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A History of Green Brands: 2000’s Thousands of Flowers BloomCITE (And Fast Company) Showcase Star-Spangled Designcell phones data phone calls vanilla mobile internet smartphones browsing appscell phones data phone calls vanilla mobile internet smartphones browsing appsFacebook Pre-empts Trouble at t’Hill with ‘Congress on Facebook’ PageFormer Shell Oil Chief, Engineer: Supertankers Could Save the Gulf, So Why Won’t BP Listen?School’s Almost Out, but These Modular, Eco-Friendly Classrooms Are InDirector David Lynch Designs Tar-Covered SpeakersICFF 2010: The Most Nightmarish Lamp Ever CreatedSABMiller’s Beer Can Prevents Violence at Sporting Events360-Degree Research: Keeping a Well-Rounded Focus on the End UserSustainability Faceoff: Coca-Cola vs. PepsiCoThe Italians Are Coming!Next Version of Android to Offer Tethering and Mobile Hotspot FeaturesHulu’s Top Five New Updates: Better Quality, Better Interface, Better Design, Just BetterAcer to Introduce First Google Chrome OS Devices in Early JuneDeloitte: Electric Cars Won’t Be Adopted QuicklySony Tiptoes Into Tablet Town, Slinking Behind AppleYour “15 Minutes,” That Comes Standard…Can You Extend Your Time in the Spotlight?Obama: No More Irresponsibility in Deepwater DrillingFacebook Pre-empts Trouble at t’Hill with “Congress on Facebook” PageGulf of Mexico Crude Oil Debacle: A Business Execution FailureAlmost Genius: An Umbrella With Built-in Cup HolderCome January, Free Is Dead, Long Live Corporate Citizenship Measuring Up: The Latest DataICFF 2010: Chairs for Naughty SchoolchildrenFast Analysis: Data Consumption Surpasses Voice Calling by U.S. Cell UsersIf You Snooze You Lose: Real-Time Execution Wave & The Speed of InnovationInnovation: A Face. A Name. And 42 Cases of Wine.Why You Should Buy Tickets Today for Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business ConferenceAnother Google Fail: PrivacyTelos Uses Microsoft Surface to Make Managing Carbon Footprints, Networks FunTeamwork at its bestJP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Called Out for Financing Mountaintop RemovalSearch Warrant Used to Raid Gizmodo Blogger’s Home Reveals Apple’s InvolvementFamous Designers You Probably Haven’t Heard Of, But Should: Robin and Lucienne DayGooglefail: Nexus One’s Web Store to Close, Sales to Go Via Normal, Boring ChannelsEuro CrashGoogle Stops Wi-Fi Mapping Project After “Mistakenly” Scoring Personal DataThe Generation Y Mind: Summit Series Day 1China on JapanA History of Green Brands: 1990’sGrass That’s Truly GreenerAwkward!: Objects Designed to Make You Feel Spectacularly UncomfortableIkea’s Animalistic Robotic Furniture Moves for You, Humps Your LegTwitter’s Role in the Iranian Election Protests: Shining a SpotlightUsers “Like” Mobile Advertising, Reports JiWireAtheism Gets a Much-Needed RebrandingHow Green Is The U.K.’s New Government?Kolelinio: Public Transit That FliesInfographic: Facebook’s Labyrinthine Privacy SettingsHTC’s Evo 4G: Everything You Like About This Smartphone Costs ExtraLEDs: The Bright Bulb RevolutionOne in Four U.S. Households Are Landline-FreeBluebox is Turning iPad Into an In-Flight Entertainment SystemSixth Death at Foxconn, Is Apple’s Success to Blame?Vegas Train War! Another L.A.