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Is Social Media too “Dirty” for Traditional Journalism?A Space-Age Crib for a Couple That Sees Clutter as a Sin [Slideshow]An Artist Who Sculpts From Paper, Like Others Might With Clay [Slideshow]At Square, Jack Dorsey and Keith Rabois Are OCD About DesignUsing Digital Mojo, Chair Revamps Eames’s Famed Plywood TechniquesInfographic of the Day: How the Green Bay Packers Won Super Bowl XLVA Book About Dreams With Hyperlinks Made of ThreadInfographic of the Day: How the Green Bay Packers Won Super Bowl XLVBOOM! Palm Springs Plans a Wacky, $250m Old Folks’ Community for Gays [Slideshow]Can a PepsiCo-Powered Crowd of Scientists Rescue Moms and Infants From Malnutrition?iGuardianTeen App Spies on Your Kid’s Driving HabitsiFive: Nokia Job Losses and Microsoft Deal, Sony Move to Be Hackable, PayPal Micropayments, iPhone Mini, Egypt Phone EncryptionNokia Reveals Microsoft Partnership–But Doesn’t Kill Its Own OSWith Oscar Spotlight on “Sun Come Up,” Film Director Launches “House-Raising” CampaignHow Netflix Plans to Fend Off Amazon, Hulu Plus, HBO, and Time WarnerNBC’s “The 20” Gives Local Twitterati Their Ron Burgundy MomentsGroupon Says Super Bowl Ads “Execution Was Off,” Pulls Them From TV, YouTubeCan Robots Save ObamaCare’s Doctor Shortage?Paging Dr. Awesome: Kinect Hack Lets Surgeons Play With RobotsRe-Booting Valentine’s Day for GoodDefense Dept. Research Arm DARPA Tackles StorytimeMobile, Citizen-Driven Service Bridges Reporting Gap in Aid IndustryLast Call for Relevance: Why Digg May Never Find Its Way Back$39 Billion Mobile Phone Scam Threatens to Destabilize Indian GovernmentGroupon’s Superbowl: Social media (C)PRCompanies Managing Their Carbon Footprint: Winners and LosersYou May Now Google the BrideWhen Will the Social Media Gatekeepers Arrive?Think of the Children! Kiddie Games Site Abandons Free Model, Provoking Toddler IreBaked In: Fashion Site Polyvore Taps an Army of Anna WintoursA Loaf, a Jug, a Solar Panel: Green Energy Now on Aisle 9What Does the Word “Sustainability” Mean for Big Companies?The Nature of Change and New LeadershipOpenLeaks-WikiLeaks Smackdown Reveals Theft and Foul Play in Leak LandTimes Square: Jack Dorsey’s Mobile Payment Co. Blows $3K Budget on NYC Billboard [Updated]China Turns to Tech to Fight Political Corruption“Dirt Cheap” Seaweed Chips Spot DiseaseWhat Does Eating Chocolate in Bogota, Colombia Have to Do With Culture Change in Your Organization?Pandora, Innovative Internet Radio Station, Files For $100M IPOTake Back Your AttentionThe Best Kinect Hack Yet: Moullinex’s New Music VideoThe Untold Story of How My Dad Helped Invent the First Mac8 Bright Concepts for Portable Gadgetry [Slideshow]Blow-Up Architecture for Throwing Parties Anywhere [Slideshow]Art the NRA Would Love: Drawings Made of Bullet Holes [Slideshow]Palm Oil Giant Agrees to Set More Sustainable Standards in IndonesiaThe Giving Economy: Hans Schoenburg of GiftFlow.OrgWanted: A Dish for Politely Disposing of Olive PitsBOOM! Palm Springs Plans a Wacky, $250m Retirement Community for GaysArtist Taps a Cast of Thousands to Create Abstract Drawings [Video]Ex-Cons Transform a Factory Into a Dazzling Recycled Office [Slideshow]Creators of Beloved Peacock Logo on NBC’s New Look: Yuck!How Tech Is Helping the Haiti RecoveryiFive: Chinese Web Spying, Twitter on Sale at $10 Billion?, iPad 3 Rumors, Nokia-Microsoft Phones, Designer Dolls-Up “Square”HP’s New WebOS Devices and the Future of TabletsThe Middle East Cyberwar: “New Media Fighters” Battle Attacks in Israel and TurkeyTrash or Treasure? Chemical Production Startup Genomatica Transforms Garbage Into Industrial GoldGreen Is Good? Study Says New EPA Regs Clean Air While Fattening WalletsApple, Facebook, and the Coming War Over Casual GamingYahoo’s New Digital Tablet Newsstand Takes on Flipboard, Google, AppleThe Solution for Unrest in Your Gas TankFrom Italy (Naturally), Spinal Implants Shaped Like PastaObama’s Quest to Bring Wi-Fi to the Hills and HollersGet Inside the Mind of an Angel