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Business Needs With Those Of Returning VetsSeason’s Greetings! Sincerely Makes Mobile Photos Into Holiday Cards (No Stamps Required)This Week In Bots: When Buck Rogers Became RealThe Greatest Infomercial Parodies Of All Time“Walking Dead”‘s Gale Anne Hurd: Up To Her Neck In Zombie GutsWhat The Bin Laden Raid Teaches About (Project) ExecutionHow To Create A World: Skyrim’s Director On Building A Never-Ending Fantasy5 No-Fail Ways To Elevate A Brand’s Cultural CapitalWerner Herzog Dives “Into The Abyss” With A Triple MurdererIPG Builds Advertising’s Own Media Lab For MarketersThe Big Ideas Inside A New Version Of India’s $35 Aakash TabletThe Sound Of Football Levels The Playing Field For Blind AthletesUPS Air and Ocean FreightWerner Herzog Dives “Into The Abyss” With A Triple MurdererTicketmaster CEO On Brand Hatred: “People Want To Eat My Kids They’re So Angry”The Economics of Disaster: Fragile Supply Chains Tossed By The StormA Global Search For Local Seafood SolutionsYouTube U: The Power Of Stanford’s Free Online EducationInfographic Of The Day: Is “The 1%” Inevitable, Given How Networks Work?Water, Water In The AirMaking Clean Water Profitable With The McDonald’s ModelPhil Pinnell Is Putting Food From Scratch Onto Your Busy TableIPG Builds Advertising’s Own Media Lab For MarketersThe Big Ideas Inside A New Version Of India’s $35 Aakash TabletLive Music Needs A Tuneup To Entice The Audiences Of TomorrowFor Brands On Facebook, Fan Quality Trumps QuantitySteam’s 35 Million Users’ Info Hacked, Calls For NetApp Probe Investigation, Amazon Buys Siri-like YapRick Perry’s Debate Gaffe And What It Teaches Us About Presentation Skills (Or Lack Thereof)Penn State Reminds Us, Darkly: Always Do The Right Thing Now, Not LaterSocial Media Studies: Race, Gender, Class, And Teens’ Online BehaviorSprout Social Turbo-Boosts Its Dashboard For Enterprise Social MediaCain, Perry, Paterno, And Broken PromisesBuilding A Better Chat RoomProtecting iPhones From SnoopersConfigurator 2.0 Turns Customers Into Committed, Raving FansThe Best Way To Deal With Suicidal Employees: Build A Robot KingdomHow China Is Leading The World Into Peak CoalThink Mobile, Act Global [Video]How Google+ And Other “Little Versions Of Facebook” Solve Social Media’s “Big” Problem“Dark Sky” Reinvents Weather Apps With Hyper Local ForecastsInfographic Of The Day: The History Of Dance Music In One Handy TimelineA Manifesto For Living Life To The Fullest, With BikesMicrosoft, AOL, Yahoo Band Together For Ads, Facebook’s Biggest User Will Soon Be India, Adobe Dumps Flash On MobileBacteria Are The New (Tiny) Oil WellsWhy One Teen Dropped Out And Made Paris His Higher EducationModern Alarm Clocks That Aren’t Your SmartphoneWhat Every Company Should Take From Barnes & Noble: A Page From Their Corporate PlaybookAmex Invests $100 Million In Its Future: Digital Ecosystem, Not The Plastic CardCan You Be Damned By Strong Praise? If The Context Is Wrong, AbsolutelyLeadership Hall of Fame: David Allen, Author of “Getting Things Done”Steve Jobs Wasn’t The Einstein Of Our Generation, He Was The PicassoHoney Laundering: The New Crime To Buzz AboutThere Is Big Money In The Underground EconomyThis Article Was Not Written By A ComputerA Maintenance-Free Bike To Give Africans Some MobilityDave Morin Explains Why 150 Is The Magic Number On PathInfographic Of The Day: What’s More Expensive, Prison Or Princeton?Everlane’s Plan To Democratize Designer Goods With Cheap, Crowdsourced StylesAn Infographic Tells You How To Make Your Tweets More ClickableThar She Blows: The Complex Algorithm To Get Wind Turbines The Most WindIntelligent Cities ExpoThe Sound Of Football Levels The Playing Field For Blind AthletesMark Zuckerberg And Sheryl Sandberg Respond To The Great Tech War Of 2012What Would Andy Buy?Google TV Gets A Porn Channel, HP May Sell WebOS, Apple Security Bug On iPhones And iPadsFacebook For The FamousInjecting Some Serious Swagger Into Your Brand PersonalityShould You Hire For Skill Or Spirit?5 Reasons Google Is Sweating AppleWill Google+ Pages Quit Flirting And Get Down To Business?Unlocking Narratives With Tech, Cults, And A Little ParanoiaHow To Uncover Blind Spots When Mapping Your Career PathDoes Swag Work?Wall Street Got Bailouts; What About Your Business? 3 Key Facts About BankruptcyThe Power Potential Of Google+ Pages For BusinessesThis Horrifying Mechanical Spider Is Actually Our FriendNot Just A Pretty Place: Maui’s Smart Grid InnovationEventbrite’s Kevin And Julia Hartz Make Event Ticketing Easy And Cheaper For EveryoneHey, HBO Digital SVP, Why No Netflix-Like Streaming Subscriptions For HBO Go?Longevity Now! 100Plus’s Calculator Will Let You See Your Health FutureRobert Wong On Why Google Plus Is Called Google PlusThe Brands That Survive Will Be The Brands That Make Life BetterA Raincoat For Poop, To Prevent Poisonous SeepageBluefin Mines Social Media To Improve TV AnalyticsInfographic Of The Day: A Visual Guide To Fixing Your HomePaper: It’s Not From Trees AnymoreWith China Film Deals, Relativity Seeks To Explore “Global Stories”Comedians Sound Off On Louis CK’s Latest Funny BusinessBarnes And Noble’s $249 Nook Tablet Revealed To Rival Kindle FireZynx’s Pat Button Empowers Nurses To Provide More-Informed Patient CareLooks To Buy ForHow VPNs Keep Occupy Wall Street Networks Up And ProtestingStarred: The Email That Launched AirbnbMTV’s Nusrat Durrani Introduces Global Beats To U.S. AudiencesGoogle Exemplifies How Not To Release Product UpdatesNook Tablet Kicks Off Flame War With Kindle FireDon’t Call It Hyper Local, Bleacher Report Offering “Hyper Specific” Sports VideosFive Things Every Woman Entrepreneur Should KnowWhat Where They Thinking? For Oreo–And Lots Of Brands–Bigger Isn’t BetterComedians Sound Off On Louis CK’s Latest Funny BusinessHow Jonah Hill Became An Action Hero In Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [VIDEO]