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Lisa Kavanaugh: When should you email vs. picking up the phone?Steve Martocci: How do you create a corporate culture from scratch?Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley and Others Talk Check-Ins, Serendipity at SXSW–Watch Live!Super Sell Out: Morgan Spurlock’s “Greatest Movie Ever Sold” Bows at SXSWWhat Happens When David & Goliath Team UpPatent Director: “Patent Filings Do Not Equal Innovation,” U.S. Needs New MeasureTED Opens Up the Firehose of Data and Talks for Developers to Play [Exclusive]Power-Making Party People: Dance Floor Generates ElectricityA Carbon Fiber Guitar Packs Big Sound in a Little BodyTop Apps, Links, And Tricks If You’re Going to SXSW–And If You’re NotHow a Campus Lawn Becomes a No-Dig Permaculture Garden (Video)Infographic of the Day: A Mind-Blowing History of Sci-FiWanted: A Beach Cruiser Bike That Looks Ultra ToughInfographic Of The Day: A Mind-Blowing History Of Sci-FiToxic Chemicals, Pollution Killing Bees Around the World: ReportAutomatically Replicating MakerBot Invasion at SXSW! 3-D Printing Goes GangstaiFive: iPad Sales Anticipated, Intel’s India Investment, YouTube Hires Staff, Gmail Voice Call Tweak, Sony NGP Hits Europe FirstTell All Your Friends! GroupMe Texting Service Takes SXSWInstapaper 3.0 Means Social Sharing Your Favorite StoriesGoogle’s Looming Antitrust InquiryPlease Mr. Scandinavian Postman: Text Me!Debunking the “Supermoon” Theory of Japan’s Earthquake and TsunamiRobokind Robots: They’re Just Like Us!Miami the Flirtiest City in the U.S., Says BadooSXSW Housing Crunch a Boon for Crowdsourced Hosting…if It WorksHow Smart Design Made a Home-Energy Device Simple Enough for Your Grandma to UseGoogle, Local Platforms Respond to Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake Crisis7 Ways to Experience South by Southwest Without Actually Being ThereIs This the iPhone 5?Deepwater Horizon: The MovieHow Japan’s Atomic Emergency Should Inform Our Nuclear-Powered FutureWelcome to the EGOsystem: How Much Are You Worth?Google Amps Up 3-D Digital London to Delight Royal Wedding WatchersHope for HP’s CultureMaintain a Startup Attitude for a Passionate OfficeBloggers, Rejoice: Flattr Uses Social Media to Reward Content CreatorsHow a Billion-Dollar Idea Came From One QuestionFast Company at SXSWFast Company From Cover to Cover: Jan 2001 to Dec 2001Fast Company From Cover to Cover: Jan 2002 to Dec 2002Ikea Whips Up Lovely Cooking Videos to Push Its Kitchen ToolsPaper Sculptures That Resemble Impossibly Fragile Vases [Slideshow]Pop-Up Restaurant Will Sit Atop Famous Buildings and MountainsInfographics of the Day: Pictoral Recipes That Actually Teach You CookeryInfographics of the Day: Pictoral Recipes That Actually Teach You CookeryGeek Dream: 100 Old Video Game Joysticks Become Alarm Clocks [Slideshow]Wanted: Fuego’s Portable Grill Makes It Easy to BBQ AnywhereiFive: AOL Job Cuts, SpaceX Expands Facility, Apple-Canon Partnership, UAV Automatic Refueling, Pop-Up Apple SXSW StoreStreet Artist JR Asks People Worldwide to Lend Him Their EyesFirefox VP: Say Goodbye to FlashAhoy, Matey! South Africa Launches Pirate Satellite, a Kickstarter for PhotojournalistsNPR Scandal Explodes Plans for New Social Media CampaignOld Spice Man Marketing, Redux: What Went Right–and What Did NotThese E-books Will Self-Destruct After Reading: HarperCollins to LibrariesNFC’s Great, but Rumors of Credit Cards’ Death Are Greatly ExaggeratedEver Fancied Becoming a Hero?iPad 2 Reviews Reveal How iPad 1 Blew the CurveDriptech Makes a Splash as China Invests $600 Billion in Water ConservationDo Sponsored Tweets Work? @CharlieSheen Shows Us the MoneyKurt Vonnnegut on “Having Enough”: A Reminder From the No Asshole RuleWill Your Brand Survive?Gates, USAID, World