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CTIA End-of-Convention Roundup: Android, 4G, and Even More AndroidThe Nuclear Fig Leaf is FallingZero Emission Electric Vehicles? Not So Fast.Ethonomics Defined … For the Bottom LineGoogle: the Future of Mobile Advertising?Could HTC EVO & 4G Network Place Sprint Ahead of the Curve?New Museum Architects Ryue Nishizawa, Kazuyo Sejima Win Pritzker PrizeDaniel Libeskind’s New Theater Opens, Offers Hope to Cash-Strapped DublinWhen Innovation Goes Wrong: The 5 Creepiest Exercise GadgetsSan Francisco Airplane Hangar Transformed Into Trampoline ParkStrategic Philanthropy: How and why to go about itInteraction10: How to Design an Experience for Experience Designers?The First iPad JailbreakAnimators Team Up to Fight Climate ChangeGoogle’s Quick Fix for Fast Android Adoption: Just Pay Off the CarriersPhotoshop CS5 Preview: Content-Aware Fill Is Magically AutomaticChina Is Overtaking U.S in the Clean Energy RaceChina Behind Yesterday’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter OutageSimon Cowell to Receive International Emmy for Reshaping TV, PantsInfographic of the Day: “Digging in the Crates”China Demands Press Show Obedience to “Party and State,” Hire Google PoliceTime-Warner’s Battle for ISP Supremacy Means Free Wi-Fi in NYCYves Behar’s Watch for Issey Miyake Makes Time Disappear [UPDATED]How Businesses Are Celebrating Earth HourOnly a Bloody Pound: U.K.’s Times Gets an Online Paywall [Updated]WANTED: Impulse-Buy-Worthy Kobo eReaderUncommon Act of Design: Fake Bus Stop Helps Alzheimer’s PatientsU.K. Kids Start Social Networking Way Under the Age LimitSpotify VP Gives the Nod to U.S. Launch in Third Quarter of 2010Easy iPad Magazine Publishing Could Upset Big-Name Mag’s BusinessHandicapping Sunday’s Pritzker Prize AnnouncementEditor of The Times Goes Online to Answer (Not Very Many) Questions on Impending PaywallTina Sharkey, CEO of BabyCenterLiza Sabater, Publisher of “Daily Gotham” and “Culture Kitchen”THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Elizabeth SpiersTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Laura Brunow MinerLisa Stone, cofounder of BlogHerThe Most Influential Women in Technology 2010 – The ExecutivesPim Techamuanvivit , Food Blogger at Chez PimTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Sheila KrumholzTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Judy McGrathTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Marissa MayerTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Carol BartzTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Ann LivermoreTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Rebecca ParsonsTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Shireen MitchellTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Liza SabaterTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Lisa StoneTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Pim TechamuanvivitTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Genevieve BellLaura Brunow Miner, founder of PictoryWhy Nintendo 3DS Will Revolutionize Handheld Gaming SystemsMobile is the Next Smart PlatformAsia Is the HotbedTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Tina SharkeyElizabeth Spiers, Media ConsultantShireen Mitchell, founder of Digital SistersSheila Krumholz, Executive Director of the Center for Responsive PoliticsSusan Lyne, CEO of Gilt GroupeTeresa Carlson, VP of MicrosoftJudy McGrath, CEO of MTVMarissa Mayer, VP at GoogleCarol Bartz, CEO of Yahoo!Ann Livermore, VP at HPVirginia Rometty, SVP at IBMRebecca Parsons, CTO of ThoughtworksUrsula Burns, CEO of XeroxSheryl Sandberg, COO of FacebookMaria Alovert, Biodiesel AdvocateThe Hidden Cost of Living in the Suburbs: TransportationInfographic of the Day: U.S. Census Turns to Peer Pressure TacticsPolice Arrest Frenchman Responsible for Hacking Twitter Accounts of Obama