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Kraft Store Kiosk Scans Your Face Then Knows What to Feed It [Video]Singapore Bottling Wastewater To Battle Water ScarcityAlmost Genius: Table Folds Like Origami, Becomes Four Tables in OneDesigning for the Retirement BoomAn iPad App That Lets Even Amateurs Draw Great Logos [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]Infographic of the Day: Do Smarter People Make More Money?Cultural Values That Will Make Your Office an Idea FactoryManufactured Intimacy and The Logo Wisdom of CrowdsCould Revoked West Virginia Coal Mine Permit Trigger a Renewable Energy Boom?Cloud Computing Gets a $520 Million Boost from GEiFive: Intel’s Record Income, IBM’s Jeopardy Game, Wikipedia Too Tricky, Stephen Fry’s First Startup, Virgin Kills Unlimited NetHow Locavores Could Cure World HungerIs Apple to Blame for Delay of Murdoch’s iPad “Daily” Launch?Are Plug-In Electric Cars Dirtier Than Regular Hybrids?iPhone 5 to Use Apple A8 Chip and Qualcomm Silicon? (Hint: Yes–and No)Acumen Fund Co-Invests $2.2 Million in Ugandan Cotton GinneryThe Rise of the Machines, Redux: Robot Quadrocopters to Build Homes, Maybe Let Us Live in Them2011: The Year to Shape Up Nonprofit BoardsNASA Reveals the Weird and Wonderful Commercial Airliners of 2025The Social Compass Is the GPS for the Adaptive BusinessTajikistan’s Energy Expansion Lures Canada and ChinaA Lapel Pin With a PurposeBritish Beekeepers Association Endorses Bee-Toxic Pesticides for CashThe Two Faces of Social MediaSoutheast Asian Nations Reveal ICT Masterplan, China Is of Little HelpApple Patent Reveals Restricted Enterprise App Store Plans: RIM, BewareInnovators Summit: Harlem Globetrotters Meet Mark ZuckerbergStudy: Biking Infrastructure Projects Create More Jobs Than Auto-Based InitiativesThe Newest WikiLeaks Problem: Unredacted Cables“I’m Not Listening to You!” Why Political Conversations Are So VolatileIndia Claims Asia’s First Tidal Power PlantHow to Recognize Motivational Strengths (Yours, and Everyone Else’s)Snow Shovel, Movable Type, and the Mobile Social WebWanted: A Guitar Hero Fire Sculpture10th Anniversary of WikipediaThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Full listA Singing, Swaying Urban Garden That Memorializes the HolocaustDoggies Who Lunch Get Their Own Stylish Food TruckInnovation Agents: How Jack Dorsey Succeeds Through SimplificationInfographic: Designers, Should You Work for Free?Spectacle-Laden Dali Museum Now Open for BusinessWanted: Pulsate, an iPhone App That Makes Soul Soothing Music [Video]Infographic of the Day: Where Do People See the Most UFOs?MIT Media Lab’s Intel-Powered Desk Lamp Will Change How You Shop at Best BuyHow DARPA Plans to Catch the Next Arizona Shooter–Before He StrikesiFive: U.S. WikiLeaks Probe Illegal?, Apple’s Friend-Finding, NASA’s New Rocket, HP’s WebOS Tablet, Rapidshare’s DefamationThe Groupon of Radio? Triton, Deal Current to Bring Daily Deals to ListenersChatroulette Founder Andrey Ternovskiy Raises New Funding: “50,000 Naked Men”June 8, 2011: The Day Google, Facebook, Yahoo, and Others Will Road Test Next-Gen IP CodeYahoo’s Latest Play at Growing a Media Empire: A New Sports MagazineLeadership Hall of Fame: Dan Heath, Coauthor of “Made to Stick”Will Netflix Break My Heart?Pac-Man Reboot: In the Bio-Arcade, Microorganisms Change GameplayBritish Health Technology Entrepreneurs Courting Silicon Valley’s HeavyweightsGoing to Raise Venture Capital? Here’s a Primer on Process, People, and PowerpointFollowing WikiLeaks on Twitter? The Government Probably Isn’t Interested in You: ExpertiPad 2 Rumor Round-Up: Gestures, Cameras, and Photo Apps But No Home Button3 Dangers of