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Colbert Super PAC: Romney Is A Serial KillerThis Is What A Weight Watchers Ad Looks Like. In France.Wes Anderson Offers Visual Vocabulary Lesson With “Moonrise Kingdom” Trailer“Parks & Rec” Makes ’90s Band Letters To Cleo A Trending Topic On TwitterEurope Set To Rule The Smart Meter WorldA New Service For Africa Gets Rid Of Pain At The PanelApple Finds Labor And Environmental Violations In Its Supply ChainThe Questionable Wisdom of Kobe Bryant, Now Available in Shoe-FormNot Angry Birds: An iPad App That Lets You Play With Real PigsSouth African Fast Food Chain Sends A Delicious Message To The BlindParis Car Sharing: Lots Of Subscribers, Not Enough CarsCarrie Brownstein Keeps It Uncomfortable In Season Two Of “Portlandia”Infographic Of The Day: All About The 2012 Facebook IPOWho Knew The Google Maps Blue Dot Likes to Bowl?How To Talk To Your Boss And Fix Your Job5 Ways To Discover And Develop Your Unique Strengths“Angry Brides” Game Tackles Dowry In India, iPhone 5 To Run On T-Mobile?, Facebook Launches “Listen”Danny Meyer’s Magic Touch: How To Create 4-Star Experiences And Lines Around The BlockRetro Thinking During A Difficult Kodak MomentMais Non! France’s “Free” Cell Phone Service Will (Likely) Never Work In The U.S.Chobani Yogurt Tickles The Tastes Of Pinterest Addicts, And So Can Your BrandApple Speaks Openly, Discloses Environmental And Rights Issues Among Its Suppliers [Updated]Disruptive Innovation, Dog-Food EditionThis Week In Bots: Self-Driving Cars, Robo-Surgeons, And Foxconn’s Robot ArmyThe Shortcuts To Curbing Climate ChangeWarning: Really Gross Images Of Maggots Cleaning WoundsMapping Terrorist Networks To Better Understand How They OperateGross Out: In The Future, Maggots Will Help Your Detergent Clean Your ClothesEcon4: Changing The Way We Look At EconomicsKiva’s Secret Project To Let You Give Peer-To-Peer Loans“Red Tails” Interactive Promo Puts You In The CockpitU.S. Government Unveils Massive Plan To Protect The OceanHow Pesticides Are Contributing To Colony Collapse DisorderLongform Critics Offer Shortform Responses to @SPINReviewsInfographic Of The Day: How Much Money Makes You Rich?Chasing Salander: A New Chapter For Girl With The Dragon TattooThe End Of Multiple Choice? The Quest To Create Accurate Robot Essay GradersThe Four-Year CareerEisner’s Vuguru Finds Its GrooveManufacture Of Raspberry Pi Begins, Israel Hacker Publishes Saudi Credit Card Info, Sharp Won’t Make iPad 3 ScreensScreen Grabbing: Forget The Second-Screen TV Experience, How About A Third?Don’t Be The Spanish Armada: How Fast Is Your Fleet?10 Steps To Turn Your Passion Into Your BusinessFoursquare, Google, And The Search Schism Of 2012Shazam Button To Appear On Traditional TV Remotes, As If By Magic5 Resources For The 4-Year CareerMemberly Helps You Give Your Day Job The FingerThere Is No Try. There Is Only TRY/APT, Oslo’s Hottest 2-In-1 AgencyThe Future Of Digital Health Is Lurking In San Francisco’s ChinatownA New Low In Republican Campaign Advertising?Are These The Best Spots Of The Year? The Directors Guild Nominates Top CommercialsFictional Landscapes Transforms Books Into (Another Kind Of) ArtArtist Turns Anachronistic Paper Phone Books Into Intricate SculpturesUnilever CEO Paul Polman On The Packaged Goods Giant’s Creative ShiftBalance Your Books Via SMS: A New Startup Brings Accounting