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Magners Is Made In The DarkDid You Miss Out On “Game of Thrones?” HBO Has You Covered With Pre-Season-2 PrimerRenee Kuriyan Wittemyer: What is social innovation?Tom Adamski: What is the business case for generosity?How Pepsi Made Water Its Sustainability Invites You To Book A Vacation Using Only Your MindDaniel Goetz: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?Caro McCarthy: What workplace task do you dread most?Ward Van Beek: Which is more important culture or strategy?Leslie Bradshaw: Which is more important culture or strategy?Brian Solis: How do you change the strategic direction of your business?John Wiseman: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?Edward Saatchi: Which is more important culture or strategy?Michael Jacobs: If you could do one thing over again…Adam Huie : Which is more important culture or strategy?Kara Nortman: What workplace task do you dread most?Kara Nortman: Which is more important culture or strategy?Boris Revsin: How do you find out what you don’t know?Alex Iskold: How do you find out what you don’t know?Erin Newkirk: When should you listen to your customers?Bill Piwonka: When should you listen to your customers?Christy Tanner: How do you find out what you don’t know?Pete Selleck: How do you make people less afraid to share ideas?John P. Kotter: How do you inspire a team that has failed?Robert Farrell: What quote, lyric or line from a movie inspires you?Pete Selleck: What was the last big thing you learned?Jim McCarthy: What conventional wisdom is totally wrong?Joel Peterson: What conventional wisdom is totally wrong?Steven J. Greenbaum: How do you change the strategic direction of your business?Pete Selleck: How do I prepare for an important presentation?Steve Jones : How do you prioritize your day?Suzanne Greco: How do you make people less afraid to share ideas?Sam Calagione: What is a risk worth taking?Move Aside, Hipstamatic: Flixel iPhone App Turns Pics Into Artsy Animated GIFsKotex Brings Pinterest To Life In New CampaignJohn H. (Jack) Zenger D.B.A : Can openness to change be developed?Yasmina Zaidman: What is social innovation?Pete Selleck: What is the business case for generosity?Shannon Schuyler: What is the business case for generosity?Todd Simon: How open is your open door policy?Bjorn Rebney: How do you re-inspire exhausted team members?Michael Mack: What quote, lyric or line from a movie inspires you?Josh Bersin: How do you comeback from a job or project loss?John P. Kotter: How do you renew your creative spark?Amy Matto: How do you re-inspire exhausted team members?Robojelly: A Robotic Jellyfish To Monitor The OceansStamen’s New Web App Renders Digital Maps In WatercolorDitching Silicon For Transistors Made Of Human Blood And MucusMeet The Jackasses Behind Odd Future’s TV Show, “Loiter Squad”Andy Forssell: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?Susan Davenport : Does innovation trump growth?Lisa Kavanaugh: Does innovation trump growth?Scott Case: Does innovation trump growth?Matt Emmi: When should you listen to your customers?Eiji Araki: How do you take an online community to the real world?Dan Kurani: How do you find out what you don’t know?Ryan Boyles: How do you take an online community to the real world?Josh Elman: Does innovation trump growth?DJ Patil: Does innovation trump growth?Heather Foeh: When should you listen to your customers?John Militello: Which is more important culture or strategy?Christopher Lukezic: How do you take an online community to the real world?Matthew Knell: How do you take an online community to the real world?Boris Revsin: Does innovation trump growth?Alex Iskold: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?Bill