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Pepsi Launches First Global Campaign “Live For Now” With New Social Platform, PulseThe Next Wave of Pinterest Growth is About to BeginWill Organic Food Fail To Feed The World?Byron Udell: What quote, lyric or poem inspires you?A Bathroom Suite That’s Light As Air And Soft As WaterWhat Is The Sound Of Home Improvement?The Business Of Business EcologyNASA’s Got A Brand New Bag, And It’s Full Of AlgaeMake Your Name Into A Jingle With Music Box Business CardsHoly Crap: This MIT Robot Might One Day Weave A BuildingHoly Crap: This MIT Robot Might One Day Weave A BuildingWatch: A 1 To 12 Countdown For Cool Kids (And Design Moms)Monsanto, A Potential Contributor To Colony Collapse Disorder, Buys Bee Research FirmHeading Into Campaign Season, Political Contributions Get MobileKraft’s Crafty MilkBite Package Design Makes You Think About Cold Glass Of MilkBurberry Makes It Rain In TaipeiIn New Marketing, Vitra Drops Pristine Shoots In Favor Of Short FictionsIn New Marketing, Vitra Drops Pristine Shoots In Favor Of Short FictionsA Broken Polaroid Camera Spits Out Amazing Abstract ArtA Broken Polaroid Camera Spits Out Amazing Abstract ArtA Silicon Valley-Style Incubator For Local FoodMr. And Mrs. Potato Head Celebrate An AnniversaryIkea’s Big Product Play And The F*ck-It List: Top 5 Ads Of The Week4 Lessons In Innovation From The Visioneers At X Prize16 Shots Of Space Shuttle Enterprise Over NYC: Instagram Was Made For ThisTrees Made Of 10,000 Planks “Grow” At Comme Des GarçonsSeparated At Birth: The $1,800 Porsche BlackBerry And The First Google Phone ConceptMeat Up: The Best of Jerky Week 2012A Medical Marijuana Vending Machine, For When You Just Can’t Wait To Get HighA Gold Rush In Medical Design, Inspired Partly By iPadsThis Elegant, Analog Alarm Clock Wakes You With WaterThis Elegant, Analog Alarm Clock Wakes You With WaterErin Brockovich’s New Map Tracks The Dangers Of Toxic ChemicalsSamsung Beats Nokia To Phone-Selling Crown, May, Or May Not, Have Beaten AppleBuild Your Own Civilization With The Global Village Construction SetDropbox Simplifies Desktop Photo BackupsYouTube Cofounders Close Series A Funding Round On Startup AVOSAirbnb By The Numbers: 85% Of Users Inactive?Amazon’s Revenues Rise To $13 Billion, But Profits SlipMIT Media Lab Hosts The FutureWhy Flying Drones Are The Future Of JournalismDon’t Let Mistakes Break Down Customer TrustYou’re Hired. Now Figure Things Out (With The Help Of This Whimsical Handbook)Jerky Week, Part 5: Big Jerky Speaks6 Management Lessons From The Duck Store’s Jim WilliamsHow Great Family Businesses Skirt The Feuds, And Other Pitfalls4 Communication Strategies For Managing Your Team RemotelyGive Up The Gimmicks: How Groupons And Coupons Can Damage Your BrandThis Week In Bots: Do Let This Robotic Valet Fetch Your Car, Won’t You?The Evolutionary Forces Behind Rhino Grazing Habits And JetBlue Customer ServiceAre You Taking Enough Risks?Follow-Up: The Tablet Really Is Killing The E-Reader63. Shara Senderoff100. Sally Grimes99. Celestine Maddy98. Edwin Neo97. Carla Schmitzberger96. Tal Dehtiar95. Carrie Brownstein94. Jerri Chou93. Pamela Love92. Neil Blumenthal90. Marcus Samuelsson89. Vivi