Bank Invest $50 Million to Save At-Risk MothersIntroducing the 3-D Printed BicycleWhat’s Wrong With a 95% Service Level?iPad ADD Is More Acute Than AnticipatedSticky, Not Smarmy: How to Introduce Your StartupWatermelon Express for iPad Makes Test Prep FunThe Ruthless Enforcement of Arbitrary RulesA Tale of Two UI’s: Tunisia Goes Open-Source, Hungary Uses iPad for New ConstitutionThe Lost Boys Found: Marketing to Men Through GamesHow LinkedIn Today Will Change Your Social Media LifeFlipboard Upgrade Boosts Speed, Integrates Social Search and InstagramWhy All Your Bulbs May Soon Be LEDsTo Lure Tourists, Norway Invests $377 Million in Stunning Nature Lookouts [Slideshow]A Haute-Couture Take on the Sexy-Nurse CostumeShorting Celebrity: Meet the Innovators Cashing in on Famous Flame-outsInfographic of the Day: Subway Map Morphs Based on Travel TimesFlow Lets You Split To-Do Lists With Others, Takes Aim at BasecampInfographic of the Day: When the Earth Warms, Who Suffers?Can Beautiful Turbines Help Critics Embrace Wind Energy?Fly Above a World of Fractals, Right in Your Browser [Video]Infographic of the Day: When the Earth Warms, Who Suffers?Kitschy Letter Openers Make Paper Mail Fun AgainWhat Starbucks Taught Us About Redesigning College CampusesWhy Is Monsanto Backing an Algae Fuel Startup?DailyBooth Wants Your Next Status Update to Be a Photo, Gets Investment to HelpiFive: PlayBook’s Music Store, Apps vs Open Source, Apple Switches Chip Maker, Microsoft Cloud Music Plan, FTC vs Patent TrollsThe Future of the Tablet, and It Isn’t the iPad 2Foursquare Gets “Specials”–a Whole New Merchant PlatformCSI: Email–Unmasking Anonymous MessengersThe Trouble With Solar BoomsNPR CEO Vivian Schiller “Ousted” Amid Political FalloutToday in Nanotech Developments: The Pretty and the PowerfulText to Change Takes on Child TraffickingNew App Turns Your E-Reader Into a GPS UnitA New Way to Teach Entrepreneurship – The Lean LaunchPad at Stanford: Class 1China’s Health Care Reform Could Save Consumers $1.5 BillionAmerican Expat Helps Hong Kong Startups Find FootingWalmart and HP: Founded on People Power12 Reasons for B2B Marketers to Start Shooting Video TodayHere’s a Map of the Humanitarian Crisis Hotspots in Libya (Don’t Tell Gaddafi)What Facebook and Apple Know That YOU Don’tWhat Makes a Smarter City? IBM Bets on 24 WinnersA Matter of CharacterOnly Outthinkers Will Survive Today’s Paradigm ShiftFlex and the C-Suite: John Parry, CEO of Solix, “Removes the Noise From the System”Gollum Shmollum: Kinect Hack Does CGI Animation on the CheapGoogle AdWords: Helping People Sleep Safe at NightVeriFone Talks Smack: Does Square Actually Have Security Flaws?Results: Charlie Sheen Pulls in 400,000 Clicks for Tweet SponsorshipEVs Gain Traction as Toyota Prius Sales Hit 3 MillionCorporate Smugglers: Championing Ideas Under the RadarPersonalized iPad Magazine Zite Learns As You Read, Challenges FlipboardA New York Loft That Makes a Cavernous Space Feel HumanCan We Make Electronics Without Factories? The Future of Gadget DesignMIT Media Lab’s Brilliant New Logo Has 40,000 Permutations [Video]Celebrating 100 Years of International Women’s DayFast Company From Cover to Cover: Jan 2000 to Dec 2000Foster to Give Hong Kong a Super-Sized Art DistrictInfographic of the Day: Subway Map Morphs Based on Travel TimesHardwood Floors Follow Trees’ Natural Shape, Getting More From LessIs This Charlie Sheen’s Social Media Guru?Hoping to Win Over a Town, Facebook Holds Urban Planning “Hack-a-thon”Mardi Gras MamboCELEBRATE | International Women’s Day Marks 100th AnniversaryHow Designer Marc Ecko Is Using Foursquare to Spank School Spankers [Exclusive]iFive: Microsoft Pays Nokia $1B, Facebook Movie Rentals, Adobe Morphs Flash, Nokia’s Music Phone, Angry Birds on FacebookWomen