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Jay-Z “Decoded”: 32 Pages RevealedInfographic: What Were Social Networks Like, For Great Minds Like Newton and Voltaire?A Building That Will Earn $1 Billion a Year, Built in Just FiveThe Future of Advertising: Three Agencies’ VisionsUPS Track StarsSafdie’s Singapore Spectacular: 9M SF of Tricked-Out Space In Less Than 5 YearsInfographic of the Day: What Countries Force Kids to Work?UPDATE: Watch Commerce Secretary Gary Locke Answer Your Questions About InnovationInnovation Agents: Lucy Bradshaw, Senior Vice President at Electronic ArtsAlmost Genius: A Pedal-Powered Food ProcessorInfographic: What Were Social Networks Like, for Great Minds Like Newton and Voltaire?Stunning Room Dividers Look Like Giant Chinese FansInfographic of the Day: Which Countries Force Kids to Work?How Anheuser-Busch Untapped the Power of Latent DemandThe Best of Artisan CosmeticsAuto Offset: Chevrolet Offers $40 Million for Clean Energy ProjectsToyota, Tesla Show Off Electric RAV4This Is What It’s Like to Sail in the Pacific Trash VortexWanted: Sunglasses Made From Fighter Jet Canopy GlassiFive: Twitter’s People Tab, Apple Calls Up Mac Apps, MIT’s Corner Camera, Fiji Water Gets Political, Google Jobs AplentyBlockbuster Redux: Drops Millions on National Ad Campaign Bashing Netflix … Again?Exclusive: Foursquare’s New Partnership With PepsiCo Takes Focus Off of PlacesHardcore History and Modern Conspiracy: Behind the Scenes With the Writer of Assassin’s Creed: BrotherhoodSerial Entrepreneur Fights Climate Change With Bottle and Bamboo BuildingsState Department Convenes Tech Conference for NGOs in Latin AmericaYes Men Attack Apple, Advertising Special “Conflict-Free” iPhoneFour Lessons Companies Can Learn From the Midterm ElectionsApple May Face Lawsuit From European Phone Carriers Over Built-in SIM Card iPhone“Lend Me Your Wallets:” Research on the Link Between Charismatic CEOs and Stock Price, Featuring Steve JobsGenuine White iPhone 4 On Sale–in ChinaWhat Google’s U.K. Ruling Says About Its Power in EuropeSeven Practical Steps for Planning a WebsiteThe Art of the Quick Phone CallAcoustic Device Scares Off Scuba Spies With the Sound of Their Own BreathThe Dangers of Typecasting within an OrganizationThe Problem With Carbon Capture: CO2 Doesn’t Always Stay CapturedThe Future of Advertising Has Been Promoted: A New StudyMicrosoft’s ImageFlow Turns Picture Search Into a 3-D GamePlease Kill the Open Door Policy, the Drama Is Killing UsEco-Eateries: Dining Locales Come with the Green Built InFor Holiday Movie Posters, Too Many Versions Dilute the MessageWanted: A Chic (and Green) Bamboo Water BottleInfographic of the Day: Who Won the World Series for the Giants?Infographic of the Day: Who Won the World Series for the Giants?“Fluid Dress” Fabric Pumps Glowing Liquid, Like a Beating Heart [Video]Snøhetta Curates the Ultimate Nordic Art and Design Show [Slideshow]Leather Shop Monumentalizes New York’s Pre-industrial PastCadillac’s Touchscreen-Filled City Car Is Tiny but SwankThe Entrepreneur in the Cube Next DoorThanks, Flipper! Dolphins Inspire Sonar for Shallow Water [Video]NRG Installs Privately Funded Electric Car Charging Network in Oily HoustoniFive: Twitter-Facebook Talks, GM Goes Public Again, Assange Court Order, Sea Shepherd Verdict, Facebook MySpace MeetingDisney Teams With Gowalla for Massive Location-based Mouse EarsWilliams: “Promoted Trends” Boosts Conversation on Twitter By Up to SixfoldExclusive Q&A: How the White iPhone 4 Kid Got Rich Buying Genuine Apple Parts Via SpamIntel, Lilliputian Bring Handheld Fuel Cell Chargers Closer to MarketTwitter Arabic Launching in 2011 to Win Over Middle Eastern MarketWhat Should CEOs Tweet? 