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Infographic of the Day: Silicon Valley’s Nebulous Money NetworkBraun Returns To High-Style Roots, With Stunning New WatchesA Giant Homage to Old Microsoft Screensavers, Made of Nails and String [Video]Joulies: Metal Beans Keep Your Coffee At Perfect Temp For Over Five HoursA Bike Rack That Rises in the Sky Like a Ferris WheelYou Asked, and Rick Answers: A Revamp Of the Sherwin-Williams LogoWork Smart: 5 Rules for Remembering Names“Photos” Use Call of Duty Videogames To Capture The Ravages of Modern WarMonitor Arm Flexes More Than Gumby, Eases Work On A TouchscreenMIT’s 150th Birthday: The Network EffectForget the Environment, High-Speed Rail Is Good for BusinessiFive: Facebook’s Green Servers, Intel Invests in Kno, Google Checkin Offers, StumbleUpon’s Billion “Finds,” Google GivesFacebook’s Next Hardware Project: Data StorageWind Farms Often Don’t Produce as Much Energy as Advertised: ReportLOLGov: The State Department Launches a TumblrWill Facebook’s Open Compute Project Accelerate Data Center Innovation?Developing Countries–The New Frontier?The 10 Most Innovative Companies in EducationWe Need Windshield Displays In Cars, But Big Challenges RemainSeven Myths About Transmedia Storytelling DebunkedIntel’s Bet on Kno and the Future of TabletsSEC Considering Changes in Startup Regulation, Google May Benefit From Shutdown, and more…Building Community Using Social TechnologyMove Over Earth, Wind & Fire: Sun, Air, and Water May One Day Power EverythingAmerican Express: Success Through InclusionNetbook King Acer Sets Sights on Quality TabletsCan Killing Virtual Trees Save Real Paper?The China-Europe-America SmackdownAre You Excited About Your Business Execution & Collaboration?Kayak Says DOJ Mandates on Google’s ITA Acquisition Are Sufficient to Protect Travel CompetitorsApple Round-Up: Hybrid Connectors, Smart Bezels, and the Elusive iPhone 5 TimelineCleaning Up Oil Spills With a Swarm of Autonomous SailboatsSustainability That LastsThe Solar Industry Responds to Claims of Supply-Chain DirtinessJohn Legend Talks $1 Million Education PrizeCustomer Intimacy vs. Operations Excellence: Why Not Have Both?Chickileaks: McDonald’s and a Strange Farm-Fresh Chicken Campaign in ChinaThat Hot Librarian Fantasy? A New App Makes it Even HotterNational Volunteer WeekA Hospital Where Nature Helps Heal [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: Are U.S. Cities Like Detroit Really Dying?Infographic Of The Day: Are U.S. Cities Like Detroit Really Dying?Obama Resurrects Carbon Offsets (Nobody Says Thanks)What If You Could Gauge Your Health With Color-Coded Poo?Wanted: A Planter for Growing Vertical Gardens IndoorsPaintings Turn Corporate Logos Into Abstract Art [Slideshow] Wants To Make It Easy to Hire Infographic GeniusVirgin’s Airport Terminal of the Future: Slick, Recycled, and Featuring Food You Want to EatFeeling Stressed Over Not Having the Time to Be a Domestic Goddess?World Health DayiFive: Twitter’s Growth, YouTube Gets “Channels,” iPad Delays RIM PlayBook, Apple Orders Huge Data Store, Facebook Phone ArrivesHow To Turn Climate Skeptics Into Believers: Argue With Them On Warm DaysShoot ‘Em Up, Biblical Style: West Bank Settlers Commission Video GamesHow This 20-Year-Old Israeli Entrepreneur Sold an Army General on His AppBing Launches iPad App Featuring Flipboard-like NewsThe Anti-Blockbuster Way: Disrupt Your Business Rituals Before Someone Else DoesChrome Goes Tablet, Virus-Free Browsing, Gamestop’s Facebook Store, and More…The Art of Listening OnlineShopping Can Save Your LifeDeb Mills-Scofield, Business Innovation MavenIs Larry Page’s “Rip the Band-Aid Off” Approach to Reorg Good for Google?The Last Word in BrandingDirect Thought Control of a Computer’s Cursor: Say Hello to Your Mind-Reading PCGE Building Astoundingly Thin Solar Panels (and the Biggest Solar Factory in the U.S.)The Bank of Facebook: How Will Facebook Interact in the Global Economy?SAFE: A Formula to Decide Which Endangered Species Have the Best ShotReport: Google Ties 25% of Employee Bonuses to Success in SocialSAFE: A Formula to Decide Which Endangered Species Have the Best ShotShopping Can Save Your LifeGoogle