Farmers a Force in Fighting Global Food Shortages: ReportShould Financial Literacy Be Mandatory?Road Warriors Rejoice! LiquidSpace Finds You a Connected Place to WorkAccelerating Change in the Workplace: Lessons from North AfricaOur Robot Overlords Will Walk Like Us–And Among Us8 Must- Reads About Digital Distraction and Information OverloadAre You Afraid of Good Ideas?Nearly 20% of Female Chinese Managers Are CEOsMore Reasons Creativity Sucks: Creative People Seen as Having Less Leadership PotentialThe Mysterious Case of the $12,500 Groupon DiscountWarner Bros. to Offer Facebook Movies on Demand: Will Other Studios Follow Suit?Happy Birthday StarbucksAT&T to More Sluggish Verizon: Can You Hear Me Now?Which Companies Are Worth Admiring?Hackers Discover Google’s Unreleased Cloud-Based Music ServiceBeware “Angels”Does Moore’s Law Suddenly Matter Less?China Trying to Harness 2 Trillion Tons of Coal Reserves for Global Energy DominanceInternational Women’s Day: Women’s Leadership on Nonprofit BoardsPC Industry Is Apple’s PlaythingThe Secret Life of Customer Advisory Boards, Part 3Al Jazeera Launching English-Language Children’s ChannelIceland’s Clean Energy Is a Hot Commodity for EuropeEmployees at Four Seasons Will Give You the Shoes Off Their FeetWall Clock Turns Time Into a Colorful Venn DiagramTiny Loans; Global Change: Three Women Who Turned Pennies Into EmpowermentWorld’s First Bionic Eye Approved for Use in Europe [Video]Art Made of Infinite Reflections Evokes the Massiveness of Famous Skyscrapers [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: The Next 25 Years in Emerging TechPeel Kills Remotes and Your Cable Company’s Crappy UIInfographic of the Day: The Next 25 Years in Emerging TechPractical Advances in Everyday LivingDigital Music Revenues to Hit $20 Billion by 2015Steamy E-Reads: Avon Launches Digital Romance Novel Imprint, Amateurs WelcomeiFive: Twitter’s Value Doubles, Al Jazeera’s Social Show, Verifone Embraces Wireless Payment, PS3s Impounded, China Hacks FranceThe PlugShare App Directs You to the Nearest Electric Vehicle Charge SpotMicrosoft Chases Google, Ups Bing Search Speed to InstantHow an Algae Biofuel Company Ended Up in the Cosmetics BusinessExoskeletal Arm Gives Everyday Laborers Superhuman Strength, EnduranceGoogle AdWords Now Easier to Use, Less Headache-InducingGowalla to Launch “Groupon or Living Social-type” Rewards at SXSWU.K. Launches Growth and Innovation FundApple’s iPhone 5 May Get an All-Metal Makeover–Is That a Good Thing?Egyptian Protesters Raid State Security, Post Government Secrets to FacebookWill the Human, Non-Geminoid Henrik Scharfe Please Stand Up?Don’t Mess With Mother NatureBiofuel-Harvesting Palm Oil Plantations Drive CO2 Levels HigherThe Financial Meltdown Was the Result of Too Little RiskSocial Media and the Need for New Business ModelsSleepy Kochi, India, Gets a “SmartCity”BlogHer: How a Network Became a Curated CommunitySkype Dials for Dollars With In-App AdsWhy Brands That Do Good Must Also Do It WellDon’t Text and Drive: ZoomSafer Automatically Locks Your Phone While on the RoadSerious Beauty, Looks MatterCockpit Tech Gets a Lift From the iPadLessons From Charlie SheenGoogle Shifts Toward Content Creation With Purchase of Next New NetworksHow to Make 100 Organizations in the Same Industry More Flexible… Key Lessons LearnedResearchers Produce Gasoline-Like Fuel Directly From Switchgrass, Corn StalksDon’t Touch My Junk Bro…or SisWanted: Cubelets, Toy Blocks That Link to Become Robots [Video]Minimalist Posters Depict the Essence of Mental DisordersA Mesmerizing Music Video Made Using Google EarthGoogle Exec’s Hobby: Installing Tiny Dioramas on Empty CeilingsVideo Game Ad Treats You Like an iPad-Obsessed SheepSign of the Times: Camo That Outwits Facebook’s Facial Recognition