Zigler88. Rufus Griscom87. Aziz Ansari86. Sam Mogannam85. Greg Gunn84. Elvis Chau83. Chris Milk82. Cindy Au81. Jeff Fong80. Rachel Shechtman79. Rick Barrack78. Aslaug Magnusdottir77. Alex Rainert76. Mike Simonian & Maaike Evers75. Ethan Marcotte74. Shaquille O’Neal73. Hannah Choi Granade72. Jared Leto71. Glenn Rink70. Ren Ng69. Nadine Chahine68. Andrew Hsu67. Lee Linden66. Danny Trinh65. Olajide Williams64. Tony Haile62. Ron J. Williams61. Robin Guenther60. Steve Porter59. Julie Klausner58. T.J. Miller57. Cyrus Massoumi56. Rachael Chong55. Thomas Tull54. Flavio Pripas & Renato Steinberg53. Anand Rajaraman & Venky Harinarayan52. Eddie Opara51. Maria Popova50. Bradford Shellhammer49. Neil deGrasse Tyson48. LourenǍo Bustani47. Masashi Kawamura46. Ross Martin45. Bruktawit Tigabu44. Deborah Borda43. Jimmy Smith42. Leah Busque41. Chelsea Howe40. Andrew Wilson39. Tim Schafer38. Yael Cohen37. Abanti Sankaranarayanan36. BJÖRK35. Jeff Charney34. DIÉBÉDO FRANCIS KÉRÉ33. Ken Parks32. Marvin Ammori31. Kin Ying Lee30. Leila Takayama29. Ben Smith28. Wes Anderson27. Andrew Yang26. Nina Tandon25. Janet Iwasa24. Miriah Meyer23. Sarah Robb O’Hagan22. Matthew Schmidt21. Claire Diaz-Ortiz20. Steve Lee19. Anka Mulder18. Michael Karnjanaprakorn17. Jessica Alba16. Laura Mather15. Roy Price14. Steven Zeitels13. Marci Harris12. Rosario Dawson & Maria Teresa Kumar11. Jeremy Heimans10. Maelle Gavet9. Garet Hil8. Ben Horowitz7. Stefan Olander6. Leslie Berland5. CeeLo Green4. Ron Johnson3. Adam Brotman2. Rebecca Van Dyck1. Ma JunSocial Media Leadership: It Takes ChannelsTribeca Festival Star Alex Karpovsky’s Tips For DIY FilmmakingDos Equis Dishes Up Bird Gizzard Tacos To The InterestingFarms Without Soil Take Root In The Middle EastSmart Blankie Senses Your Snuggles And Shares Them On The InternetSmart Blankie Senses Your Snuggles And Shares Them On The InternetWatch A Scrollable Commercial On Facebook TimelineForget The Bucket: What’s On Your F*ck-It List?The Week That Was: “To Live Happily Ever After, You Have To Make Magic And Sell It.”Green Affluents: The Newest Market SegmentWhat Pi Looks Like To 4 Million Decimal Places, As Pixel ArtWhat Pi Looks Like To 4 Million Decimal Places, As Pixel ArtA Brilliantly Simple Desk Lamp That Adjusts, Without Moving PartsThe One Show Asks, “Would You Kill For A Pencil?”Why Brand Entertainment Needs Better MeasurementReinventing College To Prepare Us For The Future, Not The PastUrban Legends: See 45 Years Of Street Art From Around The World4 Tips For Turning A Great Idea Into A Full-Blown Movement4 Tips For Turning A Great Idea Into A Full-Blown MovementGawker Media Gives Commenters Control And AnonymityLook, It’s Jay-Z Sporting The New Brooklyn Nets Logo!How Do You Fix The iPad Speaker? With A Mickey Mouse EarA Trash-Powered Plane Takes To The SkiesA Record Player With No Records, And Lasers Instead Of A NeedleA Record Player With No Records, And Lasers Instead Of A NeedleYandex Reports 51 Percent Rise In Q1 RevenueMaking Smarter Computers By Teaching Them To Learn Like ChildrenKeith Schofield Leads Us On A Journey Of Self-Discovery And Dancing In Electric Guest’s New VideoWhat Both MBAs And MFAs Get Wrong About Solving Business ProblemsWhat