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Why Designers Should Learn Programming. Now. [Video]Fashion Takes to Battle, in Frocks That Remember the Korean WarThis Halloween, Enter a Computerized Art Garden From HellRobots in Space: A GM/NASA Production [Video]A World of Possibilities: How Coke Joined Forces With James CameronCaps Become Canvases in New Era’s Student Design Competition [Slideshow]Design and Art Collide in “Super” London Exhibit [Slideshow]A Split-Personality Couch for Couples That Never AgreeGoogle’s France Problem, YouTube CEO Steps Down, Driverless Van Sets Record, Facebook Coupons, and Apple Edges Out RIMFrog Design’s Energy ThinkIn Searches for Energy Efficiency’s “Livestrong” SymbolHow “The Walking Dead” Brings New Life to Zombies – Without CGIGoogle Sales Director on Google Instant’s “Brand Bias”Huffington Post Among Nepal’s Banned Websites, Connection to Haiti Cholera Outbreak PossibleNookColor Vs. iPad Vs. Dell Streak: Which of These Is Not a Tablet?“Firesheep,” “Idiocy” Reveal Gaping Privacy Holes in Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, MoreHave Your Chocolate and Fund It Too: A New Vision for MicroloansIt’s an App, App, App World: Are You Ready to Add Mobile Apps to Your Plan?Nike Turns London Into a Game Board to Get People RunningObama’s Post-Election Social Media LapseGoogle Teams With Linguists to Document Endangered LanguagesExtra! Extra! Read All About It. Paper May Be Here to Stay After AllMicrosoft’s HealthVault Enters ChinaBeard Business: Giants’ Brian Wilson Sparks Cottage IndustryDos Equis’ Most Interesting Man Meets Andrew WK, Throws PartiesAfrica Previews Historic World Data CentreToward a Great Lakes Offshore Wind ProjectChina’s Aggressive Push Toward Clean Energy Paying OffWhy I Take a Week Off the GridMinimalist Profile? Facebook Knows About You, TooWhere to Vote, Via Text MessageGoogle Intensity Map Tracks Political PrognosticationsNine Ways to Stop Worrying and Create a Worry Free WorkplaceNussbaum: The Essential Optimism of DesignNapping Closets and Toll Booth Gardens: Reinventing the Modern WorkplaceInfographic of the Day: A 3-D Map of America’s Highest MountainsAn Origami Suitcase That Unfolds Flat, for StorageInnovation Agents: Amanda Pekoe, Founder, The Pekoe GroupInfographic of the Day: A 3-D Map of America’s Highest MountainsCreative Destinations: Manayunk, Philly’s Own Piece of the San Francisco VibeNow on Sale: More Terrifying Masks Inspired by Apple’s WebcamThe Worst of EtsyPrivate Sector Solicited by New World Bank Conservation FundEight Futuristic Dashboards from Today’s Automobiles“You Will Be Discovered”: How Companies Can Be One Comment Away From a PR DisasterA Walk Down Horror LaneCelebrating the Master of Imperfections, Hella Jongerius [Slideshow]Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics: HP Moves Up, Apple Falls DowniFive: iPhone’s Carrier-Free Future, Google TV to YouTube, BP Atlantis Fears, 1000 Genomes Success, Chinese Supercomputer WinThe Facebook Election: Can the Social Network Predict Winners in the 2010 Midterms?16 Astounding Experiments in Data-Driven Art [Slideshow]U.K. the King of E-Commerce, as Report Shows Internet Sales of £100 Billion AnnuallyYahoo Uses “Shambling Hordes” of Zombies to Teach Economic TheoryLo-Fi Social Marketing Is Saving Lives in HaitiDope, Dopes, and Dopamine: The Problem With MoneyMeet Fast Company’s New Creative Director Florian Bachleda and Photo Editor Leslie dela VegaThe Proposition 23 Jobs Battle: Choosing to Flight Climate Change or Create Jobs. Or Do Both.Why Oakley Is Getting