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Is Cannes Chimera a challenge that can change the world?01_MA JUNOpening Ceremony Throws Everything You Know About Godard Down a StaircaseWill Genome Sequencing Actually Prevent Disease?Kaveh Naficy: How do you lead a diverse team?Kim Jordan: What is a risk worth taking?David Selinger: How do you give the boss feedback without sounding like a suck-up?Matt Van Horn: How has technology changed dealmaking?Scott Allison: How do you take creativity off the table and into the market?Nick Offerman And Craig Robinson Argue Sports In Funny Or Die’s Stealth Ad For New EraThe State Of Corporate Responsibility: Ambivalent, Leaderless, And A Little ApatheticMeet The B Team Of Advertising CharactersTechnology, Art, And Why The Future Of Branding Is NonfictionChristopher Wu: Conventional Wisdom Totally WrongAmy Radin: How do you create a culture of innovation?Nike Makes Music And Romance In New Running CampaignAmy Rees Anderson: Conventional Wisdom Totally WrongNew Cyberpills Send Text Messages If You Forget To Take ThemA Brilliant Rethinking Of The Fender Telecaster, Inspired By Muppets And Baseball Gloves100 Ways Augusta Changed To Make The Masters Harder (Infographic)An Office Transformed With Just 3,000 Feet Of Tape On The WallsHave A Good Long Weekend EveryoneThe Robot Butlers Of Science Fiction Are Your Home Servants Of TomorrowFab Lab Meets Think Tank (With Lasers!) At Collab NYCTexts From Hillary Creator Explains How To Make A Meme In A DayThe Week That Was: Self-Assembling Sand Will Rule The WorldMyEnergy CEO Ben Bixby’s Eureka Moment Literally Involved A Light BulbThe Savory Leadership Nuggets In Every Humble PieGoogle Tablet Delay, Instagram Worth $500 Million, Larry Page Explains Google’s Plan, Anonymous Hacktivist Exposes China SecretsLeadership Lessons From YouSendIt’s Founding Team Train WreckHow Technology Can And Should Enable Trust In Business5 Alternatives To Burning BridgesHow To Protect Your Company From Invention TheftPoverty Is Changing, So Should Corporate Social ResponsibilityWhy RIM Lost Its Crew, Its GrooveThink Twice Before You Apply to Business SchoolMarketing Crashes Fenway Park’s 100th Birthday PartyTop 10 Most Popular Stories Of The WeekWatch This Van She Video Before Going Home For EasterAmy Matto: when should you start a business?Ericsson Creates 36 UIs In 30 Locations, To Teach About The Internet’s InfrastructureThe Top 10 Items Washing Up On Our ShoresDoug Mack: When should you turn down funding?Erika Napoletano: How do you find out what you don’t know?Eric Vishria: When Are You Learning the Most?Behold, A Clever Broom That Stands On Its OwnSimon Hayward: How do you fire someone?Jill Donenfeld: How do you fire someone?Avi Basu: How do you fire someone?Amy Radin: What can a big company learn from a small start-up?Doug Mack: When should you raise funding?Kim Jordan: How do you pick a board of directors?Kevin Willer: What funding do you take and what do you pass?Eric Vishria: What do you tell a team that has failed?Typogami: A Free Animated Typeface Inspired By OrigamiIntel Goes Back to the Wild West In Major New Ultrabook CampaignKurt Abrahamson: Which is more important culture or strategy?Christy Tanner: If you could do one thing over againDan Kurani: When should you listen to your customers?Seth Priebatsch: How do you handle mistakes?How Facebook Finds The Best Design Talent, And Keeps Them HappyHertz Gets Graphic With New Poster CampaignVolkswagen Denmark Allows Fans to Print Out A PoloProduct Placement, With A Wholesome TwistBehind