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The Innovation Case For Abolishing PatentsArthur Ochs Sulzberger On His Early Days As Publisher Of The New York TimesGetting Rid Of Blind Spots In Customer ConversationsA Cheap Ultrasound Turns Out Pictures Of Tiny Babies For A Tiny Cost10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Symmetrical Faces, Most Influential Infographics, And MoreNew Android Malware Is A Burglar’s Best FriendJerry Seinfeld’s Web Series Finale Features Michael Richards; Goes “There”Fast Company Career Transition SurveyPeople With Homes Stand In For The Homeless To Collect MoneyCould ePatient Networks Become the Superdoctors of the Future?Lisa Lampanelli: How do you engage people with social media?Judah Friedlander: Have you made a mistake that ultimately helped shape you?David Allmark: What do you tell a team that has failed?Anjan Malik: How do you develop your customer base?Anjan Malik: How do you develop your customer base?Can Sustainable And Luxury Ever Go Together?Childhood Inactivity Will Cost Your Kids 5 Years of Life, Says New Nike ResearchRemaking L.A. With A Groundbreaking New Idea For Public TransportationPlaying Three-Dimensional Chess: “Looper” Director Rian Johnson On Making a Time Travel MovieThey Approve This Message, But Does It Matter?An Extra Cheap Way To Get Salt Out Of Water Could Help Make The World Less ThirstyReceipt, Please! Paying For Dinner With QR Code-Reading SmartphonesBlood, Prosthetic Babies, And The Birth Of National Health Care: Behind Hit Brit Series ‘Call the Midwife’Visualizing Oil Addiction In The U.S.Mary Barra Drives The Future Of GMMore People Than Ever Consume News On Mobile Devices–Unless They Don’tInstagram Now Bigger Than Twitter On U.S. MobilesGetting To Know Dexter: Keeping A Character Killer When Everything ChangesMicrosoft’s Bing Gets KloutA New Kind Of Top-Down Business Leadership Can Change The WorldVanishing Electronics: Coming Soon To A Body Near Tweaks Twitter, Dangles Big Money At DevelopersShortage of Engineers Is Causing ‘Crisis’ In Tech Industry3 Ways Successful Leaders Buffer And Bounce Back From AdversityApple Maps And The Danger Of Overestimating Your Company’s StrengthsHow Dobango Helps Foster Consumer Relationships On Pinterest5 Marketing Tools Apple Exploits To Build The Hype“What Do I Want To Do When I Grow Up?” Is The Wrong Question To AskFacebook’s New Service Gifts A New Revenue StreamThis Week In Bots: And A Robotic Tuna Will Lead UsThis Funny Video Mocks Your Good Intentions (But Offers A Solution)Dwyane Wade: What is the toughest feedback you’ve ever received?Dwyane Wade: Have you made a mistake that ultimately helped shape you?How Safeway Ended Up Selling Cheap, Responsibly-Caught Store Brand TunaMethod Provides Evidence of Laundry Wizardry In Musical New AdAIDS Test Results Via Text Message Can Save Children’s LivesSee Google Maps Images Transformed Into Vintage PostcardsA Soros-Backed Project To Get Rid Of Dirty Charcoal Cooking Fuel, And Create Jobs In The ProcessA Mirror System That Brings Sunlight Into The Darkest Corner of Your HomeClucks Is Draw Something Meets Viddy, And AOL’s First Mobile GameU.S. Lagging In Mobile Commerce, Far East In The LeadBehind The Scenes Of Joey Ramone’s Posthumous Love Letter To New YorkWhy Tesla’s Free Electric Vehicle Superchargers Are A Big Deal (And Why They Aren’t)Why HBO, NBC, and Comcast Are Betting On A Startup To Power Their Second ScreensI Drink Your Milk! Shake Up Your Dairy Consumption With Cravendale’s Epic StrawsFake Brands Become Art In “As Real As It Gets”Got A Talent? Raise5 Lets You Use It To Raise Money For CausesHave Airbnb’s Mobile Apps, Will Travel FasterAnyone who wants to be in management should genuinely care about people and have a sincere to desire to want to help them grow and develop, as well as achieve their career Is Trying To Find The Sweet Spot Between Pandora, Spotify, And Turntable.fmThe Power Of Creative Limitations: How To Get An Emmy Nomination Without SpeakingThe Future Of Working From HomeThe 2012 Presidential Software RaceSamsung Muscles In On New Territory – Providing Digital ContentWhy Is Pinterest Poking Around In TV Land?Gaming In The Cloud Is Great News For Players, If The Industry Can Keep UpMurdoch Cools Down Hostilities In War Against “Parasite” GoogleDetails of Maps Bust-up Between Google And Apple RevealedIs Your Startup Ready For A PR Blitz? The 7-Step ChecklistThe Shift From Chief Executive To Chief InfluencerThe Cure For Content-Creation MadnessDid You Hear? Old School, MBA-Born Strategy Is As Horrifying As It Is DeadTop Rovio Execs Talk “Bad Piggies,” The Addictive Second Act From “Angry Birds” CreatorsDude, Where Are My Panoramic Instagrams?Dwyane Wade: What is the most important key to balancing home and work life?If You Are Exposed To This Common Environmental