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U.S. Jury Finds Samsung Willfully Violated Broad Swath Of Apple PatentsA Screw Top That Turns A Mason Jar Into A Cocktail ShakerFilling South America With Smart CitiesLivestrong CEO Doug Ulman: What Lance Armstrong Created “Will Win Out”It’s Nikola Tesla’s World (We’re Just Opening Museums About Him In It)Bottle Infuses Your Water (Or Vodka) With Fresh FruitDoes Screaming Have A Place In The Office?This Week In Bots: The Robots We Build To Kill For UsThe Week That Was: Deadly Jobs, Creative Offices, And Biz Lessons From BabiesPhoto Essay: South Africa’s Thriving DIY Bike CultureThe Rise Of Shared ValueNew Program Aims To Ease Flow Of Foreign Brands To Chinese ConsumersDisney Turns Houseplants Into Multi-Touch SurfacesThe Ascent Of The Arab StartupPivoting From A White Label YouTube To A Multi-Million-Dollar ExitAdidas Welcomes RGIII to DC With Interactive ProjectionsPortraits Cut Into Layers Illustrate Time PassingThree Words: Alexander Skarsgard GIFs100 Most Creative People In Business 2010Watch: A Giant Robot, Lurking In The Dark, Runs A Puppet ShowAre Charter Cities The Cities Of The Future?A Reminder Of The Inevitable: Winter Is ComingArtist/Developer Casey Reas Creates A Reflective Stage Show For Yeasayer’s TourESPN’s Fantasy Football Commissioner Toolkit Is Clutch10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Eating Frogs, Deadliest Jobs, And MoreAmazon Expands Its Content Deal With NBCUniversalInstagram Traffic Surges, Google Still Most-Visited U.S. WebsiteYour Friends Are Your Next TV GuideThe Delightful Horrors Of Ryan Heshka’s Sci-Fi WorldThe Most Honest Places In The U.S.Infographic: 160 Years Of Hurricanes Form One Giant Hurricane!Meet Doorsteps, The Company That Wants To Take The Misery Out Of Home BuyingBeing Funny Can Get You A RaiseA New Period Industry To Drastically Improve The Lives Of India’s WomenYou Are Who You Fund: What Todd Akin Teaches Us About Campaign Contributions#TheRules of Social Media: Don’t Make People Do X, Y, Then Z. Stick With XHow Ira Glass Took “This American Life” To The Movies With “Sleepwalk With Me”Social media is a mindset, not a toolset.Seedcamp’s Reshma Sohoni: Bad Accelerators Will Face “Day Of Reckoning”A Free Online Class From Wharton To Get You Started On Business SchoolWhy Too Much Data Disables Your Decision MakingBehind The Year’s Most Talked-About (Gun-Free) Game, “Unfinished Swan”Floating Housing (And Golf Courses) For Post-Climate-Change Island Paradises10 Tips For Success From George Lois, The Original Mad ManAmazon Hiring For Its New Games EffortAre You Branding Like It’s 1992?The 2012 Social Media Olympics: Tweeting For The GoldCan A Corporate Culture Be Built With Digital Tools?Lisa Bodell: What do you tell a team that has failed?Jeff Jones: What is a risk worth taking?Ben Fischman: How do you inspire your staff?Ben Rattray: How do you define leadership?The Evolution Of The App EcosystemJambox Gets Personal With Custom Colors To OrderGames For Civic Participation, Social Causes, And FunA Shot Clock For Getting You Out Of Work On TimePortraits From NYC’s Most Popular Reading Room: The SubwayThe Unreasonable Institute’s Ocean-Borne Tech Accelerator Embarks In JanuaryTo Create True Innovation, Consider Who You Want Your Customers To BecomeHow Do You Make A City From Nothing?A Kitchen Scale That Folds Up For Easy Storage#The Rules Of Social Media: Contests And Sweepstakes Are Fine, If You Want Short RelationshipsFacebook Takes Too Long To Make Its iPhone App Run Twice As FastWhat Every CEO Can Learn From Best Buy’s (Continued) Branding MistakesIs Activism Saving Big Food Instead Of Destroying It?Sculptures That Turn Indie Rock Into InfographicsNew Hotel Looks Like A Mail Boxes Etc. On SteroidsFoot Locker Makes NBA Athletes FunnySheep Heart Monitors Alert Farmers When Predators ApproachInnovation From Outer Space! Exploring NASA’s Mars EffectLast Gasp Of Summer: Pics Of The World’s Most Popular BeachesReal Men (Including Henry Rollins and Several Baltimore Ravens) Don’t Hurt AnimalsTo Keep Your Company Growing, Think Of Your Business As A Forest–And Burn It Down SometimesA Mechanical Maze Traps You In, By Rearranging ItselfA New Way To Make Food Safe, From Tech That Makes Diamonds#TheRules of Social