A Pivot: Graphicly Closes Marketplace, Refocuses BusinessCould Jeff Koons’s Dangling Train, Costing $25 Million, Pay For Itself?The Electric Car Of The Future Will Be Powered By EggshellsPaul English: What workplace task do you dread most?Unreasonables, Episode 1: InVenture Goes Big On Microfinance For Micro BusinessesFrog’s Ultra-Cool Vision For What Electric Motorcycles Can Be6 Keys For Turning Your Company Into A Design PowerhousePrint Your Own Custom RobotNew From Pop Chart Lab: Pie Charts Of PiesHow To Turn A Crisis Into An Opportunity: Insight From Judy Smith, The Woman Who Inspired ABC’s “Scandal”Kony 2012 Part II Is Here: Invisible Children Addresses Its Critics4 Problems Google Glasses Have To Solve Before Becoming A HitNo Regrets, Only Do-OversMac Virus Spreads, Pottermore Success, Apple Fixing iPad Wi-Fi Error, Intel’s StudyBook Tablet For Schools, Anonymous Vs. China5 Lessons From RIM’s Sticky BlackBerry MessFortitude And Follow-Through Make Anything PossiblePay Like A Banker: Why Companies Should Learn To Share The WealthLadies And Gentlemen, Start Your Wearable Electronic SensorsCompany Muse Makes Your Job Search Less SuckyStumbleUpon’s New VP Knows When You’re Cool With Ads3 Must-Have Health & Fitness Apps For The Busy Business ProfessionalChanneling Anna Wintour: When Creating Branded Content, Think Like An Editor-In-ChiefWith Google’s New Glasses, Your Head Is Your Smartphone5 Ways To Convert Users And Clients Into Loyal Advocates4 Ways Facebook Can Turn Domination Into DollarsHow IBM’s Big Data Guy Found A Career In ChaosFossil Free: Microbe Helps Convert Solar Power To Liquid FuelSusan P. Peters: What do you tell a team that has failed?John Sperry: How do you encourage employees to share ideas?Brian Solis: How do you handle mistakes?The New York Times’ Illustrious History Of Messing With Its SiteDavid Lieb: When Are You Learning the Most?Susan P. Peters: When Are You Learning the Most?This Wooden Hot Rod Is Powered By A Common Electric DrillDwayne Spradlin: How do you create a culture of innovation?Alison Provost: When it’s clear you are the problem, how do you develop and change?Cameron Hughes: How do you encourage employees to share ideas?John Sperry: Conventional Wisdom Totally WrongKevin Willer: Conventional Wisdom Totally WrongA New Silicon Valley? Tech Hubs Spring Up In AfricaEcoATM: A Kiosk To Take Your Hard-To-Recycle ThrowawaysJim Keane: Why should you develop leadership for a team?Kevin Willer: How do you develop a board?Denys Resnick : Why do teams fail?Join Jane McGonigal In Gaming The World Out Of PovertyHow One Young Engineer Is Crowdsourcing Robotic Emotion4 Principles For Creating Change, And 4 Barriers That Make It HarderHow A Photographer Made A Van Into A CameraAnti-smoking Posters Calculate The Shocking Yearly Cost Of CigarettesDesign Crime: NYC’s New Taxi Makes New Yorkers Look Like Soccer MomsSkype Smacks Twitter, Facebook In New CampaignWe Need A New Word For ServiceOn Facebook, Compete With Your Friends For Energy SavingsHow Longreads Is Integrating Brands (And A Renowned Advertising Creative)Nissan’s Taxi Of Tomorrow Rolls Into New YorkStudents’ Bent Plywood Pavilion Puts The Eameses To ShameiPhone “Smart Dot” Is A Pointer For Both The Real And Virtual WorldsA 3-D Tool To Let Urban Planners Visualize Traffic, Noise, And PollutionFor A Museum In A Bus, A Logo That Likes To TravelThe Best High Chair In The World Is Banned In The U.S.A.A Charming Pulley System Makes These Lamps AdjustableNike Nabs The Crown Jewel Of Sports Branding: The NFLHow An IT Guy