Piwonka: How do you grow your customer/client/user base?Todd Simon: How do you prioritize your day?John W. Thompson : How do you prioritize your day?Ann Willoughby: How do you prioritize your day?Diane Scott: How do you take innovation off the table and into the market?John W. Thompson : How do you change the strategic direction of your business?John Collins: How do you determine who to partner with?Erin Keown Ganju : What quote, lyric or line from a movie inspires you?Diane Scott: How do you acknowledge individual achievement in a collaborative environment?Jeneanne Rae: Can openness to change be developed?Dr. Joseph Folkman, PhD: How do you re-inspire exhausted team members?George Slessman: What quote, lyric or poem inspires you?Erin Keown Ganju : How do you re-inspire exhausted team members?David Aaker: What was your biggest mistake?Morgan P. Guenther: How do you handle mistakes?Lucy Zhang: What feedback do you listen to and what do you dismiss?Josh Wiseman: What have you learned about accepting feedback?Joey Flynn: What have you learned about accepting feedback?Joey Flynn: How do you give negative feedback to a colleague?Josh Wiseman: How do you determine the size of a team?Josh Wiseman: How do you bring a new team together quickly?Lucy Zhang: How do you turn an idea into a business?Lucy Zhang: How did you know the time was right to change your business?Joey Flynn: How do you resolve conflicts?Joey Flynn: What have you learned from collaborating with others?Jeneanne Rae: What have you learned from collaborating with others?Tom Hayes: Is it a good idea if nobody gets it?Boland Jones: Is it a good idea if nobody gets it?David Sacks: Is it a good idea if nobody gets it?Salman Amin: How do you engage and develop your consumer base?Michael Mack: What was the last big thing you learned?Nancy Lee Gioia: How do you re-inspire exhausted team members?Joel Peterson: How do you reinspire exhausted team members?Nancy Lee Gioia: Why is team work important?Diana Tremblay: Can a team lead themselves?3-D Model Unlocks Secrets Of Twitterverse [Video]A Mind-Blowing Map Of Energy Consumption In Every Single NYC BuildingCleaning The Developing World With Unused Hotel SoapApple’s Slick iPad Branding Hides A Broken App InfrastructureThe Small Hospital Of The Future: Farmers Markets, Energy Harvesting, And Fresh-Baked BreadInvisible Children’s Web Strategist Gives A Crash Course In Going ViralApple Stock Flash-Crashes, Facebook Buys 750 Patents From IBM, Google Users Sue Over Privacy, US Airways Will Expand Gogo Wi-FiStumbleUpon Wants To Buy You Dinner5 LinkedIn Apps For Power NetworkingSuccess Starts With A QuestionIf Apple Opened An iBank It Could Have 37 Million Customers On The First Day5 Tips To Turn Your Personal Profile Into A Professional PlaceCan TheyFit’s 95 Condom Sizes Make Sex Better?How Mary’s Gone Crackers Is Feeding The Craze For Healthy Snacks5 Things I Learned About Entrepreneurship From Y Combinator’s Paul GrahamEmail Is Crushing Us, Can Activity Streams Free Us?Why Leading By Example Isn’t EnoughThis Week In Bots: Robots, They’re Just Like Us!The Right Time To Pay Attention To Customers4 Storified Reasons SXSW Was Worth The Hassle From Al Gore, Sean Parker, Baratunde Thurston6 Ultra HD Videos Test Your New iPad’s Retina DisplayThe Intersection Event Is Where Innovation And Social Change MeetTop 10 Most Popular Stories Of The Week7 Pieces of “Damn Good” Creative Advice From ’60s Ad Man George Lois“Mad Men” Gets An 8-Bit MakeoverWes Anderson Directs Sony Xperia Launch SpotThe New Strategic Edge: Tapping Your Customers’ Personal PassionsThe Week That Was: “Argue. Discuss. Argue. Discuss.”