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Sauza Enlists A Fireman For A Product DemoPublic Voting Opens For The Vimeo AwardsReinventing Aid For Urban DisastersPeter Shankman: What is the business case for generosity?Jeff Spence: What is your biggest challenge?Patti S. Hart: How do you develop your customer base?Catherine Courage: How do you handle mistakes?Jeff Diana: How do you prioritize your day?Douglas Lebda: How do you handle mistakes?David A. Frankel: How do you handle mistakes?John Raymont, B.S., M.A., M.B.A.: What is a risk worth taking?Porn’s Hottest New Design Trend: Basic Geometry18 Fabulous Redesigns Of NYC’s Iconic MetroCardPeter Shankman: How do you prioritize your day?Cleaning Your Streets With The Power Of HydrogenRebels Throughout History Are Not Hiding in New Ray-Ban AdsWatch: A Drawing Machine That Only Draws Other Drawing MachinesAn Emotional Android And A Coke Classic Reimagined: The Top 5 Ads Of The WeekThe World’s First Commercial 3-D Chocolate Printer Is On SaleKevin Macdonald Brings A Legend To Life With “Marley”Better Than Brita: An Industrial Strength Home Water FilterYouTube Loses Copyright Suit In GermanyDroog Offers Apartment, So You Can Test Their WaresAn Artificial Kidney To Take Patients Off The Transplant Waiting ListApp Aims To Design Your Dreams, But Can’t Wake UpThe Human Rights Violations Of Google, Microsoft, And YahooBetter Pics Of Those Amazing Knitted NikesIngeniously Charting The Horrifying Power Of Today’s Nuclear BombsWhy Should Anyone Care About Design? And What The Heck Is Co.Design?Microsoft Q3 Earnings Buoyant On Windows Sales“Veep” Creator Armando Iannucci On The Real Comedy Of PoliticsRussia Search Giant Yandex Helps CERN Hunt For New ParticlesHow Discovery Killed With Crime-Focused ID ChannelWhy The World Needs A More Feminine Version Of SuccessFCC Acts To Quash Cell Phone Bill ShockMovie Studios Lose Key Piracy Case Against Australian ISPThe 4G System That Powers The Navy’s Pirate FightsDeath To Blogs Dot Tumblr Dot Com7 Social Media Myths ExposedBe Open And Change Will ComePayPal, You’ve Met Your Match: Erotica WritersCan’t Leave At 5:30? Three Alternative Ways To Set Healthy Work BoundariesKhan Academy and 23andMe Link Up For Genetics EducationWhat Training South American Navies Taught Joe Ross About Training New TeachersThis Week In Bots: Robots In Space, The Sack, And Other Challenging PlacesWhat Businesses Can Learn From Romney’s 5-Step Battle PlanIf You Want People To Take You Seriously, Enough With The Exclamation PointsTop 10 Most Popular Stories Of The WeekFord Turns Parking Problems Into Pinball In ParisThe Week That Was: “I Saw A Man Murdered For The Last Box Of Mini Quiches.”Reddit Cofounder, The Band’s Ex-Tour Manager Debate SOPA, Antipiracy, And Levon Helm’s Legacy [Video]Craig Donato: How do you create a culture of innovation?Lori Anne Wardi: How do you change the direction of your business?A Gorgeous Curiosity Cabinet Turns Anything Inside Into ArtDomino’s Takes Electric Vehicle Sound Effects To Their Hilarious ConclusioniRobot Asks, “Do You Robot?” Hosts YouTube Dance ContestA Lamp Made Of Bubbles Blown In Real TimeThe Shins’ Video For “The Rifle’s Spiral” Is Animated With MagicEarthquake? Get Under This TableAn American-Made Miracle: How An Aeron Chair Gets Built Every 17 SecondsNo, Really: A Tea Set Made Using Sewn-Together ClothFlow: A Player Piano As Big As A House, With A River As Music RollVerizon Reports $3.9 Billion Profit While NY Sues SprintWashed Away: 7 New Paintings From Brainy Master Nigel CookeCatnip For Tech Geeks: A Perfume Smells Like An Apple MacBookAd Creatives Work Toward A “No-Kill Los Angeles”Original Web Showman Ze Frank On His New Series And Creativity As Brain CrackCombating Congestion With Cash And GamesMake Lego Movies The Easy Way With The New