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Pushing The Envelope Of ChangeThis Week In Bots: The Pentagon Doesn’t Trust Robots, But Your Grandma DoesThis Minnesota Mausoleum Celebrates Light After DeathA Sofa Shaped Like A Jelly Roll? Sure, Why NotBrene Brown On The Definition Of LeadershipCharity: Water’s Paull Young On Why Brands Should Be Brutally HonestGoogle’s Tactics For Retaining More WomenInfographic: Ingenious Maps Of Humanity’s Real FootprintWarren Sapp: When are you learning the most?Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter On The Surprising Effect Of Truth In TelevisionYour “Boardwalk Empire”-Branded Rolls-Royce Has Arrived, Courtesy Of UberHow Nicholas Jarecki Hacked His Way To His First Feature FilmWarren Sapp: How do you handle a conflict with a teammate?Entrepreneurs Are Everywhere. Eric Ries Knows What They Have In CommonA New Earthquake Kit: Very Clever And Also A Little TweeA Presentation App That Forces You To Tell Better StoriesOn, Spit Rhymes In Freestyle Battles That Would Make Eminem ProudSea Otters: An Unlikely (But Adorable) Soldier In The Fight Against Climate ChangeTwo Skate-Bros, One Board Star In Smart Car U.K.’s “Fortwo”Polaroids Of The Tokyo Sky, Transformed Into Shimmering Hermès ScarvesCities Could Use Your Tweets To Build Better InfrastructureBuzzFeed’s Jonah Peretti Is The Stephen Hawking Of Radical Skateboarding BirdsKickstarting: A Portable Printer That Turns Phone Pics Into PolaroidsMicrosoft Introduces The World To Office For Windows RTVanquish Your Acne Over The InternetFrance’s Piracy Law Gets Its First Scalp And Proves Its UnworkabilityAre You A Bit Of A Loser? Don’t Worry, You’re Probably Really CreativeThe Lowline, New York’s Revolutionary Underground Park, Says Let There Be LightThe Connector: Meet The Woman Behind HBO’s Social SceneInfographic: 50 People Shaping The Future Of DesignBlow for Google As German Court Orders Recall Of Android Mobile DevicesIs Posting Political Content On Facebook Hurting Your Brand?Your Current Customer Research Misses What’s Most ImportantIn Times Of Change, “What’s In It For Me?” Is The Question You Need To AnswerMicrosoft and Huawei Put Chinese Tech Security Under The SpotlightHow To Know When It’s Time To Fire YourselfExperimentation Is The New PlanningHow Cold Is Coors Light’s Super Cold Beer?Making The Information Firehouse Manageable For Data-Driven DecisionsAbraham Lincoln, Poster President For The Great Leadership ParadoxDavid Allmark: How do you attract a younger demographic?Byron Udell: How do you handle mistakes?Conan O’Brien: How do you deliver difficult news?Apple Buyers Face Two Weeks’ Delay As iPhone 5 Sells Fast On Pre-OrderA Digital Anti-Smoking Campaign That Preys On VanityThe Sexiest, Most Fun Bus You’ll Ever SeeGoogle Applies Its Data Might To… The Kevin Bacon Game10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Bing It, One-Handed Condoms And MoreWhy Zuckerberg Will PrevailThe Biggest Fallacy About Writing On The WebArmed With Puppets, Syrian Artists Skewer The Assad RegimeWant To Keep Data Forever? Save It As DNAPeugeot Takes You On A Wild Parallax-Fueled RideIn A Japanese Forest, A Treehouse For Birds And People“DVF Through Glass” Collaboration With Google Now Ready To SeeA Green Vision For Air Travel: Planes Fly Together In FlocksGrey Poupon’s Facebook Page Might Not Let You Join ItA Playful 3-D Puzzle That Becomes A Working RadioThe Company That Can Generate Medical Treatments From Embryonic Stem Cells Without Pissing Anyone OffThe iPhone 5 Event Was Really About The iPad Mini [Updated]Fragile Childhood’s Anti-Drinking Campaign Is Utterly UnsettlingInstagram Redesigns Its Web View For Photos On Mobile DevicesNever Forget Where