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LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner Talks About His Next PlayGeneral Stanley McChrystal On “Staying On Azimuth”Superconducting “Nanoflowers” Pack Big Energy In Small BatteriesWhat Does Wreck-It Ralph Mean For Video Game Movies?Toshiba VP On Innovator’s Dilemma: Apple’s Disruption Is Uncomfortable But GoodThe Onion Drives On The Curb Between Humor And Reality, In A Dodge7 Leadership Lessons From A Mind-Meld Between Twitter’s Dick Costolo And Venture Guru Ben HorowitzThe World’s Thinnest House, Nike’s Nimbleness, And More Of The Most Popular Stories This WeekDoes Natural Gas Really Produce Lower Carbon Emissions?How John Lewis Kicks Christmas Ass With Its Heart-Tugging Holiday AdsAre Genetically Modified Insects The Next Step For The GMO Industry?Secrets Of Facebook’s Legendary Hackathons RevealedSleep No More: The Most Depressing Children’s Bedtime Stories Ever (For A Good Cause)This Week In Bots: Print Your Own Robot To Play WithThe Amazon-Skylanders Union Is Latest Move To Bring Online Gaming OfflineWhat To Wear To The Apocalypse: Walking Dead Costumer Eulyn Womble On Telling A Story With WardrobeCould You Solutionize That For Me? When Clients’ Dumbest Requests Become ArtA Sleek Pre-Fab Design For The Modern HomesteaderU.K. Investing In Space TechnologyThe Pope To Join TwitterSony VP: We’re Not Disadvantaged By Windows 8Why Setting Goals Could Wreck Your LifeThe Top Trust Busters That Dilute Your CredibilityHow Budweiser Ditched The Clydesdales And Made An Ad No One Ever ForgotAs Sandy Became #Sandy, Emergency Services Got SocialThe Leadership Genius Of Abraham LincolnThe Top 25 SharePoint InfluencersGoogle Ventures Ups Its Investment Pot To $300 MillionFedEx’s New Facebook App Allows You To Ship Packages To Friends (Just Like FedEx)Zynga CEO Mark Pincus Explains The Pros And Cons Of Being A Public CompanyFour African Teenagers Create Power From PeeHow To Survive The Next Big StormJAM With Chrome Lets You Create Digital Tunes WIth FriendsHow Snow White Helped Airbnb’s Mobile MissionHow Snow White Helped AirBnb’s Mobile MissionWill Tonight Be A Pizza Night? Little Caesars Says Look To The StarsHow Networked Insights Makes Sense Of Internet Chatter To Help Big Brands Create Better AdsThe New Fastest Supercomputer In The Country Is Designing Better Nuclear PowerElection Results Aside, A Chinese Ad Posits Other Poignant Differences Between Obama And RomneyA Bandage That Doesn’t Hurt To Remove, Inspired By SpiderwebsWarby Parker’s Advice For Improving Your Business VisionJoe Gebbia, Airbnb CPO, cofounderHere’s What Business Can Learn From Star TrekTake Your Remixing Skills Public With Nokia’s Open Song ProjectSee the Faces Of Zuckerberg, Bezos, Jobs And More Merged With Their CreationsIf Mitt Romney Had Won, Is This What His Website Would’ve Looked Like?2012: The Anti-Data ElectionTurn Easily Forgotten Texts Into A Searchable Database Of MemoriesAdvice For A Twitter World: Demetri Martin On How To Be SuccinctDesigning Colleges For More Than Just ConnectivityThe Magical Tech Behind Paper For iPad’s Color-Mixing PerfectionFoxconn May Be Setting Up U.S. Manufacturing BaseWhy Steve Ballmer Still Hearts Microsoft’s Hardware PartnersBow & Drape Takes On Bespoke E-Commerce With An Approach Tailor-Made For WomenSamsung Galaxy S3 Now Number One Smartphone WorldwideTwitter Feeds Of China Watchers HackedHow To Sell A $1 Snow Globe For $59: The Real ROI Of Brand StorytellingLeading Through The Power Of PersuasionMaking The Most Of The Dreaded Annual ReviewSuccess Starts Only After A Brutally Honest Look In The MirrorBoosting Holiday Profits With The Gift Of Customer ServiceBe Like Henry Ford: Apprentice Yourself In FailureDave Norris: How do you take an idea off the table and into the marketplace?Whitney Johnson: What do you tell a team that has failed?Ben Fischman: How do you develop your customer base?Bill Ruckelshaus: How do you change the direction of your business?Teresa Kellett: How do you deal with uncertainty?The Secret Sauce In Square’s Starbucks Partnership: Discovery, QR CodesAfter A Campaign Being Ignored, Climate Change Is Still RealLe Tote: Like Netflix Or Airbnb For Fast Fashion (And Better Facebook Photos)Listen To A Symphony Of Printers Play “The Times They Are A Changin'”North Korean State Airline Launches Website, Online BookingPresident Barack Obama’s Victory SpeechWes Anderson Characters Immortalized, Alphabetized In New Poster SeriesPresident Obama Has A Victory Message For America, Courtesy Of “Key & Peele”“Cyberdraft” Would Press-Gang Geeks Into Government ServiceA Computer You Can Talk To Monitors Your Home And Helps With ChoresWhat Does 2,000-Times-Faster Broadband Look Like?Learning