“Mad Men” Director On Season 5 And Creating That Mad LookGeico Taste Tests Reveal That Low Rates Are DeliciousBranding The Unthinkable DrinkableHow Corporations Are Helping To Solve The Education CrisisSee The Best Advertising Work From AsiaI’m Here To Clean The Pool: Advertising PornReading is Fundamental’s Electric RebrandGirls Are Smarter Than Boys, So What Goes Wrong In Math And Science? [Infographic]Iran Develops Fancy Concrete To Protect Nuke Sites From Getting BombedThe World’s Most Promising Water StartupsNew York’s Dirtiest Water, Now Conveniently Drinkable3-D App Charts Your Twitterverse Like A Solar SystemA Minimalist Mousepad That’s Also A Pencil HolderToo Hot For iTunes: A Hilarious App That Turns Basic Shapes Into PornGoogle, Pepsi, And The New Generation Of Philanthropists4 Ways To Know If You’re Making Content Or “Culturematics”Marketing Through Lost Phones: The “Global Touch” CampaignDeconfusinator: New iPad’s Hot MessPinterest Hires Ex-Facebook Money Man, Wimdu Expects $132 Million In Revenue This Year, Hacks On The Rise, Says Verizon ReportHighlight CEO Paul Davison Launches Elastic Network Of A Different ColorCory Kidd’s Saving The World From Obesity With An Army Of Cute RobotsHere Are Your 2012 YouTube Space Lab Contest WinnersWhat’s Absolutely Wrong About Culture Vs. StrategyU R What U Tweet: 5 Steps To A Better Personal BrandFast Talk: How ZeroCater, The “Pandora For Food,” Hacks Your Lunch ProblemA Challenge To Apple To “Think Different” About Spending Its $100 Billion Cash Stash4 Reasons Companies Are Timid About Investing In “Big” InnovationsWhy “Big Picture Only” Bosses Are The WorstHow To Leverage User Experience To Get Customers TalkingCyber Cops Stop Mohammed Merah, Scour Web For Missing Murder VideosRemote Work And The Future Of Corporate StaffingYouTube Platform Allows Users To Exchange Environmental Pledges For Earth HourBig Economic Ideas Explained, In Minimalist PostersWhy You Might Have A Computer Filled With Spider WebsKeaton Henson’s Absolutely Crushing New VideoSheltr App Helps You Direct The Homeless To Food, ShelterSony Has Fun With Piracy With Faux-Burned “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” DVDGood Deeds Take The Place Of Cash At Anthon Berg’s “Generous Store”A New Exhibition At The Smithsonian Celebrates The Art Of VideogamesTurning An Old Mental Hospital Into An Explosion Of FlowersIn The Battle Against Climate Change, Should We Engineer Humans Instead Of The Planet?Unlikely Opponents Rugby It Out In HSBC’s Ad For The Hong Kong Sevens10 Steps To Stealing Your Way To Creative SuccessDeep Thunder: A Supercomputer-Powered Weather Forecast That Knows If It’s Raining At Your HouseTake A Tour Of Facebook’s Million-Square-Foot CampusFuturistic Clothing Display Looks Like Fabric Under A MicroscopeThe Future Is The Past: A Skyscraper Made Totally From WoodBiomimicry In Action: This Man Built His Own Bird Wings, Successfully FliesCorporate Volunteerism Should Be Part Of Corporate Social ResponsibilityWhat McDonald’s And Ikea Would Look Like, If Reborn As Hipster BrandsThe Anti-Apple PC: HP Creates Pop-Open Computer For TinkerersDiagrammer Enlivens Crappy PowerPoint Presentations, With 4,000 Fresh ChartsBeastly GIFs Combine Gary Baseman Aesthetic With 3-D Wow“Alcatraz” And Ford Recreate Bullitt’s Classic Chase6 Companies That Are Growing Rapidly While Doing GoodCan Nokia Beat The iPhone And iPad? (Don’t Laugh, It’s Trying)How To Price A ProductWalmart To Host Angry Birds Clue Hunt, Aziz Ansari Launches Online Comedy Show, Google Puts $5 In Your Google WalletHow To Create Socially Engaging Products That Transcend Online CommunitiesExclusive: Hipstamatic, Instagram To Unveil Photo-Sharing PartnershipWorld Down Syndrome Day Ad Campaign Puts New