-to-Vegas Train Will Get Gamblers There Slower, but DrunkerAdobe Launches Hearts and Minds PR Campaign to Bite AppleGoogle Experiment Gets Creative Job Seeker an Agency PostFrom Oil to Asphalt: How a Powder Could Turn the Gulf Slick Into Future HighwaysA History of Green Brands: 1980’s – Green Shoots AppearLockheed Martin’s Maple-Leaf UAV Helicopter Is Too Much Fun for SpyingPrescription Drug Stats a Bitter Pill to SwallowLitl Unveils Internet Interface Aimed at Surfers of Both Web and CouchTwitter: A Human Seismograph Measuring the WorldHow to Motivate People: Skip the Bonus and Give Them a Real ProjectRobotic Night Writers Are Coming to LondonIs a Brash Management Style Behind Blockbuster’s $65.4M Quarterly Loss?MIT Engineers Create Stackable “Legos” Made of CellsToxic Cigarette Butts Could Prevent Steel From RustingFacebook Adds Login Protection Security FeaturesWe’re Fixing Comments – Be Right Back [Updated]Limbaugh’s Attacks on UMWA, Greenpeace are Shameless LiesBP Releases Videos of Main Gulf Oil Leak, Underwater DomeDan Heath: How to Find Bright SpotsGoogle, Verizon Tablet to Rival Apple’s iPadGoogle, Verizon Tablet to Rival Apple’s iPadCooper-Hewitt Asks: Can Designers Save the World?Study: Air Near Oil Spill Contains 100 Times the Safe Amount of ToxinsGM Bringing a Hydrogen Infrastructure to HawaiiWhat’s Strong, Sustainable, and Headed to a Museum Near You? Bamboo!Another iPhone 4 Prototype Leaks–What Can We Learn From It? [Updated]Google Maps 4.2 for Android Introduces Bike Directions and Location SharingGross: In Design, Bugs Are the New BlackIBM’s New Analytics Software Interprets Slang and Even Emoticons for Better ServiceDesigners of Xbox 360 and Google Phone Try Their Hand at Interior DesignPhilips’ New Green 12-Watt LED Bulbs Could Replace 425 Million 60-Watt Energy HogsCrib Sheet: David Cameron, Prime Minister of the U.K., My Perfect CousinA History of Green Brands 1960s and 1970s – Doing the GroundworkPrintable Brick Could Cut World’s Carbon Emissions by “At Least” 800 Million Tons a Year [UPDATED]This TV Will Cost You $550,000 (Bodyguard Sold Separately)“Jurassic Park” Creator Michael Crichton’s Art Collection Sets Record, Nets $93.3 MillionFast Company’s Gulf Oil Spill ScorecardInside a Gamer Geek’s Quest to Infect Masses With Zombie BloodHidden Chemicals in Hannah Montana, Britney Spears, J.Lo Scents Could Be Hazardous to Your HealthHirsute Angel Offers Road Safety Reminders, Swiss StyleGates Foundation Funds Insecticide-Treated Scarves, Reversible Male Cofounder Paul English Plans to Blanket Africa in Free Wireless InternetYouTube Introduces Unlisted Videos for Private–But Not Too Private–UploadersHey, Hef? Sharp’s Smartphone Cam’s Got Your 3-D Playboy Urges CoveredSVA Student’s “Spoonful” Project Helps People Eat Local, Seasonal FoodsNew Green Card to Suggest Greener Pastures for Immigrants?Judge Rules LimeWire Liable for Its Users’ Rampant Copyright InfringementField Notes – April 201010 International Furniture Designers You Should KnowCell Phones to Replace Game Controllers: The Next Generation of Potato Sack RacesWhy Facebook Should Acquire Location-Based SN, FourSquareGetting Square: A Guide to the New Mobile Credit Card Payment System for iPhone and AndroidSquare Brings Credit Card Swiping to the Mobile Masses, Starting TodayBiomimicry Challenge: IDEO Taps Octopi and Flamingos to Reorganize the USGBCWANTED: BKoffie’s Recyclable French Press to Go CupEPA Approves Corexit for Gulf Oil Spill Cleanup, But Nobody Knows What It’s Made OfHave a Break … In a Kit Kat Chair?SolPix: A Giant LED Display That Doubles as