Both MBAs And MFAs Get Wrong About Solving Business ProblemsUnreasonables, Episode 7: Turning Passion Into ProfitMagic Carpet Changes Colors With The SeasonsMagic Carpet Changes Colors With The SeasonsKate Aronowitz, Facebook’s Design Director, On Crafting A Design-Led OrganizationNintendo Reports First Ever Annual Loss“Pay With Cash” Launches For Walmart.comThe Competitive Advantage Of Gaining Customers’ Trust Early5 Simple Tools That Make Email Suck LessCell Phone Network O2 Joins The Digital Wallet Game In The U.K.When Goofs And Gaffes Become Learning OpportunitiesThe Tao Of “No”: 3 Guidelines For Politely DecliningWhy Extreme Transparency Requires Extreme TrustThe Home 3-D Printer Is More Real Than Ever–And Costs As Much As An iPadTo Trounce Competitors, Master The Oldest Attack Strategy In The BookJerky Week, Part 4: A Jerky Empire RisesThe Key To A Great Meeting Is Kicking Some People Out Of ItWhat Is A Risk Worth Taking?From Apple Protest To Prostitute Flash Mob–3 Must-See Marketing StuntsMercedes-Benz Will Force You To Test-Drive The New SL, And You Will Love ItWatch: A “Dragon Skin” Pavilion Made Of Hi-Tech Bent WoodKickstarting: A Ceiling Made Of Shifting TilesKickstarting: A Ceiling Made Of Shifting TilesHello Brooklyn: The New Nets Ad Blitz BeginsGoogle’s New Mobile PlayBook Helps Businesses Tackle The Mobile RevolutionSpendthrift Visualizer Spots The Cheapest Houses In The Best NeighborhoodsNike Conducts A Tech-Assisted Face-OffFacebook To Offer Free Downloadable Antivirus SoftwareChevy And Artist Jeff Soto Create A Robo-Car-Powered MuralWatch This Machine Make A Chair Custom-Fit To Your RearWatch This Machine Make A Chair Custom-Fit To Your RearPhilippe Starck’s Miss Sissi Lamp: Now Made From Sugar WasteFeast Your Eyes on A Hypnotic Human KaleidoscopeTom Hanks, Tablets, And Arby’s: Inside Yahoo’s Content StrategyRethinking The Science Of GenerosityWhy Unilever Bakes Sustainability Into Its Growth PlanTalk To Your Plants For Dummy-Proof Gardening, Using A Sensor And An iPhone AppNASA’s Psychedelic Concepts From The 1970s Are Still Inspiring TodayRun For Your Life: These Self-Guided Bullets Are Amazing5 Steps To Designing A Better Health Care SystemHTC May Be Making Another Phone With FacebookApple’s WWDC Starts On June 11Deformed Gulf Seafood Is Part Of The Deepwater Horizon Legacy4 Key Insights From The 57-Day, Blitzkrieg Redesign Of Google+4 Key Insights From The 57-Day, Blitzkrieg Redesign Of Google+Huawei To Spend $4.5 Billion On R&DMicrosoft Emphasizes Xbox LIVE As Interactive Ad PlatformTED-Ed’s New Video Tool Allows Anyone To Create Video Lessons OnlineBaidu’s Q1 Revenues Rise 75 PercentGoogle’s New YouTube Brandcast Tool Advises On Reaching AudiencesMove Over, Yale! New Haven’s Tech Scene Is In A League Of Its OwnApple’s Sales Impress AgainOccupy Sites Help Cops, Corps Track OccupiersMirror Neurons And Their Role In MarketingThe One Thing You Need To Consider To Ensure A Productive DayWho’s Next: Pinterest Designer Sahil Lavingia And His New E-Commerce Site Gumroad5 Ways To Leverage Trade SecretsJerky Week, Part 3: Would You Buy Beef Jerky In Bulk Online From This Man?Why You Need To Own Your MistakesThe Workplace Challenges Political