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Syd Mead, Blade Runner Concept Designer, Envisions the Future [Video]Qatar’s World Cup: Engineering Marvel, PR Nightmare? [Slideshow]ED Med Levitra Gives Users a Really Nice PackageInfographic of the Day: Do Execs Believe the Economy is Recovering?Free Typeface Commemorates Jean-Luc Godard’s 80th BirthdayFlowchart: How to Make Money on the InternetImpure: A Visual Programming Language for Making Fancy InfographicsThe Future of Design: Blue Is the New GreenInfographic of the Day: Do Execs Believe the Economy Is Recovering?Wanted: A Faster, Flatter iPhone ContactsiFive: Anti-WikiLeaks Law, EU on Mobile Data Fees, Wikileaks Re-homed, Google’s Facebook, China’s Speedy TrainThe Ultimate Web Cash FlowchartUsing Bamboo to Fight Climate ChangeUncle Sam Chooses Google Apps for GSA, but Microsoft Still Owns the Public SectorGroupon Competitor LivingSocial Gets $175 Million From AmazonAnatomy of a Smear: WikiLeaks’ Assange Wanted for “Sex by Surprise,” Not RapeSelect Committee on Energy Independence Killed, Will Innovation Die Along With It?WiFi Baby 3G Turns Your iPhone Into a Baby MonitorIs the Internet Sustainable When Everyone On Earth Uses Over 3 Gigabytes of Data Per Day?Doughnuts to Dollars: How a Business Scion’s Son Went From Burning Man to Angel InvestingWhat Are You Looking At?Why Lieberman Had Nothing to Do With Amazon Dropping WikiLeaksDo Your Employees Hate You?Big Citizenship: Where Social Media Meets Social Activism (Part 1)Lady Gaga’s WikiLeakiPhone Credit Card Gizmo Square Sparks Legal IP SpatThe Motivational Secret to Great NegotiatingIntroducing Your Friends, Fans, and FollowersBarry Diller Is Out at IAC, Long Live Barry DillerThe Key to Starbucks Cup Recycling: Mississippi River Pulp2011 Consumer Internet PredictionsBike Computer Study Proves Rush-Hour Cycling Is Faster Than DrivingSee How You Have Been Tracked Online‘Twas the Week After (Black) Friday…Fact and Fiction: The Scariest New Climate PredictionsFour Points for Outthinking the CompetitionMonsanto Sugar Beet Battle May Lead to Sugar ShortageiPhone-Style Antennagate Hits a Hypocritical HTCLooking Forward by Looking Back – Predictions for 1993… From 1893American Kennel Club/Eukanuba National Championship10 Visionary Design Concepts for Saving Energy [Slideshow]Here’s Moscow’s Showpiece Stadium for the 2018 World CupThe Beta Principle: Skip Perfection and Launch EarlyThe Decade’s 10 Best Digital Ad CampaignsTron: Legacy Inspires a Future Forward Fashion Collection [Slideshow]Can a Wildlife Bridge Fix America’s $8 Billion Roadkill Problem?Udemy: A Free Online University for AllGoogle Earth Tracks Global DeforestationGoodGuide Gets Social With Community Ratings, Product RecommendationsiFive: NASA’s Alien Intrigue, BBC to Hit iPad, Google Tweaks Algorithm, Groupon is a Bargain, Times Paywall a Big FlopWhy Booting WikiLeaks Off Amazon Is One Step in a “Never Ending Process”Gowalla 3.0 Launches, Blurs Lines Between Facebook Places, FoursquareCyber Monday, Biggest Online Spending Day In History: Shopping Has ChangedHow a Personality Test Designed to Pick Astronauts is Taking the Pain Out of Customer SupportFacebook, Google Behavioral Ads Will Survive FTC’s Proposed “Do Not Call” Registry for the WebEyeball This: Biometrics That Track The Way You SeeInching Towards Offshore WindWhat Could You Achieve With 135,000 Laptops?GlobalGiving: $25 for Your ThoughtsNetflix Spending Up to $100,000 Per Episode of Primetime TVDon’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You: The 7 Rules of Technology EcosystemsFinally! Online Ads You Can SkipBigStar Sneaky iPhone Porn Trick Highlights a Pink-Pixel Future for AppsWikiLeaks Stalks Corporate America: How Companies Can PrepareGE Launches Home Energy Management BusinessPreparing for Your Final ExamFarmVille-Maker Zynga Harvests New Crop: Acquires Newtoy, Its 7th Acquisition This YearChange Generation: Taylor