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Happy Socks Builds A Business–And Happiness–Two Feet At A TimeWatch Michel Gondry’s “Sweded” Version Of “Taxi Driver”The Black List’s Franklin Leonard Looks AheadKeeping Emphysema At Bay, With Help From Tobacco PlantsMcDonald’s Puts A Human Face On Its Industrial Food MachineFukushima Declared To Be In “Cold Shutdown”The Next Japan-Sized Tsunami Could Be Predicted By ComputersCan A Holiday Greeting Ring In The Future Of Social Media?The Virgin Mary As You’ve Never Seen Her BeforeGoogle Shows Off Facial Recognition In New Galaxy Nexus CampaignLondon’s Futuristic New Double-Decker Bus Hits The StreetsA Giant Christmas Tree Made Of Old Sprite BottlesAn Indian Inventor Disrupts The Period IndustryStop Hoarding Light Bulbs, Congress Rescinds Upcoming BanWanted: A Kiln-Fired Growler For The Coolest Beer GeeksNo, No, No Joke: This Lamp Looks Just Like Amy WinehouseExhibit Honors Thomas Heatherwick, The Mad Scientist Of British DesignGoogle’s Newest Office Looks Like A Space Station With Foosball TablesQuiz: Can You Tell The Apple Imitators From The Real Things?Even Superwomen Have to Fight Against Breast CancerZynga’s $1 Billion IPO, RIM Execs Take $1 Paycheck, Skype Cofounder Backs Free Wireless VentureWhen You Work For A Jerk: A 6-Point Plan For Dealing With A Bad BossWhy Brands Like Netflix, BP, And Goldman Sachs Should Avoid Facebook’s TimelineDear Netflix: Bring Back Firefly And (Almost) All Will Be ForgivenApple’s Secret Enterprise Sauce Is Served By MokaFiveFlipboard’s Hit iPhone App Is All By DesignSocial Media And The Loss Of Uncorrelated Wisdom3 Ways To Put Your Customer FirstThe Case For Girls Infographic: Women In NumbersHow Childlike Humility And Curiosity Can Inform, Inspire, And Unlock New IdeasWhat The Business Of Video Will Look Like In 2012This Week In Bots: Soldierdroids, Robot Chefs, And DragonsHey Louis C.K., Open Your Web Platform For Aspiring ComicsAt IGN, Employees Use A “Viral Pay” System To Determine Each Others’ BonusesDamon Dons A Santa Suit For Water.orgCoursekit Aims To Overhaul How Teachers Run Their ClassroomsWhy You May Not Mind Drinking Fracking Water In The FutureTune In To A Rock Revolution Right Now, Help Educate KidsAre Tiny Nuclear Reactors The Power Plant Of The Future?Ensuring That China’s Pork Habit Doesn’t Make People SickDoes Your Brand Need A Reality Check?Google Zeitgeist Video Honors Google, 2011, Rebecca Black4 Lessons The Classroom Can Learn From The Design StudioCode For America Is Grooming Entrepreneurs To Disrupt GovernmentMatt Damon Plays Santa For Laughs, Clean WaterLove These Oil Paintings? They’re Actually Made Of YarnInfographic Of The Day: The Blessing And Curse Of Being A MillennialProposed 9/11 Memorial Would Simulate Walking On Air, Above Ground ZeroA Hotel In Amsterdam Taps Fashion Students To “Dress” The RoomsHow Schools’ Poor Infrastructure Can Blunt EdTech AdvancesInfographic Of The Day: The Blessing And Curse Of Being A MillennialWould You Pay $20 A Month For Spotify?Controversial Piracy Act Goes To Congress, Facebook’s Timeline Is Here, 1 Million Downloads Of Flipboard iPhone AppMicrosoft Now Monitoring Tweets From IT Types With “Pulse”How To Give Your Customers More Of What They LoveHow Virent Is Using Plants To Replace OilA CEO’s Guide To Social Media In 2012Human Lie Detector Paul Ekman Decodes The Faces Of Depression, Terrorism, And Joy8 High-Tech Holiday Marketing Strategies For Every BudgetAirplane ModeTurtle Beach Creates A Combat Zone Beyond The Game