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A Brooklyn Design Studio, Remaking Modernism With A Warmer TouchAt Bangkok University, A Stunning Campus For Work And PlayEmbedded In Kids’ Toys, Questions About National Identity10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week: Small Biz Branding, Olympic Design, And MoreAssisted By Diplo, Goofball Rappers “Three Loco” Remix Farmers Insurance JingleArtist To Public: Spray My LED Canvas With Super Soakers!These Prisoners Are Pedaling Their Way Out Of PrisonThe Week That Was: Small-Biz Branding, Tiny Custom Newspapers, And Pinterest On The iPadBehold H&M’s DavidThe Bar10der: A Slightly Silly 10-In-1 Bartending Tool“Drunk Mirror” Experiment Gives Bar-Goers Something to Reflect OnHow To Answer “Do You Have Any Questions?”Is Your Building Filled With Junk That Makes It Hard To Breathe?Will Twitter’s New Rules Squash Upstart UI Innovations?With A Little 3-D Printing Magic, Old Containers Become AnythingFacebook, Meet Live VideoAuthor And Filmmaker Marjane Satrapi On Creating Across BoundariesOfficeDrop And ExpenseMagic Want To Free You From Expense Report HellHow to Write For Any Medium (From a Guy Who’s Written For “The New Yorker,” “Saturday Night Live,” and Pixar)100 Years Ago, French Artists Predicted The Future With Eerie AccuracyThis Week In Bots: Don’t Fear The RobotEscape From Silicon ValleyA Kickstarter For Political Ads Will Get You Airtime Like A SuperPACA Land Art Sanctuary Filled With Eye-Bending MasterpiecesFilter Your Air With This Amazing Hanging Contraption, Powered By PlantsThe Legendary George Nelson On Creating A Design-Driven CompanyGoogle Adds More Languages To Android Voice Search12 Hours Of Huffing: A HuffPost Live Viewing DiaryWhat Did Twitter Just Do To Your Favorite Twitter App?The Future Of Storytelling: Immersion, Integration, Interactivity, ImpactThe Technical Triumph And Torment Of Paranorman’s 3-D-Printing-Driven Animation ProcessAn Entire House That You Snap Together, Like A ToyResilient Cultures Thrive On Feedback, So Start TalkingAre You Hearing Enough Complaints?How To Foster Outrageously Awesome Employee EngagementWhat Google Gets That Others Don’t: Innovation Evolves CustomersAmazon U.K. Will Deliver To Local StoresSlideshow: Modern AmericanaSlideshow: The New MastersSlideshow: For Every iPod There’s A Pair Of MC Hammer PantsSiri, The Most Confused Personal Assistant In The WorldSony’s Next MoveWhy Pursuing Less Can Lead To More SuccessA Bookstore That Lets You Trade Books For BeerOne Of Google’s Chefs Is Now Helping Food Entrepreneurs Get Off The GroundYael Cohen: How do you define leadership?Beni Lopez: How do you deal with negative feedback?Dom Sagolla: How do you create a culture of innovation?Candace Nelson: How do you grow your customer base?Your Future TV Is Not About Tele-VisionA Simple Solar Oven Makes Salt Water DrinkableBrandee Barker: How do you handle mistakes?Volvo Promotes Trucks Via Insane Tightrope StuntA Photo Essay Documents A Dying Tradition: Roadside Rest StopsThe Internet’s Youngest Rap Stars Love Snacks, Now Have A Future9 Groundbreaking Examples of Generative DesignInstagram Homes In On Mapping With Version 3.0No Golden Ticket Required to See Agency’s Tribute to “Willy Wonka” Director Mel StuartA Wristband That Could Help Prevent Skin CancerBig Fish’s Virtual Casino App Now Lets U.K. Gamers Walk Away With Cold, Hard CashExploring Contemporary Art’s Love Affair With The SkyscraperJack Dorsey’s Square Deal For Small Businesses: 0% Transaction FeeA Peek Inside David Byrne’s Awesome OfficeHow Did Detroit Labs Build A Successful Business? By Letting Employees Screw AroundMoving Your Team Beyond “Us Vs. Them”The Case For Keeping Libraries AliveArabian Dessert: At Cheesecake Factory’s Middle East Locations, No Booze, But Plenty Of DecadenceGift Cards To Google Play Are On Their WayA 3-D Printing Lab That Fits Into A SuitcaseWhen Growing The Business Means Firing Your CustomersHear About The Evolution Of Social Innovation From The Experts Who Helped Make It HappenThe Chick-Fil-A Way: Why Brands Should Have Stronger OpinionsSteven Meisel Shoots Diesel’s