7 Tips to Become More “Socially” ActiveFacebook Messages–Is Email Dead, Again?Money! Power! Fame! (And Other Ways to Fail)Wanted: The Home Music ServerTransportation Secretary Muses on Idea of Blocking All Cellphones in CarsChange Generation: Eric Glustrom, Executive Director, Educate!Crisis Management by Firing Executives – There’s a Better WayCrash-Test Dummies Vs. Chemical Warfare5 Signs You Suffer From Start-Up Stockholm SyndromeTwitter Shows Third-Party Services Its Dark SideThe 100 Most Influential Congressional Tweeters: Nancy Pelosi, Republicans DominateUrban Farming: Vacant Public Land Could Provide Most of Detroit’s ProduceWhat Cold Batteries Are You Holding Onto?Why “Mashups With Facebook” Isn’t a Loss for MySpaceCould Scribd Stats Change the Way We Write?Dear Gmail, Look Out. Love, FacebookA Car Jack Perfect for Lady-Like Tire ChangesPeter McIntyre: Rivers in trouble worldwideInfographics of the Day: Ed Tufte Sells Over $2 Million in Info-viz Treasures [Slideshow]Work Smart 2: Time Management Tips for Mac UsersDesigner Art Gensler, “Design Work Is Different Than It Was”Nerdgasm! Star Wars Drawings Made Only With TypeNever Forget Your Shopping List Again, With This Door HandleA Sofa Whose Cushions Hold Your Phone, Books, and RemotesWanted: The Best Way to Make iPod Nano Into a WristwatchThe Future of AdvertisingiFive: iPhone Gets Google Voice, John Doerr on Zynga, Google Goes Fashion, Intel’s Football Chips, Weatherathome ProjectAmazon Studios Wants to Fund Tomorrow’s AuteursFirst UN Satellite Hopes to Turn Astronaut Poop Into Power SupplyJivox Online Ads Hope to Bring TV Dollars Online5min’s Ran Harnevo on His $65 Million AOL SaleEmpowering Women, One Entrepreneur at a TimeWanted: The Wool Jacket That Knows Its SourceInside the United Nations’ Innovation OverhaulRIM Close to Agreement With India Over BlackBerry Encryption SagaThe World From 30,000 Feet: A High-Level View of Some Lowest Common DenominatorsOops! Sensitive U.S. Govt Websites Rerouted Via ChinaThe Boy Who Cried Mandate: The Perils of Exaggerating RealityGeek Squad Gets Into the Electric Car BusinessShould a Leader Show Anger?Jivox Online Ads Hope to Bring TV Dollars OnlineThe First Amendment of Social Media: Freedom of TweetHow Hollywood Sexes Up the Inside Story of a Viagra SalesmanAnarchy In U.K. TV: Brits Turning To Internet, 3-D BroadcastsAmerica’s Next Top Water Conservation ProjectFacebook Messages: Time-Value Innovation Trumps Feature InnovationMegamind’s Giant Brain: Born in Silicon ValleyFarming the Fertile Ground at the Convergence of High Tech and Green TechBigger Than YouTube: Tracking Your Brand on TVGE Jumps Into Biofuel FundingCan Apps Keep You Up-to-Date With the Latest Trends?Teach for America’s Lesson Plan for LeadershipPrinceton Researchers Develop a New Way to Map InfluenceCalifornia Green Collar Training Program Sees the LightHybrid Corporations: What Business Are You In?Chevron’s New Ad Campaign Is a Slick Yes Men Hoax [Update]Exclusive: Teen Selling White iPhone 4 Parts Talks Apple, Big Earnings, Foxconn Supplier, Legal FearsThe Making of a Modern CEO: The Digital TsunamiFor Millennials, Brands May Be as Important as Religion, EthnicityThis Is What Innovation in the Prison Industry Looks LikeThe 7 Biggest Challenges in Merging Design and BusinessA Robotic Kaleidoscope That Hangs From the CeilingInfographic of the Day: Quality of Life Varies Wildly Across AmericaOne Hundred Naked Citizens: One Hundred Leaked Body ScansThe Beatles: 47 Years of Music InnovationInfographic of the Day: Quality of Life Varies Wildly Across AmericaChange Generation: Thrillist’s Ben Lerer on the “Thankless Process” of Starting a BusinessWhy Don’t Regular Joes Care About Sustainability?Sliding Walls Turn Tiny Apartment Into Home Office (and Back)Wanted: Cutting Boards With Built-In BowlsPatrick Jouin, France’s Anti-Philippe Starck, On His First Solo Show in NY [Slideshow]How Hollywood Sexes Up the Inside Story of a Viagra SalesmanThe Rise of Connectivity AddictionEBay Dials M for MakeoverFacebook Engineers Reveal How New Messages Features Came to BeiFive: Eurozone Crisis, Google’s Pay Phone, Million Kinects Sold, Climategate Prof