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We’re Hiring: Coordinator/Associate Manager of Digital Advertising OperationsRichard Prum is First to Reconstruct Full Feathered Plumage of Dinosaur, in ColorThe Darwinian Business of Designing MachinesVitra’s New Office Furniture Blurs Line Between Work and PlayQuiz: Can You Guess All 10 of These Abstracted Brands?3-D Printing: Now Available in XLNeuromarketing the 2010 Elections: Scoring Campaign AdsAlmost Genius: Double-Sided Peanut Butter Jar Lets You Scrape Up Every Last BitNetherlands Becomes First Country to Commit to Sustainable Palm OilBMW to Produce Plug-in Hybrid Sportscar [Video]Interiors Porn: Philippe Starck Refurbishes Palatial Hotel in ParisDisney Revives Its “Small World” Heritage, for a Globalized WorldInfographic of the Day: The Power Structure of a Mexican Drug CartelMenstruation Visualization Is the Ultimate Flowchart. Period.Infographic of the Day: The Power Structure of a Mexican Drug CartelPanasonic Investment Underscores Tesla’s Knack for Wrangling Corporate InvestorsWhat Prop 19? The Future of California’s Marijuana IndustryiFive: Yahoo Brain Drain, Dell Ditches RIM, Kinect Hacking, Clive Sinclair’s New EV, Foxconn DeathCable TV Bleeds Subscribers, Internet TV Cleans Them UpLance Armstrong Speaks: Excerpts From Our Exclusive Interview [Audio]Netflix Preparing New Run at Social Media FeaturesOld Media Beware: Blogs Rely on Cleverer Tech, Leverage Social Media, Making Bloggers More MoneyNepal’s First Openly Gay Travel Company Launches on Religious HolidayIf You Want a Place in the Future, Be Part of ItThe Thin Mint ParadoxMicrosoft Goes to BaghdadThrowing the Light Bulb Out With the Bath WaterHow The Innovator’s Dilemma Affects YouDoctors Need Electronic Alerts to Remind Them to Perform Correct Procedures: StudySocial VC Nancy Pfund: For-Profit Do-Gooder for Tesla, PandoraTwitter Exec: We’re Not Competing With DevelopersWhat Happened To Downtime? The Extinction Of Deep Thinking And Sacred SpaceFacebook Places “Deals” Gap a Huge SuccessCould This Business Model Change the World?Apple Missed Getting Xbox Kinect Tech, Patents Smartphone Motion Gaming AnywayFueling Positive Emotions in a World Gone MadLive, From Your iPad!Why Founder Aaron Patzer Hated QuickenWhat Happens to Unused Texas Rangers World Series Gear?Revenge of the Cabbie: Microsoft Uses Taxi Knowledge to Beat Google MapsRegret Is Always Centered on the One That Got AwayWhy High-Speed Traders Should Set Up Shop in SiberiaOvercome Your Launch Challenges With ConfidenceNational Quality Education Conference75th Anniversary of MonopolyMegamindToronto Housing Project Is Its Own Sustainable EcosystemAmerican Design Schools Are a Mess, and Produce Weak Graduates1,000 Feet of Yarn Yield a Rug/Chair HybridFrog Design: When Ideas Have SexOffices of Yandex, Russia’s Top Search Engine, Are More Gulag than GoogleJonah Peretti on Going Viral: The Trick Is Finding the Right NetworksIs “Undesigned” the Next Great Web Trend? Fat ChanceInfographic of the Day: Gravity App Scours Twitter and Facebook to Predict Your Interests CommentInfographic of the Day: Gravity App Scours Twitter and Facebook to Predict Your InterestsLiberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf Disbands Entire Cabinet in Bid for Re-ElectionCreative Destinations: Braddock, a Steel Town That Levi’s Helped ReinventWhy Apple’s Ping Is Worse Than MySpace: It Has Only 2,000 ArtistsiFive: Kinect’s Racial Problem, A380’s Engine Problem, London’s Silicon Valley, Win 7 “Kill Switch,” Cleric’s YouTube ProblemDid Facebook Just Sound the Death Knell for Groupon and Foursquare?