Making “Recruitment and Retention” the Only Reason for Workplace FlexibilityChange Generation: Zach Iscol, Writer, Director, and Producer, The Western FrontSamsung Demos the Flexy Sci-Fi Media Player Screen of the Future, TodayNew Models for Investing in Innovation“Alone Together”: An MIT Professor’s New Book Urges Us to UnplugWill the iPad Blast Apple’s PC Market Share Past HP and Dell?2011: The Rise of the Electric CarNASA Explains the Space Shuttle-Based Big Rocket It Can’t Quite AffordDeepak Chopra and “The Soul of Leadership”Sofa-Friendly iPad Reading Could Eat Into Primetime TV’s User AttentionGovernment Takes on Google, Plans to Challenge $700 Million Acquisition of ITATuscon and America: Witnessing Extreme Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress DisorderVietnam: Home to the World’s Biggest CavesLead Pencil Studio Uses Laser Scanning to Create an Eerie Other WorldAlmost Genius: A Cell Phone That Won’t Get Lost in Your PurseA Dazzling NYC Loft, Made to Show Off Art [Slideshow]Mural Makes World’s Biggest Atom Smasher Less Scary, More Fun [Video]Company Behind WeatherBug Launches First For-Profit Greenhouse Gas Measurement NetworkA Canteen That Expands to Carry More WaterInfographic of the Day: Who Cares if Honey Bees Are Dying?How Do You Make Your Business Ideas Concrete? Look to Hamburger HelperDesigner MoleculesFast Blurbs: February 2011Radical Idea #12Orbit: NASA’s Space-Shuttle Program EndsCher vs. Celine: A Diva-Off by The NumbersNow: February 2011Re: November 2010Thomas Broberg’s Vision for Volvo’s Crash-Free FutureHow Boomer Bodysuits Help Researchers Empathize With the 50+ CrowdYouTube’s New Ad StrategyCertification Labels That Make The GradeMichelle Rhee Wants to Spend $1 Billion Fixing EducationRadical Idea #13: Build a Better ClassroomRadical Idea #11Radical Idea #10Deb Citrin of Philips Home Healthcare Weaves a Boomer Safety NetRadical Idea #9Radical Idea #8Radical Idea #7GE’s Marc Hottenroth Is Building a Home Made for Baby BoomersAll About the Benjamins: The $100 Bill by the NumbersRadical Idea #6: Rethink TeachingRadical Idea #5The Blossoming Business of H.Bloom’s Hand-Delivered FlowersInside Xtranormal’s Budding Do-It-Yourself Movie EmpireHow “Super Angel” Investors Are Reinventing the Startup EconomyHow Pantelion Films Lures Latinos to the Box OfficeHow to Tell if a Conference Is Travel-Worthy or a Time WasterWhy Emotion, Not Knowledge, Is the Catalyst for ChangeRadical Idea #3Radical Idea #2Radical Idea #1How to Spend $100 Million to Really Save EducationThe Facebooks of ChinaMini-(Wal)Mart vs. Micro-Target: Inside the Battle for the Next Frontier of Big-Box RetailHow Retailer Hot Mama Is Rethinking Shopping for MomsTwitter Study Suggests Verizon iPhone Won’t Be a Bloodbath for AT&T, Droid [Exclusive]iFive: Microsoft Wants an “App Store,” Google Drops H.264, Sony Sues Hacker, Google Analytics Legality, Hotspot Hitting iPhonesBuffett-Backed BYD Is Finally Bringing Electric Vehicles to the U.S.Saudi Arabia Now Forcing News Bloggers to Obtain Licenses, Promote IslamBig in Japan? The New Starbucks Logo Could Assist Company’s Asian ExpansionFuel Cells Are All Grown Up and Can Now Power Supertankers and the Electrical GridFord Is Not Fond of Better Place’s EV Battery Switch StationsBaidu’s English-Language Blog Illuminates Chinese Web ActivityThanks to a Super Material, Your Future Phone May Be an All-Glass WonderCash for Clunkers: Best Buy Offers Buy Back Program for Obsolete ElectronicsThe Cover-Up CultureFedEx vs UPS: By the NumbersHow a Breakthrough in Hysterectomies Could Lead to Better Family PhotosWhy Do Smart People Do Such Dumb Things?Enough Is EnoughApple-Verizon Deal Heralds