To The Developing WorldA University Heated By Country’s Largest Geothermal SystemPrinciples For Social Innovation In 2012: Follow Emerging EconomiesText Donations Have Created A World Of Impulse GivingWhy Genderalizations Make Sense For Female EntrepreneursThe Miraculous Story Of India’s Near-Eradication Of PolioDesign I/O’s Kinect-Powered PuppetsInfographic Of The Day: The Magic And Madness Of The Creative ProcessKodak Sues Apple, Apple To Throw Education Event, Motorola Cutting Back On Phones, Google Search Shift Gets Sour ResponsePolicyMic Wants Millennials To Play Nicer, Be More Informed In Online Political Debates (Don’t Laugh)Shazam Launches Music Player For iPhoneFootball Fans Vote Republican: Hardcore Data Miners Track “Neo Tribes” With “Micro-Targeting”A Year After LinkedIn Came Calling, CardMunch Poised To Make “The Rolodex Obsolete”Small Screen, Big Idea: GetGlue Positioned To Power Social TVGLO Gaming’s Lindsey Port Helps Brands Meet Gamers Where They LiveWeb Video Gets Real-Time Translation In 50+ LanguagesAre Comment Fields Loser-Choked Pits Or Information Mines? Pans For Commenting GoldWhat’s Behind Intel’s Expensive Ultrabook Push?AbleBanking Aims To Attract Deposits By Giving Big To CharityIt Takes Two To Fly Scandinavian AirlinesWhy Are Lawyers The Only Ones Who Get To Do Pro Bono Work?A “Pollution Glue” Gets Sticky With Smog, Improves Air QualityFuel Companies Fined For Not Using Cellulosic Biofuel–Which Isn’t Yet AvailableCharity Engine: The Ethical Supercomputer That Can Win You $10,000The Art of Chaos: Making Jordan’s CP3.V ExperienceChez Metro: Ikea Builds An Apartment In A Paris SubwayA New System To Put An End To Predatory LoansCurator Elliot Aronow’s Simple Rules For Success In Branding–And LifeInfographic Of The Day: Mapping The World’s Tweet NetworksHow To Get Kids To Read? Give Them Banned Books“Your World” Or Their World? Google’s New Feature Controls Personal Info In Search [Updated]Google Gets Personal, EU Introducing Cookie Regulations, Groupon-Deutsche Telekom Partner Up, Free Mobile Launching In FranceUse An iPhone? Yup, The Government Tracks ThatPandora And SoundExchange Spar Over Royalty FeesThe Power Of StillnessTo Motivate Students, Make Them Give Away Their RewardsUnder-Promise. Over-Deliver. And Your Brand’s Fans Will TalkHow To Rock Social Media: 5 Tips From Nic Adler, Owner Of The RoxyThe New York Times’s Nick Kristof On Journalism In A Digital World And The Age Of ActivismFacebook Puts Friends In A Benz4 Ways Marketers Can Drive Revenue–And Prove ItThe Next Generation Of Hybrids And EVs–From Performance Vehicles To Tiny PickupsHave We Reached Peak Stuff?The Case For A 21-Hour Work WeekToyota Yaris Wants To Hear Your ComplaintsMike Bloomberg Is A Smart Businessman, That’s Why He’s Learning To CodeInnergy: An Innovative Weight-Loss Program That Insurance Will CoverLondon’s New Red (And Green) Double-Decker BusSkateboards Get Another, Better, Life In Hiroshi SculpturesInfographic Of The Day: America’s Strange Attitudes Towards FoodInside The Offices Of The eBay, YouTube, And Google Of ChinaGeneration Flux: Pete CashmoreGeneration Flux: Danah BoydGeneration Flux: DJ PatilGeneration Flux: Raina KumraGeneration Flux: Bob GreenbergGeneration Flux: Beth ComstockGeneration Flux: Baratunde ThurstonHow To 3-D Print With MakerBot’s Thing-O-MaticPatents By The Numbers: Average Wait Time Is Down, But