InvestorGoogle Adds Phone-Centric Double Stage Account Login for Security3 Chinese Social Media Must Do’sTech and the Tea Party: Why Verizon and AT&T Are Donating to RepublicansIs Corporate Social Responsibility Stealing Money From Shareholders?Nothing’s New$500 iRobot Hack Lets You Be Two Places at OnceRegulation Takes Aim at Reputation: Dodd-Frank’s Conflict Minerals ProvisionStumbling on Customer ServiceUSA Today Tries to Augment Print News With Digital Data Tags, but Chooses Wrong OnesWhat Every CEO Must Learn From Hosni MubarakIn the Future, Robots Will Surf Their Own InternetClorox Reveals Chemicals You’ve Been Dumping on Your Floors, Counters, CommodesWanted: High Tech Posters Make Science Concepts GorgeousA Master of Sci-Fi Movie Gadgets Moves Over to the Real WorldTypography Legend Erik Spiekermann, On How He Works [Video]DARPA’s Mind-Controlled Prosthetic Arm Could Be on the Market in Four YearsWhat HP/Palm Got Right (That Apple Didn’t)Infographics of the Day: Which Countries Are Best for Women in Business?Why Energy Companies Invest Next to Nothing in InnovationHow Does Europe’s Design Education Differ From Ours?Wanted: Prints That Visualize 20 Years of New York Times StoriesInventing a Digital Camera for Lo-Fi FreaksNASDAQ CEO on “Cyber Terrorism,” Holograms, and 40 Years of Innovation [Video]The Seven Deadly Sins That Choke Out InnovationHow Marc Belton’s Online Communities Are Boosting Boomer HealthWikiLeaks May Have Just Confirmed That Peak Oil Is ImminentiFive: Nokia’s “Burning Platform,” SpaceX’s Moon Rover, EFF Vs. WikiLeaks Secrecy, E-Ink’s Booming, Ebay’s Smartpay PlansIndia’s Twitter-Loving Census: World’s Biggest Operational Nightmare?What Will HP Unveil at Today’s WebOS Event?iPad Rumor Round-Up: Thinner, Faster, In-Production, Same Old Screen ResolutionGates Foundation Bets on Facebook App to Help Kids GraduatePalm Reveals TouchPad, a 10-Inch iPad Lookalike Running WebOSInnovation Agents: HP’s Vyomesh Joshi Is Laser Printing the Web’s FutureElectronic Fingerprint Chip Tech Could Defeat CounterfeitersThe Refrigerator of SuccessPatent Reveals Apple’s Plan to Cut Networks Even More Out of the Smartphone LoopEdRover: Using Social Media to Fast Track Public School EducationArguing Is PointlessRonald Reagan’s Secret to Great LeadershipCan Startup Bubbli Turn Geotagged Photos Into Matrix-esque Augmented Reality?Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley Sits Down With Fast Company for Social Media Week [Video]Al Jazeera, Stymied in U.S., Launching Turkish-Only ChannelIndia’s Mighty MicroeconomyNew Drug Delivery Device Will Speed Up Numbing, Sans NeedleGroupon’s Missed OpportunityChange Generation: Matthew Segal, Founder, OUR TIMEA Mobile Banking Powerhouse Born From Bus Fare TheftSmurfberrygate: Timeline to a Congressional ProbeThe Next Unreasonable Advantage in Business?Why Coca-Cola Fell Short on a Key Sustainability GoalBrilliant at the BasicsGE, EPA Team Up to Keep Appliances Out of LandfillsPerformer: A Stunning iPad App Puts Daft Punk to Shame [Video]Infographics of the Day: Which Countries Are Best for Women in Business?A Lamp That’s (Almost) as Cute as WALL-EMTV’s Grown-up Headquarters in Berlin [Slideshow]Design Crime: To Echo Lanky Fashion Models, Pepsi Unveils “Skinny Can”Want to Build a Better Biofuel? Talk to the CowMobi, a Super Flexible Desk for Today’s Shifting WorkplacesInfographics of the Day: A Son Honors His Father’s Life With a MasterpieceNew NYC Resto Changes Its Look (and Menu) Every Month [Slideshow]Infographics Of The Day: A Son Honors His Father’s Life With A MasterpieceSmart Growth Helps Cities Adapt to Aging Boomers: EPAZero Motorcycles Revs Up With Four New Electric BikesiFive: Verizon iPhone Sales, Email’s Decline?, Instagram Photo Sharing Expands, Microsoft Management Re-Jig, Smartphone GamingEcho’s e2 Brings Real-Time Tools to the WebOn the Road: A Tricked-Out Ford Escape for Blind DriversNASA’s Re-Launch: Old Tech is New Again, With an Eye on Private Space Travel BizFunnel Makes Web Surveys That Are FunSingapore