies–But Members Get Control And A CutPolice Department Site Gets A Visual Revamp In MilwaukeePulse News App Shows Why Images Tell The StoryEmbracing The Grid Helps eBay’s CMO Lead The Visual FeedJoe Stewart, Creative Director At Huge, On Making User Experience PopOur Take On Terms Of Service: The Terms Of ServitudeWatch: Street Art That’s Way Beyond Wild StyleFacebook Names New CTO: ReportMaking Art From Other Art, Using Microsoft PowerPointHow To Be More Responsible With Your Smartphone On St. Patrick’s DayCan We Get From New York To Boston On One Gallon Of Fuel?How Your Chair Changes Your MindsetKremlin Under Siege By Steven SeagalCourt Backs ACLU In Suit Against CIA Over Drone ProgramNYC Tech Companies Relocating Downtown To Expand On Silicon AlleyWhy Americans Are So WEIRD, And What It Means For Behavioral Science2012 Winner: Melodie Veverka, DBC ShowroomImagining A New York Overrun With Insane Abstract Plants And CreaturesEric Schmidt’s Next Stop? MyanmarA Horrific Bionic Choir That You Play Like An OrganHacker Previously Threatened Indicted Journo KeysDropbox Acquires MailboxDoes Your Company Listen To Social Media–Or Simply Hear It?An Anti-Social Media App Tells You How To Avoid CrowdsA Huge, Fantastical Lullaby Machine, Made For Hospital Patients10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Weed At Work, Psychopathic Bosses, And MoreSamsung Teams With SwiftKey To Bring A Slick, Smart Keyboard To The Galaxy S4An Exclusive Look At Andy Forssell’s Vision For HuluNew Cheap iPhone Rumors Come Hot On The Heels Of Samsung’s Galaxy S4“Burt Wonderstone” Screenwriters Make Movie Magic By Making Real MagicCreating A Kinkos For 3-D PrintingShowtime’s Search For The Real Dick CheneyRemarkable Images Of Volcanic Lightning, A Scientific MysteryWhat You Need To Know About The JOBS ActFast Company’s Creative Conversations At SXSW 2013Mark Suster On Why Your Marketing Campaigns SuckKnow Your Bushwicks From Your Bed-Stuys With This Addictive Online GamePath 3.0 Bets That Paying Customers Are HappierA Young YouTuber’s Disney Parody Imagines Dark Fates For Princesses, Sets Internet AblazeJoin Our Live Video Hangout: Inside Myspace’s Dramatic RedesignJonah Berger Knows How to Make This Video Go ViralMark Zuckerberg Is The Best CEO, Says GlassdoorThe Second Screen Comes To The Movies With App-Enhanced Film, “App”Ridding The Country’s Roads Of Potholes, With An Army Of Online Inspectors3 Ways To Moneyball Cause Marketing To Make It Actually WorkThe Animated Workplace: Dreamworks’ “Six Pack” Approach To Building A Culture Of Creativity12 Trippy Scenes From The Master Of GIFsAlmost Half Of The World’s Spam Comes From Just 20 ISPs: StudyRicky Gervais Brings The Original “Office” Back–To YouTubeThis New Apartment Building Trades Its Parking Spaces For GardensGorgeous Photos Show An Arctic World That Won’t Be Around For Long5 Cut FuelBand Features That Could Signal The Future Of Wearable ComputingNo Joke: Polaroid Plans To Produce The Instagram Camera By 2014New Research Suggests Rapid Treatment Of HIV With Antiretrovirals Can “Cure” The Virus5 Ways To Get More Productive TodayHow Loverly Is Making The Zillion-Dollar Wedding Industry Fun AgainNate Silver Predicts Your Startup SuccessTelecommuting Works If You Intentionally Design ItWhy Tech’s Biggest Players Favor The Illusion Of Progress Over Real Innovation3 Big-Idea Strategies For Building A