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Chris Milk and Anthony Francisco Schepperd: Two Against OneHunie: A Social Network For Designer-to-Designer Criticism“Downton Abbey” Is BBC-Meets-E!, “Masterpiece” For The Under-80 SetA Clever Site For Listening To The Bands With Upcoming Shows In Your CityThe B-Icicle Challenge: Ride Your Bike Throughout The WinterMarketing Leader Jim Stengel On The One Thing Businesses Need To GrowBeautiful Sculptures Offset The Impact Of The Contemporary Art That Inspired ThemRobert Kirkman’s Skybound Launches New Comic CreatorsThe Race To Build A Star Trek-Worthy Medical TricorderNoGeMo: A Tamagotchi Clone To Teach China About Healthy FoodIt’s Time To Start Judging Nonprofits Like For-ProfitsInfographic Of The Day: Watch The World’s Snapshot Activity In 2011Researchers Use Bacteria To Create “Living Neon Signs”The World’s Most Exclusive Hotel: One Room, Two Guests, For One Year OnlyCan Not Smoking Be A Job Requirement?Tesla To Debut An Electric SUV7 Ingenious DIY Designs You Can Make At HomeSimple Genius: Ultra-Thin Lamp Pops Up From A Sheet Of Steel“Proof” Web App Teaches You To Be A Scotch ConnoisseurTransforming PR For A Mobile WorldRumor Patrol: Apple’s Juicy 2012 PlansFord Opening R&D Outfit In Silicon Valley, Iran Clamps Down On Internet Use, 45,000 Facebook Log-ins Stolen By WormThis Week In Bots: Extra-Terrestrial Aircraft, Telepresence Cat-Stroking, And Robot App StoresA Sneak Peek At The TVs Of The Future7 Steps To Scoring New Business In A Bad EconomyBeijing Calling: The Trouble With China’s New English-Language News NetworkModern Life Coaching, From The 1400sHow To Work From Home Like You Mean ItThis Bathouse Is Not At All Terrifying, SomehowPower To The Meat Lover: AgLocal Connects Local Animal Farms With Restaurants, Grocery StoresCan Natural Light Make Employees More Productive?NASA Wants Your Help Finding Asteroids, Tracking WeatherDC Comics Relaunch Leads To Best-Selling Comic Books Of 2011 [Video]And Anyone Who Says Different Is Selling SomethingFast Company From Cover to Cover: Jan 2012 to Dec 2012Chevy Volt Owners To Get Safer, Flame-Free Batteries29 Ways To Stay Creative [Video]The Rise And Fall Of Poverty PornLipton Brisk Enlists Help From a Galaxy Far Far AwayInfographic Of The Day: Watch The World’s Snapshot Activity In 2011Your Guide To “The Thing” Mini-RemakesMIT’s Innovative Plan For The Future Of U.S. EnergyWelcome NMA JudgesExhibition Explores How Models Made People Gaga For Modern ArchitectureFacebook Timeline Used For Anti-Drug MessageThe Great Tablet War of 2012AP And New York Times Launch NewsRight, DHS Announces Media Surveillance Program, Walmart Buys iOS Developer Small SocietyData Darlings: Why New Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson Has A Fighting ChanceSoundslates’s Lonely Hearts Club Band7 Social Networks Obama And The GOP Hopefuls Should Definitely JoinFootloose Flying: Better Business Travel Sans StuffIn The Commoditization Of Everything, Adaptation Will Win10 No-Fail Brand Resolutions For 2012Cars Are Horrible Mobile Tech Devices, So Why Are Pandora, MOG Hitching Rides?Passion Play: LockerDome Wants To Win By Building A Better Facebook For AthletesSo Clever: Ron Paul Campaign Vid Uses Obama’s Typeface Against HimHey Dummy: This Is What “Responsive Design” MeansGadi Amit Offers 4 Lessons From Dieter Rams’s Successes, And FailuresThe Intersector: A Traffic Light That Knows When Bicycles Are ComingFrance’s 2012 Resolution: Drink Less SodaEva Zeisel, The