You Came From (And What You Sat On)A Network Of Elevated Bike Lanes For LondonCoca-Cola Sets A Public Table Of Happiness In Italy3 Ways To Kill Your Company’s Idea-Stifling Shame CultureThe 3 Worst Design Details From Apple’s iPhone 5 EventIAmA Community-Focused Innovator: The Secret To Reddit’s SuccessIt’s Time For Breakthrough CapitalismCustomize The Catwalk: Topshop And Facebook Partner On A Social Runway For London Fashion WeekLots Of What iPhone 5 Does, Others Do BetterHow To Tell If Your Rebranding Is A House Of CardsHow Dr. Dre’s Burgeoning Headphones Company Stays True To Its Bass-Thumping Roots5 Reasons A Shaky Economy Is The Perfect Setting To Grow Your BusinessWhy Companies “Strike Out” With International MarketingWikileaks Links Benghazi Embassy Attack to Assange’s Handling in U.K.Wii U Gets Japanese Launch Date, $340 Price [Update: U.S. In November]Nintendo’s Wii U GamePad Transforms The Tablet, Doubles The Gaming StakesAs technology advances and more mundane duties are absorbed into the sphere of the digital world, skeuomorphism allows the user to transition seamlessly from ‘real’ to ‘digital’. But digital changes the user…eventually, skeuomorphism just gets in the waInfographic: An Entire Tome Worth Of Innovation Advice, In One ChartThe Intersection Of Innovation And FaithYouTube Bans Anti-Islam Video In Egypt, LibyaUber Founder Travis Kalanick’s Strategic AdvantageJeff Bezos On His Profit StrategyVevo Takes Off On Virgin AmericaDwyane Wade: How has being a father made you a better team player?Amazon Launches Cloud MarketplaceThese New Smart Carpets Can Tell You When You’re SickThis (Perfect?) Restaurant App Offers Just The Menu And The Hours“I’m Back, Bitches:” Steve Jobs Returns For iFhone 5 LaunchUnexpectedly Sublime Photos Of Empty Motel PoolsFarming Goes High-Tech In The AmazonDemocrats And Republicans Both Pedaled Their Own Buses To Their ConventionsWatch Out, Barefaced Masses–The Beards Are Coming For YouForget Installing Solar Panels, Make Roofs Out Of Solar Panels InsteadFinally, Stackable Wine Glasses Make The Lush Life Organized“Dead Whales Can’t Wave Back” And Many More Bad Children’s BooksThe Best Of Apple’s iPhone 5 Announcement6 Poker Lessons For The Executive TableIf You’re Interested In Influence, Social Scoring Is Of Historic ImportanceMightybell Is Just Another Social Network Inspired By AOL Chat Rooms. Wait, What?56 Broken Kindle Screens Make One Perfect Coffee Table BookThe Typeface-A-Day Calendar Teaches You 365 New FontsSeeds: A Microlending Game Where Farmville Meets KivaApple Rumor Patrol: Welcome To iPhone 5 DayExit Through The GIF Shop: Banksy Gets AnimatedHow Mindy Kaling Is Tweeting Her Way To Cultural DominationTo Know If Your Career Is On The Right Path, View Your Business As A RiverThe Gay Web Series Too Real For TV, Not Racy Enough For PornA New Site Calculates Your Neighborhood’s WalkabilityNegotiate Like A Car Salesman: 5 Tactics To Help You Win Every TimeYouTube Video Sparks Riots In Benghazi, Libya, Leads To U.S. Embassy Workers’ DeathsMapping The Next Three Decades of Health TechnologyFriskies Stops Pussyfooting Around Internet Cat Culture, Launches Video InitiativeHere Are All 56 Finalists In Our 2012 Innovation By Design AwardsQR Codes Printed With Invisible Ink Could Foil Cash CounterfeitersInnovation By Design Awards: Student Designs2012 Innovation By Design Awards: Interactive DesignInnovation By Design Awards: ConceptsInnovation By Design Awards: Industrial Equipment2012 Innovation By Design Awards: Spaces2012 Innovation By Design Awards: Service Design2012 Innovation By Design Awards: 2-D Design2012 Innovation By Design Awards: Consumer Products2012 Innovation By Design Awards: TransportationFrom