Toxin, Your Great-Grandchildren Might Have Health ProblemsTo Be More Productive, Pay Attention To Your Body ClockSmart Oil Filters To Make The Next Oil Cleanup FasterIn a Pinch, This Coca-Cola Ad Doubles As An iPod DockKellogg’s Tweet Shop Lets You Pay For Food With Social CurrencyThe NotFound Project Turns Websites’ 404 Pages Into Milk CartonsA New Way For Companies To Prevent Slaves From Working For YouHow Garfunkel & Oates Launched A Recording And Touring Career On YouTube9 Ways Facebook Could Monetize Instagram From 4 Startup ExpertsA Great New Idea You’ll Never Use: NYC’s Required QR Codes For City BuildingsThe Pandemic PoliceZappos CEO Tony Hsieh On Building A Virtuous Business In The City Of SinBarnardo’s Facebook Page Lets You Rewrite A Story Of AbuseLevelUp’s New White Label Service Lets Businesses Build Custom Payment Apps That Bolster The BrandForget Zipcar: Rent An Electric Scooter To Get There FasterSocial Security And Welfare Payments Go BiometricHow To Be A Happy And Successful Creative Freelancer (Or Work With One)Google Play Hits 25 Billion Downloads In Under Four YearsBarnes & Noble Brings Video To The Nook And The Fight To AmazonHow To Manage When You Hate Being A ManagerHow To Get Employee Buy-In To Build Exceptional CultureHTC Experiments Selling Charger-less Smartphone in U.K.Fast Exercises To Find Your Purpose And Passion For WorkMastering The Art Of BosslessnessCharlie Sheen Ruined My Brand:’s Walter DelphGoogle Turns Turtle and Takes Street View UnderwaterWatch This Healthy Candy Be Endorsed By A Ton Of Attractive StarsA New Film Shows What Happens When The Uninsured Get SickPowering Solar Energy In Africa With Pay-As-You-GoWith Setify, eBay Goes Back To Its Roots And Creates The Nerdiest Pinterest EverD Rose Returns To The Court–In This New Adidas AdUnleashing Workers Is Going To Lead To Drastic Changes In How We WorkPolitical Ads: America’s not really listening anymoreLeadership In The New Social EraRIM Aims HighStartups That Solve Non-Problems Are Doomed To FailHow To Survive Working For Yourself“Sip It Up” Facebook App Provides Graphic Warning About Cough Syrup BingeingA Conference That Calls On Participants To Tackle Global ChallengesPowering Medical Devices With Nothing But The Body’s Heat And Yeast FartsOld Spice Mixes Business With Pleasure, Football With Breakfast, In Latest AdCuriosity Collections: If PBS Fans Like It Then They’re Gonna Put a Pin In ItIn The Future, Your Dead Body Will Be Dissolved (Unless It’s Frozen And Ground To Dust)Can Robots Help Autistic Kids Connect?Your Smartphone Is Listening To You Sleep: The Next Terrifying, Awesome Frontier In Voice TechThe Smallest Nonprofits Should Have The Most Powerful BrandsThe Truth About Being “Done” Versus Being “Perfect”“How I Met Your Mother” Creators On Building A Long, Funny, MysteryWant To Disrupt An Industry? Try Actually Working In It FirstThe Story Behind The PopinatorMotorola Loses Top Design Engineer to IntelFord’s CMO On Building A Social And Product-Driven BrandFoxconn Plant Back To Normal After Stoppage, Claims Production Not AffectedIs The Maverick At Your Company A Genius Or A Jerk?Is Being A “Yes” Leader Asking For Trouble?The New Purchase PathHow To Ask–And Listen–Like You Mean ItShould Justin Bieber Invest In Your Enterprise Solution?SAP And The New B2B Marketing And Communications ModelTwitter Airs Entire TV Episode A Week Before Its Broadcast DateApple Announces 5 Million iPhone 5 Units Shifted In First WeekendPico Iyer On Finding Quiet In The Information AgeInstead Of Oil Wars, What About Clean Energy Collaborations?Update Your Wardrobe By Printing New ClothesEars Are Weird: The New Apple iPhone 5 AdsMaking Perfume More Sustainable With A Little Synthetic Whale VomitSnoop Gets ReincarnatedSurveillance-Camera Shy? Jam Big Brother With PixelheadYou, A Rocket Scientist?Making Complex Medical Research Available To EveryoneIs Being Nice A Negative For Women In Business?Cryptocat 2 Is HereFoxconn Shuts A Factory In Wake Of RiotsIn Five Years, You May Be Wearing A Lab-Grown Leather JacketDylan Smith Reveals The Strategic Shift That Made Box A Cloud Storage HitDenon’s Headphone VisYOUalizer Shows You Feeling The MusicCleaning Up Unexploded Bombs By Turning Them Into Gold MinesRomney Voters Are More Likely To Make Energy Efficient Home Improvements Than Obama SupportersUsing Your Head: The State of Mind-Control CreativityCreate A Product With Emotion, By Giving Customers The Power Of CustomizationNeil Young On Taking ChancesThe Secret To Marilyn Monroe’s Timeless BrandThe Social Era Is More Than Social MediaThe Ultimate Personal Brand Builder? Your Very Own AppHow Indiegogo Turns Tragic Stories Like Lydia Tillman’s Into Interactive Social JusticeThe Wisdom Of The Two Steps Forward, One Step Back Career PlanWill I Get Fired If I Complain About My Boss On Facebook?