Cinemagraphic Ad CampaignSurprisingly Beautiful Photos Of Trophy Hunters Show The Complex Relationship Between Man And BeastAre Some Fonts More Believable Than Others?4 Things To Consider When Contemplating A Major Career ChangeHow A Healthy Snack Company Has Created Hundreds Of Thousands Of Good DeedsCondi Rice Turns Model In New NFL CampaignHow Facebook Is Building Next-Gen, Hyper-Green Data CentersPhotobucket Revamps To Rival Social Sharing Photo And Video SitesYou Can’t Be Effective When You’re Too Smart For Your Own Good“Boss” Creator Farhad Safinia On Bringing The Dark Drama Of Politics To The ScreenThe Future Of Drinking Is Drinking Water That’s Been In A ToiletThe Next Big Idea From Twitter’s Founders? Pinterest, Basically4 Key Opportunities Your Startup Shouldn’t MissDish Rumored To Soon Unveil A National Satellite Network For High-Speed InternetSuccessful innovations change the people that use them.Anil Dash Says No More Web PagesApple’s Not-So-Secret Weapon: How iCloud Keeps Them One Step Ahead Ahead Of WindowsSteven Holl Offers A Peek At A Humane Cancer CenterWatch The New Electric Delorean Take To The Streets (But Not The Past)Everyone Has A Tablet. Samsung Launched A PenNetflix’s New Post-Play Feature Is Like Chain-Smoking For “Lost” FansEnterprise MobilityInfographic: An Interactive Chart Of London’s Most Popular NamesMedical Cybercrime: The Next FrontierThe Surprising Beauty Of America’s Crumbling Interstate SystemThe Story Of The Innovation The Invisible Bike HelmetSeven Apps Every Fundraiser Must Download NowAfter The Glory: The Sweat-Stained Spaces Of Modern SportsIra Glass, Mike Birbiglia Need Avenging After Vicious Attack From Joss WhedonForget Custom Pies: Domino’s Wants Your Help Creating A New Pizza Delivery VehicleWith Pinterest’s New iPad App, A Glimpse Of Its FutureMapping The U.S. Obesity CrisisWatch: 5 Ways To Generate Killer Ideas, From An Infographics PowerhouseThe Tablet Takeover Is Ahead Of ScheduleAimee Mann Replaced By Laura Linney-Shaped Robot In VideoIn U.S. Samsung Reveals 10.1-Inch Galaxy Note As iPad RivalThe Reaction Of United Airlines To Losing A 10-Year-Old GirlDisney’s Interactive Plants Aren’t Just Magic. They’re Practical Magic.The Ways Open Offices FailFerran Adrià: What have you learned from failure?How Nanotechnology Is Changing How You Eat And TasteSoftwalks Transforms Streetside Scaffolding Into Urban ParkletsHave You Registered 300 Domain Names?Axe Prepares to Unleash Chaos in Paradise–But First, The SuppliesA Gorgeous, Towering Hive To Save Our Dying BeesA Portable Speaker That Kicks Hard, With An Ingenious UICarlyle Group Will Buy Getty Images For $3.3 BillionPeter Thiel Bets Big On 3-D Printed Meat360 Degrees Of Slash: A Guitar Purist Embraces Interactivity10 Inspiring Examples Of Small-Biz Branding“ParaNorman” Parody Has Romney Seeing Dead People5 Steps To Handling Your Next Brand Crisis8 Ways To Reduce Your Cross-Cultural ClumsinessHow I Finally Went Cold Turkey From Working On VacationAdam Goldstein: Is your idea good enough to be a startup?Winning The White House–Or New Business–Is All About Better Story SellingTarget, Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven Among A Group Of U.S. Stores Entering Mobile Payments Game In Big WayThe Power Dynamics Behind The Phrase “My Boss Is Such An A–hole!”Your Smartphone Could Be Telling Advertisers How You Shop And SpendTwitter Cofounders Unveil Medium, A Publishing Platform That Feels Like Tumblr And Looks Like PinterestWhen The CEO Is The Creative Lead: Travis Knight’s “ParaNorman” ExperienceIkea’s New Catalog Lets You Play With Furniture In 3-DA Hydrogen-Powered Plane That Could Go From Los Angeles To New York City In Under An HourA Desk That’s A Little Cubby Hole For ProductivityThe Elefan: A Desktop Fan With A Cute Elephant TrunkToronto Humane Society Takes a Stand Against Dogs Dying in CarsBen & Jerry’s Promotes Spooning With New Facebook AppJeri Ward: What do you believe is possible that others don’t?Apps Bet On Facebook, Facebook Bets BackKlout Gets An Algorithm And Interface OverhaulLearn How To Code From YouTube Educator Khan AcademySurvival Of The