“Data Nudist” Gabriel Shalom on Open Video, Trust, and the Future of MoneyDreamWorks’ Phil “Captain 3D” McNally on Megamind, James Cameron, the Third Dimension FadHow the Gap and 24-Hour Fitness Are Using Facebook’s New “Deals” FeatureComing Soon: Holographic VideoconferencingITC Scrutinizes Apple After Motorola ComplainsConsumers in Emerging Markets Are Even More Cause-Centric Than Western CounterpartsIntel Invests in Jordan, LebanonHow Neuromarketers Tapped the Vote Button in Your Brain to Help the GOP Win the HouseRumor: Intel Backing Light Peak Tech for Early 2011 Debut, Beating USB 3Creeks Get Crowdsourced On the iPhoneAT&T Trawls Twitter for Customer GripesChina Brings Light Rail and Cloud Dispersers to Asian GamesNASA Buzzes Comet, Takes Great PhotosChange Generation: Maggie Doyne, Founder & Director, Kopila Valley Children’s HomeFrito-Lay to Canadians: Here Are Some Earplugs for Your Noisy SunChipsHow Google Maps Led to An Accidental InvasionHow to Profit From the FutureFacebook’s Timing Is Perfect: Just 4% of Online Americans Use Location ServicesBuried: A Film About Customer Service?Facebook Saves Face, Joins Verizon, Sony, Microsoft in Green CoalitionWhat’s Next for the Green Economy II – The Sequel8 Unexpected Ways We Emit CO2 In Our Daily Lives“Data Nudist” Gabriel Shalom on Open Video, Trust, and the Future of MoneyThis Is McDonald’s? [slideshow]Jokey Design, Serious Point: A Lovely Guide to Planning Your Own FuneralDesigner Burgers: How McDonald’s Has Evolved With TimeWanted: Muji Creates Three New Apps for iPad (and Design Nerds Faint)Sculptural Apartment Is an Exhibitionist’s Dream HomeFirst Look: Now You Can Design Your Own Vase, Mimicking Splashing WaterMasters of Design: The Controversial Architecture of Bjarke IngelsDesigner Michael Vanderbyl on Making Brands AuthenticCan Media Be More Ubiquitous Yet Less Invasive? Dentsu and Berg Show HowWork Smart 2: Best Blogging Tools for a BeginnerTeague Hacks Our Everyday Behaviors, Netting 75% Water SavingsWanted: iArm Prank PackComing Soon: Movie Screens That Watch You Back, Measure Your ReactionsiFive: Digital Blindness Cure, Facebook Font Tweak, Aol Buying Ad Firm, James Bond Goes Digital, Facebookphone Rumors AboundGoogle Notifies Gmail Users of Buzz Privacy Class Action SettlementFacebook, Twitter Election Results Prove Remarkably AccurateNo More McDonald’s Happy Meals For San Francisco KidsGoogle Israel’s Chief Geek Yossi Matias Offers a Peek Inside the R&D CenterLivestrong Leverage: How the $50 Million Foundation Helped Texas Win $3 Billion in Cancer FundingVoters Tell of Being Mislead by Google Polling Place Locator [Updated]State of the Blogosphere: Blogs Growing Up, Overlapping Mainstream, Embracing BrandsLego Toys Launch Into Space This WeekBehind The Scenes of CNN’s Election Tech: iPads, Magic Walls, Holograms, TwitterStudy: You Emit Two Tons of CO2 Each Year From EatingSupreme Court’s Video Game Violence Word CloudPress “3” If Automation Is Making You CrazyFive Ways for Nonprofits to Scare Away DonorsK2’s Unbreakable Bamboo SnowboardFacebook Mobile: iPad Diss, Geo-Location Deals, Universal Sign-On and Check-ins, No Facebook PhoneBigger Than Windows: Apple iPad Has 95% Market Share. Can Anyone Catch Up?Asia as the New Kid on the Pharma Block and Why Multinationals