Late Modern Master, On The Hazard Of Too Much InnovationTjep Creates A Restaurant Decor Inspired By Rail Dining CarsLucky Ant: A Kickstarter For Local BusinessesInfographic Of The Day: The Insane Economics Behind College-Bowl FootballOur Vehicles Are Fuel Efficient, But They’re Too Heavy To Have Good Gas MileageThis Is What Psychedelic Op Art Looks Like In 3-DFly Parasite May Be Contributing To Colony Collapse DisorderSweet (Silicon) Valley High: Google’s Gang Gets Manga’dA Stylish Deck Chair You Can Fold Up And Tuck Under Your ArmInfographic Of The Day: The Insane Economics Behind College-Bowl FootballAlmost Genius: A Modular Kit Of Shoes, Which You Can Fix YourselfNo Joke: Electro-Skates Are Motors You Strap To Your FeetCollege-Bound? You Should Read About Mytonomy’s Crowdsourced College CounselingiPhone 4S Launching In China On Jan 13, Yahoo Hires New CEO: Scott ThompsonConverting Trashed Jets Into Exploding DronesPandora Willing To Become A Spotify App: Cofounder Tim WestergrenThe Future Of Better-Designed Enterprise Software Starts NowWhat Were They Thinking? When The Fizz Went Flat For Crystal PepsiThe 5 Things Yahoo’s New CEO Scott Thompson Should Do Right AwayProust, IAC’s Social Network For Sharing Eternal Memories, To Shut DownHow Biochar Will Help Kenya Go Green And Save Money12 Of Britain’s Greatest Design Achievements From The Past 60 YearsIntuit Taps Text Messages, Economics To Boost Farmer Incomes In IndiaBrand Consultant Weighs In On 2012’s Indie Band NamesPatagonia Leads The Way For Benefit Corporations In CaliforniaA Fuzzy, Cuddly Depression-Fighting Robot Is The Platonic Ideal Of CuteParkatmyHouse Lets You Make Money Off Your Empty DrivewayWhy Aren’t Computer Programming Languages Designed Better?Art + Science Project: “X is For X-Ray” And The Work of Hugh TurveyThe Civic Commons Marketplace: An App Store For Civic TechWhat To Do When You’re Doored: Fill Out A Bike Accident Report CardMaking Volunteering More Popular By Making It More RelevantArtist Fills L.A. Library With Lovely Ghost TreesDesigners: Help Me Rebrand American InnovationAxe Declares “Anarchy” With New Graphic NovelHighlights From Innovation Uncensored New YorkA Trade War In The Solar Industry Doesn’t Make SenseSimple Genius: Drawers That Break Into Seating For 7, For PartiesA Glimpse Into The Future Of Mobility From Stanford’s Car GurusSwanky Shelters To Keep Stray Cats Warm In The WinterSource4Style Ensures Your Clothes Aren’t From Sweatshop LaborFracking Causing Tremors In OhioAn Awesomely Complex Kite That Looks Like A Pyrite CrystalThe Five Keys To Great Marketing In 2012Work Smart: Overcoming Consensus2012 And Beyond: A Mega, Meta Mashup Of PredictionsYahoo Autos Partners With TrueCar, Brings Transparency To Car Buying10 Brand-Building Steps For BeginnersI Will Follow You: Making A Marriage Last In 140 Characters Or LessTumblr In 2012: More Original Content, Less F*** Yeah Memes5 Steps To Measure The ROI Of Digital Media ChannelsDid Retailers Risk Damage to Their Brands Despite Hit Holiday Online Sales?Sticking Your Neck Out, And Other Required Tasks For Change AgentsAt The Start Of A New Year, What’s Your People Plan?Is The Laptop Dead? YupCoke Discovers The Hard Way That People Can Taste ColorFor Successful People, Planning The Weekend Is Just As Important As Planning The WeekA Newspaper Is Good For Something: New Batteries Can Be Powered By NewsprintQuestion Box Answers Questions In Remote Villages That Can’t Just Google ItMake 2012 Your Best Year Yet