ConsoleElectric Car Schools Reach Students That Classrooms Can’tGravilux 2.0 Lets You Make Typographic Starfields On Your iPadWhy Shouldn’t Women Do Startups?A Hard ChordJason Reitman and Patton Oswalt Do Not Take Kindly to Movie TalkersAirmov iPad App: A Yoga Mat For Your Fingers, To Prevent Repetitive StressIt’s No Wonder: Even Superwomen Have to Fight Against Breast CancerThe Perils Of Creating Companies That MatterVH1 Programs Ads with Pop-Up Video PyrotechnicsVimeo Awards Announce Call For EntriesPutting Economics On The Side Of The EnvironmentRed Bull’s Amsterdam Digs Embody Its Play-Hard CultureWanted: Stylish Cardboard Lamps For Broke-Ass Design FreaksWill Wright Talks “HiveMind,” Blending Games And Real LifeA Crystal Ball Into The Future Of SolarMIT Suit Simulates What It’s Like To Be 70 Years OldWelcome To Co.CreateMeet The Innovation AgentsSpend Two Minutes With Your Planet And David AttenboroughWatch A 2-Minute Primer On How To Design An Iconic BrandMeet Susan Kare, The Pioneer Who Created The Mac’s Original IconsBehind Honda Experiment: Building A Game In HTML5Infographic Of The Day: How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest ProblemsThree Rich Men Go Back To SpaceWhat If You Died At 38 But No One Found You For 3 Years?Katsumi Hayakawa Carves Sprawling Cityscapes Out Of PaperDo Designers Actually Exploit The Poor While Trying To Do Good? Jan Chipchase RespondsInfographic Of The Day: How Bikes Can Solve Our Biggest ProblemsCan Comedian Rob Delaney Make “Twitter TV” Work?Comedian-Actor Patton Oswalt On The Hazards Of Too Much NostalgiaZipcar Targets Europe With Barcelona Car Sharer Buy, PayPal To Launch Daily Deals In 2012, Google Buys AlfredOutbrain’s Content Recommending Ways Seduce Readers To Stick AroundLessons From Serial Fabulist Stephen Glass On How Not To Reboot A CareerNeed A Lab In Outer Space? Try ScienceExchange, The Airbnb Of Weird ScienceThe Click Clique: Apple, Microsoft, And Others Don’t Care About Your New TV RemoteAn iPad In Every Store: Belly Wants Local Merchants And Their Customers To Ditch Those Paper Loyalty CardsHow To Shift From Fundraising To Raising CapitalStorytelling 2.0: Cowbird Classes Up Our CommunicationNew York City’s Digital DeficiencyThe Data-Mining’s The Thing: Shakespeare Takes Center Stage In The Digital Age4 Steps To Flustering Your CompetitionLinkedIn SVP Deep Nishar’s Three Career Tips For Novice NetworkersIn The Messy NFC Battle, Consumers Are The Biggest LosersHow Much Can Asus, HP, And Others Rip Off Apple’s Designs?Learn How To Leverage LinkedIn, Or Fall BehindJaime Hayon’s Kooky Porcelain Dolls Nod To KidrobotA LinkedIn For Local Food And FarmersMethod, United By Blue Create A Supply Chain For Ocean PlasticInfographic Of The Day: Who Are The Web’s Most Popular Writers?Why The Best Brands Eventually Leave Their Names BehindIf You Died Today, Who Would Miss You? A New Interactive Film Promo Asks The Hard QuestionsA Stunning Roadside Church Rises, Collapses, Then Rises AgainCowbird: An Anti-Facebook For Sharing Stories, Not Just UpdatesMVRDV Designs A 144-Block Eco Nabe That’ll Be “Zero Energy”Can You Learn To Code In A Day? We Sent A (Non-Nerdy) Writer To Find OutTriggerTrap: A Camera Controller Takes Candid Shots To The Next LevelMeet the guys behind Sh*t Girls SayHow The Creator of CAPTCHA Will Translate The Entire InternetEven Guerrillas Get Holiday Blues: Campaign To Send FARC Fighters HomeBon Iver AbsNow On Amazon: Electric Vehicle ChargersPlaying With Your Food: Here’s A Chair Made Out Of FlaxOccupy