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What Matters Most To People Of The WorldFundraising Lessons From BRAC’s $500 Million Clinton Global Initiative Commitments10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Fake Design, Creative Shifts, And MorePrinting New Tunes For The Fisher-Price Record PlayerA Super-Affordable House That Can Be Built In Just Two WeeksUSA Today Picks Up Stephen Colbert’s Thrown-Down Gauntlet Over New LogoMike Hislop: When do you stand up for your vision?Alexa von Tobel: How do you foster trust with your customer base?Gary Burnison: What quote, lyric or poem inspires you?When Social Innovation Meets EducationListening Closer, To Find The Next Big Interaction IdeaSarah Silverman Is Back With A Message About Voter SupressionSecond Hostage Situation In A Month Liveblogged On FacebookAdam Goldstein: How do you take innovation off the table and into the market?Zaha Hadid’s New Building: Like An Infographic Made Of ConcreteShimmering Crystal Totems From An Unknown FutureAt Facebook, Vevo, And Apple, The Hare Is The New TortoiseRobot Paints Like Jackson Pollock, With City Traffic As SubjectDon’t Take it From Me: The Constituent TestimonialCrazily Bulging, Charmingly Bulky Chairs Inspired By BodybuildingHow One Developer Is Making Sure That Its Buildings Are Shaped By The CommunityDARPA’s Cybernetic Binoculars Tap Soldiers’ Brains To Spot ThreatsBicyclean: A Bike For Recycling Electronic WasteWhen Innovation Makes You Drool: The Hand-Made Story Of Ample HillsInternet Eyewear Darling Warby Parker Can Now Be Seen On Your TVWhat Is This App Doing To My Kid’s Brain?Lessons For Building A Tablet Magazine That’s Actually Worth UsingDoritos’ Sh*t Just Got Real: Now You Can Crash The Super Bowl And Work With Michael BayFrom Pixels To DNA: The Next Frontier In Interaction Design6 Projects Harnessing Data To Do GoodA Divine Mirror That Portrays People As AngelsThe Ludo: A Soccer Ball That Racks Up Cash For The Developing World As You PlayJames Bond And Heineken Want You To “Crack The Case”Chris Ware Brilliantly Bundles “Building Stories” As Graphic Novel Boxed SetSamsung Sauces Apple, Reebok Builds A Better Shoebox: The Top 5 Ads Of The Week4 Alternative Futures For Silicon ValleyPlaying Now: A Stunning Production Of A Philip Glass MasterpieceApple Comments On Maps Debacle, Compares Product To Fine WineThe Two Paths To InnovationFresh Ways To Fish For Better IdeasViddy’s 4-Part Prescription For Becoming The Next Big ThingWhat Zara, P&G, And Berlitz Know About AgilityThis Week In Bots: Who Is Ready To Embrace The Robot Revolution?Google Loses Another Patent Lawsuit in Germany Over Motorola DevicesAn American Backyard Icon Becomes A Monument To Chinese CraftWant To Make Your Laundry More Efficient? Just Add DiamondsThe Apple Maps Switchover Survival GuideUsing Origami And World Currency To Make Hats For Gandhi, Lincoln, And CheDaniel Pink On Playing To Your Strengths“Men At Lunch” Tells The Story Of An Iconic Photograph And Immigration In AmericaInfographic: Should You Be Renting A House, Instead Of Buying?Get Ready For Branding’s New Frontier: Hedge FundsHeartbreaking Video Of Some Of England’s Last Small FishermenA Fish Swims In A Tank, Carving A Sculpture As It GoesWhen Machines Make The Hiring CallA Thermometer Dog Collar Warns You When Fido Is Getting Too HotSee the Elements Of The Periodic Table Drawn As PeopleTracking The Ever-Changing American DreamThe Jagged Career Path Of New York Times Travel Writer Seth KugelBenetton Aims To Enable The World’s “Unemployees” By Funding Young EntrepreneursA Gadget That Translates Any Object Into A Sound WaveVimeo’s New Features Let Viewers Give Tips For VideosWieden + Kennedy Looks To Develop Its Own Stories With Sharp StuffThis 3-D Printer Can Generate Entire RoomsToyota Tundra Proves Its Mettle By Towing Endeavour To Its Final RestThe Kickstarter Way To Trick Out, Automate Your HomeChanging How We Sell Things, To Make Companies More SuccessfulMakerBot Unveils Next-Gen 3D Printer, And First Retail StoreNintendo TVii: When Too Many Good Ideas Equal One Bad OneOne Should Not Live Off The Sweat Of Others, Unless That Sweat Is Made Of SkittlesWould You Buy An iPad Mini?How Do We Measure What Really Counts In The Classroom?Apple Drops Google Maps For iOS 6, Faces Social Media BacklashGoldieBlox: A Toy And Book Series Designed To Get Young Girls Interested In EngineeringThe Making Of A Man: How Ron Swanson Became Ron SwansonThe Awkward Ascent Of “The Misadventures Of Awkward Black Girl”The Unsung Art Of Patent DrawingsU.K. Government Gives £114 To Kickstart Fast Broadband In Its CitiesNews Corp Shareholders Plan To Sue Board Over Phone HackingHow To Better Anticipate–And Deal With–With Resistance To ChangeDo Like Steve Jobs Did: Don’t Follow Your PassionWhy Startups Should Study AbroadNamaste! 