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The Electric Car Has Its RevengeJeremy Mumenthaler — Way Cooler than BieberJeremy Mumenthaler for U.S. PresidentTiny Toilers: Precision-Controlled Microbots Show They Could Take On Industrial-Scale JobsInfographic Of The Day: The Re-Redesigned London Tube MapCrowdsourcing Science Promises Hope For Curing Deadly DiseaseFast Talk: Freewheel CTO Diane Yu On Making Video Into Ad Revenue, Lemons Into LemonadeCan EVs Ignite The Smart Grid?Will The Real 99% Please Stand Up?Microbots That Could Take On Industrial-Scale JobsKey To Ericsson’s Success: Not Taking On The iPhone, Focusing On China And Mobile InfrastructureThe Most Energy Efficient States In The NationiPhone 3GS A Boon For AT&T, RIM’s “BBX” May Be Taken, NYT Publishes Insights From New Steve Jobs BioBad Medicine: There’s No CSR In Health CareWhat Is Your Leadership Legacy?Crowdsourcing Science Promises Hope For Curing Deadly DiseaseTrashy TV With A Message: Soap Opera Attempts To Teach Women About FinancesDon’t Let Work Relationships Become Emotional MinefieldsTrashy TV With A MessageCan EVs Ignite The Smart Grid?The Friendly Skies: Trippy Gets You Traveling With Friend-SourcingKeys To Personal Branding Success, Part OneSolar Energy Is Hottest In The Coldest Places“Steve Jobs” By The NumbersThis Week In Bots: The Flapping, Foam-Spraying, Zombie-Satellite-Tracking, Poop-Scoopin’ EditionMapping The Edtech World, Flipped Classrooms, And More…The Most Energy Efficient States In The Nation“Yes, And…”: Stealing The Rules Of Improv To Design Great Customer ExperiencesChangers Lets You Reap Financial, Social Rewards For Using Solar PowerBad Medicine: The Health-Care Industry Is Failing At Corporate Social ResponsibilityTV That Fits Your Life And Doesn’t Make You DumbBlizzCon And Beyond: Why Companies Promote Games Through Huge EventsAuto Tune: Hyundai Unites Skrillex And The Doors To Make New MusicHow Location Helps Small Businesses Capitalize On Customers [Video]A Video Visualization Of Earth’s Fires From SpaceWeather Channel iPad App Nixes Numbers, Focuses On Real-time VisualsSubway’s $5 Footlong Guy Thinks Fresh On Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 BrandingChangers Lets You Reap Financial, Social Rewards For Using Solar PowerGroupon’s $12 Billion Valuation, Google Wallet Comes To Jersey (Transit), Nokia’s Losses Beat ExpectationsBranchOut Adds Tools To Let Recruiters Go Trolling on FacebookSilicon Valley’s New Hiring StrategyFacebook Friends Don’t Let Friends Forget ThemCalifornia’s Government 2.0: How Local Governments Are Using Technology To Become More AccessibleEdSurge: Mapping The Edtech World, Flipped Classrooms, And More…Your Next High-Paying Job May Be In An Industry That Was Never On Your RadarSurvive Or Thrive–The Choice Is YoursSolar Energy’s Potential Is Hottest In The Planet’s Coldest RegionsContent Is The New CurrencyAuto Tune: Hyundai Unites Skrillex And The Doors To Make New MusicWhy Google And Microsoft Are Bad-Mouthing Apple’s Chatty SiriNobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee And The Roles Of Women In War And PeaceGiving Cameras The Best Autofocus Possible, Autofocus From The Human EyeMaking Solar Panels As Ubiquitous And Efficient As LeavesInfographic Of The Day: China’s Checkbook DiplomacyTwo Laptops And A Mobile Phone: Startup Music From SoundCloud’s Alex LjungTwo Laptops And A Mobile Phone: Startup Music From SoundCloud’s Alex LjungTouching Scenes From Japan’s Cat CafesHow Do You Define Risk?What Will You Do When They Come For You?Why Amazon Will WinWhy Google Will WinWhy Facebook Will WinWhy Apple Will WinThe Great Tech War Of 2012Bill Nguyen: The Boy In The BubbleSix Companies That Should Take The Plunge In 2012For Every Job, There’s Always A Riskier OneWhen Not Taking Action Is The Riskiest Action Of AllIs Your Brain Wired To Take Risks?The Anxieties Of Airbnb CEO Brian CheskyThe Riskiest In Business Are Tall, Male, Young, And (Astrologically) FieryThe World’s Smartest Companies Take Risks, But Not All Of Them Are The Best BetInternational Medical Corps Helps Haiti In Its Long HaulKitschy Light Switches That Double As Decoration, Key Hooks, And Mail HoldersRachel Sussman’s Favorite Tools For Photographing The World’s Oldest Living ThingsPoppin’s Sleek Office Supplies Make You Want To Work At Your DeskJura’s Award-Winning Espresso Maker Cranks Out Barista-Worthy CappuccinosColorful Boucherouite Rugs Pieced From Moroccan Hand-Me-DownsEuropean Offshore Wind ConferenceInternational Comparison Of Teacher QualityColombia Holds World Summit For Youth VolunteeringChevrolet Turns 100Barcelona Hosts World Architecture FestivalGeneric Pharmaceutical ConferenceHow Visa Protects Your DataSysco’s Produce Division Makes Room For Local FarmersRevitalizing The Muppets FranchiseGreenhorn Connect Helps Startups Get On Their Feet, If They’re Good EnoughLaunchRock: A Startup That Helps Other Startups Hype ThemselvesFirst Street Gives Washington Insiders Their Own Social NetworkThe Earl of Sandwich’s Sandwich ManRegina Dugan’s