a Solar ShieldSustainability Faceoff: Verizon vs. SprintAndroid Finally Beats iPhone in U.S. Sales: Variety WinsTwitter Begins Testing Upcoming Business ToolsSkype’s Newest Feature: AdvertisingDell’s Bamboo Packaging Is Now Compostable TooInfographic of the Day: Relief Wells, How Do They Work? BP ExplainsThe New Buzz About Business and CSRBoeing Rapid-Prototypes Its Phantom Ray Spy Plane Into FlightWhat to consider before launching a new productComputers and the Crash: Human Intuition Cannot Be ReplacedFirst Two Crew Chosen to Be Locked in a Can for Mars500 Mission TestSouthwest Lands in Two “Overpriced, Underserved” South Carolina AirportsStanford’s Autonomous Car Learns to Slide ParkIs Twitter a Reliable Polling Machine? Not Yet, Says Carnegie-MellonMicrosoft Predestination Can Predict Where You’re GoingZombie Blood Quenches Thirst, Boosts Energy, Turns Consumers Into Brain-dead HordeWhen the Boss Comes CallingFive Rules for Responsible Social MarketingZooBurst: Augmented Reality 3-D Pop-up Books for Students and TeachersHow a $2 Version of Microsoft Office 2010 Could Cost More Than $100, Eat Up New PC MemoryABBA Fans Shed a Tear for Stockholm’s New Photography MuseumSmall Business Growth: Reach out, get connected, and get educatedDon’t Let “Flexibility Just Doesn’t Work for Me”=”I Don’t Care If You Leave”…Because It WillNew York Times Presents an Interactive “Moment in Time” Across the GlobeFive Practical Ways to Look at Facebook PrivacyVerizon CEO Confirms a Google Tablet Is Coming to the NetworkWho’s Firing – Layoffs week ended 5-7-106 Ways To Become the Top Dog Before Your InterviewFrom Washable Maxi Pads to Eco Coffins: The Future of Sustainable Product Design10 Questions You Should Ask Before Launching a NewsletterWork Smart: Unconventional Cures For Meeting-itisThe Year’s Sexiest Houses, Selected by the American Institute of ArchitectsLess Bad Does Not Equal Good: Seventh Generation CEO Jeffrey HollenderWork Smart: Unconventional Cures for Meeting-itisHow Technology Thwarts the Real-Life Nurse JackieInfographic of the Day: Privacy on Facebook Is VanishingObama on “iPods, iPads, Xboxes, and PlayStations”: “Information Becomes a Diversion”VIRAT, MITRE’s Military Streaming Video, Is Even Better Than HuluAre Facebook and FarmVille Developer Zynga in a Standoff?Michael Crichton on the Block: Record Haul Expected from “Jurassic Park,” “ER” Creator’s CollectionAmnesty International Turns to Social Media to Fund Anti-Shell Ad CampaignStarchitecture Helps Heal Cancer PatientsCoke’s Freestyle Machines Ready to Rock Tongues With 104 FlavorsReuters Dips Its Toe Into On-Demand Video News ServicesFree Beer Not as Good as It Sounds–Unless You’re PregnantTwitter Follower Hack Has Twitter Leaping to Fix, Tweeps Panic-Tweeting [Updated]BP’s Cofferdam Container Failed, How Will They Stop the Gulf Oil Spill Now?The Latest Sartorial Branding Crisis for U.S. Men’s SoccerAlmost Genius: Teague’s Radioball Lets You Rock and Roll from Station to Station“Daddy, What’s a Brand?” and 9 More Awkward Questions for Uncertain TimesWiGig Wireless Alliance Targets the Dusty Rat’s Nest of Cables Behind Your TVToyota: $50K Hydrogen Sedan Will Be Ready by 2015New York Scanned by Airborne Sharks With Fricking Lasers! (Minus the Sharks)Day Two at the World Economic Forum on AfricaFormer FTC Chair Timothy Muris to Steer Facebook Through WashingtonThe Fast Rise and Fall of the Nexus One, the Tragic “GooglePhone”