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The Marketing Agency For The Developing World Has The Mobile Number Of 2.1 Billion PeopleSweden Plans A New Superhighway For CyclistsVFX Bake-Off: Visual Effects Wizards Break Down Oscar ContendersSex Toys, Winter Coats, And Spanish Flags: The Uselessness Of Post-Disaster DonationsKnife Manufacturer WMF Makes A Sharp Point With HTML5Dancing In The Cloud: Dance Central 2 App Makes Your Best Moves SocialIf Bugs Had Countries, What Would Their Flags Look Like?Coca-Cola At Sundance: A Marketer Explores What’s Next In StorytellingInfographic Of The Day: Bill Gates Is A Better Superhero Than BatmanBoggle’s New Anagram Ad Campaign Shakes Things UpCan The World’s Volcanoes Be Used As Power Plants?PIPA Vote Delayed, Google Announces Q4 Earnings, IBM’s Rosy 2012 Forecast, German Court Rejects A Samsung SuitCreating A “Starbucks Of Tortillas” To Save Mexico’s Endangered CornWork/Life Balance Is A Myth; Here’s What You Can Do About ItInside Megaupload’s Megamind: Kim Dotcom’s Playboy Bunnies, Russian Nuclear Vessels, And Private War On TerrorGoogle Announces Q4 Earnings, IBM’s Rosy 2012 Forecast, German Court Rejects A Samsung SuitThe Return Of LiveJournalAirbnb Clones Making 2012 The Year Of Peer-To-Peer AccommodationsHow Anonymous Is Tricking The Public Into Helping Them Take On The FedsFor Brands, Twitter’s Enhanced Profile Pages Make Every Tweet Count3 Timeless Parables For Regaining Perspective4 Strategic Requirements For Corporate TweetingCinchifieds’ Simple, Grand Plan To Disrupt The Classified-Ad SpaceThis Week In Bots: Snakes, Barks, Vacuums, Sex Movies, And Other Mechanical SurprisesWhen Being #1 Can Hurt Your BrandUrbanDictionary.TV Provides Definitions With More Than WordsRidley Scott Backs Your Film Festival For YouTube AuteursApple’s Education Plans Will Further Fragment An Already Fragmented IndustryPoke! You Need To Study More. What Facebook’s Open Graph Means For Online Study GroupsFeds Close In On Megaupload Founder Kim DotcomPredicting Disasters Of The Future: Economic Disaster, Water Shortages, And Cyber AttacksLady Gaga And Harvard Launch Anti-Bullying Born This Way FoundationSome Mobbing Behavior Of Birds With Your Popcorn? Rebranding Science At The MoviesEducational Technology Experts Skeptical About Apple’s iBooksTablet Users Spend 50% More Per Purchase Than Smartphone OwnersApple Announces iTunes U, Free E-Book Creator App, iBooks 2 For The iPadFacebook’s Open Graph: Boons For Business, Perils For PrivacySOPA: A Mega, Meta Mashup Of NewsFollow-Up: How France’s “Free” Cell Phones Really Did Disrupt The IndustryDoes This Patent Reveal Secrets Of Apple Television?7 Ways Daring Brands Walk The LineApple’s iBooks Update, New Apps Power Textbook ReinventionCategory Creation: Building Businesses That Turn Entire Industries On Their HeadsThe Way Kodak DiedWhen Shopping Is Media, Retailers Become Content And Community ObsessedThe Enterprise Wants iPads, Not Windows 7 SlatesRevolution 2.0: Google Marketing Exec Wael Ghonim And The Facebook Page That Changed The WorldS#*! Our Business Leaders Say: “We’re in Business to Make Money”The Only Lasting Competitive Advantage Is Extreme TrustAnonymous #OpMegaUpload Attacks Justice Department, MPAA, RIAADC Entertainment Reveals Its New IdentityThe Two Faces Of Aaron Eckhart: Actor–And PhotojournalistLego Leaves It To Your Imagination In Its Latest Ad SeriesAmit Gupta Has Found A Bone Marrow DonorOn Creating A