Isn’t Defending Android From Segmentation–A Secret Success PlanTen Steps to a Successful StartupHow To Turn Climate Skeptics Into Believers: Argue With Them On Warm DaysGet ’em While They’re Young: Apple to Sell iPads at Toys “R” UsOn Facebook, the Medium Is the MessageWhat It’s Like To Fly Alongside a Virgin Galactic Spaceship [video]Rome2Rio, a Vehicle-Agnostic Travel Site, LaunchesHold an Audience in the Palm of Your HandWhat Happens When Solar Power Is as Cheap as CoalGE Building Astoundingly Thin Solar Panels (and the Biggest Solar Factory in the U.S.)One Hand Clapping: Entrepreneurship in Ann Arbor, MichiganFearful of Genetically-Modified Crops? You’re Too LateSmartphone’s Tracking Geodata May Be as Personal as Your DNAThe Last-Minute TravelerSilicon Valley Toxics Coalition Reveals the Secret Dirtiness of the Solar Power IndustryWhat It’s Like To Fly Alongside a Virgin Galactic Spaceship [video]A Beautiful Retirement Home That Looks Like Minimal Sculpture [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: The GOP’s War Against the Youth VoteWanted: New Michael Graves House-Cleaning Tools For TargetUPS Infographic of the Day: Celebrating 200 Million+ Miles Driven with Alternative Fuel VehiclesMinox’s Micro-Sized Retro Chic Digital Camera Is Like Mini LeicaSketchChair Lets You Doodle And Print Out Flat-Pack FurnitureInfographic of the Day: The GOP’s War Against the Youth VoteWhat the Rise of Univision Means for Your BrandiFive: Netflix Gets Mad Men, NYT Defends Paywall, Toyota Pulls iPhone Jailbreak Ads, Congress Vs FCC, Teens Love iPhonesTwitter Now a Source for Bernie Madoff-ish Investment ReturnsGOP’s Paul Ryan Goes Hollywood to Sell Federal BudgetFacebook’s Virtual Solutions for Actual Potholes, CrimeNanoparticle Rubber Stamps Could Help Heal WoundsDish Buys Blockbuster for $320 Million. Why?Out To Sea With The Summit SeriesWhite iPhone Becomes White Elephant, Report Shows Strong Facebook Sharing ROI, Branson Dives Deep, and More…Fearful of Genetically-Modified Crops? You’re Too LateHow Startups Can Use Metrics to Drive SuccessFive Ways That Apps Can Keep America From Getting FatterA Tale of Two Touchscreen Smartphone Rumors: The iPhone 5 And HP’s WebOS CloneGreen Living for an Aging PopulationLiving History: How Video Games Can Surpass FilmLinkedIn Takes Its Shot at Facebook, Going Live With Shares and Sign-insThe Problem With Elevator PitchesTwitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey and the Ideas That Sparked a RevolutionWhat Happens When Solar Power Is as Cheap as CoalRaise Your Hand If You Are Looking for a Job!MyVoice, a Great App for the Speech-Disabled, Is Foursquare Meets Text-to-SpeechYour Brand Has Thousands of Facebook Fans–What Is the ROI?Do You Know What Makes People Click? Come Work for Fast CompanyMicrosoft, Toyota Announce $12 Million Partnership for “Ultimate Mobile Device”Why Our Ability to Believe Precedes Our Capacity to AchieveSelling Something Other Than AdsInfographic of the Day: How America Describes Itself In Dating ProfilesMilan Preview: Nendo Invents “Transparent Wood”Inspiring and Adorable: White House Announces STEM Video Game WinnersNextEra Energy – New name, same oligopoly at best, monopoly at worst.PlayStation’s Jack Tretton on 3-D Games and the Gamification of BusinessEco-Powered Lighting Tackles New York’s Shortage of Ball FieldsA Shopping Mall With Dancing Facade, as Pretty as a Museum [Video]Eye Candy: Gorgeous, Graphic Installation Inspired by Dazzle Camouflage [Slideshow]iFive: TI Buys National Semic., Twitter Monetizes Fire Hose, Apple Wins Patent Suit, Living Social’s New Funds, Google AntitrustHow Pumping Gas Today Will Impact Humans in 100,000 YearsSilicon Valley Toxics Coalition Reveals the Secret Dirtiness of the Solar Power IndustrySmartphone Apps Face Grand Jury Probe Over Privacy IssuesAre Facebook and Twitter the Best Ways for Brands to Reach Consumers?The Epsilon Breach: How Worried–and Angry–Should You Be?The 10 Most Innovative Web CompaniesTimothy Gifford and Anjana Bhat on Using Robots to Help Autistic ChildrenHulu Profits Approach the Big B, Genetically Gifted Sleepless Elite, France’s Ironic Privacy Rules, and More…To Create a True CSR