and OthersU.S. Army Visits Apple HQ to Discuss Uses for the iPad (Other Than Saving the Publishing Industry)GoDaddy Will Stop Registering Chinese Domain Names Due to China’s Intense CreepinessInfographic: The Geekiest Blinds in the WorldChina’s Second Largest Mobile Network Drops Google Search Engine on Its Cell Phones [Update]Design Genius: A Shirt Created for the Modern, Gadgety WorldWindfall for Europe as GE Invests $450 Million in Offshore TurbinesHow to Avoid Getting Gmail’s New Suspicious Account Activity AlertWill Future MacBooks Be Backlit by the Sun? First Big Network to Embrace the iPad’s HTML5 Video Mojo?Augmented Reality e-Books: Mmm, Smell the JumanjiWall Street Journal to Hit iPad Screens, but It’ll Cost YouCancer-Fighting Nanoparticles Could Herald Real-Life Medical InnerspaceHydropower Flush With Cash From U.S. GovernmentAnalysis Drives the Final Nail Into Dumbphone’s CoffinT. Boone Pickens-Backed Auto Startup Gets Rejected by the DOEOctomom Dogged by Dodgy Finances, Aided by Peta’s KittyPlay ChatRoulette Bingo!New Hospital Designs Encourage Greater Privacy, Less FlashingNet-Enabled Robovie MR2 Is a Gigantic Leap Forward in CutenessBottled Water Industry Fights Back Against Annie Leonard’s “Story of Bottled Water”Concert Promoters Replacing Paper Tickets With Smart-Chip WristbandsApple iPad’s iBookstore to Carry 30,000 Free Public Domain Books, Challenge Kindle on Bestseller PriceU.S. Slipping Down “Most Networked Nations” Ranks: World Economic ForumToday in Most Innovative CompaniesNavajo Nation to Get High-Speed InternetTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Teresa CarlsonTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Virginia RomettyTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Ursula BurnsTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Sheryl SandbergAveda And The Yawanawa: CSR Chief To ChiefSara de Freitas, at Serious Games InstituteTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Alison LewisDarlene LiebmanAlexis Ringwald, cofounder of Valence EnergyTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Gwen BellCindy Padnos, founder of Illuminate VenturesLaura Fitton, founder of OneFortyTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Leslie HarrisCaterina Fake, cofounder of HunchReinventing the AutomobileBiofuel-Industry’s Manipulative “Survey” Can Only Generate Biased ResultsTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Alexis RingwaldElizabeth Stark, cofounder of Open Video AllianceShinyoung Park, founder of FunjiAlison Lewis of Switch CraftTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Elizabeth StarkGwen Bell, Social Media GuruAddison Berry, Documentation Team Lead for DrupalLeslie Harris, CEO, Center for Democracy + TechTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Caterina FakeJulie Lee, SVP at VevoLucy Bradshaw, SVP at Electronic ArtsSusan Scrupski, founder and CEO of the 2.0 Adoption CouncilNicole Lazzaro, founder of XEODesignPamela Jones, founder of GroklawTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Julie LeeTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Sara de FreitasTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Shinyoung ParkMutants and Social Anxiety? Sounds Like a Design Show!THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Nicole LazzaroTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY – Lucy BradshawWater: Our Thirsty WorldAttention all Brands: Apps are the New WebsiteGoogle is Just to Reroute China Web TrafficPentagram’s Paula Scher Designs the Beige Out of Middle School, Conquers Fear of ColorInfographic of the Day: The Spam IndustryGM’s EN-V Drives Your Tired (or Drunk) Self Home AutomaticallyDesign Within Reach Will Close Its Tools for Living StoresGameCrush: The Gamer’s Version of Phone Sex Is Somehow Sadder Than Regular Phone SexGreenaid Fosters Johnny Appleseeds for the 