5 Hot Leadership Lessons From The Moksha Yoga StudioAcquisition Is Sexy! Retention is Boring…Right?StayClassy’s 3 Pillars For Powerful Nonprofit FundraisingHow Laurent Claquin Of Luxury Leader PPR Keeps His (Well-Heeled) Feet On The GroundGoogle Pushes Facebook Off The Top Of Display Ad Revenue TreeDwyane Wade: What leadership skill has helped shape your personal life?Barack Obama On Smoothing The Decision-Making ProcessHow News360 Uses AI To Turn Up Smart News From Unexpected SourcesWolfgang Tillmans Takes A Tour Through Foreign LandsHumans Can Live With Giant, Hungry Predators, We Just Need To Take Different ShiftsFrom Siberia With Caribou Meat, Social Passion, And Serious Scientific BreakthroughsWhy Neglecting The Gifted In Public Schools Is Bad For BusinessFor Successful Social Innovation, Start With The Problem, Not The SolutionHonda Surprises Struggling Band With An Appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”A Projector Creates Pixelated Portraits, Using Crystal and LEDsA Gadget For Teaching People To Master Body LanguageThere’s Enough Wind To Power The Whole Planet, It’s Just Not Where We’re Looking For ItFraggles Stumble Upon Silly Creatures’ Music Ritual, Conducted By Ben Folds FiveA Crowdsourced Map For Finding Antibiotic-Free Meat And PoultryStripe, Looking To Upend Online Payments World, Launches In CanadaThis Awesome Tiny Car Has A Secret: Its Driver Is In A WheelchairAimee Mann Revisits A Classic Video, Assisted By Jon Hamm (As Director Tom Scharpling)When Campaigning on the Third Rail: Keep it SimpleWhat Exactly Is A Smart City?The Best Ads And Creative Talent Of The Last 50 Years, According to Britain’s D&ADLearning About Human Connection From A Robotic FriendNapkin Labs’ Fan Center Uses Crowdsourcing, Not Cash, To Win Brand LoyaltyBiohackers And DIY Cyborgs Clone Silicon Valley Innovation6 Tips For Hiring Star Talent From A Top Hollywood Casting DirectorEnvironmentally Conscious Companies Have More Productive EmployeesApple Backs Down In European Antitrust Case, Leaving Coast Clear For AmazoniPhone 5 Reviews Hit–And They Say It’s Really NiceStatistics Are Everywhere, So You’d Better Master How To Use ThemHow To Horse-Train Leaders5 Questions To Ask Before Entering An IncubatorGiving Your Brand Primal Power Through StorytellingCoveo And The Future Of CollaborationWhat Decisions Your Business Really Needs To Make About The CloudBarry Diller And Scott Rudin Get Into E-Publishing With BrightlineColumbia, Brown, and 15 More Universities Join Coursera’s Free Online PlatformA Video Game That’s Meant To Be BrokenAn Old Barn Gets New Life As A Modernist HideawayWhat To Do When You Can’t Stand A CoworkerSeth Godin On What To Say When Someone Gets Good NewsCuttlefish Clothing Could Create Cutting-Edge CamouflageGoogle Maps Gets All Up In Your BusinessFamous Unbuilt Buildings Become Charming, Real-Life ModelsA Bird Lover On A Quest To Make 100 Lego BirdsWalmart’s Plan To Fight Hunger In The U.S.A Program For Piano Lessons That Won’t Put You To SleepSecurity Camera Footage (I.e. Smart Water Web Spot) Reveals Amazing Jennifer Aniston SecretsCreepy Video Game Lets You Explore Its Maker’s MemoriesCall Tilda Swinton Ishmael: Celebrities, Artists Contribute To The “Moby Dick Big Read”Parker Posey Shows You How to Accept an Emmy Like a ProNew Metric Puts Disasters On A Scale From Zero To AwfulInfographic: How Many Aliens Are There In Our Galaxy?Gerhard Richter Goes Digital, Reducing His Old Paintings Into PatternsLondon Theater Brings In Ninjas To Enforce Movie MannersLasers, 3-D Printers, And Robots: The New Shop ClassVisualizing Civic Data To Make The Case For Civic HealthBehold, The Very First Documentary Shot With Google Goggles“Stand-Up Kid” Issues Reminder: Mental Illness Is No Laughing MatterTwitter Redesigns Its Mobile UI, And Looks More Like FacebookAn Ad Agency Starts A Cheeky Liquor Brand, On Its OwnThis Airplane Combines