Culture, You Have to Start with Wall StreetFBI Crowdsources Cryptography in Murder MysteryRussia, U.S. Plan a Nuclear-Powered Space Rocket, Making Mars Mission More FeasibleBitchin’ Kitchen’s Hilarious Recipe for Web SuccessI Encourage Entrepreneurs to Ignore the Word “Bubble”America 2049: A Star-Studded Facebook Game That’s Ambitiously All Over the PlaceDo It Yourself Water ConservationBehold the iPad Effect: With PC Sales Expected to Slow, Analysts Lower Stock-Price TargetsThe Dilemma’s Innovator: Innovation and Change as the New Pillars of BusinessFast Company Honored as National Magazine Awards Finalist for ExcellenceTwitter Launches New Programs to Help Goose RevenueWhy I Appreciate StarbucksGoogle, eBay, and Facebook Take on France Over User PrivacyDo You Measure Up?Why Caring for Your Customers Is Good for BusinessReppler Is the Morning After Pill for Your Facebook ProfileDesign Thinking Is A Failed Experiment. So What’s Next?Hocus Pocus With a Design FocusHexidecimally Lingual: Websites Must Speak 16 Languages to Go GlobalWhat Pat Williams Teaches Us About Coach John Wooden and LifeHow A Kitchen Design Could Make It Easier To Bond With NeighborsInfographic of the Day: How America Describes Itself In Dating ProfilesAn Executed Convict Returns to Life, in Mind Blowing 3-D Light PaintingsBMW’s DriveNow App Outsmarts ZipcarA High-Design Bowling Alley Inspired by “There Will Be Blood” [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: 15 Facts About America’s Income InequalityEngineered Bacteria Can Convert Sunlight, CO2 Into Diesel FuelInfographic of the Day: 15 Facts About America’s Income InequalityDon Draper Meets Alvar Aalto, In Retro-Chic Photos [Slideshow]Artek Pushes Minimalist Lighting to the LimitMilan Preview: Kartell’s New Disappearing FurnitureFinal Four ChampionshipMemo to Marketers: I Want My Data Back!Are Extreme Bacteria The Secret To A Clean Fuel Source?The National Mall: The World’s First Location Aware Music AlbumClever Mobile Carts Remake a Chic Boutique In a JiffyiFive: Google Slips in China, Anonymous Hits Sony, Apple Jailbreakers Get Ads, Sony Reveals iPhone 5 Cam, Google’s New/Old CEOWhat the Google Buzz-FTC Settlement Means for the “Apology Approach” to InnovationApple, Intel Have Stopped Using Conflict MineralsIBM Research: The Semiconductor Industry’s Nanotechnology Can Be NanomedicineApple Going After Color, Instagram With iPhone’s Social “Photo Stream”Google’s Digital Library Failed–Can Academics Succeed?Videoconferences Are Awkward and Not Super Useful, Right? MIT’s Kinect Hack Can HelpNoise Pollution Is Secretly Killing You, Says a New StudyWikipedia’s Librarian To The WorldEngadget Abandons AOL, Google Hunts Patent Protection, a Beautiful iPhone Rumor Infographic, and More…Google Global Science FairGlobal Is the New NormalElectronics Made From Human Blood Cells Suggest Cyborg Interfaces, Spark NightmaresHillary Clinton’s Senior Tech Advisor Talks “Radical” Global CitizenshipOutraged! Will The New York Times Avoid Blockbuster’s fate?Fact, Fiction, and the New $1 Billion Lawsuit Against Mark ZuckerbergThe Apple Core Stood in Line for iPad2 — Why??What Engadget’s Gang Can Learn From StumbleUponEngineered Bacteria Can Convert Sunlight, CO2 Into Diesel FuelThe iPhone’s Far From “Dead in the Water”Tech Bubble 2.0: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?Noise Pollution Is Secretly Killing You, Says a New StudyFacebook Theatre: A Living HellApple, Intel Have Stopped Using Conflict MineralsInnovation Agents: Britta Gross, Director of GM’s Global Energy Systems and Infrastructure CommercializationWould You Trade the Endangered Species Act for a Clean Energy Revolution?A Nanotech Cream May Prevent Nickel AllergiesNo Good Deed Goes Unpunished? Madonna and YouAre the Oil Barons Panicking? Saudi Arabia to Spend $100 Billion on Renewable EnergyHow to Soften the Blow of Bad News for an EmployeeRubber Chicken on April Fools? Scientist Turns Feathers Into Eco-PlasticKevin Rose Thinks We Need Another Idea Incubator, and He Might Be RightNew SCORE Site Helps Coach Small BusinessesGenetically Modified Showdown: Monsanto Sued by Organic FarmersFor America’s Cities, the Future Can Be Found in the Past