Opens Lab Aiming to Produce Hydrogen Fuel By Imitating Photosynthesis, Dominate Regional R&DBon Appetit Brings Fair Trade Chocolate Into Corporate KitchensA $53 Billion Plan to Bring High-Speed Rail to the U.S.EV, Ew! Your Electric Car Is a Rat’s NestNo Ghost in the Machine: The Case for a Social Renaissance, Part 1How to Find a Devil’s AdvocateStartup America: Dead on ArrivalWine Sensor Repurposed for Liquid Bomb-Sniffing: Shampoo in Carry-Ons Again?CIA’s Revamped Website Has Flickr Stream, New Kids’ Games, YouTube Puppy-Cam Vids!Ultrasound Scans of Your Baby Now Available Via SmartphoneThe First Secret: One Minute GoalsWith “Real” Page Numbers at Last, Kindle Goes Book-Club FriendlyThe Interest Graph on Twitter Is Alive: Studying Starbucks Top FollowersMea Culpa Marketing: Were Groupon’s Gaffes Intentional?Introducing the First Real Taxi Meter Innovation in 100 YearsCounterfeit Drugs: Serious BusinessWest Bank’s First Private Equity Fund LaunchesA Simple Fix for Miscommunication Part 2: Putting It Into PracticeMeebo Buys Mindset for Ad Targeting, but What the Heck Is Psychographics?’s Chuck Creekmur on the Music Industry and TechSupercomputer Designs Energy-Efficient Trucks, Potentially Saving Billions in Fuel CostsAre You Different on Purpose?Grace E-Bike Proves Electric Transport Can Look Tough and StylishA Nerve Center of Democracy Gets the Building It DeservesWanted: A Cooking Spoon That’ll Keep Your Counters SparklingView From Above: Fertilizer Use Around the WorldA Minimalist Chapel for Eloping With Maximum Style [Slideshow]Design Crime: Cutesy “Fail Whale” Error Messages Are Bad BusinessInfographic of the Day: A Complete Guide to Your Kitchen ToolsA Dentist’s Office So Pretty You’ll Want More CavitiesInnovation Agents: Heather Knight, Social RoboticistA “Life-Sized Lego Set” for Creating Self Sustaining TownsHow Samuel Stupp Is Rebuilding Your Body, One Molecule at a TimeClimatopolis: How Our Cities Will Thrive in the Hotter FutureMeet the Biggest Threat to Google, AOL, and Microsoft: Ronald ReaganiFive: AOL Buys Huffington Post, Yahoo Goes Personal, FCC’s Rural Broadband Plans, The Daily’s Tech Woes, Gogo In-Flight NetSuper Bowl Ad Stories: How to Measure Ad Success in the Digital AgeDOE’s SunShot Program Aims to Reach Competitive Solar By 2020The iPad Goes Back to School: This Time It’s a Georgia Senator Who Wants to Replace Textbooks With Apple’s ProductWill the Next Generation of Top Guns Be Gamer Geeks? The Unmanned X-47B Makes Its First FlightAOL Buys The Huffington Post for $315 MillionSay No to PowerPoint WeekSuper Bowl Ad Stories: Chrysler, Eminem Break an Awkward Silence in DetroitReading the Tea Leaves at Moves to Paid Content Model, Largely Abandons Free Mobile ServiceAfrilabs Links Entrepreneurs, Startups, Tech Communities in AfricaDid HP Just Wander Into Apple’s Touchscreen iMac Patent Minefield?It’s Not Only How You Play the Game–It’s Whether You Win or LoseMalcolm Gladwell, Your Slip Is ShowingThe Case of the Sunken Car: Peugeot’s Multimedia “Whodunnit” CampaignThe Case of the Sunken Car: Peugeot’s Multimedia “Whodunnit” CampaignU.S. Spending $50 Million to Hasten Offshore Wind PowerWhat It Takes to Be a Great EmployerSuper Bowl Ad Stories: How a 12-Year-Old Rescued This Coke AdTI’s Chips Will Make 2012’s Tablets Real-Time 3-D SupercomputersThe Consumer Finance Cops Are on Your TweetSuper Bowl Ad Stories: How a Real “Reply-All” Faux Pas Yielded Comedy GoldAOL Gets Curator-In-ChiefLady Gaga World Domination Update: A New App With an Eye on Social Networking CelebsComing Soon(ish): Tesla’s Model X Crossover Electric VehicleA White House Gig for Mubarak?Grey’s Anatomy Goes Dual-Screen Thursday With This “Sync” iPad AppEgypt: Social Media as a Life or Death, an Online Comics Community, Nabs $3 Million FundingGroupon Responds to Super Bowl Commercial Controversy [Updated]How to Write a “Cut Through the Clutter” Paid Search AdAs Academy Award Nominees Are Announced, Get Ready for the “Most Interactive Oscar Night in History”Post — Super Bowl XLV Episode of Glee