Led UVM’s Catamounts To An America East B-Ball ChampionshipGoogle’s AR Project, Yahoo Ditches 2,000 Staff, Google-Paramount Bring Movies To YouTube, Facebook Sues Yahoo Right BackZite, CNN Launch Publisher Program To Ease Cease-And-Desist ConcernsHow To Make Your iPhone Write Your Expense ReportsA Secret Weapon To Vanquish EmailWant To Be More Creative? Get BoredMinerva Project Scores $25 Million In Seed Money To Build A New Elite University OnlineCEOs Are From Mars, CTOs Are From Venus: Bridging The Startup Communication Gap8 Ways To Ensure Your New-Product Launch SucceedsDropping Some Science: Scientists, Ditch The Academy And Become EntrepreneursThe Role Imagination Plays In InnovationCanada To Launch Its Own Version Of BitCoin Called MintChipStop Preaching To The Choir: How To Really Grow Your Customer Base3 Things That Will Cost More In 2012Purina Assures Cat People: You’re Not Crazy. Really.Anne Globe: What is a risk worth taking?Harry Verhaar: What is social innovation?Simon Hayward: Conventional Wisdom Totally WrongAmir Dossal: What is social innovation?Amy Domini: What is social innovation?Bridge Made Of 3-D Pixels Can Take On Countless ConfigurationsJim Keane: Why do teams fail?Kathy Pickus: What is social innovation?Denys Resnick : When do you collaborate?Henk Campher: What is social innovation?Helena Bonham Carter’s Librarian Shushes Rufus Wainwright In His New VideoKrish Ramakrishnan: Can anyone be an entrepreneur?Mert Iseri: Where did you find your last great idea?Doug Mack: How do you attract talent?Grant Larson, Exterior Designer, PorscheJens Martin Skibsted, Cofounder, KiBiSiDror Benshetrit, Founder, Studio DrorCliff Kuang, Editor, Co.DesignAlix Gerber: How do you make people less afraid to share ideas?Raunchy Teddy Bear Comedy “Ted” Uses Facebook Timeline To Bring Foul, Furry Character To LifeHannah Chung: What do you tell a team that has failed?Ada Ng: How can you tell if an idea isn’t working?Watch This Machine Blow Bubbles The Size Of A SofaCameron Hughes: How do you take innovation off the table and into the market?Rob Reeg: How do you create a culture of innovation?Rob Reeg: How do you create a culture of innovation?John P. Kotter: How do you create a culture of innovation?Tom Hayes: What is the role of imagination in leadership?Anne Globe: What is the role of imagination in leadership?David K. Williams: What used to scare you that you’re not afraid of anymore?Diana Tremblay: How do you make people less afraid to share ideas?Josh Bersin: How do you make people less afraid to share ideas?Wes Moore: How do you re-inspire a team?Anne Globe: Can anyone be creative?A 4-In-1 Furniture System Is A Swiss-Army Knife For LivingSwarovski Unveils Its Blingiest Watch YetGoogle Grabs For Heartstrings With First TV Spot In The U.K.Missoni To Build Condos Fit For Manny PacquiaoYoung Brands With Long Histories: Facebook Timelines Allow For Brand Storytelling, But What’s The Next Chapter?Is That A Viking In Your Pants Or Are You Rocking An Extra-Strength Condom?Cleaning Our Waste By Turning It Into ElectricityConfessions Of A Collaborator: What I Learned From Bon Iver, Ke$ha, And Yoko OnoPair: A Social Networking App Just For CouplesBrandee Barker: What workplace task do you dread most?DJ Patil: How do you change the strategic direction of your business?Rachel Sklar: Which is more important culture or strategy?Seth Priebatsch: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?Magnum Ice Cream Brings Back Its Internet “Pleasure Hunt”Ryan Boyles: How do you handle mistakes?An Electronic Nose Sniffs