Faces in Familiar PlacesDon’t Be Like Rush: Tough Lessons In Crisis ManagementInstagram CEO Kevin Systrom On Hipstamatic Partnership, Future Of Photo-sharing With Camera+, FacebookThe 2-Minute Move That Will Elevate Your Personal BrandThe High Cost And Extreme Stickiness Of Free StuffForget “Mad Men”–Now Is The Golden Era For Advertising9 Reasons To Choose A Corporate Job Over A StartupThe Rise Of Digital Influence In MarketingHow To Enhance An Online Community With Real-World InteractionsMarketing From The Other End Of The FunnelPower From The Sun, Floating On Top Of Sewage“Hunger Games” Site Offers Tour of The Capitol, IE9 PlugAudi Puts The Pedal Down On Its #WantAnR8 Twitter CampaignPortlandia Is Real: Designers Transform Factory Parts Into Fancy LightingA 10-Cent Paper Sensor That Tests For Malaria And HIVThe 4 Factors That Make A Country Ideal For InnovationGrilling For Dummies: A Pack That Takes The Guesswork Out Of Lighting CharcoalSpoofing Damien Hirst, With Dot Paintings Made Of M&M’sWhat Americans Would Give Up For The Internet: Alcohol, Exercise, Showers, SexBuilding Businesses That Stand For SomethingAn iPhone App To Beat PotholesBuckyBox: Helping Farmers Get Fresh Food To Your TableBit Timer: A Brilliant App That Makes Interval Workouts EasyMobile Reserves Follow Wildlife Where It Needs Protection10 Modernist Dream Houses From Around The WorldBetter Than Lego: A Free Kit That Makes All Brick Toys CompatibleHow The New SimCity Will Let You Take Control Of A City’s Environmental DestinyHow The Creator Of “Doc McStuffins” Bucked The Norm And Made “Cheers” For PreschoolersChris Milk Brings Sanctuary To Creators Project San FranciscoEventbrite Launches iPad Credit-Card Reader At The Door: A Lost Opportunity For Square?Twitter Expands Ads, Apple Sells 3 Million iPads, Amazon Buys Bot Maker Kiva Systems, Nokia Launches Asha Smartphone In IndiaPakistan Torches National Firewall PlansWe Are All Augmented-Reality-Style Banksys NowGetting Your Company On The Right Work–Life Balance PathHow To Determine If Growth Or Innovation Is Right For Your BusinessMake An iPhone, Android App Without Knowing A Line Of CodeCulture’s Big Business MomentThe 6 Pillars Of Social Commerce: Understanding The Psychology Of EngagementBracket This: March Madness To Save The WorldWhy Companies Should File For Patents NowSFMade Is Making Manufacturing San Francisco’s Next ActHow To Change The Strategic Direction Of Your BusinessThe Auto Bailout Saved Detroit; What Would It Take To Save Your Business?Help WantedTake A Walk In A National Park (From Your Desk, Lazybones)See Newsweek’s Mad Men-Themed Retro AdsWhat Gandhi (Yes, Gandhi) Taught Me About Design, Leadership, And TechnologyTurning CO2 Into Rocks With Upside-Down SmokestacksIngenious Chirp Clock Uses Tweets And Crowd Intelligence To Mark TimeDisgruntled Ex-Googlers Rethink The Way Gmail Works, With Fluent.ioSkittles Ads Need to Borrow Your Finger For Just A SecondHow Do You Market A Breakthrough Camera Like The Lytro? Very, Very CleverlyTo Get The Smart Grid, Businesses And Cities Need To Take The Leap FirstA-maize-ing: Lexon Creates Desk Gadgets Made From CornstarchUI Genius: CityMaps Uses Brand Logos To Make Maps More UseableDazzling 3-D VJing System Looks Like The Future We Were Waiting ForA Boathouse That Proves Good Architecture Is Often TinyA Look At Techno-Factory Farming: Robotic Cow Milking And Light TherapyTurning Internet UI Cliches Into Internet ArtThe Microbial Academy Of Sciences: What Bacteria Can Discover That We Can’tHow Do You Turn Pixels Into A Full-Blown Brand Experience?Grass Paint Turns Buildings Into Mega Chia PetsAxe Goes Soft: New Campaign Recognizes The GirlfriendsUh-Oh: Science Says Creativity