Into the 3-D GameInfrared Lights to Fight Malaria Just One of the Schemes Funded by Gates FoundationChange Generation: Chad Bullock, Executive Director, helloCHANGE.orgWhen Brands Win Hearts and Minds They Have Nothing to LoseOfficial Spill Investigation: Halliburton Ignored Well Flaws TooHow Social Media Powerhouse Digital Royalty Helps Shaq Win Endorsement DealsThe Power of CoachingA Sentiment Detector That Reads the Social Web for YouChecklists for Chaos, the Path to SuccessPersonal Homepage Software That Knows What You Like, Protects Your PrivacyNext Stage of the Oil Spill: Health Crisis in the GulfStyleCaster Shoots Its First Cover Story for the Web“Underdog” Microsoft Dominates Earnings: Are Apple and Google Now the Bad Guys?Ferrari World OpensThe Accidental Business: Threadless, 10 Years Later3M, with IDEO, Creates Water Filter That Fights Both Brita and EvianWhy Can’t Big Companies Solve Big Problems?Robot “Hand” Made of Coffee Grounds and a Balloon Picks Up Almost AnythingHow to Pack Maximum Fun Onto a $1.2 Billion, 1,200-foot Cruise Ship [Slideshow]Infographic of the Day: A Visual Dictionary for Type FansDentsu’s Space Station for Creativity, Inspired by Bucky Fuller and Star TrekWork Smart 2: How Do You Know When to Kill a Project?Crazy Bridge Takes Cues from Jedi Starfighters (and Other Weird Stuff)The Profit Cycle: A Tale of One Business’s TurnaroundSolar Suitcase Sheds Light on Sunset Surgeries in AfricaPhineas and Ferb Take the Boys’ Market by StormHow Rep. Michele Bachmann Used Mobile Ads to Turn Beer and Corn Dogs Into Votes From Fair FolkGoogle Donating $5 Million to Digital Journalism InnovationWanted: The Hat With a HeartiFive: PlayStation Phone Pics, Apple’s China Copyright Trouble, An EV Record, The New Warren Buffett, MySpace’s MakeoverGoogle’s Iraq Tour of DutyElectrolux Unveils Vacuums Decorated With Ocean DebrisChoose Haiti Recycles Newspapers, Makes $5 Bracelets for AmericaNew Gamer-Friendly PayPal System Simplifies Magic Sword Impulse BuyingPoli-Techs: How Campaigns Will Use Online Tools in the 2010 Elections CrunchThe Nonprofit Financial Model Never Worked; Here’s a New Model That DoesHarassMap Asks Egyptian Women to Plot Points of Sexist Behavior Via SMSSouth and Southeast Asia to Get Massive Infrastructure InvestmentsHoaxes and the Chevron DebacleKimberly-Clark Rolls Out Tube-Free Toilet PaperThe Business Guide to Facebook Part 2: From E-Commerce to F-CommerceBigger Than YouTube: Tracking Your Brand on TVIndia’s Digital Future: Driven by Social Change AspirationsRobotic Battery-Switching Electric Taxi Program Coming to Bay AreaLeveling Up Your Staff: Zynga’s Mark Pincus on Entrepreneurial CompaniesFoursquare, Google Launch “I Voted” BadgeA Google Map of Google Maps’ Legal TroublesVevo CEO on MTV, Jersey Shore, Google TV, Music VideosWhite House Internet Privacy Committee: Our Dream TeamHow Lady Gaga’s One Billion YouTube Views Changes the Music IndustryWhen You Benefit From Being Underestimated, and When You Pay for ItPeter Lawrence on Bringing Design to the Business WorldInfographic of the Day: A Visual Dictionary for Type FansOscar-Nominated “Waste Land” Examines Recyling Through the Eyes of Brazil’s Dump DenizensA 50-Foot Black Wave Crashes Upon The Berkshires (Relax, it’s Just Art) [Slideshow]A Look Inside the Sketchbooks of 12 Top Designers [Slideshow]Infographic: How to Explain the Internet to a 19th-Century Street UrchinCrowdsourced Music Video Gives 24,000 Fans “One Frame of Fame”Infographic: How to Explain the Internet to a 19th-Century Street UrchinHacking Work: Managing Guilty