a Future Free of Carrier Crapware, PossiblyClimate Change May Be Making Australia’s Floods WorseWhat Lessons Have You Learned From Pivoting?New Media and the Future of BusinessUnredacted WikiLeaks Cables Leaked to InternetEscape the 10 Tyrannies of Work/Life “Balance”Syyn Labs Super Geeks Are Google’s Science Fair Ringers [Video]Under the Hood: Syyn Labs’ Rube Goldberg Machine for Google’s Global Science FairIntel’s Virtual Footwear Wall for Adidas Turns Boutiques Into Shoe-topias [Video]Change Generation: Jessica Mah and Make Business Finance SimpleWork/Life: Living a Little Bit LighterWanted: Ugly-Chic Lamp Designed For Max VersatilityHow Nike’s Visual Tricks Made the Oregon Ducks Look Fast (Despite Defeat)Hey There, Judges for the ASME Digital Awards in DesignStep by Step: How A Toxic Wasteland Becomes a Lovely Park [Video]Creative Destinations: In Chicago, a Buzzy Restaurant Becomes an Arty HotelThe Martin Luther King Day Lunch: A New Tradition for Celebrating DiversityIndividualized Value Creation for Large PopulationsHow B2B PR Will Succeed in 2011JWT’s Futurists on 10 Ways We’ll Shop in 2011Organic Circuits That Could Grow and Die Like PlantsInfographic Of The Day: The Fiery Debates To Delete A Wikipedia EntryEarth Observer App: 8 Palm-Size Images of Vast Human, Environmental PhenomenaCash for Food Porn: Foodspotting Scores $3 Million in FundingGoogle Launches Global Online Science Fair [Video]The Road Ahead: A Tesla Car for the Masses?iFive: Intel-Nvidia Deal, Jobs to Intro “The Daily,” Xoom Tablet’s Barometer, Amazon Boosts Kindle Apps, Google Goggles Amazes“Schindler’s List 3-D,” Anyone? The Problem With Hollywood’s 3-D AddictionVerizon Gets the iPhone 4, Arriving February 10th From $199.99The Chinese Film Industry Is Ready for Its Close-UpTwitter Stats Reveal How the iPad, Kindle, and Nook Stack UpWhy Twitter Was the Only Company to Challenge the Secret WikiLeaks SubpoenaChina’s Stealth Fighter Flies, But Does It Work By Ripping Off U.S. Tech?Move Over Creative Class, the Collaborative Class Is HereHealthMap: The Crowdsourced Infectious Disease Tracker That Was Built on Nights and WeekendsWhat You Can Learn From Vanilla IceFrom Community Management to Command CentersGoogle Reveals Its 2011 YouTube Symphony Orchestra, Vuvuzela’s IncludedCourtney Love’s Twitter Rants Could Inspire Hole Mess of LawsuitsHow to Attract the Young and Rich: TechnologyTech Bubble: 5 Reasons Why This Time It’s DifferentWill the AT&T and Verizon iPhones Be Playing Leapfrog?The Naked Truth About StarbucksAT&T’s Hundred-Million-Dollar Kiss-Off for Verizon SwitchersImplied Suspicion vs. Implied TrustTed Williams and Creative PivotingApple’s Solar Power Patent: Sun Powered Mac, iPods, iPhones in the FutureBrands Must Be Community Celebrants, Not CelebritiesWhy Ford Chose the C-Max As Its First Plug-In HybridWhat’s in a (Venture Capital) Website?6 Tips for Navigating the Rough Waters of Branding (infographic)Toyota Unveils a Tiny Version of the Prius, For Fashionable City SlickersGhostly Art Installation Haunts a French Forest [Video]Syyn Labs Builds Rube Goldberg Machine for Google Science FairThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Marissa MayerThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Cher WangThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Leslie BradshawThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Carolyn LeightonThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Natalie JeremijenkoThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Dr. Robin MurphyThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Rachel SterneThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Jennifer