Speaks, South Park Sued (In the Butt)Facebook’s Platform Coup D’Etat of Google, Microsoft, and YahooEcomagination Challenge Winner Clarian Power Makes Rooftop Solar Plug-n-PlayAnticlimactic Apple! iTunes Unveils the Beatles, But No Streaming Cloud ServiceYahoo Enters the Deals BusinessTeen Can’t Wait for Apple: Orders iPhone 4 Parts Direct From Foxconn, Makes $130,000LinkedIn Tries to Evangelize European Users With “You Are a Brand” StrategyThe Sourcing SummitGoogle Hotpot Powers Local Recommendations (Watch Out, Yelp)Wanted: Kelty’s LumaTwist Is Your Own Personal SatelliteWhat Google Goggles Will Do for the Ad IndustryInnovation Agents: Mike Wood, Founder, SmartyAntsThe Perils of Digital DiplomacyLayar Scoops Up $14 Million from Intel CapitalThe 30-Day Brand RevolutionGE Raining Cash On Green StartupsBest Buy CEO on Black Friday Battles: Kindle vs. Nook Color, Samsung Galaxy vs. iPad, Wii vs. Xbox KinectAre Entrepreneurs Born or Made?Readers: Send Us Questions for U.S. Commerce Secretary Gary LockeYahoo CEO Carol Bartz: We’re Not a Search CompanyAllocating Resources to Help Small Business GrowZuckerberg: Facebook Errs on the Side of OpennessHow the Omidyar Network Pumps Up NonprofitsAsian Leadership: A New Book With Dave UlrichHow Social Media Leverages Social Occasions to Compound Social ChangeCreative Destinations: Marfa and Its Texas-Sized Love for Art [Slideshow]New Firm Built on “Hybrid Thinking” Tackles World’s Toughest Design ProblemsWhat Angel Investing and Florida Condos Have in CommonMarshall Shepherd on how roads and roofs help cause urban floodsRocks may represent habitable environment on ancient MarsMark Eakin: 2010 is a Bad Year for Coral Reefs Around the WorldFacebook Introduces Anti-Email: Social Inbox, Seamless Messaging, Conversation History [Video]Managers: Here’s a Primer for Creating the Perfect, Productive Office [Slideshow]Wanted: A Typographic Clock That Tells Time The Way People DoAlmost Genius: An Interface That Responds to Poking, Pushing, and TiltingInfographic of the Day: The Blistering Rise of iPad and Tablet ComputingTop 10 Tips to Getting PR in a Web 2.0 WorldA Cave Becomes a Crypt for Dead WebsitesApple-Loving Artist Blows Up iStuff for Fun and Profit [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: The Blistering Rise of iPad and Tablet ComputingHow IBM Is Cutting CO2 Emissions in the Pharmaceutical IndustryHow Facebook’s Messages System Helps It WiniFive: Facebook Bigger than EBay, Apple’s iAds in Europe, Social System Path, MailOnline’s Dear Reader, Light-up TreesPony Up: Wikipedia Needs $16 Million to Stay Ad-FreeInternational Energy Agency: Peak Oil Has Already PassedUnilever Tries to Double Its Sales While Halving Its Environmental FootprintGoogle Calls on the West to Tackle Chinese Web CensorshipIs It Finally Okay to Lust for a Cheap American Car?AOL Launches Project Phoenix Email Upgrades–About Five Years Too LateYahoo Wants to Hire 400k People for AOL Seed-Like “Contributor Network”Global Gaming ConferenceHelp Fast Company Find the Most Influential Women In Tech 2011AEG Wants to Make Environmental Standards for the Live Music Industry RockU.K. Government Making Plans To Gauge Happiness Level of Rain-Soaked CitizensSkateistan Launches Product Line, Abandons Foreign AidRhapsody Takes On Apple’s iTunes, Online Music Heats UpWhy You Should Start a Company in… HoustonSorry, Facebook Fans, Likes Not Correlated to Mid-Term Election Success: StudyDoes Your Company Have a Welcome Wagon?Can Twitter Make You Smarter?Social Business Takes a Human Touch, No ReallyCan Corporate Fleets Kickstart the Electric Vehicle Industry?Meet the New Enterprise Customer, He’s a Lot Like the Old Enterprise CustomerWhat Is Apple’s iTunes Secret?Three Tips for Building Something GreatBeatles for Sale! Apple’s iTunes Scores Rights to Fab Four Catalog: ReportDon’t Look Now, but Your Social Relationships Have Changed–AgainSchimdt on Facebook Messages: Competition Is Good