Taco Bell To IHOP, Fast-Food Goes Upscale Or Scales Down For New AudiencesCoursera May Very Well School Us All With Added Universities And Soaring EnrollmentMajora Carter Fosters A Startup Culture In The South BronxWhat Apps For The Upper Class Mean For The 99%SRI Has Innovations Other Than Siri That Might Make Your Life Even EasierCompetitor Group Inc. On Racing To Gain Digital DollarsProgress Report: A Car That FliesThe NSA Wants Hackers, And It Wants Them On Its SideWith Nuclear Nearly Gone, How Japan Finds Energy To Power OnMillerCoors Took Taste Out Of The Equation And Made Cold UniqueHow The Tennessee Titans Keep Fans Off The Couch And In The StadiumIs Five Guys Leading the Pack of Beefy Burger Purveyors?Reader’s Feedback: July/August 2012How Streaming TV Gets SmarterMike Proulx And Rob Marcus See More Tech In Television FutureWhat Rishi Chandra Learned At Google TVNimbleTV Disrupts From The InsideWhy Boxee CEO Says TV Should Not Be FreeFrom The Editor: The Pinterest EffectThe Recommender: Ben Smith, Susan McCue, And More On What They’re Loving This MonthConference Calendar: October 2012Can GreenLight Collectibles Sell “Twilight” To Men Using Toy Cars?The Intimacy Of Strangers’ Messages On The ListserveNate Silver On How Not To Predict The FutureWhat’s The Cost For Branding Bridges, Snowplows, And High Schools?Sitting Might Harm Your Health, But When Is It Best Practice?Liverpool And Accra Make Statements For Fashion WeekHendrick’s, Dole, And Sauza Bring Brands On The RoadUndercurrent Tracks Our Biggest Scorers In MicrobloggingHow Patrick Mayer Simplified Snow Travel For WheelchairsCETI Puts The Tech Back In TextilesHow HP Harnesses Technology And Partners With NGOs To Beat DiseaseAndroid Now Has 500 Million Devices ActivatedSiri: What’s The Difference Between Invention And Innovation?As Zuckerberg Publicly Laments Stock Drop, Facebook Share Price RisesMark Zuckerberg On The Potential Profitability Of Facebook50 Designers Shaping The Future: Part 150 Designers Shaping The Future: Part 2Social Media May Be Efficient, Don’t Forget Good Old Face To Face Conversation50 Designers Shaping The Future: Part 3A Designer Turns The Communal Message Board Into Oversized ArtWhy Charisma Still Matters50 Designers Shaping The Future: Part 44 Rules For Designing Wearable Tech That People Will Actually WearHow A San Antonio Startup Hub Is Reinventing Tech Education7-Eleven May Tell You Who’s Going To Win The ElectionVirgin America Creates A Mile-High Club For Civic ParticipationCleaning Up Oil Spills With Peanut Butter, Chocolate, And Whipped Cream…what every company should be doing is mapping their customer’s journey…from pre-sale investigation through to post-buy experience.An Oasis Of Modern Design, For Rent In Rural PortugalCorporate Tweets About 9/11 Walk A Thin LineTwitter Must Produce Occupy Protestor’s Tweets By FridaySuper-Strong Wood Pulp Will Soon Be In Car Parts, Electronic Displays, And Body ArmorIn The Olympic Aftermath, A Colorful Cafe Stands TallThe Standard’s Politically Incorrect New Ad CampaignPull The Ripcord, And This Ingenious Bag CollapsesFuture Lightweight Cars Will Have Beams Of Light Under The Hood50 Designers Shaping The Future: Part 5If You Want To Be The Donald Trump Of Startups, Learn To CodeHow A Military Flight Simulator Is Making Surgeons More Prepared To OperateAn App That Combines All Your Calendars Into OneIdeo’s Fix For The Upcoming Health-Care Enrollment BlitzAmazing Interactive Street Art Turns Pedestrian Footsteps Into The Leaves Of Trees3 Billion Vevo Videos Are Watched Worldwide Every MonthBehold The Awesome Power Of Grandpas EverywhereThe Big Easiest Place To Build A StartupHelp For Cloud-Storage HoardersHow Heartbeats Fueled