21st-CentruryFacebook Measures British, Canadian, and Australian Happiness, Serious Case of MondaysBritish Teenager Fired From Job Via Facebook, After Cookie-Related IneptitudeCan Bank Brands Ever Earn Back Our Trust?A Transforming Video Wall at HP’s HQ Is More Than Meets the EyeWhy Bitbop, Fox’s Mobile Video Subscription Service, Is No HuluOhio’s New License Plate Is “Unique,” “Different,” UglyPreparing Leaders to Serve OthersUncommon Indicator: Gas at $3 Per GallonApple Store Cube Is More Popular Landmark Than Statue of Liberty: Cornell ReportGoogle Under Attack by Hackers, Market, While Brin Attacks RivalsSustaining Solar: How Entrepreneurs Must Change the Game PlanThe Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Hyder KabaniFacebook, Google Facing Another Legal Privacy Challenge in EuropeCoal Glo: GE Scientists Use Hair Product Ingredients to Capture CarbonIt Takes a Village to Drive Predictive AnalyticsiPad: The Perfect Tool … for Promotional GiveawaysStudent App “Light Alert” Warns Users of Rape ZonesTsunami Generator Helps Protect Against Future TsunamisSharia Law Cuts Off All Talk of Amputation on TwitterSend A Secret Message To Your CompetitionLessons From Leno and Twitter Bombers: 3 Rules for Next-Gen MarketingAre You Sending Your People Out Without Directions?Today in Most Innovative CompaniesCat Stuck in Tree Covered Fairly, Journalistically by AOL’s Hyper-Local Patch.orgThe Surprising Secret to Breakthrough Customer ServiceYear of the Tablet Update: The iPad Isn’t the Only Tablet Coming to AT&TKenya’s First Viral Music Video: An Auto-Tuned, Blaxploitation-Themed EpicJane McGonigal, at Institute for the FutureJane McGonigalAngie Chang and Shaherose Charania, founders of Women 2.0THE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Allyson KapinJessica Jackley, founder of KivaMolly Holzschlag, Web Standards AdvocateTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Sarah DurhamTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Cheryl ConteeAllyson Kapin, founder of Women Who TechTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Jessica JackleyTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Leila JanahDebbie Weil, Corporate Blogging ExpertCheryl Contee, founder of Fission StrategyAnnie Chang, cofounder of LOLappsSarah Durham, founder of Big DuckBeginning Wages of Airline PilotsKate Connally, VP of AddictingGamesLeila Janah, founder of SamasourceTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Laura FittonTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Pamela JonesTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Susan ScrupskiTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Addison BerryTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Cindy PadnosTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Debbie WeilTHE MOST INNOVATIVE WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Molly HolzschlagIn an Intense Time for Hybrids and EVs, Fiberforge Lightens UpTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Annie ChangTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Kate ConnallyNintendo 3DS: What We Know So Far [Nintendo]Kindle App for the iPad: Amazon Shooting Itself in the Foot?Top 5 Tips for Mobile Web OptimizationINFORM YOUR CUSTOMERWho’s Cashing In on Health-Care Reform?Why You Should Start a Company in… Portland, OregonNespresso: The Cup is Half EmptyBetter Place, by the NumbersDesign Crimes: The World’s Most Expensive Bottled WaterGlobal First Look: Insures That Brands Reap What They SowMTA Scraps Plans for New Subway Pictograms [UPDATED]Boston’s Ugliest Buildings Are — Surprise! — All BrutalistA Mobile Homeless Shelter You Wouldn’t Mind Living InThe Impossible Project, Made Possible: Polaroid Instant Film Is Back on SaleFormer CEOs Launch eRecyclingCorps, a Massive Cell-Phone Recycling ProjectBill Gates Goes Nuclear With Toshiba’s 4S Unveils