Fast-Growing BusinessPath Explores Ways To End Awkward Friendships: It’s Not You, It’s My BotNearly 35% Of Chinese Android Apps Steal User Data: ReportMicrosoft Has Sold 1.5 Million Surface TabletsSamsung Reveals The Galaxy S4Joe Biden Now Available On SoundcloudWhere Did Google Reader’s Users Go? Check Your PhoneReuters Editor Indicted, Accused Of Helping AnonymousWould You Drive An EV If It Came With A Gas-Powered Rental?AÃRK Collective Watches Tell Time In Geometric Style#Shocking: Facebook Reportedly Incorporating HashtagsA Beautiful Bubble Lamp That Looks Like A SmellHow Technology Has Changed The Selection Of A New PopeSamsung’s InnovationYou Will Soon Be Able To Grow New Teeth From Your Gums (With The Help Of Some Mice Cells)All-In-One Kitchen Station, Produce Cooler, And Wormy Compost BinDigg Is Building Its Own Top-Priority News ReaderYouTube Capture Now Available On iPad and iPad MiniHere’s Your Designer-Approved March Madness ‘Bracket’Watch: A Mind-Bending Experiment That Makes Water “Freeze” In Mid-AirVimeo User Creates Gorgeous Video Using Only Nokia MapsForget Saving The World, This Robot Will Pour You A DrinkA Big-Screen Brand-Content Play: Behind Kokanee’s Cinematic Debut, “The Movie Out Here”Challenging Colleges And Universities To Serve Students Real FoodAraabMuzik Video Reveals Beat Machine’s Ancient OriginsHappy Pi Day, 3.14.13What Every iOS Developer Should Know About In-App PurchasesAnother Mega VC Firm Announces A Design Mentorship ProgramKanye’s MTV Beef Squashed By Social-Savvy SharpThe Problem With The Microsoft SurfaceExclusive: How Veronica Mars And Perry Chen Are Wresting Kickstarter From Gadget GeeksA Site To Map All The Useful Garbage People Throw OutGeneral Electric Slices Up Pi With Twitter’s New Line BreaksGoogle Kills Google Reader. Hitler ReactsHow To Use MySQL With MeteorRovio’s New Game Tied To DreamWorks’ Animated Movie, “The Croods”Will The New York Times Redesign Lead To A New Web Standard?CubeSensors Measure All That Hot Air Produced By Your BossDoes America Suck At Globalization?Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Leaks, As LG Spams Times Square With “4” BillboardsGoogle Reader Is Dead, But Digg, Zite Are Among These Alternatives [Updated]15 Radical Redesigns For The TV Remote“My Name Is Not Baby”: This Street Art Combats Street HarassmentMove Over New Pope, Here Comes The God ParticleSXSW Report: Technology Goes Peripheral, To Reveal Our HumannessA New Generation Of Smart Homes Designed For America’s Wounded Veterans8 Ways To Win The Race for Creative TalentHow NASA’s Giant New Space Telescope Will Make Life On Earth BetterOrganizers, Prepare To Swoon: “The Art of Clean Up” Puts Messy Reality In Extreme OrderCan Harry’s Do For Shaving What Warby Parker Did For Eyeglasses?From An Apple Alum, An App That Makes Design Presentations A CinchChina’s New President, Xi Jinping, Sworn In Today. What Does This Mean For U.S., Chinese Relations?Google Petitioned By Fans Of Google Reader To Reconsider ShutdownThe Key To Tackling NYC’s Homelessness Problem: Listen Closely, Then Ignore Dumb AdvicePractical Work-From-Home Policies That Actually WorkThe Telecommuting Genie Isn’t Going Back In The Bottle; Here’s How To Strengthen Its MagicLessons In Creative Workspaces From A Startup In An Italian VillaLearn To Think About Innovation Like A CEOCan Technology Make You More Engaged At Work?The Business