Candidates Have To AddressManagement Lessons From Major League BaseballSmart Energy Management Takes More Than TechnologyPersonal Branding Like The Stars: How A Systematic Approach Will Revolutionize Your BusinessHow To End Up Richer Than Your Parents–Even In This EconomySomething Is Rotten In The State Of E-Book Publishing [Updated]Coca-Cola Gathers Football Fan Love With Mobile “Cheering Truck”Slidevana Offers Powerpoint Templates Designed For ImpactSlidevana Offers Powerpoint Templates Designed For ImpactWill James Cameron’s Voyage to the Bottom Of The Sea Yield Breakthrough Drugs?Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes Is a Psychedelic Blob In “Spiteful Intervention” ClipDove Targets Facebook Ads With Ad Makeover AppTweet, Chomp Your Way to Victory with Orange’s Social Media Powered GameD.C. Puts Its Trees Up For AdoptionA Game Of Monopoly For Green-Collar Jobs Instead Of Tycoons11 Ways To Make Magic From A 50-Year-Old Fabric11 Ways To Make Magic From A 50-Year-Old FabricAn Airplane Wing? Nope: An Aerodynamic Bookshelf Made Of Carbon FiberThe Way Forward For Women In The Developing World: FarmingAn iPhone App That Predicts The Weather To The MomentThe Brand Content Breakdown: Behind Ford “Escape Routes”The Air Quality Egg Will Let You Know Exactly What You’re BreathingA Top Director Takes A New Look At Somalia With Tribeca Short, “Asad”Hear The Lost Steve Jobs TapesUpdate: Google Announces Google DriveEthical Electric: A Simple Way To Support Clean Energy With Your Utility BillIncredible Camera Takes Photos With Your FingersIncredible Camera Takes Photos With Your FingersKLM Lets You Choose Seatmates Based On Facebook And LinkedIn ProfilesKLM Lets You Choose Seatmates Based On Facebook And LinkedIn ProfilesKickstarting: A Water Bottle That Tracks Its Own Eco ImpactBeatsurfing iPad App Lets You Design A Frankenstein Music InstrumentA Hydroponic Farm Grows In This Brooklyn Food Pantry4 Ways To Keep Great Ideas From Getting Stuck In The Pipeline4 Consumer-Focused Revolutions That Will Change Health CareStudy: India’s Biometrics Project Does Reach The Poor And ID-lessWhat Adobe’s New Creative Cloud Says About Who Is A “Creative” TodayHTC Expects 55 Percent Higher Revenues For Q2Jerky Week, Part 2: Is Perky Jerky The Next Red Bull?Asteroids Is A Game No More: Planetary Resources Plans To Mine OneWhy Your Business Needs To Take On Big ChallengesNetflix’s Big, HBO-Inspired, 10-Year Bet On Original ContentTaco Bell’s Genius Product-Naming Formula“On Being” Host Krista Tippett’s Tools For Dealing With Difficult ColleaguesLousy Employers Attract Lousy Employees–Here’s Your Turnaround PlanAvril Lavigne’s Fashionably Loud Product Launch Blends Social Shopping And Rocker StyleMisguided Financial Decisions Can Hurt Your Career, So Reframe Your Relationship With MoneyHow To Set Wildly Important Goals, And What They’ll Do For YouHow (And Why) To Mine An Asteroid [Update]Customers Are People, TooHow A Colorado Town’s Med-Tech Startups Thrive On Shoestring Budgets, Stem CellsTo Grow Your Business, Find Your Customers’ Hidden AgendasPath.To’s Social Media Mojo Transforms Your Facebook Posts Into A New JobApple CEO Tim Cook Downplays Threat Of Windows 8 