OneRepublic’s “Feel Again”This $9 Cardboard Bike Can Support Riders Up To 485lbsReplacing Herbicides With RobotsAre You Making It Hard For Customers To Buy From You?Teachers On Strike? Try These Learning AppsNote To Agencies: It’s Time To Find Your Unselfish GeneWill Apple’s Tacky Software-Design Philosophy Cause A Revolt?U.K. Finally Gets 4G Mobile As Everything Everywhere ArrivesFour Ways Plaintiffs’ Lawyers Leverage Google To Stir Food-Safety FearsEven Inside Microsoft, Users Rarely “Bing It”The Parallel Worlds Of Gondolas And iPadsSamsung Flexes Litigation Muscles at Apple Ahead of iPhone 5 Launch – AgainA Postscript To The Conventions: Nonprofits Are Part Of The SolutionWhy Your Presentations Lack Depth, And What You Can Do About ItGoogle’s YouTube App Adds Advertising To The EquationApple Designer Christopher Stringer On His MissionA Snowboard Lock You Can Open Without Taking Off Your GlovesTo Create Social Innovation, Everyone Has To Work TogetherThis Season’s Most Stylish Knits, With A Tribal TwistZombie Shoppers And Ghost Signs: A Photo Essay On Our Consumer Culture“Escape the House” Interactive Audio App Puts You Inside the Killer’s Basement“1 Millimeter” Of Light Pored Over With Laser-Like Intensity In Audi’s LatestUber: When Innovation Outpaces The LawMakedo, The Kit That Turns Trash Into Toys, Comes To The U.S.Meet The Guy Who Whittled Dr Pepper Down To 10 CaloriesBlue Toad Publishing Claims To Be The Source Of The AntiSec Apple ID LeakA Cookie Coffee Cup That’s Easy To Recycle: Just Eat ItA Digital Artist Combines Ghostly Light Shows And BeatboxingA Human-Powered Refrigeration System To Save Lives In Developing CountriesCan A Nightclub Designer Really Make Life Better For The Poor?The New Face Of WindowsA Conversation About Courage, With George Lois and PlatonStephanie Izard And Daniel Boulud On The Tricky Art Of Designing A MealBeatrix Potter’s Picture Letters, The Birthplace Of Peter RabbitWhat Teddy Bears, Picture Frames, And Condoms Have In CommonStartups’ Missed ConnectionsNew Cravendale Spot Has It All: Thumb Cats, Awesome Catch PhraseBe a social media artist. Be a Carlin, a John Waters, or even a PeeWee Herman, but never be a socnet sheep.Deep Inside Amanda Palmer’s Crowd-Powered, Naked Creativity MachineSimple Genius: A Condom You Can Open With One HandComing Soon: A Privately Run City To Create Development In The Developing WorldWant To Maximize Your Human Resources? Employ AlgorithmsAmazon Updates Its Kindle App For MacNew PSA Goes Full Boob To Raise Awareness Of What Breast Cancer Looks LikeThe Fliz: A Walking Machine With Wheels That Gets You There FasterThe Latest Sales Weapon For Best Buy, Macy’s, And Walmart: Coupons Sent To Nearby SmartphonesInfographic: The Astounding Power Of PinterestHow Pandora Soothed The Savage BeastFast Take: What To Expect From Apple When You’re Expecting The iPhone 5Visualizing Virality: The xx’s New Album Premieres Through A Single FanDance With Dragons: How DreamWorks Turned A Hit Movie Into A Fire-Breathing Live ShowWorking From Home Makes You More ProductiveGoogle Glass Hits The Runway At Fashion WeekAl-Jazeera News Network Hacked Again, This Time By Syrian Gov’t SupportersIn Remembrance Of Bill Moggridge, 1943-2012Welcome To Tiny Elkhart County, Indiana, Which Just Got $125 Million RicherAmazon U-Turns And Allows Users to Opt Out Of Compulsory AdvertisingThe New B2B Public Relations Are A Hybrid Of Traditional And SocialThe Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Mobile Marketing, And 3 Strategies That Actually WorkNokia To Review Why It Faked Ad For New Lumia SmartphoneSwarm Tracks You While You Shop–And That’s Actually A Good ThingLessons From Andy Roddick To Improve Your Business Game