Should be ScaredThe Most Expensive Car Ever WrappedThe Dawn of the Social ConsumerLevi’s WaterStella McCartney Launches Kids Fashion, Gets Tech-SavvyHeads Up! Your Co-worker May Be Out to Get YouUrban Airship Powers Mobile Subscriptions–to AnythingFacebook’s New Mobile Tools: The Promise and Peril for BusinessesThese Foolish ThingsShipping Industry Joins Climate Change Fight, Maersk Leads the PackAd:techInside Seventh Generation’s Firing of Founder Jeffrey HollenderMasters of Design: The Beautiful Business of Patricia UrquiolaChilly Stockholm Studio Is a Sunny Social Redoubt [Slideshow]Change Generation: Dave Goldberg on Growing an Idea Into Social Commerce Site StyleCasterA Billboard That Advertises Nothing But Clean AirWanted: Lomography’s Analog Toycam Puts “Vintage” Camera Apps To ShameInfographics of the Day: Visualizing the 2010 ElectionInfographics of the Day: Visualizing the 2010 ElectionNew Pics: Inkjet Printer Makes Instant Skin Grafts for Burn VictimsIdeo: Nine Examples of Branded Environments That Mimic the Web’s FluidityAmanda Palmer and HubSpot: Going Real Time to SucceedTurning Vitamins Into Aspirin: Consumers and the “Felt Need”The ATMs of the FutureTime Isn’t for Sharing With the Nooka Zayu WatchiFive: Violent Video Games, iPad Dominance, Chrome OS, Un-Printing Facebook, Google-Boku RumorsObama, DNC Launch Last Minute $2.5 Million Ad Campaign on Hulu, Pandora, FacebookHow to Vote: A Guide to Every Voting Machine in AmericaInternet TV Wars: Yahoo and Samsung Step Up to Google and SonySeventh Generation Co-Founder Jeffrey Hollender Fired by Company BoardWhy Did Google Get My Polling Place Wrong? [Update]Why Doesn’t Steve Jobs Care About USB 3.0?Mission One Motorbike Makers Start Electric Vehicle Powertrain UnitThe Controversial BrandAndroid’s Kernel Security Flaws Highlight Its StrengthsWatch the Election in Real-Time Using Twitter, Google, Facebook, FoursquareThe Seven Dumbest Things You Can Say to Someone Who Just Lost Their JobThe Nau Down Hoody Is Light as a Feather and Warm as a StovetopHumble HopStop vs. the Goliath Google: A Pedestrian Battle Inspired by SpringsteenGE and Siemens Outpacing Wind Pioneers, Becoming Clean Energy’s “New Oligopoly”What Happens to Marijuana Growers if Prop. 19 Passes? [Updated]Online Publishers Grapple With the Vanity Press ConundrumFour Lessons From Around the WorldIs This 170 MPH All-American Electric Supercar for Real?America Reacts: It’s NOT the Economy, Stupid, It’s the “Future”New York to Sydney in 150 Minutes: Why NASA Wants to Fund Hypersonic FlightThe Tallest Man-Made Structure, or a Load of Hot Air?Positive to Negative to Positive: Rebranding California Food StampsGoogle Tool May Have Had Wrong Polling Place Locations for Hundreds of Thousands of VotersWhat Helps Small Business Grow? It’s Still EmailWhat Does a Future of Retro Camera Apps Look Like?Streaming Media West 2010Election DayIKEA Makes First Greentech InvestmentBoston’s City Hall Plaza, One of Country’s Worst Public Spaces, to Get Green MakeoverInfographic: What Are the Hot-Button Issues of the Day?Infographic: What Are the Hot-Button Issues of the Day?The President’s Photographer: 50 Years Inside the Oval Office [Slideshow]Hirsute Jewelry: Locks for Your Glasses and Ponytails for Your WristsPortrait of the Rapper as a Young Marketer: How K’naan Delivered on Coca-Cola’s $300 Million BetNew Office Is Ideal for Naps and Finger PaintingInfographic of the Day: At Grant Achatz’s