To Say NoIt’s Not Do What You Love–It’s Love What You DoMad Men’s Kiernan Shipka Makes Gluten-Free WafflesCreating “Food Porn”: How “Top Chef” Makes Viewers Love Food They Can’t TasteThis College Building Produces As Much Energy As It UsesWait A Minute Makers: Before Agencies Can “Make Things” They Need To Create “Makeable Ideas”Apple Loses One Patent Battle in Texas, Seeks To Extend Another In CaliforniaHow Hurricane Sandy Moved JetBlue To Find Innovation In Collaboration–And Korean BBQ TacosMicrosoft Reveals Strategy Turning Towards Entertainment And ContentObama Wins Second Term, Much Twitter Love With Most Popular Tweet Ever (Sorry, Justin Bieber)If You Want Your Brand To Resonate On LinkedIn, Hit The Right Emotional Cues (Hint: Ambition)The Anatomy Of Operational ExcellenceHow To Avoid The Innovation One-Hit WonderThe Midnight Epiphany That Changed From An Over-Hyped Failure To A $100 Million AcquisitionChanging Sanitation In Rural India, From The Bottom UpAgency Fallon’s Projection for the Minnesota Election: No HateEnergy Efficiency Is A $60 Billion OpportunityRelive The 2012 Election In Minutes Via The Guardian’s “America: Elect!” Graphic NovelThe Politics Of Twitter: So Far Today, More Tweets Include “I Voted For Obama” Than “I Voted For Romney”Rent Out Your Bike For Some Easy CashHarrowing Voicemail Becomes Voiceover In Video Plea For Rockaway BeachSnickers Cautions Against Hunger-Based Voting MistakesHow We Beat Hurricanes’ Deadliest Element: SurpriseAn Election-Themed Site Helps You “Know Your POTUS”How “BEK” Crafts A New Yorker CartoonInstagram For The EnlistedDesigning For More Than Just Looks: Inside Public Interest DesignWould You Like To See How We Make Our Fries With That? Behind McDonald’s Big Transparency PlayGoogle’s Sergey Brin Calls For An Independent PresidentWhen Is A Parking Lot Like A Luxury Hotel?University Researchers Aiming For 2,000-Times-Faster BroadbandTablet Sales Show No Sign Of SlowingApple Looks Beyond Intel For Future Mac ChipsHow OrderGroove Brings The Subscription Model, Customer Loyalty To Big BrandsBeyond 5 Stars: Foursquare Looks For A Smarter Way To Rate BusinessesHow To Run A War Room To Unlock New GrowthMeet The Man Who Brought Your Tweets To Times Square, The Giants’ Endzone, And Wilco ConcertsKeeping Your (Seriously Awesome) App Out Of Purgatory5 Ways Your Business Can Finish The Year StrongThe Facts Of LuckHP Explains Why You Don’t Want The iPad, SurfaceNowThis News Is A Video App For Today’s Easily Distracted ConsumerBen Fischman: How do you handle mistakes?Jennifer Christie: How do you attract a younger demographic?Bill Poston: How do you change the strategic direction of your business?Conan O’Brien: How do you find good people to hire?Bill Ruckelshaus: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?George Plimpton Never Did ThisSilicon Valley Braces For “Start-Ups: Silicon Valley”A New Widget Makes Actions Out Of WordsInstagram’s New Web Profiles Finally Bring Photo-Sharing To That Other Place You Like To View Photos: Your DesktopNew York Icons Go Dark In Sandy Relief T-ShirtsFilmmaker Casey Neistat Spins Amazing Video of Hurricane Sandy Into Awareness, Relief for VictimsSpeeding Up Cancer Research With Citizen ScienceBiodegradable Plastic Manufactured From Air And BacteriaGeneration Flux Salon: How Do You Dodge Constant Distractions And Stay On Course?A Rocking Chair That Charges Your iPhone, Electricity FreeHow Squarespace, Grouper, And East Coast Companies Worked Through SandyGeneration Flux Salon: How Does Technology Make It Harder To Lead, And How Does It Make It Easier?The New Network EffectBuy Jewelry From Around The World, To Support Developing EconomiesDNA Hacking Is Now Street LegalThe Biggest Misconception About The American EconomyWhy Employers Should Talk About Politics MoreAmazon’s Publishing Disruption, Disrupted.Errol Morris Finds 11 Reasons Not to VoteDominos Shows Us The Future Of Pizza DeliveryCreating Prototypes For Urban Space, By Combining Art And Tech10 Essential Items In An Entrepreneurial Globehopper’s Survival BagCampaign Recap: Progressive Has A Twitter-Driven HalloweenCoca-Cola Hacked Ahead Of Proposed Takeover Of Chinese FirmHow To Reinvent An Icon: Behind Microsoft’s Rebuild of Team Halo And The Making Of Halo 4Australian Government Set For Inquiry Into Smartphone AppsOne Week On, Sandy Still Disrupts, But Volunteers InnovateThe Importance Of Consistency In LeadershipAndroid Now Accounts For 75% of SmartphonesHow CEO Mark Parker Runs Nike To Keep Pace With Rapid Change7 Ways To Build A Brand Like BondIn Turkey, Peak Games Founders Plant Seeds To To Grow A Startup SceneInside The Candidates’ Code: What The Campaign Websites Say About Obama And RomneyDo Businessmen Make Good Presidents?