Movie Maker AppITV And Shazam Partner Up For Interactive Ads In The UKThe Promise Of The $300 House And Other Reverse InnovationsA Map Of Your City’s Invisible Neighborhoods, According To FoursquareSpotify’s Updated Android App Is Now Ice Cream Sandwich ReadyUnreasonables, Episode 6: The Meeting That Will Make Or Break A BusinessInk Blob World Map Shows Humanity As Islands AdriftDick Clark’s Other Legacy: A Crazy Caveman HouseThe 100 Best Corporate CitizensNetflix Will Stream Lilyhammer In Ireland And The UKFacebook IPO Rumored On May 17th, As The Value Chatter BeginsNokia Reports $1.8 Billion Q1 LossMC10 Recruits NFL, NBA Veterans To Help Develop Stretchy Sensors For SportsThe Fight For The Fifth Screen (Fifth Screen!?) In Your LifeWhen Good Web Design Can Save LivesReddit Founder Alexis Ohanian’s Open Letter About The Music Industry And The BandInnovation Secret: Hold New Ideas LightlyChris Caufield’s Journey From NYPD Detective To Geico GeckoThe Verbal Tic Of Doom: Why The “Vocal Fry” Is Killing Your Job SearchWhy You Should Start A Company In… BismarckThe “Bitch In The Boardroom” Stereotype: Women Speak Out About Success And LikabilityCan The Phone Be Reinvented?Burn The Ships, Promise Gold, And Other Change Management TechniquesBarclays Bank’s Stick-On Credit Cards Turn Any Phone Into A Wave-And-Pay DeviceVolkswagen’s New Beetle Site Asks You to Draw Some ThingsMitsubishi Covers Your Shift While You Take an Extended Test DriveNo More Hooky: Brazilian City Embeds Uniforms With Tracking TagsHeineken Crowdsources Its “Nightclub Of The Future”Ditching Wall Street For A Local Stock ExchangeJust Eat It: Dissolvable Packaging Could Take Over Instant CoffeeAlchematter: A Wikipedia For People Who Make ThingsA Wedding Ring That Wears From Silver Into Gold, Over TimeCreator of Steve Jobs Tribute Lends A Hand To Coca-ColaZombie Survival Map: The Only Google Map You’ll Eventually NeedDinnerware Measures The CO2 Produced By Dinner ItselfKid Lit Heroes Join Jack Black, Chris Martin, John Legend And Others In Reading is Fundamental PSAU.S. Defense Department Maps Future Climate Turmoil in AfricaThe 9 Most Creative Uses Of PinterestNendo’s New Furniture Is Minimalism At Its BestFish: An Essay With Maximum Impact, Thanks To Minimal GesturesBrin Backtracks On Facebook, Apple Internet Control ConcernsThe Heart Attack Test That Could One Day Save Your LifeBlast: A Stool Made Using TNT ExplosionsHow To Create Products Hand In Hand With Your CustomerSpotify Announces Coca-Cola Deal, Launches Brand AppsIkea’s Chic New PS Collection Revisits The Company’s 60-Year HistoryWhat The World Looks Like To The Robots Around Us (Video)Unreasonables, Episode 4: How To Find Millions Of Dollars In GarbageApple Updates China Supplier Responsibility Numbers, Challenges Greenpeace Data Center ReportStreetline Wants To Be Your Parking SaviorP&G Salutes Mothers In 2012 Olympics CampaignArianna Huffington On The Rise Of Empathy In AmericaHow Mind Candy Created A Global Monster That’s Coming For Your KidsOnline Learning Startup Coursera Gets $16 Million In FundingDeloitte’s “Entanglement” Model For B2B Digital MarketingTwitter’s Responsible, Inoffensive Patents PlanInstagram’s Price To Facebook Was Briefly $2 BillionTrack Thyself: Quantify Your Life For Productivity, FunSquare Vs. NCR: Disruptive Innovation In Action3 Easy Ways To Inspire Your TeamCoursera Joins The Online-Ivy-League ClassHP Innovates The Staid Workstation PC Into A Shiny, Happy, All-In-One MachineStartup Lessons From The Ink-Stained TrenchesWhy Startups Should Invent The Next Hot Sauce, Not The Next InstagramLearning To Flex Your Leadership MusclesPebble Killed It On Kickstarter. Now What?A Crash Course In Creative BreakthroughsTwo Simple Ways To Make Your Day More ProductiveWhy CMOs Are Facing ExtinctionWhat The World’s