Wall Street’s Philosopher-In-Residence On The Future Of The MovementSmart Meters: Not Just For Electricity AnymoreYoung Adult’s Patton Oswalt On The Dangers of NostalgiaOrganic Food Is Booming… In ChinaUNStudio Builds An Iconic Airport That’s A Symbol Of Global AspirationsInfographic Of The Day: Who Are The Web’s Most Popular Writers?Meet The Designers Who Reinvented Britain After WWIIMercury Sinking, Thanks To New EPA RulesAn Exhibit Exploring Jony Ive’s Design Legacy At AppleA Christmas Calendar Filled With 3-D Printed ChocolatesNo Joke: A Robot That Controls Your Limbs, Instead Of Vice Versa [Video]Scientists Make “God Particle” Announcement, Brazil Gets iTunes Upgrade, Google Maps Street View Explores Post-Tsunami JapanWhy Your Car Is The Next Advertising BattlegroundWTF, Indeed: Politico’s Ben Smith Joins BuzzFeed To Build A “Social News Organization”Adaptu Aims To End Both Overspending, And The Exploding George Costanza WalletThe One Resolution You Need To Make In 2012You Don’t Need An Army When You Have Seal Team 6Why The New Twitter Leaves Me Feeling DisconnectedThe Ideal Holiday Charity Project For Tech Geeks: The Used Cell Phone DriveConcerned About Facebook Privacy? Drink UpThese Sunglasses Will Keep You Happy In Winter’s Dark DaysMcKinsey Announces Social Innovation Contest WinnersStorytelling 2.0: Cowbird Classes Up Our CommunicationMaurizio Cattelan Hangs Ostriches And Horses From The Guggenheim’s Ceiling [Video]6 Secrets To Branding, Ripped From “Raiders Of The Lost Ark”A Debate Over Whether Women Should Be Encouraged To Become EntrepreneursReal-Life FarmVille Expands To Give Users A True Picture Of Modern FarmingAppetite For Disruption: A Tribute To Bill Hicks On His 50th BirthdayThere Are Flame Retardants In Your SodaSan Francisco’s Plan To Keep Cyclists Lit UpBuddy Media’s Michael Lazerow Makes People (Actually) Like Your Facebook PageWhen Are Governments Willing To Pay For Conservation? When It Makes CentsBefore We Starve, Farmers Learn To Adapt From Other FarmersPhotos Capture Abstract Beauty Of… Utility Poles?!Wanted: Stylish Threads That’ll Keep You From Getting Run OverAfter A Disappointing Durban, Time To Think DifferentInfographic Of The Day: America’s Second Language ProblemAnother Kickstarter Record? Scott Wilson’s LunaTik Pen Works On Both Paper And TabletsIf You Build Bike Lanes, People Will Ride In ThemThe Nature That Has Inspired High-Tech AdvancesA Never Before Seen Optical Trick Creates Ultra-Secure CashThe Creepiest Robot Faces You’ve Ever Seen, Courtesy Of “Face Rubber”Architect Reveals The Simple Genius Behind Pasta ShapesInfographic Of The Day: America’s Problem With Second LanguagesHow Expectations Can Turn Anything From Worthless To PricelessMercedes Invents An Ultra-Green Tractor TrailerNew York Times Launches Elections App, Newton’s College Notes Now Online, Mac Store Passes 100 Million AppsSilicon Valley’s Designing Women Give Tips On Talking TechSeriously, Bro: Mark Cuban Invests Big In BrotipsSocial Media And The Future Of The Publishing IndustryCyber Attacks Don’t Take The Holidays OffYour Television Is The New Hot Shop: Meet The Man Behind eBay’s TV Commerce AppIf I Sell You My Company, Will You Respect Me In The Morning?Former Bing Product Lead: Why Personalized Social Search Is Unrealistic (For Now)Ariel Zwang Wields Private-Sector Tactics To Create Safe Horizon For Women & Children“The People’s Skype” And Occupy Wall Street HackathonsGrit: The Top Predictor Of SuccessFilmmakers Recreate Awesome Star-Wars-Era Special Effects