Innovative Strategy For DARPAPrep Schools Lead The Way On Sustainable LivingHybrid Air Vehicles Make Gains On Traditional AirplanesMarketers Use Email Cookies To Develop Personalized AdsFast Fix September 2011David Bohrman Takes Over Current TV As PresidentReader’s Feedback: September 2011Novelist Consuelo Saah Baehr On Why The Amazon Kindle Is The New Printing PressLinkedIn Editorial Director Dan Roth Taps Users To Streamline ContentVirgin’s “Project” Magazine Editor Anthony Noguera Takes Content Users On A JourneyeBay Fashion’s Andrea Linett On Creating Fashion-Forward Original ContentWeb Production Gurus Diane Charles And Ron Qurashi On Lisa Kudrow And LexusFrom The Editor: Four Of A KindThe TSA Spent $56.8 Billion To Keep Us Safe. Did It Work?Why Censoring Climate Science Doesn’t Make SenseThe Mainstreaming Of Fair TradeGoogle+ Will Support Pseudonyms In The Future, PlayStation Vita Launch Date Announced, Google And Samsung Unveil Galaxy Nexus10th Anniversary: George Harrison’s DeathMacy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeRichard Branson On The Environmental Impact Of Space TravelA Global Plan For Sustainable AgricultureA Global Plan For Sustainable AgricultureWant To Charge Your Car For As Cheap As Possible? There’s An App For ThatInvesting In Leadership To Advance Capitalism And The WorldThe Mainstreaming Of Fair TradeThe Ad Men Behind Occupy George, Occupy Wall Street Infographics Printed On Dollar BillsWhy Censoring Climate Science Doesn’t Make SenseInfographic: People Are Starving, But There Is Enough Food To Go AroundCat Stroking, Not Facebook Poking, Satisfies Needs For Real InteractionUse This App To Charge Your Car For CheapThe Demographics Of Occupy Wall StreetBranson On The Impact Of Space TravelThe Tech That Will Prevent The Next Big Foodborne Illness OutbreakGM’s Wireless Safety Net Warns Drivers About Dangerous SituationsHere Comes A Regular: Offers Digital Replacements For Paper PunchcardsRenewable Rubber The Next Step For Truly Oil-Free CarsThe Future Of The Grid Is In The Developing WorldMeet The Man Behind The Zombie PenguinKevin Rose’s Oink App Will Allow You To Rate Anything AnywhereStage Fright Is Nothing To Be Afraid Of$1 Bills Defaced With Occupy Wall Street ChartsGary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferriss, And Seth Godin Throw Their Weight Behind Shopify’s Build A Business ContestKinect TV And Sesame Street Hack The Next Generation Of TVInfographic Of The Day: What Are The Darkest Parts Of The Bible?Forget Extending The Power Grid, The U.S. Should Act More Like A Developing NationWebsense Is Facebook’s Bug (And Spam) ExterminatorProtest, Music, And #OWS OpportunismApple Hits $28.27B In Quarterly Revenues, Virgin Galactic Dedicates Spaceport, Twitter Signups Spike After iOS 5The Real Role Of Anonymous In Occupy Wall StreetCostolo: Twitter Has “More Money Than We’ll Need For A Long Time,” And 250 Million Tweets A DayAre User Behavior Analytics The Real Predictors Of Customer Engagement?Renewable Rubber The Next Step For Truly Oil-Free CarsRIM Needs To Stop Researching And Get Its BBM, A** In Motion9 Steps To Building A Brand That Breaks Through The NoiseGM’s Wireless Safety Net Warns Drivers About Dangerous SituationsSwarm Robots Come In PeaceAnti-Social Media: “Take This Lollipop” Is Your Facebook Profile Through A Psychopath’s EyesHaving Fun With Your Personal BrandWhat Apple Will And Won’t Share TodayBuilding A Business Around FrenemiesWhat Were They Thinking? Orbitz, The Lava Lamp Of Soft DrinksThe Tech That Will Prevent The Next Big Foodborne Illness OutbreakVisual Revenue Founder Dennis R. Mortensen Hijacks Your Homepage For Bigger Ad DollarsTurning Scientists Into Savvy EntrepreneursThe Wisdom of Cars20 Riskiest Business Moves Of 2011The Anti-Sub GameInfographic Of The Day: A Video History Of The iPhoneMimicking Squid Skin To Create Perfect Instantaneous CamouflageThe Bay Bank Tries To Create A Market For ConservationKen Dumps Barbie To Save The RainforestWork Smart: Overcoming The Addiction To “Insecurity Work”Recyclebank’s Plan To Make London Residents More Physically ActiveMeet China’s Eco CopsSpurlock Penetrates The Nerd Herd In Comic-Con DocThe Bay Bank Tries To Create A Market For Conservation9 Great Things To Ask Siri Now And In 2012iPhone 4S Sales Top 4 Million, RIM To Offer Free Apps For Outage, Wireless Users To Get Overage AlertsThe Secret To Dealing With Difficult People: It’s About YouThe Email From Alexis Ohanian That Kicked Off Reddit. Seriously, BroEve Blossom Is Building A Beautiful Supply ChainThe NSF I-Corps Is Turning Scientists Into Savvy EntrepreneursBrands Need To Get Comfortable With Less Control In Social BusinessKen Dumps Barbie, Leading Mattel To Rethink Its Rainforest RelationshipWhat It Takes To Get A Job At GoogleAirbnb’s Small Army Of Photographers Are Making You (And Them) Look GoodActivision’s Toy Line, Skylanders, Puts A New Spin On “Mobile” GamingAn Illustrated Guide To Our Session At Chicago Ideas WeekThe State Of Social Media 2011: Social Is The New Normal