Media: Not Everything Will Work–And That’s FineLG Display Starts Manufacturing Screens Expected On The New iPhoneWiFli Wants To Bring Internet Access To The Entire PlanetInfographic: State Stereotypes, From Fat Tennesseans To Liberal Californians“Do You Believe In Aliens?” GetHired Lets You Ask Applicants AnythingTim Heidecker Is An Angry Dad In The New Dinosaur Jr. VideoExtremely Effective Breast Exams, From Blind German WomenBeware Of Fake Mentors, And Other Advice On Accelerators From Tech Wildcatters’ Gabriella DraneySmack a Candidate Lets You Tweet-slap Romney Or Obama3 Ways To Make Everyone Around You SmarterOften times we leave all decision making to managers. Empowering the team to decide will make them more responsible.Inside DARPA’s “Plan X” For CyberwarThe Original Alternative: Perry Farrell On Lollapalooza And The Art Of Making A SceneObama Campaign Is First To Accept Donations By TextWhat Film Crews Can Teach You About Running A BusinessIn-Location Partnership Created To Bring Us Indoor GPSUsing Disparate Elements, A Table That’s Solid And Light#TheRules of Social Media: People Don’t Want To Shop Where They SocializeWhy It’s Not The One ThingKen Segall On PassionVertical Farms Start To Take Root In RealityHAPPY HOLIDAYS FROM MACY’S, SCHOOL DRAMA PROGRAMS: HERE’S $100K#TheRules of Social Media: If You’re Bored By Social Media, It’s Because You’re Trying To Get More Value Than You CreateThe Ultimate Tool For PB&J Sammiches: A Hinged SpoonTips For Making Sure “Bring Your Own Device” Doesn’t Blow Up In Your FaceWhen The Going Gets Tough, Tough Companies InnovateSee Obama And Romney Rendered In MeatCan Importing Well-Run Cities Into Poorly Run Countries Lift The World From Poverty?BitCoin Plans A Debit Card Launch In 8 WeeksBeard Hats, PBR Bracelets, And Beef Empanadas: Payvment Is Taking The Impulse Buy Social With “Lish”A Masterplan That Makes Buildings Mobile, By Putting Them on Train TracksDon’t Innovate, ImitateHow Clinging To Core Competencies Is Breaking Your Organization’s HeartClinton Global Initiative’s New Theme, “Designing For Impact,” Emphasizes ActionLoopcam Aims To Be The Instagram Of Animated GIFsThe Abandoned Asbestos Mining Town That Was Turned Into A Haven For OrphansMost Innovative Companies 2011YouTube’s Mobile Advertising Play: Watch The Video Or We Don’t Get PaidWhat The Fancy Is Doing Right With Online ShoppingBehold the Fierce Video Game Rivalry Between Paul Rudd and Ray Lewis#TheRules of Social Media: Everyone Says They Don’t Want To Be Marketed To. Really, They Just Don’t Want To Be Talked Down ToIn NYC, An Artist Creates A Living Room Lofted 7 Stories HighThe Rise Of Social Entrepreneurship, From Innovation To IndustryRichard Branson On NetworkingSo What If Samsung Copied Apple?Amazon Launches Kindle E-book Store In IndiaA Workshop-In-A-Van, Designed To Make Creativity Totally MobileThe Future Of Composting: Turning Food Waste Into Fuel And PlasticPortraits From The World’s Most Surreal Costume PartyAre Foxconn Internships Now Better Than American Internships?PayPal And Discover Team Up For In-Store Payments In 7 Million LocationsFor Stripe Cofounders, Y Combinator Supplies Far More Than MentoringIs Digg Back? Definitely MaybeRoastmaster General Jeff Ross On How to Burn SomeoneBehind the Launch of Maria Sharapova’s Sweet New Venture, SugarpovaHow A Quaint California Town Put Us On MarsYour Future Robotic Hand Will Be Able To Detect Everything From Abnormal Breast Lumps To Enlarged Lymph NodesWhen Entertainment Marketing Is Art: See Work From The Breaking Bad Art ProjectHulu Redesigns Website, Makes Discovery Of Shows/Time Wasting Easier Than EverWhat Successful People Do With The First Hour Of Their Work DayHate Your Office? Take A Look At Some Of The World’s Most Creative Work SpacesFUBU Founder Daymond John’s Advice For Launching Multi-Million-Dollar BusinessesNow You Can @Mention Your Facebook Friends Directly In Foursquare, SoundCloud, And MoreManolo Espinosa Wants To Know Why Your Mom’s Not On SoundCloud YetSee An Adorably Fierce Dance-Off In This French Fitness CommercialBox CEO Aaron Levie On Product DeclineYammer CEO David Sacks Says Silicon Valley Is EndingAaron Levie On ProductsWant A Clean Ocean? Wear More PearlsNorton Gives You Control Over Your Personal Search ResultsChris