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Superbowl Infographic: Is Your ‘Hood Rooting for the Packers or Steelers?Infographics: Internet Censorship Is Rampant Around the WorldCalifornia’s Coming MegastormGame Face: L.A. Noire Brings Actors’ Full Performance to GamingInfographic of the Day: What Makes a Company Good to Work For?Light My Fire: The Matchbook Makes a Cultural ComebackSuper Bowl Ad Stories: How a 12-Year-Old Rescued This Coke AdHow Much Energy Do We Use While Watching the Super Bowl Broadcast? [Infographic]Super Bowl Ad Stories: “The Remake,” Featuring LeBron James and Dwight HowardiFive: Congress Grills Facebook, Foursquare Promoted Check-ins, eBay Infrastructure, Sold Out Verizon iPhone, Super Bowl ChatterFacebook, Zynga Backer Peter Thiel on Billion-Dollar Search “Monopoly”China Responds to Obama’s Energy Plan: We Already Did ThatGovernment Funding for Clean Tech Spurs Private InvestmentGroupon Not As Big in Japan Following Unfortunate Osechi Incident: ReportOnline Game Crowdsources Ideas to Accelerate Medical ResearchCould 2012 Super Bowl Spots Double Their Impact as iAds?With Twitter Art and More, Social Printshop Moves Beyond the Facebook Friends PosterCould an Alliance With Microsoft Reverse Nokia’s Smartphone Slump?Designers Craft Collars to Tame Lions, CostsFacebook’s Next Big Announcement? Probably a Change of AddressKenneth Cole’s Tone-Deaf Tweet! Vodafone’s Coerced Texts! Salad Dressing Drug Charges! Business Misadventures in Egypt MultiplyApple Pen Patents Suggest Apple Wants In on Wacom’s Graphics Tablet GameSustainable Innovation = A Culture of Smart Risk-TakingCrowdsourcing: Yesterday’s Corporate Philanthropy Is Today’s Branding and Community-BuildingVirtual Internships, for Those Who Wish They Spent More Time at the OfficeUFC and Its Gang of 4.6 Million Facebook Friends Body Slam Sports BroadcastingDARPA Crowdsources Military Combat Vehicles of the FutureBBC Cutting Arabic Services During Egyptian UnrestKeeping Apple Fresh: The Importance of Designing (and Communicating) from the Customer’s POVEurope Enacts Trillion-Euro Energy Accord, But It Ain’t Totally GreenChoose CivilityIs This Year’s Super Bowl the Greenest Yet?It Is a New Day for the Neo-Frugal Business TravelerSuper Bowl Ad Stories: “Old, Stodgy” Mercedes-Benz Fights Back on YouTube, TwitterNational Biodiesel Conference and ExpoSix Ways Your Online Privacy Is at RiskChange Generation: Max Lugavere and Jason Silva, Filmmakers, Current TV’s “Max and Jason: Still Up”Cirque du Soleil: A Very Different Vision of TeamworkThe Daily Turns Congresswoman Giffords Tragedy Into iPad Ad [Video]Pixar Turns 25Triumph of the City book releaseIntelligent Devices That Care [Slideshow]More Tech Tools for Egypt’s Protesters:, an Online Hub for Grassroots ActivistsiFive: Apple’s Subscription Mess, State Dept.’s Pro-Egypt Past, Android Encryption, Twitter Firehose, Anonymous Hits EgyptGoogle Instant Scores 98% Adoption Rate, 2% Opt-OutSuper Bowl Ad Stories: How a Real “Reply-All” Faux Pas Yielded Comedy GoldIran Tech Expo Features Nuclear Might, Doubts, ConcernsLady Gaga World Domination Update: A New App With an Eye on Social Networking CelebsWill Obama’s Ambitious Energy Efficiency Plan Really Save Businesses $40 Billion a Year?“Groupon for Moms”: Plum District Finds a FollowingCollaborative Consumption at the Contractor Yard SaleChop Sue-y: Benihana Takes Blogger to Court Over Poor ReviewAn Audience With an Audience of AudiencesA Sneak Peek at 2015’s Smartphone: Sophisticated Reviews on the Go, Courtesy MITSocial Entrepreneurship and the Common BrandCell Networks Must Evolve As Fast As Smartphones, or Be CrushedStonyfield Farm, Organic Valley: We Fought Against Genetically Modified AlfalfaElectric Stimulation of the Brain Can Free Your MindSpoken Like a True Leader–Ten CEO Quotes to Live ByVCs Are Not Your FriendsDid Demand Media IPO Just in Time?Getting the Love You WantApple Rumor Round-Up: iPad 2, Personal Wi-Fi Hotspots, New iOS All In-BoundObama on InnovationBeepods Bring Back an Old Design for Better BeekeepingCan the Crappy Code Games Help Fusion-io Make Its Mark in Europe?RétromobileNational Cattlemen’s Beef Association Trade ShowThe Seven Sexiest SmartphonesInfographic of the Day: Huge Smoke Ring is One Ton of Carbon DioxideApple and News Corp’s “The Daily” Hits the iPad for $0.99 Weekly, $40 Yearly [Video]The Year of the RabbitOrganicGate: Are Whole Foods, Stonyfield Farm, and Organic Valley Cozying Up to Monsanto?BMW and Peugeot Join Forces for Hybrid ExpansionCan