Smallest Office Says About Durham’s Big Innovation AmbitionsWatch, Rinse, Repeat: Royal Swedish Opera Gets SoapyZooey Deschanel and Samuel L. Jackson Talk To Siri In New iPhone AdsJorge Colombo’s Illustrations Of Steve Jobs (On An iPad!)A New Welcome Sign Memorializes The Famed, Demolished Orange BowlIs Apathy Killing Innovation?Android Michael Fassbender Brings Feeling To New “Prometheus” PromoOva Ova: The Easiest Way To Track And Visualize FertilityESPN Reveals The Curse Of Also Being Named “Michael Jordan”Masks Reveal The Ugly Side Of Fake BeautyPutting A Value On Endangered Species To Save ThemMeet “The World’s Most Downloaded Man,” Bane Of Photographers EverywhereInstallation Senses Your Moves, And Generates A Wave In Response (Video)Klout’s New “Brand Squads” Connect Influencers With CompaniesToshiba Buys IBM’s Cash Register Business For $850 MillionThe Linear Calendar Helps You Focus On The Long RunUnreasonables, Episode 5: Building A Global Bike-Sharing BrandKen Rees: How do you change the direction of your business?Energy Battle! Students Show How Games Can Cut Electric BillsJane Goodall On The Amazing Story Of “Chimpanzee”To Spruce Up An A-Frame House, Architects Tame The Wild AnglesGoogle Tempts New Indian Android Buyers With 1GB Free DataInside The London Neighborhood That Will Be Built By IkeaUsing Origami To Mock Up Ingenious Gestural InterfacesThis 3-D, Multiplayer Board Game Mashes Up Foosball And PongThe Apple Way: How The Second-Gen Nest Thermostat Evolves To Help UsersNeo-Nazi Rehab: How Do You Change The Mind Of An Extremist?GRASP: The Startup Incubator For Soccer-Playing, Synchronized Flying RobotsThe Man Who Stood Up To AppleExclusive: New Wisdom From Steve Jobs On Technology, Hollywood, And How “Good Management Is Like The Beatles”The Lost Steve Jobs TapesRevel Resort Developer Defies The Atlantic City OddsReader’s Feedback: March 2012Inside Atlantic City’s Revel ResortVringo’s Patent Suit To Become A Multimillion-Dollar Bout Between Google And Mark CubanMicrosoft Names Windows 8 Versions (You Might Want To Get Comfortable)Path Raises $30 Million Cash, But It’s No InstagramGroupon Buys Ditto.meGoogle Drive May Launch Next WeekMokaFive’s “Secure Corporate Dropbox” For iPads Helps Your IT Dept. Sleep At NightWhy The Next Big Ideas In Education Will Come Out Of New OrleansWhat You Need To Know Before Making The Leap To Work For Social Good6 Tech Themes To WatchUltrasurf Allegedly UnsafeWhy Agencies Are Going The Way Of The Dodo4 Ways To Create Brand Content People Actually Care AboutThe Satiric iPad App Punch Wants You To Laugh, Play, PayThe Science Of CreativityProblems Are Good; Impossible Problems Are Even BetterTBWA Launches Product Development Arm To Help Big Companies Get CreativeThe Business Of Recovery: Haiti Needs Investment More Than AidSkyscrapers On Wheels Would Roll Away From Urban DecayA Photo Essay On America’s Forgotten Drive-In TheatersWhy Microsoft Word Really Sucks: It Was Invented In A Paper-Powered WorldA Wind Turbine Turns Dry Desert Air Into Precious Drinkable WaterVase Changes Color Depending On Where You StandShop At The World’s Tiniest Ikea StoreEU Begins Investigating Telecoms Over Mobile Payments VentureIn New Exhibit, A Look At How Designers Evolve Over The YearsJack White and Gary Oldman Unite For American Express UnstagedHydro-Fold: A Printer That Spits Out Easy-To-Make OrigamiA 19th-Century Prison Remade Into A Glorious Civic Center4 Rules For Making Music Work In Marketing#donald4spiderman and 5 Other Social Media Efforts That Changed The Course Of EntertainmentComing Soon: Electric Vehicles That Talk To The Power Grid To Prevent Blackouts“Color Forecast” Spies On The Hip To Help Guide Your Fashion ChoicesBirchbox And Gossip Girl Sample The Future of Brand IntegrationFuseproject Designs A Soda Maker Worthy