SecretsWater Is Africa’s Lifeblood, FLOW Smartphone App Checks the PressureA Library Designed for the Post-Print EraIBM Develops Natural Disaster Prediction SystemBarnes & Noble Launches NookColor: Touchscreen E-ReaderiFive: Iran’s Cash for Karzai, Digg Downsizes, South Africa’s Solar Farm, Apple and Unisys, 100,000 Android AppsFlowchart: Understanding the Web, for Fans of Charles DickensApple’s Concierge App Lets Store Customers Check-In Foursquare StyleThe Stampede: Razorfish Reveals Latin America’s Untapped Digital ConsumerHelmet-Cam With GPS Captures the Altitude of All Your Best WipeoutsDigg Fan’s Evidence Shows System Was Gamed to Favor Publishing PartnersIs Your Workplace Scary All Year Round?Brand Vigilante: Someone Stole My Name on TwitterSolar Cells to Make Power-Generating WindowsWhy You Should Start a Company in… OmahaTruthy Sleuths Track Twitter ‘TurfersUniversity of North Carolina Wins EPA’s National Building CompetitionPolitco Charges Thousands for Subscriptions: A Sign of Hope for Newspapers?Swapping Our Way to a New Life in the Conserver EconomyWill Barnes & Noble’s New Nook Mark the End of e-Readers?Why Brands Must Start Caring About Something Other Than ThemselvesWorld’s Largest Solar Thermal Power Project Approved in CaliforniaOil Spill Used for Limited-Edition Poster PrintsPoliticians, Campaigns Have No Idea How to Go ViralCan Boston Become the Silicon Valley of Marketing?How the Lance Armstrong Foundation Became LivestrongGallup Opens Abu Dhabi CenterHow Frog Created the Mac Icons for Microsoft Office 2011A Gravestone That Makes Room for New LifeMilitary Training, Hollywood Style: Robots, Simulated Amputations, Laser Explosives [Video]8 Ways to Geoengineer the Earth’s ClimateInfographic of the Day: How Rapleaf Spies On Your Online HabitsInfographic of the Day: How Rapleaf Spies On Your Online HabitsThe New Faces of Social MediaHarvard’s EdLabs and Droga5 Use “Burner” Cellphones to Rebrand ReadingSnowpeak’s Stainless Chopsticks Show Your Reserve, Strength, and PatienceiFive: WikiLeaks Iraq Cache, Google on Allen’s Lawsuit and U.K. Privacy, Facebook Blocked in Germany, Bees Beat PCs, RIP WalkmanSNL Mocks Rumored AOL-Yahoo PurchaseThere Will Always Be a Front of the PlanePolitical Ads: Get Ready for the “Google Blasts”The $670 Alternative to MacBook Air: iPad, Toccata KeyboardMarketing Planning 101: Three Tips to Stay Open for BusinessClueless, Comical, and Cruel BossesIsrael’s Solar Power WarsHow Steve Jobs Stole Christmas–Apple Products Top of Every Kid’s Wish ListHow to Spot an EntrepreneurBMW On Demand: Zipcar for the Luxury SetThe Business Guide to Facebook Part 1: Your Brand Page for the Social WebRobot Sentries Can’t Figure Out Shadows, But Can Carry GunsItaly to Google: If You Must Be Creepy, Just Be Obvious About ItStick It to the Man!Innovation Agents: Jessica Mayberry, Founder of Video VolunteersComing Soon: A Brain X Prize?What Tech Entrepreneurs Could Learn From ChamillionaireBP Sells Gulf of Mexico Oil Fields, Remains Biggest Producer in AreaIncreasing Access to Carbon Markets in the AmericasIgnore the Crowds, Connect With TribesSoccer Chief Calls Goal-line Technology “PlayStation Football”While Slashing Services at Home, U.K. Raises Foreign AidRobots Fashion Hands Out of Coffee Grounds, Party BalloonsThe Persuasion Formula: Take A Lesson From The Pols5 Lessons From Outgoing Microsoft Software Architect Ray OzzieIn Pursuit of the Perfect, We’re Overdesigning Our LivesAn Ornamental Chair Even Minimalist Apple Fiends Can LoveNew Light Installation Shows NYC’s Grand Central Station at Rush Hour