Cornstarch Contain Future Oil Disasters?iFive: Egypt Online Again, Bing Copies Google, Google’s Hotpot Goes Global, Smartphone Market Wars, E-Book Price FixesThere Is No I in Oscar–What the Academy Awards Tell Us About TeamworkSuper Bowl Ad Stories: The eTrade Baby Was a Happy AccidentZoopy Ditches User-Generated Content, Powers Up Mobile Video PlatformAmbulance-Chasing in Egypt: Are Google, Twitter, and Others’ Motives Pure?Teacher-Replacing Tech: Friend or Foe?The Race Is On to Make NFC Wireless Credit Card Dreams Come True (and Win Market Share)How to Be Emotional and SmartKinect Hack ‘n Roll: An Inevitable, Awesome, Radiohead-Like Music VideoHow to Manage the Executive Coaching DiscussionAre You a Content Consumer or Creator?When a Little Bad Behavior Is a Good ThingForgetting Facebook: How Found Space in Social NetworkingWhy Traditional Branding Won’t Work for Your Digital ProductScientists Make Bioengineered, “Off-the-Shelf” VeinsShell Ditches Algae BiofuelTendril’s IDEO-Designed Home-Energy Monitoring Device Fails, Utilitarianism WinsDesign Lessons From India’s Poorest NeighborhoodsGoogle’s Android Market Launches OnlineStartup America PartnershipStaging a Great MeetingTaking Your Product from Concept to ShelfMicrosoft Sides With Apple on H.264 Video, Leaving Google in the ColdWhen Emissions Go Up, Stock Goes DownInfographic: The 50 Most Popular Typefaces in the WorldInfographics of the Day: How Race Relates to College Grad RatesThe New Contraband: 8 Doomed Items in the New Green WorldTransmedialeO’Reilly Strata ConferenceEcomagination Challenge: Transit Tunnels That Power New York City?Anybots Releases Segway-Style Telepresence RobotiFive: Apple-Sony E-Reader Tiff, Free In-Flight Facebook, World Net Traffic “Explodes,” AT&T’s Overcharges, Windows Phone BluesCan the Ad Industry Save Education?Google’s SayNow, Twitter Offer Egyptian Protesters Voice-Based Speak-to-Tweet AccessChicago Ideas Week: Groupon Co-Founder Tries to Spark Entrepreneurs in the MidwestThe Google Art Project: Like Street View for MuseumsOil Spill? What Oil Spill? BP Posts Profitable Fourth QuarterWeb Video Gets Curated, and Mobile – Fast.Quora Answer of the Week: The Facebook Hedgehog EditionMake the Internet Smarter at Helping UsCan the U.S. Put One Million Electric Vehicles on the Road by 2015?Visa Beats Apple to iPhone NFC Payments in Euro ExperimentDeficit Brand BuildingHire for Attitude, Train for SkillGrey’s Anatomy Goes Dual-Screen Thursday With This “Sync” iPad AppThe Exhilarating Power of PurposeAn Android Tablet Made Just for SchoolFilmmaker’s Path to Sundance Success Led Through RwandaKeepon Robot Soon to Dance Into Consumers’ Hearts, Help Fund Medical Research ModelBing: We’re Not Copying Google’s ResultsNo, Advertisers, Data Is Not the Holy GrailThe Loop: Energy Efficiency’s “Livestrong” Symbol?Prepare Like an NFL CoachWould You Drink Milk from a Papier-Mache Bottle?Surviving Life in Beta-Plus, Rename a Fast Company Column!Fast Company From Cover to Cover: Jan 1999 to Dec 1999Infographic of the Day: So What If You Don’t Sleep Enough?How YouTube’s Global Platform Is Redefining the Entertainment Business3 Key Reasons to Use Press Releases to Get BusinessGovernment Social Media: Five Questions for 2011Cracking Open TED Books: Brilliant Ideas in Single Serving SizeHow Egyptian Protestors Use BlackBerrys in a Tech BlackoutiFive: Egypt’s Lone ISP, Assange on 60 Minutes, China Censors “Egypt,” Google Hires App Writers, Zuckerberg on SNLHow Social Media Accelerated the Uprising in EgyptWill Syria’s Revolution Be Organized… on Facebook?Android Is Now the Top Smartphone Platform: ReportWhen Small Countries CrashWhy You Should Trust Apple More Than the U.S. Commerce Dept. With Your Universal Online IDFacebook, Intel, IBM Join White House in Startup Investment CampaignNetflix Prize-Style Competition Predicts HospitalizationsFacebook Fuzz: How Zuck’s Security Squad Shares Sweet JusticeThe 8 Driving Forces for Retail in 2011In Support of the Davos QuotaStartups: So Easy a 12-Year-Old Can Do ItApple Imagines 3-D Multitouch EverywhereHow Hefty Garbage Bags Inspired a Condom Manufacturer’s DesignFacebook Deals Launches in Europe, Architecture for Humanity and Benetton Early AdoptersTablets Rekindle Our Love of Reading–Books, TooA Device That Scans for Skin Cancer in SecondsWanted: More Women Inventors to Save the WorldDavos Man’s New Clothes: The World Economic Forum in Naked DenialYour New Victrola iPod: Do Brand-Name Auctions Make Sense?On Leadership, Teams, Success, and Happiness