Lightest: Zippo Invents A Four-In-One Camping ToolBendy Surgical Needles Go Around Your Organs With EaseAn App To Find Illegally Dumped TrashA Canine’s Dream: A Doghouse Made Of Milk BonesMIC 2012Making Factory Farming SmarterPuma, And Science, Answer The Question: Who Do You Love More–Your Team Or Your Partner?Jon Oringer: What do you believe is possible that others don’t?Can Capitalists Live Within Planetary Limits?Sephora + Pantone “Color IQ” Knows Your Skin Tone Better Than You DoKim Jordan: How can you create a company culture of teamwork by giving difficult feedback?In The Ruins Of Athens 2004, A Glimpse Of London’s Future?A Wicked Letter Opener That’s (Possibly) Made Of Old LettersThe Solution To Our Mysterious Dying Bees Might Be Right Under Our NoseIn Wisconsin, Apple Scores An Early Victory Against MotorolaThe Silicon Valleys Of The World: Asia EditionStride Gum Takes a Page from Apple’s Marketing Handbook In New Spoof CampaignBarack Obama’s Most Recent Twitter Followers Are More Fake Than Mitt Romney’s: StatusPeopleWith An Invite From Ron Howard, Biz Stone Takes Up FilmmakingThe Last Chance To Save The Aquarius Reef Base4 Rules For Creating Interactive Content For A Multi-Platform, Multi-Device WorldLiveOps Goes SocialIt’s Finally Out: A Little Printer That Delivers A Tiny, Custom NewspaperWhen Unilever Bought Ben & Jerry’s: A Story Of CEO Adaptability9 Ways To Get Over Your Feedback FearsThe Innovation PlaybookGoogle+ Joins The Vanity URL GameWe Have To Wean Doctors Off Paper. But How?U.S. Cities Unify Their Data To Make All Cities SmarterBob Goff On How To Measure SuccessLessons On Amplifying Life From Bob Goff’s “Love Does”Finding Incredible Experiences In Ordinary LifeInfographic: Google Visualizes The World’s Terrifying Arms Trade3 Basics For Hiring An Effective Career CoachIs Patience A Forgotten Virtue In Business?Heart-Monitor iPhone App Works By Scanning The Blood In Your FaceKevin Rose’s Work Flow: How The Cofounder Of Digg Organizes From A Treadmill DeskReddit’s Alexis Ohanian’s Work Flow: Fancy Hands And Making Things Suck LessIntroducing The Battery Made Out Of Wood WastePleix Envisions A Wacky, Not-So-Distant Consumer FutureShannon Schuyler: How do you attract talent?Watch The History Of Lego In 17 Minutes In New 80th Anniversary FilmThis Woman Traveled Across The Country For Free Using Only Social MediaA Clever Branding System For An Orchestra That Visualizes SoundVirtual Training World For Law Enforcement Inflicts Real PainReal-Time AnalyticsBuying Twitter Followers? Beware StatusPeople, The Service That Exposes Social Media’s Black MarketHuffpost Kicks Off Live Stream, Live Comment EffortGoogle Acquires Frommer’sIBM Plans Research Lab In KenyaHow Do You Build The Yelp Of The Arab World?“Call Parade” Turns 100 São Paulo Phone Booths Into Buzzworthy Turns To Texting To Help Teens On The BrinkBased On Archival Designs, Ikea’s PS Collection Hits Stores This MonthGoogle Faces U.K. Heat For Possible Tax Avoidance IssuesOlympic Athletes Win Big On Social MediaA Vegetable-Growing Factory That Fits In A Parking SpaceIntel Collaborates with W Hotels and Roman Coppola for Short Film CompetitionRumor Patrol: The Lowdown On Upcoming Apple Gear [Updated]3-D Printed “Magic Arms” Let A Toddler Hug And PlayA Full Circle Moment: Gotye Makes His Own Tribute To Fans’ Tributes To “Somebody”A GPS Social Enterprise Finder To Find The Best Businesses Near YouA Tufte-Inspired App That Visualizes The Twittersphere8 Design Highlights From The 2012 OlympicsFTC Finds Facebook’s “Verified Apps” Scheme UnverifiableMeet The Company That Wants To Make Your Fruit Perfect, And Genetically Engineered“Get To Work” Tracks A Job-Focused Boot Camp For the Least Employable AmericansInfographics Become Easy As Pie, With This Disruptive FontScott Stratten’s Tips For Becoming A Presentation SensationShow Your Face At WorkWhy Customer Experience Is The Only Thing That Matters6 New Ways To Encourage Work EthicWith Reblorg, Tumblr Embraces Its Apocalypse GIF And Bespectacled Panda PenchantCorita Kent–Nothing Is A MistakeMotorola Mobility To Cut Staff By A Fifth, Close One Third Of Offices