Case For ShakespeareA Modular Pendant Lamp That Fits Any SpaceSay Farewell To Google ReaderApple’s Phil Schiller Takes Swipe At SamsungApps Have A New Place On Facebook NewsfeedAn Explanation Of DNA, Straight From A 1970s Science BookVeronica Mars May Return Thanks To KickstarterThis Island Paradise Is For One Thing Only: Solar PowerWhatsApp Will Embrace BlackBerry 10 After AllNick Offerman’s Bizarre NSFW Movie Promo Has Amy Poehler, Adam Scott, and Lots of PotAn Interactive Map Of British Casualties In AfghanistanBasketball as ManagementWhat’s The Web Worth?Carl’s Jr. Adds to Conclave Cacophony With Pope-TweetsEnemies of the SaleWould You Bail Out A Friend At 3 a.m.? Elaborate Carlsberg Stunt Tests Friendship’s LimitsA Breathalyzer Test For Stomach CancerInfrared Photos Show An Endless War In Surreal HuesInside The Making Of Flickr’s Unexpectedly Awesome AppThe Secret Life Of A Chinese Military HackerCardinal Jorge Maria Bergoglio Of Argentina Is The New PopeTwitter Developing Music App: ReportLove In The Time Of Social MediaAndy Rubin Steps Down As Head Of AndroidExclusive: Eric Lefkofsky’s First Interview As Groupon’s CEOThis Concrete Fixes Itself When Exposed To SunlightA Brilliantly Twisted Take On Stock ImagesThe Promise And Peril Of Big DataA Toaster That Burns The Morning News Onto BreadThe Next Wave In Branding: Merging Experiences Across MarketsThe Long-Awaited “Artificial Leaf” Promises Fuel From Sunlight And WaterWatch 25,000 LEDs Sparkle Across The Bay BridgeOMG, Generation teXt: Nearly 40% Of U.S. Teens Own A SmartphoneStill Believing These 7 Leadership Myths?Using 3-D Printing To Give Us A Tactile Glimpse Of The PastClear Your Schedule: Comcast’s Xfinity To Stream HBO, Showtime, Others Free Online For A WeekHow Do You Deal With Online Trolls?4 Lessons For Mobile Developers, From A Hit Photo-Editing AppU.S. Users To Get “Netflix Social” Tie To FacebookThe Anonymous Guy Behind Mitt Romney’s Videotaped “47 Percent” Gaffe Going Public TonightHow To Interview A Difficult Subject (Like, Dick Cheney Difficult)Old Spice’s Marketing Director Has A Tumblr, Is A Wolf DogWe Need To Redesign Our Economy To Make It Work For Profits, People, And The PlanetGoogle Buys Toronto University Startup For Better Voice, Image RecognitionKickstarting: A Branding Agency Reinvents The Perfume BusinessBang With Friends’ “Bang With SXSW” Gets Banned In Austin But Still Hooks UpThe Disaster Shelter You Want To Live In Way More Than A FEMA TrailerThis Company’s Hourly Exercise Breaks Make It More Fit, Sure, But Also More SuccessfulThis Helmet With Brake Lights And Turn Signals Lets Bikers Speak The Language Of Cars5 Simple Rules For Making Your First AppAn Interior Designer Explains The Unlikely Apartments Of “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother,” And MoreFAA Gives Thumbs-Up To Boeing On Dreamliner Battery ModificationsApple TV Delayed. If It Even Exists. Got That?Google Now For iOS Video Hits YouTube–BrieflyNicholas Felton Unveils His Latest Annual ReportFor Better Or Worse, Yahoo Is Bucking Global Telecommuting TrendsDeloitte U: How To Do Inclusion RightGo Ahead, Give Your Boss A Piece Of Your Mind–Just Do It Effectively5 Lessons In Marketing And Publishing From Guy Kawasaki’s “APE”Pathbrite Is Bringing Professional Stories To LifeHow Arianna Huffington Defines SuccessAmplify Your Storytelling Style With These Tips From Pixar