PC-Tablet ConvergenceBaseball, Business, And Big DataPuma Offers Free Beer To Victims Of FC Barcelona’s Cesc FàbregasThe Creativity Gap: Why You And Your Company Are Falling ShortHonest Tea Recycles Your Old Facebook Posts to Promote RecyclingMexico City Now Lets You Trade Trash For FoodA New App Helps Your Kid Conquer Bedtime FearsRar! Leather Jewelry Inspired By A Famous Icelandic SagaRar! Leather Jewelry Inspired By A Famous Icelandic SagaRedShift: An Electric Motorcycle That Breaks Rules (And Speed Limits)“Pain Squad” Mobile App Gamifies Cancer Treatment for Sick KidsLori Anne Wardi: How do you develop your customer base?3-D-Printed Medication Could Turn Your Home Into The DrugstoreHouse Of The Week: MVRDV’s Barcode Villa Is 9 Houses In 1House Of The Week: MVRDV’s Barcode Villa Is 9 Houses In 1Lomography’s Best Throwback Yet: A Camera Inspired By Sardine CansLomography’s Best Throwback Yet: A Camera Inspired By Sardine CansImagine A Kitchen-Friendly iPad That You Can Cut OnA Shopping Cart That Guides You To Good Food DecisionsBeastie Boy Mike D Drives Mercedes’ Transmission LA Art ShowRIM Hires Law Firm To Help Chart Restructuring PlanCargo Ships Go Retro: Three New Projects To Clean Up Shipping With SailsGet Ready: The National Mall Is Leaping Into The 21st CenturyGet Ready: The National Mall Is Leaping Into The 21st CenturyIkea’s Biggest Product Launch In Years: A TV, Sound System, And Blu-ray PlayerIkea’s Biggest Product Launch In Years: A TV, Sound System, And Blu-ray PlayerWhat “Jack And The Beanstalk” Can Teach You About Pitching ClientsInside Sustainability Base: NASA’s Space Station On EarthIndia Crowned World’s Top SpammerDropbox Unveils Incredibly Simple Two-Click File Sharing10 Ways To Craft Your Resume For Ultra-Short Attention SpansThe Top 7 In Our Porsche Next Design ChallengeThe Top 7 In Our Porsche Next Design ChallengeHTC May Develop Smartphone Processors With ST-Ericsson3 Ways To Take Better iPhone PhotosBusinesses Measure Profit, What Do Social Ventures Measure?Airbnb Saved My LifeLinux Creator And Stem Cell Scientists Are Laureates For Millennium Tech PrizeVodafone Spends $1.7 Billion To Become A More Powerful U.K. ISPYouTube Launches AdWords For VideoThe Band’s Ex-Tour Manager Blasts Reddit Founder Alexis Ohanian, Kim Dotcom, The Kickstarter “Begging Bowl”Amazon’s AmazonSupply Will Sell Industrial Tools And Lab EquipmentMeet Nick Bauta, The Designer-Entrepreneur Driving Providence’s Industrial RenaissanceFacebook And Microsoft Announce $550 Million Patent DealTake The Time And Do It PersonallyHow Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing Can Boost Your BusinessThe 5 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making With Work RelationshipsJerky Week, Part 1: How SlantShack Scales Artisanal JerkyInnovation Agents: Marvell Technology Group’s Weili Dai, Semiconductor PioneerHow Assignmint Will Change Freelance JournalismSocial Media Fitness Report: How Does Your Company Measure Up?Apple’s Financial Report: What To Expect From Tomorrow’s Quarterly Results RevealBeginning A Beautiful, Long-Term Business Relationship3 Marketing Takeaways From Dollar Shave Club’s F***ing Great AdCan An Ad Agency Make An Indie Band Take Off?