Of Jony IveHow To Redesign Your Resume For A Recruiter’s 6-Second Attention SpanFilling Up Potholes With Silly Putty Instead Of AsphaltUser Experience Is The Heart Of Any Company. How Do You Make It Top Priority?Patagonia’s Plan To Save The World’s Salmon By Turning It Into JerkyAnnouncing The Top 25 In Our Porsche Next Design Challenge: Part 2Genetically Altered Goats Squirt Out Malaria-Curing MilkHomeboy Industries Reboots The Lives Of Tattooed Former Gangbangers, And Even One CEOGoogle’s Creative DestructionAgLocal Connects Meat Eaters With Meat ProducersThomas Jefferson High School For Science And Technology Breeds Young InnovatorsSusan Cain Gives Introverts More Power and InfluenceGeorgia Chopsticks Finds A New Market In ChinaMotor City Denim Co. Outfitting Machines And HumansHouse Of Second ChancesProgress Report | Intel FireballHow Swimsuits Evolved From Wool Dresses To Exotic, Itsy-Bitsy BikinisThe Best Sleek And Functional Tools For The Savvy CyclistA Sophisticated New Design Collection From MoMA, Inspired By Mexico’s Rich HistoryYves Béhar and Assaf Wand Do A Sleek Take On Baby Boomer StaplesPulpop: An Eco-Friendly Speaker Made From Old Apple Computer PackagingTobi LütkeAmy LaniganKathy Savitt4 Retail Revolutionaries Rethinking E-CommerceMoshi Monster, A Global Hit For Mind CandyHome Depot Innovates Customer CheckoutsVideo Game Maker CCP Links PC and Console GamersDiscovery’s True-Crime ID Network Boosts Ratings With Original ProgrammingConferences You Don’t Want To Miss In MayPlanetSolar Sets Off On A Two-Year Sail, Powered By The SunEvery Time “House” Features A Rare Disease, The Internet’s Hypochondriac Searches SpikeAt Starbucks’s New Costa Rican Café, Costa Rican Coffee Is Hard To Come ByAre You A Not-For-Profit? Toyota Wants To Give You A Free CarVita Coco Really, Really Wants You To Know It’s NaturalFour Community Initiatives For Urban Food Deserts, When Supermarkets FailWould You Pay More For Fancy Versions Of Target Products?“The Biggest Loser” Cashes In On The Screen And On The RanchThree Tricks To Dress Up Your iPhone PhotosSmart Design Makes Europe’s Tallest Skyscraper One Of Its SafestThe Only Thing You Need To Know About The Kentucky Derby: Horseowners Are Really, Really RichPatagonia Founder Yvon Chouinard’s Rules Of Profitable, Earth-Friendly BusinessFrom Spotify To Charles And Ray Eames, What Our Recommenders Are Loving This MonthA South Korean Augmented-Reality Theme Park Puts Disneyland To ShameChris Hughes’s Big Plans For The (New) New RepublicHow John Maeda Sold RISD’s Faculty On His Vision For The SchoolHow Steve Jobs’s Wilderness Years Show Us How To Move ForwardFor Lexus, Acura, And Airbnb, The Center Of The Mobile Galaxy Is Durham, NCApple To Perform Joint Environmental Audit Of China SupplierSamsung Announces Launch Date For New Galaxy DeviceBeautiful Trouble: What Activists Can Teach Us About Leadership (And Crowdfunding)Style For Hire Puts Stacy London’s “What Not To Wear” Fashion Smarts In Every Woman’s ClosetUpdated: Aakash Tablet Maker DataWind Sues Manufacturing Partner“Next American City” Wants To Bring Longform Journalism Straight To Your InboxGoogle’s Brin Worries About Open Web, As Google Gets Into More Privacy MessesIf You’re Not Making Mistakes, You’re Not Pushing Hard EnoughHow A $3.4 Million (And Counting!) Kickstarter Project Could Save The Wristwatch [Update: Record Funds]Stop Blabbing About Innovation And Start Actually Doing It9 Principles For Great Branding By DesignContent Curators Are The New Superheros Of The WebInternational Corporate Volunteering: Experiential Learning Advances Diversity And CommunicationsThe Truth Dresses DownUse The 5 Ps To Ensure That Every Meeting Is A SuccessApple Rumor Patrol: The Apple TV, The iPad Mini And … Yacht?The Profane Meets The Profound At Startup Weekend Mega