Alinea, Every Meal Is a JourneyElectrolux Molds Vacuum Cleaners Out of Ocean TrashThe Coming “Thought-Pad” RevolutionWanted: A Foldup, Transforming Lamp for Serial MoversHow Scientists See the World: 10 Data Visualizations From the Atlas of SciencePoliticians Flub Twitter 101Infographic of the Day: Clock Knits Time Into a ScarfInfographic of the Day: At Grant Achatz’s Alinea, Every Meal Is a JourneyThe Most Ground Breaking Fast Company StoriesAbout The Influence ProjectThe 50th Anniversary of the Peace CorpsHow a Handful of Countries Control the Earth’s Most Precious MaterialsThe Progression of Air TravelPreserving the Gift of GivingA Guide to Presidential BestsellersNovember EventsDavid Rees Will Sharpen Your Pencil the Artisan WayBest of Artisan ChocolateRegretsy Showcases the Worst of EtsyThe Best of Etsy’s Handmade ObjectsSwans Island Blankets Are Artisanally Made From the Finest FleeceFast Blurbs: November 2010Five Most Socially Savvy NBA TeamsNBA Effectively Utilizes Social Media to Connect With FansGazelle Boosts Its Bottom Line by Keeping Your Gadgets Out of LandfillsThe Myelin Repair Foundation Encourages Collaboration for a Cure“Thank You” Goes a Long WayEcotality and BP Work Together to Roll Out Charging Stations for Electric VehiclesRe: September 2010The Challenges of Eco-FriendlinessStarbucks Coffee Cups of the Future?Measuring Influence One Click at a TimeDavid H. Lawrence’s Rehearsal App Revolutionizes Auditions for ActorsUser Feedback Optimizes Molly Reed’s Productivity App OmniGraffleDustin Callif’s Touching Stories Adds Interactivity to FilmsBravo’s Bravo Now iPad App Drives Dual-Platform UsageCinemek’s Storyboard Composer Innovates Filmmaking on the iPadRana Sobhany DJs on iPadsThe Influence Virus: Our Unlikely Experiment in Social MediaThe Urbee Hybrid: the First 3-D Printed CariFive: Turkey’s YouTube Ban, Intel’s Fab Plants, Cyberbullying Lessons, Jon Stewart’s Crowd, Israel’s Google Earth FearsMegamind’s Giant Brain: Born in Silicon ValleyAfter the Expo: Urban Renewal With Chinese CharacteristicsFirst-Time Candidates Use AdWords and Facebook to Win Out-of-State CashAmazon’s 3G Kindle Leaps China’s Great Wall of CensorshipNissan’s New Mini-EV: Good for Your Short GameHow Four Loko Sanitized Its Social MediaWalmart Gets Its Groupon but Does Not Let Shoppers Dictate DealsSuppliers Set Out to Grade Products with Sustainability ScorecardsInstapaper Founder Marco Arment’s Journey From Bagel Jockey to Publishing PioneerFair Weather Foes: UN Bans Geoengineering ResearchSelling to China’s Luxury Market 101Disney, Warner Win $400k Case Against Firm With Ads on Pirate Sites, Google Could Be NextHow to Take Down Facebook — Hint: It Ain’t Twitter.What Will Facebook Reveal At Its Special Event This Week?No Business Plan Survives First Contact With a Customer – The 5.2 Billion Dollar MistakeCNN’s Social Media Analytics Tool Shows Reid Up on Angle, Boxer Tied With FiorinaWhy You Should Start a Company in… Raleigh-DurhamThe 5th C of Community, Social CommerceiPhone Alarm Bug Causes Daylight Savings Havoc AbroadHow The Brain Reacts When We Have Too Much To Do [Infographic]Google Sues the Federal Government, Demands a Fair ShakeFast Company Story Spurs “Aiducation” to Fund Schooling for Kenyan GirlsWhen to NegotiateWhy Magazines Will Be “Watched” (And Cable Won’t)Facebook On a Mission to Make Sure You VoteHas the Great Unwinding Just Begun?Information Demands PeopleEmail Marketing Conference