Dixon On Amazon’s Domination9 Ways Great Companies Organize Their Teams For SuccessAmazon Launches Glacier, A Cheap, Cloud-based Data Deep FreezeIn The Future, Diapers Will Be Made Out Of SugarRedesigning Highway Signs, To Talk To Your SmartphoneSkype Adds Photo Sharing To iPhone And iPad AppCan Facebook Recover The Face It Lost?Mapping Cities’ Drug Problems From Their SewageMeet NASA’s Stunt Double: An Ad-Supported, Volunteer Space ProgramTo Create A Happy, Family-Like Business Culture, Go “Orange”Muck Rack’s New Landing Pages For Journalists Put PR Spam On NoticeFrom Nerd Niche To Branding Superpower: 5 Lessons Every Marketing Exec Can Learn From ComicsBMW Brings Luxury Electric Vehicle Sharing To The U.S.Nukotoys Is Part Pokemon Cards, Part iPad Game, And Everything Your Kid WantsWorld Humanitarian Day Campaign Generates One Billion Social Media MessagesTo Win More (And More Fervent) Fans, Brands Need To Grasp The Olympic TorchYou Might Already Be Rich In The Newest Alternative Currency: SocialYandex Tempts Samsung Ultrabook Buyers With 250 GB Of Storage Space#TheRules of Social Media: Think Past Vanity Metrics Like FollowersWhy Apple’s iPad Mini Could Be As Popular As The iPhoneCoinstar CEO Hints At Anti-Netflix Content Strategy For Redbox-Verizon Streaming ServiceY Combinator’s Harj Taggar: Mark Zuckerberg Would Hate Corporate IncubatorsThis Company Wants To Grow Your Vegetables In A WarehousePromoting That CSR Project: The Rights, Wrongs, And PitfallsThe Sun Takes The Tracking Shot Off The Rails5 Things Toddlers Can Teach You About MarketingSamsung Plans To Spend $4 Billion On Its Austin FactoryHow FedEx Revamped Its Brand By Fixing Its “Leaning Tower Of Packages”People Who Eat Breakfast Are Smarter And SkinnierThis Is Your Face On Drugs: An Artist Explores Creativity Under The InfluenceU.K. 4G Lights Up For The First Time In SeptemberDo You Really Need Big Data?How To Give Reports Your Boss Will Actually RememberWhy Only Rich People Feel BusyJason Fried On Why Shorter Weeks Are More ProductiveThe 100 Most Creative People in BusinessWeiss/Manfredi And OLIN Win Bid To Redesign The National MallNew York Turns Its Grossest Problem Into A ResourceMulti-Tasker James Franco Probably Worked On Other Stuff While Directing This AdToy Blocks That Form Thousands Of Different FacesFor True Impact, Focus Social Innovation On Girls And WomenWhat Old-Master Portraits Look Like On A TurntableHow To Make Sure Your Hardest-Won Hires Stick AroundHow To Keep Conflict Minerals Out Of Your Daily Life (Sort Of)The Ocean’s Health Score Is In: Barely Passing5 Indelible Moments From Tony Scott’s FilmsAndroid Malware Infects 500,000 UsersA Robot That Prints Buildings Out Of Sand And SoilThe superglue that holds brands together in the future is people not process.In A Tornado-Ravaged Town, A High School Inside A Big-Box StoreThe Airport Of The Future Is About More Than Takeoff And LandingGiddy App! Ride Wi-Fi-Equipped Donkeys At A Biblical Theme ParkA Spreadsheet App For iPads That Makes Number-Crunching A TreatWhat Happens When Cities Have To Ask Nonprofits For Money?How Sanofi Is Writing The Social Media Rules For Big Pharma Without Running Afoul Of The FDANetflix Picks Up 1 Million U.K. SubscribersPost-Vacation Strategies For Hitting The Ground RunningJan Chipchase: Smart Service Design Needs A New Language For AnonymityFrom The Designer Behind Grant Achatz, An Infuser That Turns Alcohol Into ArtIt’s That Thing Where…: 26 Words You Really Wish Existed in EnglishTo Encourage Innovation, Eradicate BlameTechStars’ David Tisch: Most Accelerators Will Fail, So Choose WiselyIs Anxiety About Our Wired Choices Misplaced?Barnes & Noble To Sell E-books And E-readers In The U.K.This Is What A Toilet Looks Like When Bill Gates Is InvolvedBeyond Medals and Memes: The Olympics As Test Bed For Urban InnovationThe Pointless History of Stylus Advertising: The Worst E-Ink Spots From Samsung, HP, AppleMark Cuban: Two Employment WorldsWhy Inertia Kills CompaniesHow To Develop A Global TeamOnline Gaming Firm OnLive Woes Hit HTCStartup U.S. Vs. Startup India: The Stats For Female EntrepreneursPrivate Facebook Group “Social Marketers” Can Teach You Insider Marketing Tips, If They Let You Become A MemberHouse That Doubles As A Winery Is A Drinker’s Dream