AakerNorth American International Auto ShowThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Rachelle HruskaThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Heather HardeThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Chloe SladdenThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Shira LazarThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Nichole GoodyearThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Erin RobinsonThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Heather KelleyPorsche’s Head of Design: The 918 RSR Hybrid Is Made for Performance [Video]The Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Veronica BelmontThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Jessica KahnThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Kellee SantiagoThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Julia KaganskiyThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer FleissThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Alexa HirschfeldThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Prerna GuptaThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Limor Fried“The Social Network” Effect: 6 Ideas for Hollywood’s Next Tech FlicksThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Alisa MillerThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Ory OkollohThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Katrin VerclasThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Sona MehringThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Telle WhitneyThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Mary MeekerThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2011 – Cynthia Breazeal5 New Year’s Resolutions for the Modern CEOFC Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot at Syyn Labs7 Clever Approaches to a Better Classroom for the PoorFire! Lasers! Electricity! Inside Syyn Labs’ Machine for Google Science Fair [Slideshow]The Definitive History of the Eames Studio, and Its Works of Genius [Slideshow]Baroque Art Transforms Into Digital Paintings, Thanks to Software [Videos]IBM Is (Still) the Patent King in the U.S. [Video]Infographic of the Day: What Google Knows About Men vs. WomenSyyn Labs’s League of Extraordinary NerdsiFive: BlackBerry Porn Ban, Student-Teacher Facebook Ban, U.K. Regulating Tweet Promos, MySpace’s End, Bugs Not Meat for CO2Tunisian Government Allegedly Hacking Facebook, Gmail Accounts of Dissidents and JournalistsGE’s Next “Ecomagination” Challenge for Entrepreneurs: Power Your HomeSmartphones on the Ground: Ex-Green Berets Bring Tech to Wars in Iraq and AfghanistanZambia Emerging as Africa’s Rural Digital HubVerizon’s iPhone Tomorrow: Everything You Need to KnowThe Opportunity for Growth in Tough TimesFacebook, Groupon, LinkedIn, and Zynga: When an IPO Is Like a Bar MitzvahFour Things Businesses Need to Learn From Recent Discoveries in Evolutionary TheorySmartphone Credit Payments Go Free … For NowCES11: What a Woman SawAmerican Public Sides With Google, Not Government, on Search NeutralityCambodia Gets First Commercial Cow FarmNames We Loved – and Loved to Hate – in 2010Sticks and Stones? No. Words Matter.3-D or Not 3-D — That Is the Question (at CES).Cockroach Legs Could Mean Robots Won’t Have Butter FingersNational! Identity! Cyberspace! Why We Shouldn’t Freak Out About NSTICMercedes-Benz Announces SLS E-Cell Electric, F-Cell World-Spanning RoadtripA Shopping Cart as a Business BarometerToyota Unveils Family-Sized, Bite-Sized Versions of the Prius, More to ComeWhy Generic Products Can Make You Feel Bad About YourselfGoing Public vs. “Prublic”How Do You Transform Good Research Into Great Innovations?