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The Future of the NYC TaxiHacker Uses Microsoft Kinect to Turn Himself Into Digital Elephant Man [Video]Wanted: A Beautiful Watch for Minimalist DandiesSign of the Times: A Bank HQ Built for Total TransparencyWax Tableware Lets You Make (and Melt) Your Own DishesA 21st Century School on the Cutting Edge of Learning [Slideshow]Inside Jay-Z’s Launch of “Decoded” With Droga5, BingSustainable Forestry: Industry-Sponsored Scam?iFive: SAP’s Billion Dollar Fine, Apple’s Hot Sellers, Digital Health Data Sharing, HuffPo’s Coupons, Kindle’s Black FridayWhy Are the Rich So Good at the Internet?Smart Plastics That Won’t Degrade: Eco Benefit From a Different PerspectiveOffice Parties: Breeding Grounds for Bad Behavior, Flings, and UnemploymentNanosys: We Can Replace Some Rare Earth MetalsInnovation Agents: Emily Kroll, Founder and CEO of EKLA HomeChange Generation: Josh Williams, Co-founder and CEO, GowallaInside Jay-Z’s Launch of “Decoded” With Droga5, BingApple Analyst “Channel Checks” Now Under SEC Spotlight as Inside TradingHow I Hailed Cab and Learned to Help Older Workers Find a JobTwitter Co-founder Biz Stone: We’re Not Selling to Anyone (Google) for $5 BillionWanted: Bags With Distinction [Slideshow]Leadership Begins at HomeDesign for the Novice, Configure for the ProPredicting the Future With Porn?“HELL IS REAL”: The Battle over an Interstate BillboardWhen It’s Darkest Men See the StarsSpace Debris? Russia’s Got It CoveredFighting Tumors With TumorsAlaska Leading the Way in Credit Card Debt (And Other Interesting Consumer Facts)Book: Future ShockWhat Does SpaceX’s Commercial License for Spacecraft Reentry Mean for Space Travel?Should Publishers Stick to iPad, Avoid Android Tablets?Black Friday: An Alien’s-Eye ViewClimate Counts Offering Color-Coded Sustainable Shopping Guide for the HolidaysAlberto Alessi Sounds Off on the Company’s Biggest Design DisastersSculptures Made of 50 Miles of Thread Put Double Rainbows to Shame [Slideshow]Creative Destinations: Miami’s Wynwood Area Transforms Into Open-Air GalleryHoliday Shop Like a CEOInfographic Video: Anatomy of a Dying SuburbIndustrial Designer Carl Gustav Magnusson: “Design Is Function With Cultural Content”Infographic of the Day: Should You Use Yahoo Answers, Metafilter, or Aardvark?Pixel House: The Classic That Put Mass Studies Architects on the MapInfographic of the Day: Should You Use Yahoo Answers, Metafilter, or Aardvark?Change Generation: Rachael Chong and Catchafire Match Volunteers and NonprofitsSign of the Times: Pot Sold in Eco-Friendly PackagingIndium Valley: Researchers Find More Efficient Alternative to SiliconWanted: The Light, Recycled TrenchHow Blue State Digital Co-Founder Plans to Hack D.C.iFive: Yelp Gets Coupons, Badges Earn Investment, News Corp. Buys Education Firm, 3-D TV Drama, Sony’s Reader ExpandsWikipedia Founder’s Advice to Brands: “Make Stuff That Doesn’t Suck”OK Go’s Damian Kulash: I Spend More Hours on the Business Than the PartyThe Future of Prison Technology: Not As Scary As It Seems?Why You Should Start a Company in… St. LouisFacebook Is Bad for the Web, FCC Is Bad for SmartphonesKinect’s Greatest Hack: A Gesture-Control RobotNew Spinal Implant Could Revolutionize Physical TherapyGiving Thanks All Year LongEPA: Nissan Leaf Is Tops in Fuel Efficiency, Gets 99 MPG EquivalentTSA Opposition Goes Viral on the WebThose Darn TeenagersWhy Social Media Makes Brands Do GoodComing Soon to NYC: The Country’s Largest Bike-Sharing Program?Israeli Military Using Facebook to Find Draft DodgersThe Echo Chamber of SecretsAcer’s Tablet Onslaught Revealed, Includes Giant Dual-Screen iPad RivalLamp Does a Crazy Balancing Act on Your Chair BackIan Schrager Teams Up With Marriott, in a New Waikiki ResortClever Park Benches and Fire Hydrants Make Life Easier for the DisabledTo Prevent Disease, MIT Students Create For-Profit Toilet FranchisesOld Building Converted Into an M.C. Escher Madhouse [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: Frog Design Makes Twitter Activity GorgeousA Masterpiece of Cold War Interior Design (Minus the Wire Taps) [Slideshow]Poland Unveils BMW-Designed Subway Cars Which Are 98% RecyclableHow KOR Redesigned Its Water Bottles, Using Customer FeedbackThe UPS Green Supply ChainScott Wilson’s iPod Nano Watch Breaks Kickstarter Records, Raises Nearly $1 MillionInfographic of the Day: Frog Design Makes Twitter Activity GorgeousI Want My Twitter TV!Building A Better Climate Agreement: Contest Sparks New Ideas On CO2iFive: Gawker in Palin Legal Trouble, Branson’s Eco Prize, Google TV Loses Viacom, Cloud Computing, WikiLeaks’ Next Huge ExposéHow LawPivot Could Disrupt the Legal FieldIBM Builds the World’s Most Energy Efficient SupercomputersWeReward Hooks Up With Salesforce, Gets Check-Ins and App DownloadsTwitter Enables DIY Disaster Relief in IndonesiaApple’s “Integrated SIM” Plans Thwarted?–Not So Fast8 Reasons Why Rupert Murdoch’s Digital Daily Is Doomed (And One Big Reason It Could Work)Netflix Creates $7.99 Streaming-only Service Aimed at Hulu, Increases DVD PricingThe Making of a Modern CEO: The New NormalCheck-in/Coupon Business Exploding: Groupon Gets Into Digital Music DownloadsLinkedIn Power Tips for Growing Your Network: Lewis Howes InterviewGoogle and the Rise of FacebookShould Airplanes Look Like Birds?Galaxy Tab Sells 600,000 in a Month, But iPad 2 News May Squash the MarketThe Downside of TraditionsWhen in Doubt, Leave It Out–Why Less Is MoreBringing Computer Modeling to “The Hurt Locker”Content Curation: It’s Going to Be HUGEWanted: The Time, In AbstractCarbon Sciences Moves Closer to Turning CO2 Into GasolineHertz Expands Electric Vehicle Range With Luxury SedanIs Customer Service the New Marketing?Boogeymen Trifecta: Murdoch Allies With Oil Company, CheneyLeadership Advice From Lady GagaBlockbuster’s Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign Knocks Netflix, Touts 28-day AdvantageE-Game RevolutionNotre Dame vs. Army