First Major UpdateGoogle AdWords Gets Legal Green Light From E.U. for Trademark KeywordsNintendo Announces 3-D Handheld – But Can It Steal Back Apple’s Gaming Market Share?Why Can’t the World’s Best Architects Build Better Web Sites?Infographic of the Day: What Does the New Health-Care Bill Mean for Me?Virgin Galactic Embarks on Maiden Voyage Above Mojave DesertWant a Sustainable Dreamhome Design, for Free? Vote NowSFMOMA’s Expansion Plans are Shockingly SafeLos Angeles Has the Country’s Most Energy Efficient BuildingsCrib Sheet: Google Vs. China (Vs. Australia?)Foursquare’s Celebrity Mode Allows You to Avoid DJ Pauly D Like an STDDid Warner Bros. Ditch Netflix for Nearly Bankrupt Blockbuster?Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition Releases Solar Company ScorecardDesigning a Movement: Seven Principles for Sustainable ActionOpera Finishes Its iPhone Browser, Apple Not Likely to Give a DamnAT&T Chief Blows U.S.’s 3G Trumpet, Conveniently Forgetting About EurolandMike Perry Shares the Making of an Art ShowHTC Evo 4G: America’s First 4G Phone Is Also the New Android ChampFord Saves One Million Dollars…By Shutting Off ComputersTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY 2010 – Angie Chang and Shaherose CharaniaTHE MOST INFLUENTIAL WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY – Jane McGonigalJean Nouvel Gets the Nod for 2010 Serpentine PavilionSenior Technical Women by Caroline SimardWorld Water Day2010 Mobile Trend ReportShape Shifters: Chuck Hoberman’s Adaptable BuildingsIs Washington, D.C., Ready for an Onslaught of Contemporary Design?Guitar SuperheroWork Smart: Do Your Worst Task First (Or, Eat a Live Frog Every Morning)MoMA Acquires “@” Symbol. “WTF” Next?Infographic of the Day: The Path to 10 Billion TweetsTracking a “Baby Killer:” Rep. Randy Neugebauer’s Heath Care Burn Sparks a Tweet Firestorm [Update]Sprint Ad Uses the iPhone to Show Off Its 4G Network (Yes, That iPhone)Tendril’s IDEO-Designed Vision Display Keeps Track of Energy UsePaul Rudolph Houses Preserved…But Only in Photographs10 Riskiest American Cities for Cybercrime, 5 Reasons Norton’s Study Is FlawedSteve Fossett’s Round-the-World Record Smashed by 29-Year-Old JetBest Source for Tiger Bone Wine, Biggest Threat to Endangered Animals: The InternetSurprise! Harsh Supermarket Lights Add Nutrients to SpinachNestle Learns an Important Lesson in Social Media ManagementGoogle Versus China: China to Win, Chinese Netizens to LoseIf You Like the House So Much, Why Don’t You Wear It?Most Innovative Companies – SportsJames Beard Foundation Lauds Restaurant Designers for Their Good TasteBrowser Wars: Microsoft’s E.U. Browser Ballot Saps IE’s MarketshareFinancial Problems Hit Masdar City, the UAE’s Sustainable MeccaBlu E-Cigarettes’ Fruit Flavors Now as American, Tasty as Apple Becomes Democrasoft, Launching Collaborize(TM) at DemoSpring 2010PepsiCo’s Designer Salt to Make Potato Chips HealthierAmazon Reveals Kindle iPad App, Dooms Its Own E-Reader?Declutter Your Inbox: Send Rejection Emails to Job CandidatesAnnie Leonard’s “Story of Bottled Water” Should Make Fiji NervousFlippity Shows eBay Listings Close to Home, for the Shopping LocavoresAvoiding Corporate Death Spirals in a Sea of ChangeGoogle China’s Hong Kong Work-Around [Update]Tim Berners-Lee to Head Up Institute of Web Science in U.K. as Britain Goes for Broke on the WebNewell Rubbermaid’s Digital Leader on Innovating a 100 Year Old BrandWhy More CEOs Need to Clean ToiletsU.S. Air Force Sets Up High-Tech System for “Virtual Autopsies”The ONE Thing You Can Do Right Now to Change Your Income, Business and LifestyleQuantum Dots Could Transform Your Drunken Party Smartphone PhotosDEMO: Is a Big Launch Event Worth it for a Small Company?World Water Day 2010: Three Projects That Are Changing the FutureMore Fun With Indices! Health Care Reform EditionIEEE Virtual Reality Conference