And Dishonesty Go Hand In HandCO2 Is Why You’re FatSurprisingly Functional: The World’s First Gesture-Based CalculatorBe Like Shaq: The Multi-Multi-Hyphenate On Maintaining Your Personal BrandTryna Go Viral? Yung Jake Shows You How With A Must-See Meta VideoThe Age Of Uprisings, Brand Movements, And Ad BacklashesMaking Cheaper, Better WindmillsMLB’s Social-Media Fan Cave Goes 2.0Conferences You Don’t Want To Miss In AprilHas Coachella Lost Its Cool? Two Audiophiles Duke It OutIn The Battle Of The Pint-Sized Celebs, Famous Parentage Doesn’t Always Get You To The TopChic, Eco-Friendly Designs Abound At London’s Alternative Fashion WeekHow Marvel’s Digital Superpowers Won Over Brick-And-Mortar RetailersBroadway’s Religious Raps Rake In The Ticket SalesTyler Cowen Shares His New Rules For Mindful FoodiesHallmark Says So Long To Martha Stewart As Bravo Ushers In Kathy GriffinThe Recommender: Justin Klosky, Brian Sharples, And More On What They’re Loving This MonthWalmart’s “American Idol”-Style Contest Draws In Some Bizarre SubmissionsCashing In On The 100th Anniversary Of The TitanicWhy Tesla Motors Is Betting On The Model SMLB Advanced Media’s Bob Bowman Is Playing Digital Hardball. And He’s Winning.Looking Forward To A Post-IPO Facebook FutureThank Facebook’s Design Team For Every Warm And Fuzzy Moment You’ve Ever Had On The Social Network“Boy CEO” Mark Zuckerberg’s Two Smartest Projects Were Growing Facebook And Growing UpEkso’s Exoskeletons Let Paraplegics Walk, Will Anyone Actually Wear One?Photographers Document A Billion Contrasts In Today’s ChinaOakley’s Radarlock Sunglasses Feature Lenses That Pop Out Like DoorsBlack + Blum Design A Better Water Bottle, Complete WIth A Giant Charcoal StickThese Luxurious 3-D Wallpapers Are Lush With Beads, Glittery Sand, And Even GrassesHow Windowfarms Turned DIY Recycled-Bottle Planters Into A Blossoming BusinessDror’s Magical Expandable Suitcase For Tumi Is Fit For Mary PoppinsHow Jay Want Prescribes A Change In The Business Of Paying For Health CareStevi Riel Provides Partnerships With Hospitals To Find Affordable Help For PatientsDiane Curley Is Starting The Conversation To Curb ObesitySrikant Iyer Streamlines Patient Care In Hectic Emergency RoomsShelley Schoepflin Sanders’ System Saves Lives Before They Need Saving50 Cent Remixes Beats By Dre With SMS HeadphonesTigo Helps Remittances Go MobileDo Groupon And LivingSocial Do More Harm Than Good?In The Cafeteria, Google Gets HealthyFast Fixes February 2012SAP’s New VP Of Marketing Has Weathered The Walmart WhirlwindReader’s Feedback: February 2012The Education Of Mark ZuckerbergTim Cook To Talk Apple Cash, Foxconn Responds To Mike Daisey Retraction, Esther Dyson On Where All The Cool Companies AreCreative Platform Behance Gets An Upgrade6 Ways Apple Could Spend $100 Billion [Update: Dividends, Buybacks]Marketing To Women: How To Get It RightThe 10 Most Popular Stories Of The WeekThe MacArthur Foundation Wants To Foursquare Your Résumé With Digital Badges Designed By MozillaIntel Thunderbolt’s Lightning-Fast Data Transfer Tech Leaves Firewires And USBs In The Digital DustLance Armstrong’s Livestrong Lives On In Spite of Doping AllegationsFast Talk: How The Kindness Of Strangers (And A Hot Dog Vendor) Helped Save KarmaloopHow Enticing Opportunities Can Drive Companies Off CourseSaavn: A Spotify For BollywoodTips For Hiring In An Improving Job MarketWhat Never To Say To A CEOWhy B2B Companies Need To Up Their Communications GameHow To Plan Your Company’s End GameMobile Devices Lead To A Stronger Connection To News Brands: StudyUsing Improv To Fuel InnovationLessons In Razor’s-Edge Creativity From The Dollar Shave ClubDell Is Your Unlikely Tablets-Over-PCs Champion