Out Food From Problem SourcesAn Ergonomic Crowbar Offers Destruction In ComfortPetroleum-Eating Mushrooms To Decontaminate Our Most Polluted SitesSpiked Headphones Tell Would-Be Pests To ScramClever Networked Cameras Make Photography A Shared Experience13 Incredibly Efficient Vehicles, All Built By High School And College StudentsPC Deathwatch: In Which Intel Begins to SweatInstagram Launches Android App, Pinterest Cofounder Leaves, Travel Sites Lodge Google Antitrust ComplaintHow G3Box Turns Shipping Containers Into ClinicsFor Those About To Rock: An iPhone App To Organize ToursThe iPad’s Next Trick: Transforming The Way We BuyHealthTap Uncovers The Secret Knowledge Network Of Doctors, OnlineHow To Get The Most Out Of Your EmployeesIt’s Not Quite Funny Or Die, But Improv Works To Fuel Powerful InnovationThe Dirty Little Secret Of Overnight SuccessesKAYAK On Creating A Culture Of InnovationHow “The Walking Dead” Satiates Its Voracious Fans With Interactive Digital ContentThe 10-Minute Strategy Session That Will Recharge Your BusinessMarch Madness Predictions RevisitedHow To Avoid Getting Nowhere With Your BusinessUnder The Earth’s Crust Lurks The Most Abundant Life On Earth That We Know Nothing AboutLeslie Bradshaw: What do you think is possible that others don’t?Heather Foeh: Which is more important culture or strategy?Snoop Dogg Invites You To Read His Lyrics Just Before Burning One With “Rolling Words”3 Critical Insights Into Creativity From Jonah Lehrer’s “Imagine”Innovation By Design Awards Official RulesFast Company Is Launching A Design And Innovation Competition. We Want YOU!OK Go Color-Coordinate The Tango in “Skyscrapers”Empathize Like A Doctor, Design Like An EntrepreneurWatch These Scientists Grow Bones Using Lego RobotsSay Hello To TERII, Honda’s Answer To Auto Theft3-D Printing Is So Last Year: MIT’s “Self-Assembling Sand” Builds Objects InstantlyUsing Satellites To Stop Outbreaks Before They StartArchitect Wants To Link NYC’s Big-Box Stores With A Fake MountainThe World’s Sweetest Scrabble Set Is Now A RealityLinkin Park’s Mike Shinoda On Scoring “The Raid: Redemption,” And How It Will Shape The Band’s Next AlbumBanking Youth: Otoy’s Technology Allows Actors To Stop TimeGoogle’s Data Viz Geniuses Chart The Invisible Beauty Of Wind (Video)Casting The Apple MovieAn Artificial Intestine On A Chip Knows How Food Affects YouExhibit Explores The Sexier Side Of High-Tech FashionThe San Francisco Archipelago: A Vision Of A City UnderwaterInfographic Turns Boring Corporate Workflow Into Buzzing MetropolisThe Porta-Potty Of The Future Finally Gives Men And Women Some PrivacyAn In-Depth Look At What’s Really Happening At FoxconnWhat Does It Take To Be One Of The World’s Most Ethical Companies?David Byrne Discovers That London’s Tempo Is 122.86 Beats Per Minute And Other Findings From “A Room For London”Garmin-Suzuki Team Up, Yahoo’s Open App Systems, Samsung Spins Off Display Biz, Kiwi ECard Makers, Mobile Operators’ NFC App5 Tactics To Tame Your Inbox AvalancheThe Visual, Mental Approach To Preparing For A PresentationAn Offer You Can’t Refuse: Leadership Lessons From “The Godfather”The Humble Chocolate-Chip Cookie Goes GlobalOrganovo CEO Keith Murphy Is Refilling The Cartridge For Printing Human OrgansThe JOBS Act: Misconceptions And Motives Behind Crowdfunding For StartupsHow Running A Startup Is Like SurfingPresentation Tools: All Hail The WhiteboardNonprofit Finance Fund State Of The Sector 2012: A System Under PressureEverything You Need To Know About Innovation You Learned In Grade School