Stuckert, Co-Director, Energize Clinton CountyE.T. Out There, But Also Here on Earth, Says NASA: He’s a California MicrobeRisk, the Hassle Factor, and the Airport Security BacklashRedefining Greatness (It’s Complicated)Old Navy Testing iPod Touch-Based Checkout SystemWill a BlackBerry Makeover Boost Sales?Some Reading While You Wait?Same Words, Different Meaning: The Language Gap Between the GOP and ObamaNew Zealand Wind Farm to Power 70,000 HomesGE Debuts Dual Battery Electric Bus of the FutureModern Muse Campaign Focuses on Female EntrepreneursDiller Scofidio + Renfro Completes Restaurant with an Urban Park for a RoofTwitter Powered TV Remote Makes Channel Surfing SocialA Clothing Line Made of the Fashion Industry’s Discarded ScrapsDesign Crime: Artists Sell Chunks of the Polar Ice CapGiant Robot Prints Chairs From Ground-Up Refrigerators [Video]Buffalo Professor To Turn Snow Into a Colossal Work of ArtWatch Europe’s First iAd for Renault’s Tron-y “Twizy” EVLED Raindrops Cascade Through Crystal in Troika’s Magical “Falling Light”Circular Monastery Makes Walking Meditation a SnapA Time Capsule of Black History, Rediscovered and Preserved in New YorkMagical Contraption Turns Pigeon Poop Into SoapInside Kevin Smith’s Booming Podcast BusinessiFive: Interpol Chases Assange, Twitter’s Value, BlackBerry OS Beats iOS, iPad Whups Kindle, Bing, Google Go Hard on SocialHow Funky Pi Mobility Bikes Tamed Quirky Curves With 3-D SoftwareGroupon Expands Its Footprint and Services: Primed for BuyoutPatent Reform, Still PendingHP, Bill Clinton to Help Infants With HIV in KenyaGoogle Editions E-bookstore Due Soon, Controversy (And Failure?) Not Far BehindConcrete CanadaHow Exactly Do They Know Those Electric Car Batteries Will Last?IBM Messaging System Could Speed Up Alerts for Pilots Dodging Volcanoes, One AnotherFCC Adopts Its Fighting Stance: Net Neutrality Is the FutureFoursquare and (RED) Team for World AIDS DayLargest Ever Greater China Products Exhibition Opens in South AfricaHoliday Greetings Game ChangeWhat If Someone “WikiLeaked” You?Your Next Computer Chip Revolution Unveiled by IBM: Sexy Blend of Lasers, ElectronsTimeline of Failed Predictions (Part 1)Beet Down: Court Orders Monsanto Sugar Beets to Be DestroyediPhone Slips Past BlackBerry to Become No. 1 Smartphone, Android Not Far BehindDigital Marketing: Beware of S.O.S. (Shiny Object Syndrome)Getting Smarter About Google’s “Brain Drain”How a Computer Game Crowdsources Genetic ResearchCan Photosharing Be a Sustainable Business?WikiLeaks Booted From Amazon ServersThe VC Pitch – Confusing the Destination With the JourneyWhy 10% of Your Friends on Twitter and Facebook Will Be Nonhuman in Five YearsROI: Does Social Media Really Have a Return on Investment at the Enterprise Level?B Corporations Get a Boost With Very Own Ad CampaignIs There Such a Thing as Too Much Transparency?The Product Developer’s Dilemma: Morality vs. ViralityCheesy Microbes Could Make Biofuel As Well As BrieChange Generation: Alexa von Tobel and LearnVest Take on Personal FinanceGiant Paper Sculpture Looks Like an Abstract Wheatfield [Video]Infographic of the Day: Love Is a BattlefieldWanted: A Cell Phone That’s as Simple as PossibleWhere’s the Spark?Why You Need a Business Personal Brand“WindScanner” Uses Laser Beams to Measure Wind ConditionsSign of the Times: Toy Blocks That Teach Toddlers Social NetworkingInfographic of the Day: Love Is a BattlefieldInside the Wild, Wacky, Profitable World of Boing BoingThe Facebook Valuation Timeline: Do We Hear $10 Billion? $50 Billion??? $1 Trillion?!?E.U. Investigates Google For Anti-Competitive Abuses [Update: Google Responds]Why Illycaffe Doesn’t Sell Fair Trade CoffeeiFive: Google-Groupon Rumors, Korea’s Nuclear Threats, Firefox’s User Privacy Tool, Madonna’s PR Gym, KnockoffsWhy Google’s “20 Percent Time” Isn’t Stemming Its Brain DrainYahoo Absorbs Arabic Portal, Cuts Mideast Access To U.S. HomepageLufthansa