Trolls Cost Us $80 Billion A YearAs Smartphones Get Smarter, You May Get Healthier: How mHealth Can Bring Cheaper Health Care To AllMakerBot’s 3-D Printers Let Consumers Dream Up Prototypes Of Pretty Much Anything. But Do We Need More Plastic?This Is Generation Flux: Meet The Pioneers Of The New (And Chaotic) Frontier Of BusinessLeaders At Alibaba, Youku, And Baidu Are Slowly Shaking Up China’s Corporate CultureLevitatr’s Portable Keyboard Features Keys That Only Raise Up When You TypeModern Piggy Banks Bring Flair To Your Spare ChangeLytro’s Pocket-Size Camera Lets You Take Photos You Can Focus LaterIndustrial Designer Christopher Stuart Turns Plasti Dip And Cable Ties Into Creative DIY ProjectsJohn & Kira’s Handcrafted, Locavore-Friendly ChocolatesYouTube Turns Searches For ‘LOL’ Into Cable-Like Multivideo ChannelsCan An App Tell You What You Want To Eat? Foodspotting Is TryingZite’s Tailor-Made iPad Magazine Wants To Get To Know YouHouse Of Mikko Analyzes Women’s Features To Recommend The Perfect Beauty ProductCreating The Perfect Pandora Playlist Takes More Than Algorithms–It Requires HumansThe “Truth” Campaign Creators’ MenthLab Combines Design And Community To Steer Youth From Menthol CigarettesForget QR Codes: Pongr Easily Turns Your Photos Into Brand RewardsShowtime’s “House Of Lies” Turned My Life As A Consultant Into A TV DramaWhat Does The Perfect Mobile Interface Look Like? (Don’t Ask Siri)The AeroShot Lets You Inhale A Perfectly-Sized Shot Of CaffeineHow Spindrift Makes Natural Sodas Without High Fructose Corn Syrup (It’s Harder Than You Think)Cadillac Turns To A 28-Year-Old To Reinvent The “Standard Of The World”At Moonbot’s Louisiana Studio, Hollywood Vets Dream Up Magical, Interactive StoriesThe Recommender: Shira Lazar, Rebel Rock Entertainment’s Jim Jonsin, And More On What They’re Loving This MonthConference Calendar: February 2012NBC’s “Smash” Could Learn A Few Lessons From “Glee”‘s Musical MisstepsIs HuffPo Hurting AOL’s Traffic?How Much Of Your Office Does Your Boss Hate?How To Pitch A Startup In Three MinutesBeatbully’s Modern Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign Uses Avatars As DemonstratorsE-Books And Online Mags Find A Second Life In PrintChevy, Pepsi, and Doritos Turn Fan-Made Super Bowl Ads Into Brand BuzzWatch These Movies Before Starz Pulls The Plug On NetflixSignature Theatre Company Opens Its New Gehry-Designed DigsPrivate Spacecrafts Are Your Transportation, Your Scientists, And Your Real Estate BrokersFast Fixes November 2011Prospect Park Axes “All My Children” Web SeriesReaders’ Feedback: November 2011Letter From The Editor: The Adrien Brody RuleFork in the Road Drives The Grocery Store To Food DesertsDoes This Ultrabook Make Me Look Fat? CES 2012 And The Tyranny Of ThinNuance’s Voice Control TV, OLPC’s Tablet For Schoolkids, Netflix Debuts In U.K., PayPal Testing Mobile Payments At Home DepotGoogle Goes After Your Local Small BusinessTo Achieve Big Goals, Become A Pattern Thinker (Or, How The Cool Ranch Dorito Was Born)Ford Cruises Into Silicon Valley, Revs Up Work On Wired WheelsTwo Years After Netflix, Blockbuster Arrives @Home On The iPadSecond Best Won’t Get You Where You Want To BeYouNow: Like A Digital “Gong Show”To Boost Business, Let Employees Unleash Their Inner NapoleonsWhere BuzzFeed Is Trending (With $15.5 Million In Help)Should Marketers Strive To Make A Difference?