More Transparent Financial Services IndustryKeystone XL Pipeline Plan Officially RejectedClimate CoLab: Harnessing The Hive Mind To Alleviate Climate ChangeWhy Jim Lee And Dan DiDio Decided To Reboot DC Comics [Video]She Built Her Business On Rock And Roll: How Michelle You’s Songkick Strikes A Chord With Music LoversIt Takes a Village to Make a Santigold VideoThe Swap-O-Matic: A Vending Machine Based On The Barter EconomyWork Your Proper Hours: A Campaign Against Unpaid OvertimeFacebook’s Mark Zuckerberg Rails On SOPAWhat Is Happening Here? The Panty-Driven Ad For The New Color AppAll India Radio’s Amazing Light Painting Video And How It Was DoneInfographic of the Day: Not All Bad Ideas Are Created EqualThe Day The Internet Went Black: A SOPA Protest SlideshowEmail: Undead, Now MutatingZuckerberg Blogs About SOPA, Web Protests Of SOPA And PIPA Begin, White House And Codecademy Announce Code Summer+Wrapp Mogul: Why LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman Is Investing In The Social Gifting SiteYour One-Minute Guide To SOPA And PIPA, Who’s Protesting And WhyCould Instagram Come To Windows Phone Before Android?Anonymous Leaks Apparent Stratfor EmailsApple And The Coming Education RevolutionMTV’s New Crusade: Helping Students Battle College Debt With A Facebook AppSlacker Radio CEO Can’t Say Whether Music Streaming Business Models Are SustainableClean Energy From An Unlikely Source: Lukewarm OceansGrabbing Life By The Balls: A Conversation With “Hey” Amber RaeWhat Happened When UC Berkeley’s B-School Cherry-Picked Students Who Personify Its ValuesHewlett Packard’s Corporate Global VisionTraining Yourself To See New Strategic OptionsFacebook Actions: Building Up The Database Of YouFrom Geek TV To Gay Marriage: Jane Espenson On Her New Web Series “Husbands”Join The SOPA Blackout, Courtesy Of Zachary JohnsonA Moment Of Digital Silence For Steve JobsPersonal Rapid Transit Is Coming… To IndiaAl Pacino IS Wolverine: Behind The Alternate Universe Movie PostersHow New York City Helps Nonprofits Get More Bang For Their BuckThe Robot-Influenced Future, As Imagined By ChildrenWhat Brands Can Learn From Automakers’ Failures To Go ElectricAudi Ad Will Inevitably Make You Say “Thar She Blows!”Nearly Every Car Trip Could Be Made By EVsInfographic Of The Day: A Map Of NYC’s Lost Subway LinesChina Debuts World’s Largest BusAfter Prescient Pivot, Aviary Tools Now Seeing 10 Million Photos A MonthYang Resigns from Yahoo Board, Rumored iPad 3 In March, Eric Cantor: House Not Voting On SOPA, Facebook Planning May IPO?Beepl Launches A Twitter-Simple, “Social Q&A Site”Visa Talks With Apple As Part Of Plan To Push Wireless PaymentsTips On Finding An Accelerator To Ignite Your StartupMarketing Emergency: Nobody’s Making Content Worth ReadingHow To Reach And Influence The Connected ConsumerAlways Be Raising: A Road Map To Getting Venture Capital FundingA Lost And Found For The InternetPersonalized Health Data, Tailored Medicine, And The End Of IllnessWhat Were They Thinking? The Chips That Sent Us Running To The LooZooey Deschanel, Internet EntrepreneurGrammys Campaign Uncovers The DNA Of Top ArtistsThree Men And A Basement: How Carrot Creative GrewLife’s Too Short For Ricky Gervais And Stephen MerchantRemain Diligent: SOPA And PIPA Must Be Squashed, Not ChangedHow Computers, Curators, And Users Create Pandora’s PlaylistsAmazon’s Plagiarism ProblemGibson Guitar And IBM: The Art, And Science, Of Doing Well By Doing Good