Will Use Biofuels on Commercial Flights in 2011WikiLeaks Hit By Another Massive DDoS Hacker AttackAmazon’s “Gift Conversion System” Magically Transforms Porcelain Gift Figurines Into iPodsFacebook Vet Launches Jumo, a Social Hub for Do-GoodersROAM Brings Credit Card Reading to BlackBerrys, Outclasses Square Instantly5 Ways to Get Involved on World AIDS DaySmall Business Rock StarsGoogle’s Web for the Poor Satellite Gets Billions in FundingForget Hearts on Sleeves, Robots May Emote by Glowing Their EarsWhen Things Become Self-Aware: The 7 Forces of ChangeBalancing the Two Sides of the Green Business EquationApple Wins Patent for Glasses-Free 3-D TVVisa to Use Your Phone’s Location to Prevent Credit Card FraudRecycled Denim Seats in 2012 Ford Focus: For Revvers in Blue JeansSahara Solar Project Aims to Power the Planet With SandRisk, Branding, and 11 Ways to Rise Above the NoiseCan Starbucks Really Recycle Its Cups?Superman and STEMBrain Drain: Google’s Green Guru Is Latest to Step DownSocial Media and The Tale of Two Career PathsGorilla Glass Protects iPhones, Droids: Can It Become a Household Name?Hackers Unite for Social GoodHow Wine Became a Billion Dollar High Brow Hobby [Slideshow]The World’s Smallest Legible Font for an LCD ScreenLufthansa Wil Be First AirlineCalling a Power Company on Its ShenanigansSign of the Times: X-Ray Inked Undies Give TSA the Middle FingerCan a Christmas Makeover Solve Sears’s Problems?Infographics of the Day: What’s in the WikiLeaks Cables?Meet David Edwards, the Mad Scientist Behind Smokable Chocolate and Plant-Based Air Filters [Slideshow]Papercraft Sculptures Look Like M.C. Escher in 3-D [Slideshow]Soccer Ball That Serves as a Virtual Referee Wins Worldwide Award [Video]Wanted: Lumberjack-Style Laptop Cases Handmade From Solid OakInfographics of the Day: What’s in the WikiLeaks Cables?Organic Tea Farming in HawaiiTwitter by the NumbersRe: October 2010Almost FamousExporting Your Plastic Surgery: Lifescience Alley Conference and ExpoRebranding and Redesigning Your Company: Color Management ConferenceNow: December 2010 January 2011All I Want for Chrismukkahwanzaa…Today’s Special: Sizzling Celebrity Chef ProductsObject of Desire: Brunello Cucinelli Leather Trolly SuitcaseFast Blurbs: December 2010 January 2011Cisco’s Laura Ipsen: Solving the Smart Grid Puzzle With an Almost Unlimited BudgetHow Interstate Is Shaping the Future of Rechargeable BatteriesSolar Power’s Best BetsFixing a Pothole With Your iPhoneHow an Army of Techies Is Taking on City HallThe Loft Project: Kitchen Sharing, Chef SwappingThe Best of Boing BoingA 60-Second LessonWhat’s Next for Advertising? Help Us Find OutKauai’s Cloudwater Tea Farm Is Former Flight Attendant’s Decade-Long ExperimentWhale Flippers Inspire Efficient Ocean TurbinesWhy You Should Start a Company in… Salt Lake CityiFive: WikiLeaks’ Diplomatic Dirty Secrets, Black Friday Spending, Spider-Man Stutters, Sprint’s 4G Race, Toshiba’s TV BatteryHope Neighbor Is Wising Up Your Irrational Donation StrategyDo Chimpanzees Dream of Retirement?Heading to Your First Nonprofit Board Meeting? Here’s What You Need to KnowWhat’s Your Ironman?WikiLeaks Word Clouds: Iraq and CablegateInnovation Agents: Brandon Kessler, Founder ChallengePostIreland’s Life Raft for Entrepreneurs: Seed Funding and Corporate MentorshipRumor: Microsoft Following Apple Again, This Time Into Online TVWhy Women Should Flirt at WorkSolar Power Storage Enabled by Dirty WaterHow Branson’s New iPad-Only Magazine Beat Murdoch [Video]Digital Death, Extended LifeFiji Water Playing Chicken With Fiji [Updated]Great Leaders Provide HopeWanted: The Jacket With a Perfect Fit (and a Dirty Secret)Embrace Your Losses – They Will Make You StrongerMicrosoft Patents Shape-Shift Touchscreen to Solve Slippery Finger WoesState Dept: Give Us Your Retinal Scans, Your Credit Card Numbers …Get SNUBA’d!Bush Makes Fun of Zuckerberg at FacebookFuture Shlock