All The Fuel-Saving Technologies Airlines Will Use In The FutureShip First And Ask Questions Later: How Fondu Made Its Mobile App More TastyLessons From One Company’s “Near-Death Experience”Designers are to businesses what architects are to malls: they define and differentiate experiences, and of course, improve them.Kickstarting: A Digital Photo Frame Puts Instagram On Your MantleWant To Live Longer? Be More CreativeInfographic: Mapping America’s Fast Food RegionsCan These Guys Really Pull Off An Underground Park In NYC?New BBC Chief Reveals His Vision: Online Is The FutureBeautiful Rotating Glass Spheres Amplify The Sun’s EnergyWhy You Need A Creative Shift Instead Of A Vacation, As Explained By Joss WhedonHow Microsoft Embraced Design, Without Steve BallmerA Former iPhone UI Designer Defends Apple’s Fake-Leather Design PhilosophyApple’s Jony Ive Teaming With Leica To Design One-Off Camera For CharityAmazon Cloud Player Launches In Parts Of Europe7 Ways Kate White Teases Out Bold, Brilliant IdeasPut Your Shoulders Down The Mountain: Why Mastering A Skill Means Falling With PrecisionHow To Move Past The “Everything’s Been Done” Trap And Find Your Next Great IdeaIf You Dig Deep Into Your Organization, You’ll Uncover The Job That Fits YouWhy Books Are The Ultimate New Business CardHow To Make Your Employees Feel Like SuperheroesWhat Businesses Can Learn From Romney’s $120,000 Twitter SplurgeMicrosoft Acts Swiftly On Internet Explorer Zero-Day FlawLessons From The World’s Best BossesKate White: How do you attract a younger demographic?Kate White: How do you encourage employees to share ideas?Kate White: Can anyone be creative?Nomiku: Redesigning Sous Vide Cooking For The HomeHotel Droog: A One-Stop Shop For Ironic DesignThe Popinator Is The Popcorn Eating Innovation You’ve Been Waiting ForSwarming Underwater Coralbots Could Rebuild Our Destroyed ReefsInfographic: Mapping Where Kickstarter Projects Come From, Across The World“Watch With Mother” Looks To Challenge Distribution Models, Your Tolerance For HorrorEveryone’s Doubling Down On Photos Yet Again–Could Flickr Be Why?An Amazing New Library By David Adjaye, Woven From Timber And GlassA Platform To Crowdfund The TruthJoe Zee Makes Business Fashionable In “All On The Line”Infographic: Microsoft Charts The Viral Spread Of An Indie AlbumCan GPS Tracking Reduce Asthma Attacks?Infographic Of The DayInfographic: A Poetic Tribute To America’s Baseball StadiumsHow YouTube Approaches Social InnovationCould A Redesign Really Rescue USA Today?Have You Seen This Ad Asking If You’ve Seen Woody Harrelson’s Shih Tzu?A Computer Program That Predicts Terrorist AttacksCreating A Job Market For The Most Fulfilling JobsLovely Typefaces Made From Bubble Wrap And PaperCole Haan Wants To Keep You Up All Night, Uses Shoe Trucks To HelpBeneath The Surface, Windows President Steven Sinofsky Contends With Microsoft’s Awkward Hardware Partner RelationshipsSee Your Favorite Movie Scenes And Their Actual Locations–All At Once!With Box’s Accelerator Your Uploads, Life Just Got Much FasterWatch This Guy Draw Pinterest’s CEO, Using 22,765 PushpinsWeb Video Pioneer Ze Frank, BuzzFeed Form Voltron Of ViralityThe Wi-Fi Cold Spot Shields You From The Pressures Of Modern TechnologyLike Pinterest For Pros, A New Platform To Share Creative InspirationSee The Emmys Pick For Best CommercialWhy You Don’t Want Your Local Oil Refinery Processing Materials From Tar SandsU.S. Tops League of BitTorrent Users, Says ReportSocial conformity is one of the most insidious and powerful factors that kills creativity and shapes behavior. And that conformity is often enshrined in a corporate culture.Shazam Already Helps You Discover Music, Now It Wants To Help You Discover TV AdvertisingLondon 2012 Olympic-Sized Success for Its NFC Technology, Claims VisaDuolingo Plans To Translate Virtual Language Learning Into Real-Life Big Bucks7 Key Activities For Getting Innovation RightDon’t Get Lost In Translation: 3 Rules For Effective Hispanic And Latino OutreachShazam Expands Its Repertoire To Work Its Magic On TV ShowsAT&T Hails iPhone 5 As Most Successful iPhone Launch Ever [Update: 2 Millon, Says Apple]Why Doing Awesome Work Means Making Yourself VulnerableHow To Find Champions Of Innovation Among Your RanksThe ABCs Of Leadership From Fisher-Price’s David AllmarkWant More Productive Workers? Adjust Your Thermostat